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Yamaha Tyros 4 Reviews

5.0 stars based on 7 customer reviews
  • from Washington, DC. October 25, 2013Music Background:
    Dancing Dinosaur

    If there could be only one...

    Tyros 4 would be it. As a player since the sixties, I've seen most of the evolution of electronic keyboards. I still have most of the good stuff from Arp, MOOG, Sequential Circuits, Roland and Yamaha, as well as rooms full of general studio gear. The T4 replaces it all and more.

    The sounds are incredibly realistic. Guitars that scream and whisper. Breathy Sax will let you break their hearts. The default mixes are spot on. I can go from 0 to a finished 44.1k .wav in less than an hour inside the T4 and never leave the digital domain. I've had mine about 2 years and still haven't hit all the features.

    Yes, there's a learning curve, but if an old guy like me with all my baggage can grok the T4, anyone can.

    Yes, it's pricey, but you get what you pay for. How much would you pay for a real Iron Man suit? This is my Iron Man suit.

  • from October 22, 2013Music Background:
    Retired semi pro musician

    A full orchestra plus at ones fingertips.

    A most exciting musical experience with expansion modules to suit all tastes, my own personal choice being the Mighty Wurlitzer and the Cathedral Organs. With Midi, the ability to record one's own performances, play along to all the pop, rock and classical downloadable music available, the Tyros 4 is the best keyboard ever in my opinion. Add a second Midi keyboard and a 32 note pedal board and have a full orchestra at one's fingertips.

  • from UAE August 28, 2012Music Background:


    I love this thing, I went through almost everything the competition offered before buying this. Yes it is expensive. But everything you would need is there. The voices are really really good. The styles are good. I have to agree with the other reviewer that they need to include a printed reference manual. And not just an operating manual. Really stingy move from Yamaha on a 5K dollar keyboard. Im not happy with the manuals. If you are not used to Yamaha keyboards expect a steep learning curve. This is due to the tonnes of features. VH is really usable. And the DSP's are really good and customizable. I don't create much sounds so cant really comment. I love the panflute premium voice though. I got the stand, optional yamaha speakers, sm58 and 1gb option board.

  • from Lawrencevill, NJ 08648 April 23, 2012Music Background:
    Arranger and recording

    Tyros 4 and Tyros 1

    My principal activity is arranging and recording backgrounds for female vocalists. When I bought a Tyros1 six years ago I was able to get rid of MIDI and all my sound modules and with the help of the styles record everything "live" but the vocals on the Tyros. The Tyros 4 is a much improved Tyros 1. Without editing the voices are excellent. A new voice folder called Legacy has some of the best. Try Legacy trombone #19
    and clarinet # 8 if you get a chance as examples. There are also some really great vocal voices for bossa tunes. But the styles are where the Tyros 4 really shines. Many are usable without any modification and the intros and endings are great. Try Swing Jazz #4 or Ballad #35 intro III's. The styles use up only 8 tracks so you still have 8 to finish your arrangement. One minor gripe. The strings are not much better than those on the Tyros 1. If I had more space I could get into a number of other areas but all in all I would say that the Tyros 4 is a winner. Especially if you are are a Tyros1 owner so almost no learning curve is required.

  • from Modesto, CA March 1, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist & Longtime Musician

    A Perfect Workstation For Me

    I love my new Tyros 4 keyboard package. I ordered the stand, speakers, bench, mic, mic stand, headphones and memory upgrade for the system and it is just wonderful.

    Danielle put the whole thing together and gave me a great price. Sweetwater and it's associates is the best!

  • from South East January 16, 2012

    Fantastic Instrument, but suffers from a poor users manual

    A great instrument! Solid, well built, many functions, and true sounds. But the ability to get started and use these functions---even basic operation---is rather handicapped by the lack of a decent users manual. This earned it a lower score.

    There's a somewhat steep learning curve and a lot of trial and error necessary as a result. If you spend the time, you can find a number of web sites and forums that can help. (Google "PSR Tutorial" and look for a Tyros lesson). Also, Yamaha customer service is pretty good, but you'll often need to leave a message and they will call you back. They are good about returning calls and it only takes a day.

    One useful thing I found is that other than the cryptic (and generally lacking) "Users Manual" that comes with the instrument, Yamaha has a Tyros4 Reference Manual. It's not bad and much more beneficial than what comes with the unit. You can download the Reference Manual from the Yamaha web site. Why a $5000 instrument doesn't have a printed copy is beyond comprehension.

    All that said, again, it is a fantastic instrument.

  • from MI October 12, 2010Music Background:
    All for the enjoyment of making music

    Worth the wait!

    If you have the Tyros 3 and are thinking of upgrading, here are things to consider. The voice and styles available on this machine are incredible. If the choir and symphony and scats are not your thing, then stick to the T3. If you own a Tyros 2 or older, an upgrade will give you so much more.

    This keyboard is the best arranger Yamaha has to date - and it shows. With Super Articulation 1 & 2, it really brings the sounds to life. There is a guitar in this baby for everybody.

    I'm glad I upgraded.

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