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Universal Audio UAD-2 OCTO Custom PCIe DSP Accelerator Reviews

5.0 stars based on 6 customer reviews
Questions about the Universal Audio UAD-2 OCTO Custom PCIe DSP Accelerator?

Questions about the Universal Audio UAD-2 OCTO Custom PCIe DSP Accelerator?

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  • from Abilene, TX March 9, 2017

    Upping your game

    I switched outboard gear and daw in a major studio refit to gain CAT5 capability and reduce cable runs to live rooms. In doing so I gained channel utilization which was threatening to outrun my computer processing capability. I had listened to UAD plugins for years and their outboard equipment is nothing short of legend. I ordered the UAD-2 OCTO Custom PCIe accelerator and I have not only upped my game in terms of sonic processing, I now have a ridiculous track count that doesn't require a single track freeze or early digital printing. In these days of expanded digital capability if I were to purchase a starting songwriter studio from scratch, after the MBP and ProTools HD purchases, the UAD accelerator with plugins would be the next required purchase

  • from Lewiston, ME February 21, 2017

    Authentic and Powerful

    I just purchased the UAD-2 OCTO PCIe DSP Accelerator from my long time sales rep Joe Secu here at Sweetwater. I have been buying from Joe and Sweetwater since 2005!! He is a great sales rep and I highly recommend him if you are thinking of doing business with Sweetwater. If you call him tell him I sent you please.

    I made the buy for a couple of reasons and so glad I did. I have wanted to get UAD plug-ins for a long time. All I have heard are great things about them from various users. I have heard and seen them in use but not owning any hardware made it impossible for me to get any.
    So I contemplated what would be the best way to get some and this option seemed appropriate for me.

    The accelerator card was the icing on the cake. Taking all of that processing power off the back of my CPU left me with more tracking and less latency and as if that wasn't enough satisfaction with this purchase please read on for the added value from the plugin list!

    The price which includes the legacy plugins and 3 others of your choice made this such a value that I couldn't see not doing it. Lets face it to get this is a steal right now considering it normally sells for $ but when you factor in the plugin value!! Wow is all I can say.
    Once at UAD I was also presented with an additional free plugin. My list of plugins from this one purchase was an outstanding value. Here is what I got in this deal:

    Neve 88RS Channel Strip Collection
    Neve 88RS Legacy
    Neve 33609
    Helios 69
    EMT 140 Reverb
    Teletronixs LA-2A Legacy
    UA 1176N Legacy
    UA 1176E Legacy
    Pultec-Pro Legacy
    Fairchild 670 Legacy
    Pultec EQP-1A Legacy
    Precision Mix Rack Collection
    UA 610B Tube Preamp and EQ
    Precision Enhancer Hz

    Do it. Don't think about it.

    It is money well spent and you will be rewarded with the quality of sound from the best of the best.

  • from Bi-Coastal April 30, 2016

    UAD-2 Octo

    Have a Pro Tools HDX core card and another card for extra drives and had 1 PCIe slot remaining in my rack.
    Asked Michael at Sweetwater what he though? and he recommended the UAD-2 OCTO!
    I knew about the ability to track with reverb, etc with no latency but wow the amount of added power is insane!! At this point I'm just doing what I want with no regard for saving/worrying about DSP. I'm only up to 47% usage, Amazing!!!
    Has way more power than I was expecting!
    Have not had a chance to try all plugins yet but so far I know I like the Echo Plex and the SSL bus compressor.
    I would definitely recommend!

  • from December 6, 2015


    Not a question about it - THE BEST PLUGINS EXIST ,
    Just been blown away by the new Eventide 910 -
    The 224 Lex verb and the API channel strip is really among the best plugins ever made,
    Helios 69 is a legend and 1176's just nailed it -
    Guys im not an equipment freak - but this one ... just get it, consider it as a smart 'studio move'-

    Ballin' Out'a Control (:

    Oren Emanuel - producer,mix eng.

  • from Boston, MA September 29, 2014Music Background:

    You Need This

    If you want to get the most out of UAD plugs, you need this. Especially as the newer plugins eat up more DSP, your Solo or Duo and even your Quad probably aren't going to give you the instance counts you need. Do yourself a favor and get one of these or the new TB Satellite Octo. Thanks for hooking me up, Luke!

  • from United States September 4, 2014Music Background:
    Amateur Recording Engineer, Musician, Song Writer

    Worth every dime!

    I was wondering if it was going to be worth the money. It sure was. You can hear the UAD difference. The plug-ins sound amazing. Money well spent! I do everything in the box. This really freed up my cpu. I can run all the virtual instruments I want now. Love it!

Questions about the Universal Audio UAD-2 OCTO Custom PCIe DSP Accelerator?

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