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MIDI Drum Control Surface with 16 Velocity and Pressure Sensitive Pads, Knobs and Faders
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M-Audio Trigger Finger image 1

Sorry, the M-Audio Trigger Finger is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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M-Audio Trigger Finger
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16-Pad MIDI Drum Controller for Itchy Trigger Fingers

More DJ's, Hip Hop artists and electronic musicians are leaning towards software based setups to create beats and grooves due to the huge variety of sounds available as well as the limitless opportunities for mangling sounds that sofware offers. But most beat-makers feel that their most interesting patterns comes from banging out a rhythm on the edge of the desk or on their knees, which is much more intuitive than using a MIDI keyboard or the tiny finger pads on many drum machines. M-Audio's Trigger Finger offers DJ's, Hip-Hop artists and drum programmers an easy-to-use dedicated drum pad controller, which offers larger pads than most drum machines.

M-Audio Trigger Finger at a Glance:
  • Dedicated MIDI drum control surface with 16 velocity and pressure sensitive pads.
  • 8 assignable knobs, 4 assignable faders with pre-programmed maps
  • 16 MIDI Presets and editor/librarian software included.
  • Powered via USB connection, fully Mac and PC compliant.

Play Expressively with Velocity and Pressure Sensitive Pads
M-Audio Trigger Finger's 16 "MPC" sized velocity and pressure sensitive pads contribute to the feel of triggering "real" drums and percussion, ensemble "blasts", and virtually any sample or loop requiring a more percussive method of playing. Or, for VJs, Trigger Finger can even control video projections - and applying pressure to the pads can generate any MIDI controller you wish.

Assignable Knobs and Sliders
Trigger Finger also gives you 8 knobs and 4 faders that are freely assignable to MIDI parameters such as volume, pan, pitch, and effects. Pre-programmed maps for Reason, Live, GM Drum, XG Drum, iDrum, and more make setup a snap-and full programmability lets you customize the unit to fit your needs.

Presets and Editing Capabilities
Settings are easy to store via 16 presets, and M-Audio's free Enigma editor/librarian software for PC and Mac lets you create a collection of even more.

True Plug-and-Play
A simple USB cable is all it takes to connect and power Trigger Finger with your computer. The Trigger Finger can also be powered by an optional DC power supply. And speaking of Mac and PC, both MME and DirectX are supported for Windows XP and Core MIDI is supported for Mac. the Trigger Finger's class-compliance means that it is true plug-and-play - no drivers are required. Just plug in the USB cable and you're ready to go.

M-Audio Trigger Finger Features:
  • 16 velocity and pressure-sensitive pads.
  • 8 assignable knobs.
  • 4 assignable faders.
  • Pre-programmed maps for Live, Reason, GM Drum, XG
  • Drum, and iDrum.
  • Velocity control including locked velocity mode.
  • Program/bank change capability.
  • Powered via USB connection or optional DC power supply.
  • 16 MIDI presets.
  • Programmable with free Enigma editor/librarian software*
  • 3-digit LED display.
  • Class-compliant with Windows XP and Mac OS X.
  • Includes free Ableton Live Lite software and demo songs.
  • MIDI interface.
  • MIDI Controller Driver CD w/ Ableton demo songs.
As a dedicated MIDI drum controller, Trigger Finger is sure to be a favorite with DJ's, Hip-Hop artists and drum programmers. The unit is easy to use and provides full control of your drum programming. Trigger Finger is the right tool for the job!

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number 9900-40855-00

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Mitch Gallagher

Programming drums can be a pain in the butt. Plunking little dots on a grid with a mouse is tedious, and often results in lame rhythms - which is fine, if you're into that sort of thing. For great-feeling drums and percussion, I want something I can bang on with my fingers. That's where the M-Audio Trigger Finger comes in. This affordable box has 16 velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads you can use for playing sampled drums, triggering loops, or whatever. As a bonus, there are eight assignable control knobs and four assignable sliders for controller parameters, mixer settings, or anything else. You can create 16 preset "maps" for accessing your drum or control layouts, and switch among them as you move from application to application. It doesn't get much simpler: Install the driver on your Mac or PC, then connect Trigger Finger to your computer using the supplied USB cable. Launch a software instrument and start smacking the pads. Alternatively, connect Trigger Finger's MIDI out to your keyboard or sound module, and start playing. As the annoying TV ad guy says, "It's really that easy." Trigger Finger can draw power over USB, or you can use an optional power supply. The MIDI out can send messages generated inside Trigger Finger or it can serve as a MIDI output for a computer that's connected via USB, turning Trigger Finger into a 1-out MIDI interface. Trigger Finger can send a wide variety of MIDI messages, from notes to controllers to pitch bend to aftertouch. The pads can all be on one MIDI channel or each can send on its own channel. In short, this thing has more MIDI capability than most (if not all) of us will ever use. To harness all that power, M-Audio provides a free Mac- and Windows-compatible editor called "Enigma." With Enigma, you can address every parameter in Trigger Finger, and build up a library of presets. For quick changes (especially of the notes assigned to the pads), you can program Trigger Finger from the front panel. But if you really want to use Trigger Finger to its fullest, Enigma is the way to go. Trigger Finger is excellent for the obvious application: playing drum sounds. It worked great with Reason for playing ReDrum and other samples, and for programming MIDI tracks in Digital Performer, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, and others. It also worked great for simply playing sounds; FM7, Pro-53, Korg's Wavestation plug-in, anything that could be played by MIDI. Bass lines were easy to do with Trigger Finger, and the fact that the pads are both velocity- and pressure-sensitive was nice. You can assign any MIDI controller to be sent when you apply pressure to each pad, so you can have a broad range of expressive possibilities available. Of course, you can also use the knobs and sliders to send MIDI controllers. Above all, Trigger Finger and its soft rubber pads make programming - I really should say "performing" - drum and percussion parts fun. Hit the record button and play. It's a blast, and it makes a real difference in the sound and feel of your drum and percussion tracks - just avoid the urge to quantize!
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