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Roland TriCapture Reviews

4.5 stars based on 9 customer reviews
  • from September 28, 2015

    Works great for R2R transfer project

    I'm a classical violinist, transferring to digital files over 80 reel-to-reel recordings of concert performances. About 80% done now, and the Roland works perfectly. Couldn't ask for more. Sweetwater customer service is outstanding.

  • from SAN DIEGO CA November 29, 2013Music Background:
    Guitar, bass, audio tech/engineer for studio and stage.

    Exactly the equipment for the job!

    Once I found my RCA to 1/4 reg adapter for my headphones, I was on my way. A couple reviews for function settings and the Roland Tri-Capture and I was on the job! The customer service gave me an added experience of confidence shopping with Sweetwater. Shipping was prompt! Gotta go now because I want to check out the digital mikes to go with my cardoid mikes. ;)

  • from Ottawa, ON Canada March 17, 2012Music Background:

    Awesome! Glitch free

    Just starting out with the whole DAW thing. I had a POD X3 live as my audio interface before. It used to crash constantly. I got fed up and bought this unit here. I had to choose between and M-Audio ant this one. I love this unit, works great. The sound is crystal clear. Installation was a breeze and it has not crashed once in the 6 months I've had it and I used this thing all the time. Good job Roland!

  • from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico February 16, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician for 45 years.

    Easy set up - good sound

    I've only had this for a week. I took a chance buying it as I could find no reviews. I chose it because I am switching to Sonar. It worked immediately with Sonar and my wife recorded a vocal track with it right out of the box. The sound was so good that , when she was playing back over some average computer speakers, I had to look to see if she was singing live! I have since recorded my Fodera bass guitar, and also a fretless bass with very high impedance piezo pickups, with excellent results. Does the job.

  • from St. Louis, MO December 17, 2012Music Background:
    Electronic music, keyboard

    Roland TriCapture

    Works & sounds great, got it up and running quickly. Bought it to use for recording with Cakewalk's Sonar. For the money I'm very happy with it so far.

  • from Bakersfield, CA January 30, 2012Music Background:
    Professional musician for 55 years.

    It does more than I expected.

    For the price this is unbelievabe. Technology has done wonders for music recording. I haven't done anything serious with it yet but I have spent a lot of time exploring the possibilitties.

  • from United States March 14, 2012Music Background:
    writer, performer, wedding singer


    This is a very smooth usb interface . . . quick set up to capture all your recording ideas.

  • from ALLIANCE, OH February 28, 2016

    Some Caveats

    The TriCapture is alright for simple recordings and playback. In my experience it doesn't do well at 96k sample rate. Using 96k will disable recording and loop-back functions, and I get crackles/pops regardless of latency setting. Using 48k or 41k sample rate on the other hand, is flawless, and can perform at lowest possible latency (6.7 msec input, 2.9 msec output @ 48k, per Sonar X3). Another thing to keep in mind is it's only a 2x2 usb interface, so you won't be able to record 3 separate tracks (the stereo input gets merged). And finally, the pre-amps can introduce a bit of noise once you go above 75% gain level, though you most likely never need it that high. Obviously most of these issues are outlined in the manual, but they can be overlooked. I would say this device is perfect for podcasts or solo recording sessions, and would recommend, especially at the price level.

  • from Allenstown, NH December 2, 2015

    Solid Entry Level Interface

    Want to record a guitar DI or single microphone track on a budget? This may be a good pick for you.
    The Tri-Capture is a fairly inexpensive(even when not on sale) interface that is capable of doing basic recordings are a decent level of quality. It's fairly stable as well, and in the 5ish years I've owned mine it has only crashed a few times and I don't believe I've run into any other issues regarding compatibility with software.
    One weakness is that it isn't extraordinarily powerful when it comes to latency so if you use lots of high end MIDI instruments like I do, you might have trouble with unwanted noise and low performance. It really only starts to struggle at around 20+ tracks in a recording though.
    The primary physical design flaw though is, in my opinion, a lack of a volume knob for your monitors. If you have volume knobs on the front of your monitors this won't be too much of an annoyance but if they're in the back, god help you.

    If those two things don't bug you though, the TriCapture is a fair choice at this price range. It is plastic but feels well constructed and fairly durable and looks nice enough sitting on a desk.

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