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Alesis Trigger|iO Reviews

4.0 stars based on 7 customer reviews
  • Chris
    from Puerto Rico September 9, 2012Music Background:

    Amazing piece of equipment

    It was just a matter of unpack, plug it in and play!!!!!

  • Math
    from Minneapolis, MN USA March 2, 2011Music Background:
    Engineer, Producer, Touring Musician

    Worth every penny.

    Outstanding device. Straight away I was triggering in Live as well as Logic with my DIY drum triggers. Very versatile if you put a little time into it, adjusting x-talk, velocity curves, etc. This was exactly what I was after, as I've never been a big fan of drum module sounds, and instead rely on my own sampling, etc. to get sounds I'm looking for. And since this is simply a trigger-to-midi device, the possibilities are endless. Highly recommended.

  • MikeyVPT
    from Bloomington, IL, USA October 15, 2009Music Background:
    President - Virtual Percussion Outlet (.com), Virtual Percussion Expert, Professional Demo Artist

    Sweet Setup with RET kit.

    I really enjoy using the Trigger Io with the RET drums because it really allows me to trigger Addictive Drums, Superior Drummer 2.0, BFD2, DrumCore, Ocean Way, Steven Slate Drums... I mean, if you're using edrums that have real drum heads like the RET's, this is the piece to get!

    Check out my videos for more info. Just search for MikeyVPT on Youtube.


  • Joey V
    from Chicago, USA July 3, 2009Music Background:
    Studio Owner/Drummer, Live Edrum Player, Virtual Percussion Expert

    GREAT with RET Edrums!

    I have used my Trigger Io for about 2 years now. I didn't know much about it when I got my RET Percussion electronic drum set. It's a high end kit, using real drum heads, so I thought it was neat to see the Trigger Io paired with it.

    It translates my hits into MIDI notes which goes through to my VPT software. I use Superior Drummer 2.0, EZdrummer, Addictive Drums, BFD2, and KitCore.

    I would highly recommend this for anyone using the RET Percussion kits.

  • Ben
    from Austin, TX August 21, 2007Music Background:
    Recording Engineer/Hobbyist

    Overall a quality product.

    I'm now a user of BFD for almost everything drums. As such, I didn't want to pay for a Roland drum module only to use it for the triggers. I was using an Alesis DM5, but its triggering technology is a bit out of date. So I picked up the Trigger I/O. It seems to translate very accurately. One bonus is that both the USB out and the MIDI out work simultaneously. This allows me to send the USB out to my computer for recording the MIDI notes and the MIDI out to an external drum machine (my DM5) for zero latency monitoring for the drummer. Setup would be easier if they created a piece of software to help calibrate each trigger (gain, velocity curve, x-talk, noise threshold, and midi note). Once setup, I have no complaints.

  • Customer
    from August 29, 2012


    This product is great if you are into rock drumming. It works pretty well and is solidly built. This product will not work for you if you want to do jazz drumming where you need it to be very sensitive. I use yamaha cymbal pads and you cannot "spangalang" at a speed over 120 or else it does not pick up the notes. With the hihat and drum pads if you want to do something like straightt 16th notes with an accent pattern it is very dfficult because it does not pick up the subtle accents that you put in.
    When I do rock drumming this unit works great and it picks up exactly what I play but for jazz I do not recommend it. If you are a jazz drummer go out and buy acousitc drums.

  • Lance
    from Japan June 21, 2012Music Background:
    Home studio guy

    Feature rich, but an imperfect solution

    I bought this to expand my drum kit so I could add two more crash cymbals, a fourth tom and an "extra" (cowbell/tambourine) to maximize the potential of Addictive Drums. It has let me do that, but at a rather large price -- both monetary (trying different pads) and in terms of time and frustration. The unit doesn't want to play well with dual trigger pads from companies other than Alesis, and even with Alesis pads, dialing in a decent sound using the various velocity, retrigger, gain and crosstalk parameters is an excruciating exercise that ultimately lends less than completely satisfying results. There are a lot of curves to choose and parameters to tweak, and tweaking them is easy thanks to a decent UI, but it's just really difficult to get a natural sounding velocity/gain curve no matter what you select, and damned if it doesn't seem to respond differently every time I turn the unit on.

    PROS: can be USB or wall powered, lots of inputs, easy to use interface, can store multiple "kits" (notes assigned to each trigger), can use MIDI or USB output, seems rugged, screw holes work with any mount (I have mine on a Roland stand mount), not all that expensive for what it is supposed to do

    CONS: difficult (cymbals) or impossible (hihat/tom/snare) to get it to recognize dual triggers not made by Alesis (I tried various Roland and Yamaha multi-zone pads), difficult/impossible to dial in a natural sounding velocity curve regardless of pad and software used, will not work with any non-Alesis hihat pedal (therefore I run my hihat through my original kit's brain).

    If you're building a DIY kit with all Alesis pads, this may be just the ticket (but why are you doing that instead of buying an Alesis kit? I guarantee it would cost less to buy a prepackaged set and you will have less headaches!) If you're trying to use Roland, Yamaha, Pintech or generic pads, they will work, just not always as advertised. Manage your expectations accordingly.

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