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Egnater Tweaker-40 40-watt Tube Head Reviews

4.5 stars based on 23 customer reviews
Questions about the Egnater Tweaker-40 40-watt Tube Head?

Questions about the Egnater Tweaker-40 40-watt Tube Head?

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  • from Southern Indiana, Louisville Ky. April 4, 2016Music Background:
    50 years plus Blues, country, and Rock

    Any Sound YOU Need!

    I have waited a long time to write this review because I have been told I will have nothing but trouble with this amp. I have now had it 3 years and it has performed flawlessly the whole time. The only thing I have done is change tubes when they got weak. This amp can get any sound you need from the cleanest of cleans to the in your face distortions with a flip of a switch. I have 2 of the 12" cabs which sound great and FULL. This amp is Powerful and can perform on any medium to big stage without any effort. I don't use it for small venues because it is to powerful so don't let anyone tell you it won't be enough, believe me, I have been playing for a long time and have played Marshall 800, 900, and 2000 series with 4-12 1960 cabs and this thing can put out just as much sound! It doesn't have reverb but the effects loop allows you to run any pedal "or pedals" you need and the foot switch has a effects button on it to turn on or off. I highly recommend this amp, "with the matching cab or cab's" if your looking for the amp with enough power to perform at a low budget price, and I also recommend you buy it from Sweetwater because they will back it 100% and with there customer service and tech support it is a WIN-WIN!

  • from South bend November 17, 2014Music Background:

    Worth every penny

    I was waiting to pick up this amp for almost half a year, I finAlly dove In and couldn't be happier. I use it mainly for recording, but it would be more than adequate for playing out. I found that re-routing a dry signal from the PC to the amp, then "tweak" a few switches, and record the output allows me to build some super thick perfectly synced guitar tracks.

    The build on this amp is much smaller than I originally expected, which is excellent for travel, and there seems to be no noticeable consequences to the size. It sounds amazing.... The first time I plugged in I didn't put my guitar down for about 6 hours. Even my cheap acoustic felt warm and thick running direct through this amp.

    The only thing I found as a dissapointment was with my Parker, which is a single coil strat type of setup, required full gain and the hot switch flipped on to push it into a full distortion. Nothing the excellent fx loop can't remedy though.... Otherwise the tweaker is a great piece of equipment to add to your arsenal.

  • from NJ April 2, 2014Music Background:
    Part Time Musician

    Great Amp

    I received this amp on a Friday morning. Plugged it in, got channel switching working with my MIDI setup, played it a few hours.... Gigged it first time same night. I already had the 15 but wanted 2 channels so I gave this one a try. I have to say I absolutely love the fact that this amp is so easy to dial in. I am running it into two Crate 1 x12 Cabs loaded with Celestion G12K-100's. I have played a MESA Mark IV head for almost 10 years and hardly ever turn it on since I started using Egnater Tweaker amps. Sounds good whether it's a SG, Les Paul, Strat, Tele.... passive and active pickups. Effects loop is much better then it's 15 watt counterpart. I have not had any issues inserting any effects pedals or rack effects. I only have it a month... so I am hoping I don't run into the same transformer issues so many others have. But for now it is my working amp and I use the 15 as a backup. It's got a lot more bottom to it than the 15 which is also awesome. I don't have to max out the bass knob on this one. Tone wise this is as close to perfect as I have encountered and i have played for over 36 years.

  • from Austin, Tx April 20, 2013Music Background:
    gigging fool- at least the last part is accurate

    amazing tone machine

    I have been using the tweaker 40 head and 112x cabinet for about 3 months for gigs and practices and feel I have only begun to scratch the surface of the available tonal palette. I notice the amp really starts to come alive and 'breathe' when the volume is in the 11 o'clock to 1 o'clock range. at 2 o'clock and over it is simply too loud for my applications, but that 11-1 sweet spot is amazing. I use a Std Tele with Duncan vintage hot rod tele pickups and a stock PRS SE Singlecut. I usually don't even change the tweaker switches when I switch guitars. I also notice the tone control knobs seem to have a more linear effect when turning them, as opposed to an exponential curve, if that makes any sense. I will likely add another 112x cabinet for the combined benefit of: 1) moving more air, and 2) raising the head so the old man don't have to bend over so far to tweak if he wants to. this amp has exceeded my expectations.

  • from Rockville, MD July 25, 2012Music Background:
    weekend gigging guitarist

    Buy it now!

    If you're looking at this amp and seriously considering it, or are looking at it and still considering others, you might as well stop and buy this. I got mine right as they were released last year and I could not be happier! It's an incredible little amp that can create almost any tone you want, British, American, Classic, Modern, whatever.

