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Universal Audio UAD-2 OCTO Ultimate 2 Reviews

5.0 stars based on 2 customer reviews
  • from Prairieville, LA May 8, 2014Music Background:

    Big Purchase Buyer's Regret? NOT EVEN CLOSE!

    I can't remember the last time I felt so happy after laying out a big wad of cash, but I am ecstatic! I have had the Apollo Twin Duo since they came in at Sweetwater and with that system, I purchased the little 'save a bunch of money" introductory price for any three plug-ins, etc. - which actually should be called "making sure you get addicted to great plug-ins"! So, after putting their interface and plug-ins through the motions, I started looking over the list of must-haves and really-wants from the full list of plug-ins and I probably could have gotten by for about $4,500 or so... So, I decided that the Satellite Quad Ultimate might just be the ticket... but, I was a little concerned about the Fire-wire connecting - but, my genius of a sales rep, Mike Soper, pointed me to the OCTO and the Sonnet Thunderbolt Chassis - for the $1,000 more (oh, and $500 for the Sonnet), I got all the same plug-ins and twice the processing power - BUT - right now, you also get an additional $750 voucher for more plug-ins! It's an addict's dream! Well, I got the stuff in - card dropped into the chassis just fine - authorization without any issues - and just initial tinkering, especially with the stuff that I knew nothing about and wasn't basing my purchase on, I am truly blown away! To know that any inability to produce the highest quality of recordings / mixes comes strictly down to my abilities and not my system's is just beautiful! So, a million thanks to Mike Soper for his continued expert guidance! I gotta get back to the board... got a LOT of stuff to play with!

  • from Bloomington, Indiana January 15, 2013Music Background:
    Video producer, music producer, studio engineer

    The Real Deal

    The Ultimate seems expensive, but it is actually a terrific value. Most of us will purchase plug-ins over time that easily add up to this figure...and we'll throw many of them into the plug-in closet as we search sometimes in vain for better performers.

    I can testify that this is the Real Deal. The SHARC processors can handle a terrific load on an otherwise all-software installation (like Pro Tools 10 LE). No more excessive latencies or halted mixes due to CPU overload!

    And the sound! Each of these 50 plug-ins have a distinctive personality. They are the most musical I have used. They add punch, apparent fidelity, fatness, thinness, saturation, warmth, tightness, looseness, ambience...whatever you want. The ones that copy real hardware are very very close...and UA's newly synthesized plug-ins are quite musical & easy to use. Matched with good mic preamps and ADC, the OCTO family pretty much produces a big studio sound in a project environment.

    Excellent fidelity is evidenced by the unexpected moments where the music startles with what appears like a spontaneous energy, even after the 100th pass. The OCTO Ultimate collection produces an analog-like sound that reaches this level of performance while also fostering low ear-fatigue...my own measure of "hi-fi" performance.

    So far, I haven't experienced much of a downside. The plugins excel during the creative mixing process. But, in my view, there isn't one to match Slate's FG-X for final levels mastering. I also use Slate's preamp emulator, Virtual Console Collection, for most track inputs, as there is no other product quite like VCC. That being said, of all the non-UA plug-ins I have, Slate and Altiverb are the only ones I use right now.

    I work with bands and singer-song writers. They are walking a way very happy. And my video soundtracks set my business apart from other regional outfits. I've set a new level of performance with this product.

    I've been working audio for 40 years and these plug-ins are the closest thing to the sound and flexibility of a major studio I've experienced, so far.

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