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Wampler Triple Wreck High Gain Distortion Pedal Reviews

4.5 stars based on 5 customer reviews
Questions about the Wampler Triple Wreck High Gain Distortion Pedal?

Questions about the Wampler Triple Wreck High Gain Distortion Pedal?

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  • Ty Heimann

    I used to play through a Marshall Mode Four half stack and I loved the wall-shaking, beefy overdrive I could get out of that thing. Now, the Wampler Triple Wreck lets me get that same kind of beefy, modern, overdrive tone out of my 1x12 combo amp - without all of the weight to lug around!

    This pedal also has a lot of tweaking options. The EQ knobs and the Hard/Brutal voicing switch let me vary the distortion tones that I can drive out of it. I can get a warm, milky, rhythm overdrive that is still discernible in the highs when I play a lead. And with the boost button, I can contour my sound even more into some crazy sounds that I can't get anywhere else.

    The last thing to point out is the build quality. When I'm playing a heavy guitar riff and getting into it, I tend to STOMP on my stomp boxes. This pedal can take the beating of the road!

  • from Indiana March 16, 2017

    Gets it done

    Was looking for a distortion pedal to finish off my pedal board that runs into a tube Peavey Vypyr 120. The amp has its own distortion but I wanted something with more clarity. Picked up this pedal and wow! Playing some heavy tunes. Take time with this pedal. It is very touchy with the dialing. Subtle adjustments can greatly affect the tone and range. Once it's dialed in it melts face. Metallica to Pantera, Cannibal Corpse to Blood Red Throne (Razor Jack). This thing is for the metal head .

  • from valencia, ca. February 18, 2014Music Background:
    46 years guitar and bass

    All around distortion pedal

    From a lite overdrive to metal. Pinch harmonics scream with this pedal. I've only used it with a 65 reissue Deluxe Reverb. I've had a couple other Wampler distortions, this one is the most versatile.

  • from Illinois June 6, 2013Music Background:


    I was totally blown away by this pedal. It is not just a one trick pony. I get everything from AC/DC overdrives to full out shred!!! It is the only thing that has ever come close to the sound of a Mesa Triple Rec amp. I will never part with this one.

  • from United States April 27, 2015Music Background:

    Very nice pedal

    The triple wreck allows a wide range of distortion tones thanks to the responsive bass/mid/treble and boost switch + contour that allows a fuzz/filter effect to be added as well as the the brutal toggle that changes the tone from a vintage style distortion to a more modern sound. The distortion is very organic and complex compared to some other pedals that produce somewhat stale tones.

  • from Falling Waters, West Virginia November 16, 2014Music Background:
    Sometimes Weekend Gigger

    A Great Pedal

    I haven't got to spend a lot of time with this pedal yet but great sounds right out of the box, I don't think you can go wrong getting this pedal even if your not into metal I play classic rock and its awesome so far. The only negative thing I came across was getting to the battery, almost stripped the screws out because they were so tight, only to find that they gave me a free one that was already installed LOL so I guess I can forgive them for that I think. Almost forgot awesome sales person Josh estock always follows up.

Questions about the Wampler Triple Wreck High Gain Distortion Pedal?

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