    I kinda thought maybe I wouldn't end up using all the features, or that all the tweaker switches wouldn't do that much to the sound, but they do. I pretty much tweak this amp for every song we play, and you can really dial in what you want.

    My favorite aspect are the gain controls. They're super precise, and buy adding the Hot/Clean switch, it's like having a gain knob that goes from 1-20 versus 1-10, where the '10' on this amp is equivalent to the '5' on a normal amp. Genius!

    The ONLY negative I have is that I had to replace the power tubes sooner than I expected. Granted I replaced them with ones I like better and like the sound, even more. The stock ones didn't last as long as I hoped. Then again, that could be attributed to bumps in shipping, who knows...

  • from Quad Cities May 17, 2012Music Background:
    Going on 40 years of guitar playing experience.

    My Oh My!!

    I have to agree whole heartedly with Steve from Michigan. I have had many Fender amps over the years and none compare to this Tweaker 40. What great tweakable tone. I knew it from the first chord - nice deep 3 dimensional tube tone. The Bass toggle for Tight and Deep is fantastic. I also have the x112 G12H30 cab - and I believe it is engineered perfectly - huge full (non-boxy) deep tone from an easy to handle cab - the perfect match for the Tweaker 40 head.

  • from Westland Michigan January 6, 2012Music Background:
    Musician and Guitar Teacher

    Nothing Little About This Amp

    I've had just about every amp out there. That includes a Matchless , A Fender Vibro King , 59 Bassman LTD to name just a few. I have to say I have never been happier with an amp than with the Tweaker 40 with the one 12" Egnater bottom what a great combination. It gives me that sweet warm Fender clean sound and that Vox AC 30 sound and yet it has a great sound all its own. I play mostly clean and have always used a Blues Driver and Tube Screamer. Now I have been just using channel two and I can dial it in to sound like a Boogie or a Marshall overdrive. I use a Carbon Copy Delay through the effects loop and wow what a great sound. This is one great am !!!!! I would reccomend it to anyone who wants a great sounding amp

  • from Milwaukie Oregon November 5, 2011Music Background:

    One little amazing amp

    Well lets see, one day while at the local guitar store I try the Tweeker 15 and loved it. I unknowingly bought it three days before the 40 came out. I loved the Tweeker 15 but sold it and bought the 40 and wow what a great amp. I sold my Marshall stack and play strictly this baby now. I can get as clean and buttery as I want or as rough and dirty as I need or anywhere in between. Two channels and plenty of power I mean plenty I haven't gone past 3/4 at any time, and that was too loud.... I picked up the 2-12 cab to match and everyone asks about it. Looks and sounds killer, a Marshall killer that is...
    I promise you can't go wrong with this setup.

  • from Pennsylvania October 17, 2011Music Background:

    Worth Every Penny

    If you're on a budget but looking for the most amp for your dollar, this is a solid choice. The range of gains and tones you can dial in are extensive. The effects loop is quiet. The EQ is bold. There's plenty of clean headroom and gain to your heart's desire. Throw in a tube screamer and this amp sounds killer. Two channels is a must for some, and this amp delivers.

    If you haven't given Egnater a ear, do it, it's a real sleeper, worth every penny!

  • from Kansas City September 16, 2011Music Background:
    Professional Musician

    Holy Cow!

    I bought one of these for myself for my birthday. I thought it would be great in my studio. When I first got it, it had a crackling sound when I first turned it on and right after I turned it off. I called Delvin @ Sweetwater and he had the techs send me some replacement tubes (Groove Tubes) and now I could use this on any stage, any size. It is outrageously loud and sweet and I highly recommend one for studio or stage! It is light too!!!

  • from December 23, 2015

    Egnater Tweaker 40

    I gave it a 4.5 rating out of 5 only because there is always room for improvement. For example, in switching the head from the Vintage to Modern setting and visa versa, there seems to be little difference, if any, to my ear. (Perhaps this switch is to be used differently then just flipping only this switch from one setting to the other, in which case, I am using it wrong)? Having said this, however, all other switches make noticeable changes in the sound. I really like the versatility of this head. You can also hear very noticeable changes in the sound coming from this head when different guitars are played through it; by this I mean that the truly unique sound of the pickups used by various guitar manufacturers and their guitars comes through this head like no other head I have played through; the variation is distinct and profound. Love this head which, I use with 2 Egnater's 2x12 speaker cabinets. Keep on rockin.

  • from Louisiana July 27, 2015

    Perfect mid-priced, mid-sized head.

