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Steven Slate Drums Trigger 2 Platinum Drum Replacement Plug-in (download) Reviews

4.5 stars based on 22 customer reviews
Questions about the Steven Slate Drums Trigger 2 Platinum Drum Replacement Plug-in (download)?

Questions about the Steven Slate Drums Trigger 2 Platinum Drum Replacement Plug-in (download)?

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  • from Midland, TX May 5, 2017Music Background:
    Audio Engineer

    Worth every penny

    This plugin is absolutely worth every penny if you record drums in a less than optimal space.

  • from Weston CT October 10, 2016Music Background:
    Long time songwriter, Producer

    WORLD of Difference

    I was excited to "upgrade" and reproduce a song
    I had written. The drum sound was really lacking...

    Enter Trigger with its vast array of sound choices
    to make the song "sing" once again.

    I was not disappointed. I was elated!

    The final result was like night and day.

    GOOD sound makes me high. And what I
    got out of trigger was everything I had hoped


  • from September 22, 2016Music Background:
    Music Production


    Really easy to use, great program, makes doing damage control on drums allot easier.

  • from July 31, 2016


    I simply was just blown away. Amazing!

  • from June 21, 2016

    Amazing Plugin

    I rarely ever write reviews but this plugin is simply amazing. I was always kind of worried about triggers possibly taking the authentic feel away from the drums but I was wrong. This plugin has great dynamics and can make even the worse kicks or snares sound good. I love how you can mix the sample in fluently with the original snare sound to get a nice blend. This is why I look at this as an enhancer and not a complete drum replacer. The bottom line is that, this is a really great product and I would defiantly recommend it.

  • from Southern NH March 30, 2016Music Background:
    Drummer, FOH engineer, Home studio owner

    Great Plugin

    Trigger is an excellent Plugin for drums. I don't usually like sample replacement, however on occasion it is a necessity. Trigger has a great gate built in that I use often (without using samples). The whole plug in is easy to use and sounds great with very little artifacts. When I do sample replace a drum I usually mix one in rather than fully replace the original. The mix knob allows me to achieve this whilst remaining phase coherent.

  • from Nashville, TN. March 29, 2016Music Background:

    Sweet Sounds

    Steven Slate Trigger 2 is amazing. It makes mixing a breeze and you don't have to mess with overtones or gates. Perfect sounding drums everytime!

  • from Maine December 13, 2015Music Background:
    40+ years behind the Stratocaster, Console and Tape machine

    Exactly what I needed

    Remixing songs transferred from 2 inch tape which had to be baked first then digitized. Awesome to have these old songs receive a fresh breath of life however, there were many issues with tracks like the drums.
    Recorded in the 80's on a 46-channel Solid State Logic 6000E G series with Total Recall analog console. Excellent sounding recordings but the drums were subjected to proprietary on-board compression [pixie dust] straight from the console. This was something that I couldn't get any plugin to emulate or I should say read and code properly from the multi tracks.

    So I started thinking about replacing and thats when I bought Steven Slate Trigger 2.

    All I can say is incredible! The nuances of the drums were tricky in some songs because we were doing the Texas shuffle [flat tire beat] or snare hits that were tight and complex. Steven Slate Trigger nailed it!

    The only thing I can say that would be a nice addition would be an algorithm which could replace cymbals! I know, that's asking for a miracle however 10 years ago this technology was still struggling and look how far it has come. Simply amazing.

    Looking forward to V.3

  • from Ca December 10, 2015Music Background:
    Producer/ songwriter


    Works perfectly. Replace your existing kick (or snare, or any other drum hit) with any kick sound you can find. You can import any Wav file from different sound libraries. Zero latency. A must have for any music producer.

  • from Michigan December 6, 2015Music Background:
    Touring / home studio / church music/

    Triggers 2

    Triggers is amazing! My drums have a new life to them... And it's easy to use... Best part was buying it from sweetwater.... The tech support was friendly and helpfull... I had gotten an email after I purchased the software just making sure everything was working ok. I responded and received to # to call for support.... I'll be buying much more gear in the future from them!

  • from Knoxville, Tn March 23, 2015

    Amazing Software

    Trigger Platinum is definitely one of the best investments i have made. I have been recording with a hybrid kit to keep the noise level down , but the stock Roland sounds just don't compare to the Slate samples. I am a drummer first, so I am very picky about the kick, snare and tom sounds- I also will say, that both Sweetwater AND Slate support have been amazing. I just didn't understand how to set up the software with my DAW (I've never used iLok before either) and Sweetwater had me up and running in two minutes-Slate also, as it was a bit harder with my Windows pc than it was with my Macbook Pro-extremely easy for most folks but I am fairly new at DAW recording. Highly recommend this software-Also purchasing from Sweetwater is the only way to go!

  • from Los Angeles December 26, 2014Music Background:


    Love it!I still haven't learned everything it can do,but for now it's doing exactly what I want and sounds great.

  • from July 16, 2014Music Background:

    Steven Slate Trigger 2 Platinum - Amazing

    Works as advertised - Very Well !

