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Egnater Tweaker-88 - 88-watt Tube Head Reviews

4.5 stars based on 7 customer reviews
Questions about the Egnater Tweaker-88 - 88-watt Tube Head?

Questions about the Egnater Tweaker-88 - 88-watt Tube Head?

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  • from Conneaut, OH July 30, 2014

    1st Egnater

    Bought this amp with the matching 2x12 cab and I couldn't be happier with my purchase! The tone on this is just outstanding. It's perfect for blues and rock. I like the lead and rhythm boost on the footswitch and I like how you can adjust the volume settings for each one. There are a lot of settings that will keep u busy for hours amazing yourself with new tones. Plenty of power pouring out of this for gigging out. I highly recommend this unit and matching cab and Sweetwater for the great customer service!

  • from Buffalo, NY June 10, 2013Music Background:
    Active Musician

    Sonic mass from Egnater!

    When my Orange TH30 blew up on me, my price range and need for volume left me between this, a Blackstar ht-100 or a Fender Supersonic 60. Could not be happier with my choice.

    I play in a power-trio jamming heavy psychedelic rock. This thing has fuzz and overdrive for miles and years. I actually PREFER this to my Orange. You can get such awesome chime and clean tone from certain tone settings, but when you turn up the bass and middle, and set it right, this thing can sound like a early Matamp/Orange and or Electric amp. The KT-88 tubes make this thing a beast.

    Unique and awesome tone...with a million different ways to modify it! And with two channels and a boost for each, (in essence, 4 channels), there is a lot to play around with.

  • from Warner Robins, GA USA November 18, 2011Music Background:


    Man, this amp rocks. It has everything you'll need on a budget except reverb but it doesn't really need it. It has everything under the sun tone wise. In the british mode you can go from marshall to orange by switching the deep/tight switch to deep and keep the power section on vintage. I love that because im a big orange fan but i don't have the cash for an orange. This amp does not have a presence control but you can flip the bright switch and you'll be fine. the gain on the lead channel is very expansive. I keep mine on hot but have the gain half way and it's the best for my needs. The clean channel is a little bit thin but not to thin. The KT-88's and my 4x12 have a nice low end on them so it equals out for me. To me this amp is great for live and recording so buy it if you are on a budget and want a multi-tone/channel amp. It will cover everything you want I promise you!

  • from Richmond, VA August 17, 2011Music Background:
    Original and cover musician for almost 30 years. Guitar/Vocals.

    Happy owner of my 2nd Eggie!

    I have an original TOL 100 Watt head and love it. The Tweaker 88 packs quite a bit of sound options in this head. With the matching speaker cab I get very punchy clean tones and nice distortion tones. You can get some full, edgy clean tones out of the solo channel as well, very nice. Perfect for the studio and live gigs. The volume boosts make it perfect to have your solos be heard. The boosts make it seem like a four channel amp. Buy / Enjoy!

  • from KY January 27, 2017Music Background:
    Touring/Professional Musician

    Great Amp (Not For Me)

    I bought the Tweaker-88 after downsizing from a larger watt & sized amp. I was looking for three things: (1) Smaller size, (2) Great tones -- especially cleans, and (3) A gain channel that I could, for a lack of a better word, tweak. I got almost exactly that in the 88. It's small enough to carry around without a lot of trouble, but still big enough to look good on top of a cab. I played it through an Orange 4x12 (that's black tolex) and aesthetically it looked beautiful

    The Tweaker is a great amp for really spending a lot of time to dial in your sound. There are so many options. Some people might not like that; I loved it. The clean can go pretty much anywhere you want it to. My only complaint (worth .5 stars) is the overall timbre of the amp sounded a little dull to me. It didn't have the roar that I wanted on the dirty channel (even with overdrive/distortion pedals applied) and though the clean sounded beautiful, it didn't quite cut like I wanted.

    Ultimately I've decided to return the amp after trying out another head in a local store. For the sake of others: I play in a post-hardcore band with songs that range from near-metal to groovy jazz breaks.

    TLDR; if you're looking for an amp that can get loud, not break your back, and really dial in clean tones and get a solid crunch, this could be the one for you. I think it would be perfect for a more indie/classical rock mix.

  • from kansas city, MO August 18, 2015Music Background:
    I have been playing in recording original bands for 8 years. I also have had over 13 hours of airplay on public radio.. isnt that cool, but Im proud :D

    Tweaker Is pretty cool

    I bought this amp honestly because it was one of the few well priced amps that had Kt-88s in it. In general This thing does a really good job of keeping a open canvas tonally which is a good thing if you play in multiple styles... it is not a genre based amp.... I would not buy this is I only wanted a blues amp or only wanted a Metal amp because there are better amps for each respective style.. but you cant use a blues amp for metal "well anyway". This amp does everything at a 4.5 out of 5 scale.

    - Big Booming bass full mids and soft highs
    -you can make this sound just like a bassman. or a jcm.. also does a pretty god MiG50 impression
    -Has a lot of girth to what ever you play, no thin wispy notes.
    -takes any pedal fuzz/delay/reverb/pitch/distortion/OD and makes it sing.

    Cons: The Gain Channel sounds kind of like a fuzz pedal, but better... The tone changes aren't as noticeable on it either and can sound quite compressed even at low gain stages. I personally like this because it reminds me of a hot-rodded silvertone 1485 but some may see this as a con.

  • from Orlando, Florida October 10, 2016Music Background:

    Great sounding amp but audible fan noise

    I browse through a lot of gear on this site and find the review section invaluable. Sweetwater's return policy is really excellent, but it's nice to know why other people return something so returns can be avoided. I bought this amp head a little over a year ago and must say it really sounded great the few weeks I had it. It has more power than you'll ever likely need and plenty of tone shaping flexibility. On stage or playing at moderate volumes at home, it really delivers. Sometimes I like to practice late at night, however, and the cooling fan annoyed me. If it had a switch to turn off the fan, I think I would have kept it.

Questions about the Egnater Tweaker-88 - 88-watt Tube Head?

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