    The tweaker 40 is powerful and loud but can also sound good at low volumes. Very great sounding amp to gig with, all the tweaker knobs sound great, it's fun to switch back and forth even in between songs. It's sized small enough to fit on top of any cabinet. If it had reverb I would give it 5 stars.

  • from Hoboken, NJ May 7, 2013Music Background:
    pro engineer, amateur musician

    Surprising all around

    I don't think there's a better price/performance amplifier out there. Clean or dirty, soft or loud, unmodified or with effects--it all sounds good. Least desirable feature? The cosmetics. Tan grille adds nothing--should be dark grey or an interesting color.

  • from United States March 26, 2013Music Background:
    semi pro 35 yrs in the playing

    Egnater tweaker 40 Head

    Great amp .Very easy to get the tone you are looking for . solid all around amp. Mine came with Ruby tubes and that is what I put in all my tube amps . Would buy again if lost or stolen

  • from Los Angeles, CA March 21, 2013Music Background:

    Tweaking it for Metal

    Since I first read the reviews on this amp, I was really enthusiastic on buying this little amp. It is everything they say and more. It can be used for any type of genre; jazz, blues, classic and modern rock or even metal by tweaking it a little. Tweaking the amp and testing it with different pedals I found that including a Fulltone OCD overdrive and an MXR equalizer pedal you could really push the amp to obtain a Metal sound. I personally prefer to connect my delays and modulation pedals to the effects loop. I can say the Tweaker 40 is an excellent acquaintance!

  • from ky January 28, 2013Music Background:
    Moderate rock,some metal

    cool amp

    This is a cool little amp.the only negative I have about it, is it don't have reverb.You'd think If someone like Bruce could come up with this .He could have taken an extra step to add spring reverb.Other than that It's awsome.Great power for it's size.The tweaking is a must have this thing has a lot of sounds in it.

  • from Austin tx January 9, 2013Music Background:
    Active semi pro

    Tone o Rama

    After being a die hard fender amp guy since the late '60s I have come to the unfortunate conclusion that if I want to continue playing out, I will need to get something a bit smaller and easier to lug around since 45 years of schlepping gear has taken its toll. While I was marginally familiar with the brand, egnater was recommended to me by a colleague with much passion, which prompted me to give it some serious consideration. While my son got lost in the wonderful world of various vocoders, I gave the tweaker 40 a run through its paces. While admittedly narrow minded and opinionated, I wondered if I was even capable of objectively considering this amp, but those fears vanished within a few minutes of tasting the tone palette. What I found was an amazing arsenal of very usable tones without too much effort, usable being the operative word here. From a very dynamically controlled break up to a nice, rich, dimensional grind, this amp responded like a quality tube amp could. The shared amp voicing and shared eq did not bother me near as much as I thought it would - so much for preconceived notions. ( profiling is wrong I tell you!) I play in a classic rock cover band and I seriously doubt anyone will demand a refund because this amp does not sound exactly like a vox ac15. It takes pedals nicely, and the line/instrument switchable efx loop is an awesome feature at this price point.
    Has it been easy for me to switch an alliance that spans 40+ years? It was easier than I thought once I told my mind and ego to take a back seat to my ears and hands and just experience the responsiveness. In my fantasy world, I may still yearn for a fender deluxe reverb head complete with tremolo and reverb tank with a separate cabinet (are you listening fender?) but make no mistake- this thing is a tone o Rama. A plethora if you will, and you should not tell someone they have a plethora unless they really have a plethora. The 112x cabinet is voiced perfectly for this amp, and at about a little more than half the weight of my fender, I should be good to go for some time. Highly recommended. See what it does with your guitar and your hands. You might be as surprised as I.

  • from NY,NY July 30, 2012Music Background:

    Tweaker 40

    I just got one of these beauties and it turns out that everything the other reviews say about this amp is true. Now I haven't gotten a chance to use it in a band setting as of yet but after putting it through its paces in my studio, it really seems like it will meet all my expectations.
    The tones you can get out of this amp are amazing. Really captures the character of the Fender, Marshall and Vox type amps like it claims to. I plugged this into my big 480 watt 4x12 and was able to get a dead-on Fender Deluxe clean sound without much effort. For extreme metal tones you'll need a pedal in the mix somewhere but on the brit setting with the gain on "hot" and turned up to about 2:00 I got a really bad *** metal tone of the type most recording engineers would love...great articulation and harmonic content without being too saturated.
    This thing gets LOUD too. Pushing the master volume past 12:00 really gets the power tubes going. It almost seems to push my 4x12 as well as the 100watt power amp in my main rig. And depending on how you set it up the amount of low-end this thing kicks out could make it hard to have kids...surprising from such a small amp.
    The only thing I think is missing from the amp is the ability to assign the USA, AC and Brit settings differently on each channel. As it is you have to either use the same one for both channels or flip the switch and change your settings when you change channels. Not a huge deal but it would've been cool. It's really hard to get a bad sound out of this amp.
    Anyway, that being said I'd definitely recommend this amp. If you know what you're looking for you won't be disappointed.