    Great drum samples. Easy to use immediately.

    This is a valuable tool. Pretty much guarantees you'll get stellar sounding drums on all your tracks. A little or a lot (mixing between source and sample, etc.)

  • from May 31, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Drummer

    Slate Trigger 2

    I have never like sampling drums at all. Trigger blew me away. If you every get an album to mix with under par drum tracks you can just slap trigger on them and they are back to being usable! Insane. Even with well recorded drums I will use trigger to beef up snares if necessary.

  • from Goddard, KS May 15, 2014Music Background:
    Musician, Song Writer, Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer

    The Real McCoy

    I don't own an expensive studio with the perfect drum room… and chances are neither do you. After years of trying to mix average drums tracked in less than ideal spaces, I've finally found the answer! Drum roll please… Slate Digital Trigger 2! All the drum sounds you could want and more, packed into an easy-to-use interface that just works. I've tried the other industry standard plugins for replacing drums and found them ALL lacking. Slate Trigger is phase coherent which is HUGE! The Slate samples slide right into the mix without causing problems with overhead or hihat tracks! It really doesn't matter what style of music you're mixing, Slate Trigger Platinum has samples from all types of kits which can work with any genre! This is easily the BEST software purchase I've made in the last few years! I've had my eye on it for a while and just didn't want to commit. I have ZERO buyer's remorse! Don't wait like I did. Get it now and save yourself lots of frustration.

  • from San Luis Obispo CA USA March 21, 2014Music Background:
    Recording engineer, Musician

    Best drum triggering plugin out there

    Just like the title says. I love how the drum samples fit into my mixes. Very natural sounding. I have most of the software from Slate and I own the Dragon compressor. Slate doesn't make slop or crap gear. I've tried a few different triggers and nothing competes with the Slate Trigger. Period...now I can't wait for the Slate VMS(virtual microphone system). It's going to completely change the game in the pro audio world.... Mark my words:-)

  • from Austin, TX December 27, 2013Music Background:
    Musician/ Audio nut


    After years of trying to replace not great drum sounds with gates, EQs, drum modules, etc.- along come this plug in. WOW! It does a great job of doing what was almost impossible before. The gating and sensitivity are often all you need to yield a really nice drum sound - but the suppression feature is insane. It uses sort of a side chain to eliminate drums that are false triggering your intended replacement - works like a champ. Plus you can layer drums for a thicker or more complex tone. I wish I'd had this years ago. Supremely recommended!!

  • from Mansfield, TX April 12, 2017

    Just what I needed

    Working as Engineer/Producer on an EP for a local Dallas Band and the drums need a fuller sound for the final mix and mastering, The Slate Trigger was exactly what was needed at the right time.

  • from San Francisco CA April 16, 2015Music Background:
    Drummer/Producer/ Engineer

    A must have for any producer!!!

    I recently was given a project to mix where the drums where poorly recorded and tuned. The kick drum sound was unusable and the snare very weak for the type of song. Then I heard of Steven Slate's Trigger 2 and the whole ball game changed. I watched some of the demo videos and immediately bought the plug in.
    The conclusion was that Trigger 2 is amazing!! It made the mix possible by adding great sounding drum samples to the existing tracks, following with accuracy all the hits and dynamics that the drummer had played. A must have for any production where drum enhancement or replacement is needed.

  • from Vallejo, CA September 26, 2016Music Background:
    Musician and recording engineer at Starfish recording

    Trigger drum replacer with noise gate

    This is a simple to use effective drum replacer plug-in. It saves me a lot of time that used to spend manually editing stems to clean up the sound of my tom tom tracks and the included samples sound great. It is a very effective noise gate that can look at your drum audio tracks and automatically (after you set the simple parameters) replaces only the transient hits you want with better sounding samples and eliminates all the annoying track bleed that you don't want to hear. The results are musical not mechanical sounding. Does wonders for toms which have always been a problem. You can take a well recorded but not necessarily great sounding drum kit and make it sound like you want it to sound. Gives you post recording control of your drum tracks. I only used it on toms so far but love what it does to the tracks. The blending control allows you to mix the replaced tracks with the original but on my recordings so far I have been only using less than 10% of the original tom tracks. You can also get creative with mixing multiple samples to creat unique sounding drum tracks. Well worth the money this plugin is very effective soundshaping tool.

  • from Ma April 26, 2016Music Background:
    Bass player/ Studio

    Great Trigger

    Good stuff, a bit complicated but worth it!

  • from December 30, 2015

    could be good

    the app seems pretty cool and the samples sound good but i cant find enough documentation to set it up. Slate quit taking phone support calls and their website has nothing relevant and just a bare bones "tutorial". there are 8 drum spots you can use for kick, snare and lots of other toms and stuff. I figured out how to use 1 of them. Sweetwater support didn't know the app or how to do anything with it but at least the guy gave it a shot. there are hints and allegations on the web that there may be some way to do all that voodoo with midi but i can't track it down. anybody got anything on this??

Questions about the Steven Slate Drums Trigger 2 Platinum Drum Replacement Plug-in (download)?

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