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Amphion Two18 Dual 6.5" Passive Studio Monitors Reviews

5.0 stars based on 3 customer reviews
Questions about the Amphion Two18 Dual 6.5" Passive Studio Monitors?

Questions about the Amphion Two18 Dual 6.5" Passive Studio Monitors?

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  • from Los Angeles/Miami August 4, 2016Music Background:

    The new high standard!

    I just began using this specific model of Amphion speaker. This is the 6th pair of their speakers I have purchased and the selection includes their Ion+, One15, One18 and now Two18. I also have their Argon7s in my home. I have been a mixing and Mastering engineer since 1976 and have used most professional monitors extensively (regardless of cost). These are my weapon of choice. The imaging and phase characteristics are second to none and the consistency from model to model and pair to pair, as well as the translation out of the studio, is "spot-on". Everything else sounds compromised to me since using these for the past 5 years. This is the best 6 grand you could spend in your studio.

  • from Worlwide Mix Engineer April 4, 2016

    All Praise to the Amphions

    Just Some Monitors I've owned.

    Focal SM9 - Great low end and awesome tweeters, but sounds HIFI and not Ideal for Mixing
    Focal Trio - Great dynamic range but ported design introduces flabbiness in low end
    Focal Twins - Great budget entry speaker into the pro monitoring arena. Sound can be dark
    Neumann KH 310 - Great Speaker all around but overloads and clips easily.
    Yamaha NS10 - Great Mixing Tool. Can be fatiguing. Can Amphions replace them??? For me the answer is a big YES.
    Amphion One 18 - Mids are Accurate Bottom is Tight and Highs will allow to work for extended periods. Mix Translates Amazingly Well.
    Amphion Two 18 - Everything about the One 18 PLUS More. More perceived depth and bass frequencies extended even lower. It costs twice as much but you literally are getting double the speaker and sound.

  • from September 16, 2015


    My name is Karem Matar and I’m addicted to my new monitors. Thank you Amphion.
    I work in the studio 15 hours every day, writing music, writing arrangements and always looking for new ways to improve my recordings and mixes.
    When I first read user comments on the internet about the Amphion Loudspeakers ltd. monitors I realized that I need to give them a try!
    For the last month I’m working with the Two18 powered by the Amp500 and I want to tell you that all the compliments are true. I didn’t have to waste even one minute to know this monitors, what you hear is what you get and it translates well to any other speakers that I’ve tested including my Smartphone internal speaker. I manage to get the final product faster, use less audio processing on my tracks, can hear small changes while positioning microphones, I can track any tiniest panning change, work in a very law listening level without losing any details, I can finish my working day fresh and most important, I enjoy listening through this monitors, it feel like listening to the music for the first time.

Questions about the Amphion Two18 Dual 6.5" Passive Studio Monitors?

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