  • from Germantown, MD May 6, 2012Music Background:
    Gigging Active Musician, 23+ Years

    Solid Amp

    I've had this head for over 6 months. I absolutely love it. The cleans are fantastic, and it takes pedals very well. the "tweaker" switches absolutely make a difference in the tone.

    I find the "hot" switch to be a little weak. It's an ok over drive, but becomes much better when pushed with a tube screamer. No metal here, but a good heavy rock. That being said, I have it set up for cleans with the Les Paul on one channel, and cleans on the strat with the other channel for the most part.

    I also use a line 6 M5 with this, mainly in the tube driven effects loop, for reverb or delay. BUT the heavy line 6 distortions sound fantastic through this amp, when face melting is called for.

    Now the bad. The Ruby tubes in this amp suck. Hands down, worthless. I did not know how bad until i replaced the power tubes with JJ's. This amp came alive. the bass response is much better, and the sounder is fuller over all.

    Just to note, i play this on a 1x12 Mesa open back cab. Sounds fantastic.

    Finally, the Egnater customer service sucks worse than the Ruby tubes. When i bought the amp, there was a power tube that was extremely noisy. it took over 3 months, emails, then finally complaints on their FB page to get a response. The warranty on the tubes is 3 months......

    To be fair, once i got in touch with the tech, he was a great help. he helped me isolate the issue and was supposed to have tubes sent out. over 6 months later, still no tubes. I ended up just buying my own JJ tubes. Glad i did, as this made the amp sound so much better overall.

    To sum it up, this is a great solid amp. You can dial in a ton of sounds, it's loud enough for most applications, takes pedals like a beast, and sounds fantastic. Make sure you switch out the tubes, and pray you don't have to deal with customer service.

    I highly recommend this head.

  • from jackson nj December 15, 2013Music Background:
    over 20 years musician

    tweaker 40

    awesome amp, I loved it rite away dialed my sound, and did not touch anything but the on off switch, 9 months later the transformer blew under warranty, and no one will answer the phone or emails, so its a great paper weight, I love my egnater stuff, I don't like there customer service

  • from USA August 21, 2011Music Background:
    Part-time wannabe musician. Recording Engineer

    Beautiful sounding amp!

    I played this amp at the Nashville Amp Expo and I loved it! It is so clean, even with the gain cranked to full the note definition was there. I love how much you can do with the tweaker switches too. This is a very versatile amp!

  • from Laramie, WY February 21, 2015Music Background:
    Guitarist 10+ years, Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer

    Great sound,while it lasts

    This amp is great, but it's only going to last you 2 years maybe before the power transformer goes out. Look it up, I'm serious. It's a very common problem with the tweaker 40s. Next thing is the footswitch will go out, but that's a given, since its hard wired into the box. Out of the box, I think it deserves a 2 star. It sounds great and will last you a long time IF you get a new power transformer. I suggest mercury magnetics. I also threw an attenuator on it and have it about 1/2 the wattage and this thing sounds amazing!! After spending another $300 on the new power transformer, tubes, and the attenuator, this head is everything I've ever wanted. Its small, low wattage, and clean as eff! I'm running mine through 2 vintage 30s and it sounds awesome! If you get this, you'll be dropping another $160-$260 very soon.

  • from toledo Ohio October 30, 2013Music Background:

    Great till it ain't

    Great sounding amp with a very bad reliability. (very unreliable and expensive power transformer)

    My tweaker 40 transformer crapped out ( a common problem) but now the Horror Story. Egnater refuses to even look at it because it is out of warrantee. secondly I found out by a amp repair person that these amps are non-serviceable except for the power transformers... all the circuitry is microcircuits and surface mounted tech. I had 2 peavey amps crap out on me in the past.. way way way out of the warrantee period and peavey still fixed them.. all I had toy do was pay the shipping cost to and from the repair facility in Tn. Egnater should at least repair out of warrantee amps... the other thing that bothers me is even a third party replacement cost about $180 pretty pricy DIY repair.

Questions about the Egnater Tweaker-40 40-watt Tube Head?

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