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ART Tube MP Project Series USB Reviews

4.0 stars based on 10 customer reviews
Questions about the ART Tube MP Project Series USB?

Questions about the ART Tube MP Project Series USB?

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  • TSOR_Twang
    from NY June 11, 2016Music Background:
    independent self taught audio engineer. Audiophile, TwitchTV Gaming Broadcaster

    ART Tube MP Project USB Douse the Job

    I am very pleased how ART Tube USB really delivers
    The FET Limiter douse job perfectly . when The FET Limiter set on, while doing a screaming Test, it never Clip/Peak over 0dB. resulting a nice perfect Clean Vocal Sound,

    The only small Minor con is the "Stock 12AX7 Chinese Tube" kinda of didnt really sound too good, it sounded a little Dirty, this actually has been proven on Youtube by "Michael W. Dean"
    i wish ART, would-of pick a better tube like Russian "Tunsol 12AX7" ethier with gold pin or original (regardless)
    Lucky i was able to Replace it with "Tunsol 12AX7 Russian Gold pin Tube" given a 30% to 50% better then the Silly Stock Tube

    Other thoughts
    before ART Tube MP,, i use to use AT2020USB, i was good after few mouths, but after a few mouths later. while Screaming in unexpected/Epic gaming mo. Clipping and some distortion were noticeable
    currently using AT2035

  • Crystal Dennis
    from Chula Vista, CA July 22, 2014Music Background:
    Semi-professional singer, Amature voice over artist

    Love it

    I have been using a USB plug and play mic ever since I started a home studio, and just recently took the plunge into the preamp/XLR mic world. After a few recommendations from other musician friends, and extensive preamp research I went with this preamp. I am so happy I did, because this thing is amazing. Great bang for your buck: Gives out a real crisp, clear signal and love all of the customization you can do pre-mixing stages with this thing. You'll definitely get your moneys-worth with this preamp!

    I'd like to add as a side-note: The product title says "USB" - which led me to believe that you would get a USB connector cable included, but that isn't the case. The USB just means it will connect to your computer via a USB port. But that was my bad and doesn't take away from the product rating at all for me: like I said a must-buy for any beginner in this audio-production world!

  • John M Stephens
    from St. Louis, MO USA November 24, 2013Music Background:
    Broadcast and post production

    ART Tube USB Pre

    I operate an Internet radio station called Our Musical Roots. Like most radio stations I have to get the VO mic audio into the computer that controls the automation system. The sound card in the computer is a waste of time, so an external preamp was essential. The ART Tube Pre did the job perfectly and I invested the left over bucks in better mics. We bought 3 of the ARTS.

    I thought the ART Voice Channel and DBX 286 sounded a little cleaner, but no USB on the 286. Other options are 3X the cost of the ART Tube USB Pre. So at the price this little box can not be beat. ART !!!!! I would love a step up, with tube and USB !

  • Matt
    from Minnesota September 13, 2011


    Well I got this product the other day decided yay! lets give it a test it worked out wonderfully! I left it on for 3 days ( my dads a guitar player and he is a HUGE stevie ray vaughn fan and told me that before he would use any tube guitar amp in a studio he would leave it left on for 3 or 4 days) anyways so I did so used it at church the next morning because one of our leaders is a very quiet singer and I was running the gain and the fader way to high I was getting feedback major problem when you can't hear the leader of the team but so I used it for the first time and it sounded just amazing I could tell the difference between when I first used it and when I used it at church but I could also tell the difference of using this device and using a mic that is directly plugged into the board and I thought WOW!! this is awesome i got alot of compliments about how her voice sounded so much better today etc... my original tendency was to use it as an output for the band I record they are classic rock and run it into my computer and when I went to give it another test I could not get it to connect to my computer the driver was there when I went to check it but it just wasn't showing up in my options as an audio device so after hours of searching on the internet with no luck and much disappointment I decided to try what I had already tried and deleted the drivers from the list but I noticed a box I didn't check before that was for deleting the driver from the computer I did so and it works so maybe that's just a problem on my computer i'm running windows 7 seems no one else is having this problem but because I had this problem after just 1 use I give it a 4.5 but other than that its a great product and would suggest it to anyone looking for a tube preamp with a great tone very easy to use interface I love the phase inverse button it makes such a difference and I have so much more control over the input level into audacity ( I've always had a problem with the input level to the software I absolutely love this product and I hope for anyone who had the same problem I had this was a major help!!!

  • Jorge
    from Nevada June 25, 2010Music Background:

    That's what I thought

    The quiality seems to be pretty good, I say so because I'm not a audio engineer or something like that but my ears know pretty much.

  • Sec Pie
    from Pacific Northwest November 2, 2009Music Background:
    Home recording studio

    Good value!

    I've had this for a year and a half now. It works well with my condenser mic, gives a full and rich sound. Lets me tweak input and output. Only problem I've had is sometimes the USB doesn't work with my iMac - delay is off and will give bad sound for no apparent reason.

    from TOMS RIVER October 9, 2009Music Background:



  • WickedShade
    from Miami Beach, Fl. July 6, 2009Music Background:
    Musician & Perfectionist

    Nice PRE for the Money

    I gave it three stars because YOU HAVE TO CHANGE THE TUBE!!!!!!. I changed the tube to a GE NOS, and also use a Tung Sol re-issue. Definately makes an awesome Mic PRE. I record Vocals on my Blue BlueBird and get the sound probably everyone looks for. If your just recording Vocals you cant go wrong with this Pre. for the money.

  • Tada Burke
    from Washington, DC December 29, 2006Music Background:

    Does not come with USB cable

    Luckily I had USB and Midi cables laying around, but it's still a bummer when USB devices don't ship with cables. 4 stars performance, 3.5 for no cable.

  • Francesco Bonifazi
    from Fort Collins, CO, USA July 15, 2006Music Background:
    World-Champion Jazz Whistler, guitarist, self-recording engineer

    Great little preamp - TubeMPpsUSB

    The reviews of the new ART Tube MP Porject Series preamp have been praising this little dynamo, so I called my Sweetwater rep. - Patrick Dennis, to put me on the waiting list for the USB unit, since the delta in price is a no-brainer.

    Having worked with other ART preamps - TPS and TubePRE mostly, I was hoping to see a big improvement in the new design. I wasn't disappointed.

    The Project Series retains the warmth of the older units, but with less noise and more clarity and headroom. The case is even more rugged than before so I won't be afraid of throughing in a gag bag on had for the road.

    There's plenty of gain, even for a ribbon mic - I tried a Royer R-122 and found the sound together to very good. Not quite up to an Avalon M-5, but that's a different beast althogether. I acheived a great sound for my vocals using a Rode NT1000. I also DI's my nylon stringed guitar to get a good sound.

    In my applications, I desire everthing from a smoothing of transients (for my whistling) to a nice edge (for my guitar). I have to say the the range of Project Series is very broad.

    Some unexpected exptras include an impedance switch for the XLR input, and a very basic but nice-to-have limiter. With my equipment, I couldn't decern any changes in sound using the impedance button, but I did finally figure out how to use the limiter, which is tied to the output level.

    There's also a hi-pass filter, pad, phase, and of-course phantom-power settings...wow, what a deal in such a small format.

    On the negative-side: there's no ON/OFF switch, it has a wall-wart, and all connections are on the back.

    Support is very responsive. I emailed ART with questions and always go a response from Thom within a day.

    If you're looking for a great value in a preamp, especially as an up-grade to a board's channel, this is the ticket.

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