Egnater Tweaker 15-watt Tube Head

15-watt Tube Guitar Amplifier with Configurable Tone and Voicing Options
Egnater Tweaker 15-watt Tube Head image 1
Egnater Tweaker 15-watt Tube Head image 1
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Egnater Tweaker 15-watt Tube Head
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A World of Tone in a Single Amp

Why settle for just one amp sound when you can get a whole range of tube tones from a single Egnater Tweaker guitar amplifier? No modeling or digital voodoo here, just pure tube tone made by putting the right tubes together in the right way. Whether you're looking for a sparkling clean American amp sound or the bite and growl of a British high-gain model, the Tweaker delivers! With just the flip of a toggle or two, the 15-watt Tweaker actually reconfigures itself to match the kind of amp tone you need.

Select from either a vintage or a modern voicing to get the perfect gain structure for your axe. The Tweaker also has a bright setting for that vintage U.K. top-boost tone - perfect for classic Fab Four-era rock! You'll also appreciate the Tweaker's tight voicing switch, which lets you cut out some lows for a purer overdrive tone - just what you need for soaring solos. And as if it wasn't impressive enough already, the Tweaker also gives you a 3-band EQ and a buffered effects loop for extra tweakability. If you run a studio, record, or just need an amp that does it all, then you're going to love the Egnater Tweaker.

Egnater Tweaker Guitar Amplifier Features at a Glance:
  • Master volume, gain, and 3-band EQ controls
  • Modern/vintage voicing switch
  • American, AC, and British high-gain voicing switch reconfigures the Tweaker's tubes to provide a wide range of amp sounds
  • Buffered effects loop lets you add your favorite stompboxes and rack effects into the mix
  • Hot/clean gain switch
  • Tight/deep switch lets you roll off lows for cleaner overdrive tones
  • Bright/normal switch lets you add brilliance and sparkle to your top end
  • Switchable power supply lets you take your Tweaker anywhere in the world
Get a huge range of tube amp tones with an Egnater Tweaker guitar amp!

Additional Media

Guitar Amp Buying Guide
Tweaker User Manual

Tech Specs

Type Tube
Number of Channels 1
Total Power 15W
EQ 3-band with 5 Tweaker Switches
Number of Tubes 5
Preamp Tubes 3 x 12AX7
Power Tubes 2 x 6V6
Inputs 1 x 1/4"
Outputs 2 x 1/4" (Speaker)
Effects Loop Yes
Height 7.5"
Width 14"
Depth 8"
Weight 16 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number TWEAKER HEAD

Customer Reviews

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Great amp, very versatile

This is a really great amp, great features and mostly, a HUGE SOUND one. Tweaking can lead to very different tones, such as Vox, Fender or Marshall.Loving this amp
Music background: Amateur

Tweaker 15w head with Tweaker 112x cab

This is an incredibly versatile tube amp. Wide variety of modern and vintage tone offerings combined with 15 very loud watts with the 112x cab. I ordered previously a Tweaker 112x cab to go with my 15w Fender Super Champ XD. So, I now had two Tweaker 112x cabs to go with my Tweaker head and, talk about great sound possibilities and enough volume to fill a small auditorium (local church auditoriums) and small to medium sized normal gig venues! The basic amp selections are Fender (USA), Vox (AC) and Marshall (BRIT). I go between these three using the clean channel option vs. hot, varying between modern/vintage and bright/normal. Compact and lightweight, it's great for transporting around town. This is a great, great amp. I presently have Victoria and Fender amps and the Tweaker is every bit as good in sound quality, but more versatile. Stuart at Sweetwater was pleasant, very knowledgeable and helpful as always.
Music background: Degrees in music performance and musicology; former music teacher (classical guitar and Renaissance lute) and professional musician; playing electric guitar since the age of 12 (long, long ago). I love, love guitar.

Tone Monster!!!

This little head has never done me wrong. I've owned it for over a year now & it always sounds magnificent. Super light weight & portable. I run mine through a handmade 1x12 cab, loaded with a 12" WGS 30W Reaper Speaker. It will go from very clean jazz, to Fender spank, to Vox glassy, to Marshall crunch, & even High Gain Metal. I love the versatility of the EQ section & the wide range of the gain. Takes pedals very well. I am often asked about my amp at gigs. Everyone loves the tone. They always ask where I got it, & how much it costs. When they find out the price, they typically start talking about buying one themselves. I believe that this is the best amp head in it's price range. & even better than many heads costing far more.
Music background: Pro Musician, Guitar Instructor


This little amp is about the size of a lunch box, but no one would ever know that if their eyes were closed. The number of different sounds you can get is staggering- and they are all very useful sounds that you can use on almost any gig. I've had it for a month, my favorite sound is the "usa" clean tone. The beauty of this amp is that you can add ALOT of dirt to the clean sound and still have control of overall volume. I use the matching cab with the G12H30 speaker. Just add a great overdrive pedal and you may not even miss having 2 channels. Unbeatable for the price. And reverb is overused anyway, right? Well if you need it, just put it in effects loop.
Music background: hobbyist +

A great amp at any price

A note on my perspective: I use this amp to record; I don't play live with a drummer. Looks 5/5 -- Personally I just think it looks classy as heck, especially when paired with the matching cabinet. Build/reliability 3.5/5 -- This amp seems to be built well for its cost. I've never had a problem with the controls or switches. One thing to keep in mind is that the older versions run the tubes really hot with a lot of current (the cathode resisters value was changed on later units). Mine cannot run many standard 6v6s--a lesson I learned the hard way after wondering why all the power tubes I was ordering were microphonic and hissy. JJ 6v6s were recommended by Bruce Egnater as a reliable tube for these and that is what I use now. I do wonder if the hot tubes are partially responsible for how amazing the amp sounds. Minus 1.5 points because of the tube issues and because it doesn't seem any better built than any other factory PCB amp. Controls/features 5/5 -- I can't think of a feature I want that this amp doesn't have. 4/8/16 ohm output? Check. 120 and 240 volt mains support? Check. Great cleans, crunch and distortion sounds in a variety of flavors? CHECK! All the mini-switches are useful depending on the sound you want, the amount of gain, and how you have the other knobs/switches set. The tone stack works great at dialing in what you need. And the effects loop is so useful. Although you can run a few different power tubes in it, I've always stuck with 6v6s. Sound 5/5 -- I run this through the Tweaker 112x cabinet. It's hard to find a bad sound. I am partial myself to the USA cleans and the Brit crunch/drive. The AC cleans and breakup sounds are great, too. The amp has so many good sounds it beggars belief. I don't know if there's a rock guitar sound you *can't* get with this amp, especially if you're willing to swap out the power tubes! Value 5/5 -- Ridiculously cheap for what you get. I could record all my guitars through this amp and be happy with the results. Overall 5/5 -- I have owned or do own tube amps from Fender, Vox and Marshall. But the Tweaker is my "desert island" amp. It really punches above its weight. I honestly like the sound as much as my silverface Fender and handwired Vox.
Music background: 20 years of playing guitar
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