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64-Bit Distortion Processing Plug-In with Analog Modeled and Lo-Fi Digital Effects - Mac/PC
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iZotope Trash - Academic Version image 1

Sorry, the iZotope Trash - Academic Version is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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iZotope Trash - Academic Version
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Add Some Trash to Your Tracks!

Note:This is a specially priced version for qualified educational facilities, instructors, and students. Proof of eligibility is required. For more information, call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer.

iZotope Trash is an ideal tool for selectively adding distortion to your tracks. Of course Trash includes are tons of guitar rig simulators, including rectified overdrive and a stunning array of 85 cabinet models. And you'll find just as much use for the subtler tone enhancements to your other tracks. Trash is the king of distortion - and it comes at a price that smokes the competition!

iZotope Trash 64-bit Distortion Processor at a Glance:
  • Versatile distortion effects for guitars, basses, vocals, keyboards and more
  • Incredible guitar tones from multiband dual-stage distortion
  • Built-in dynamics processor
  • Amp simulation plus many more box models!
  • Filters provide subtle to extreme tone shaping
  • 64-bit processing for maximum fidelity
Versatile distortion for guitars, basses, vocals, keyboards and more

iZotope Trash is much more than a guitar distortion plug-in - it gives you a wide array of distortion effects for any track: tape saturation for vocals, overdrive for keyboards or a pinch of fuzz on a lead guitar, for example. Chain pairs of distortions together or apply distortion independently to individual frequency bands. Trash is compatible with most Mac and PC hosts, supports 192kHz and employs 64-bit internal processing for great fidelity regardless of how nasty you like your sound.

Incredible guitar tones from multiband dual-stage distortion

Trash offers a multiband dual-stage distortion that gives you all your old friends from tube and transistor amps.

  • Overdrive: 12AX7 tubes, 6L6 tubes, transistors, el34 pentode tubes, and tape saturation.
  • Distortion: Symmetrical clipping, asymmetric limiting, and harmonic distortion. Sounds you know and sounds you've never heard before.
  • Fuzz: Can't get no satisfaction? A half dozen fuzz algorithms, from smooth germanium transistor fuzz to harsh silicon clipping fuzz boxes.
  • Retro: Classic lo-fi distortion effects. Bit decimators and aliasing algorithms that will take you back to the early 80s, and wave rectifiers that will take you back to Woodstock.
  • Faulty: Blown out transistors, cold solder joints, radio noise, and static. Sometimes you've got to go beyond what works and try something that's just plain broken.
Built-in dynamics processor

To control the distortion, you've got to control the levels. Trash provides a multiband compressor and noise gate to squash the peaks, silence the noise or just draw out the sustain. Trash's dynamics processor gives you good meters, extreme ranges, and great sound. It will bring out the body and kill the noise.

Amp simulation plus many more box models!

Trash is a killer amp simulator with extremely realistic modeling of amp cabinets and speakers. Classics, combos, boutique models, stacks... a tone and character for any occasion. iZotope went beyond the normal boxes you find in the music stores, though. Telephones. Clock Radios. Sheet Metal. Plexiglass tubes. Piano cabinets. Tin cans. And a whole bunch of cabinets that don't even exist in the material world. When it comes to amp modeling, Trash can be as real or unreal as you want.

Filters galore!

As any connoisseur of distortion knows, tone is everything. Trash gives you pre-filtering to drive the frequencies you want into distortion, and post-filtering to tame the ones you don't want. Shape the tone, make it wah, make it cry, make it scream.

iZotope Trash Filters:
  • 36 sweepable filter types - analog, resonant, clean, saturated and more.
  • Synth Filters - fat and juicy analog synth filters. Great on synths, and anything else.
  • Standard Analogs - analog modeled classic EQ that's clean and warm.
  • Resonant and Saturated - edgy filters with dynamic resonance control and saturation.
  • Talkbox Filters - sweepable filters with talkbox harmonic control.

Position filters on a real-time spectrum to set gain, resonance or bandwidth. Turn them into sweeping LFO filters. Sweep frequency, resonance, gain-anything you can position you can sweep. Searching for that classic wah sound? Use envelope triggering to drive a lowpass filter to a higher ground. Searching for anything but that classic wah sound? Let your envelopes trigger the resonance of a filter. Have peaks sweep filters to lower frequencies. Anything you can touch you can trigger-in any direction.

Modeled delay

Trash the echo with a selection of classic lo-fi delay flavors. Trash provides tape delay with saturation and nonlinear tape machine artifacts. Tape-Tube delay has added tube saturation modeling. Classic analog delay with analog degradation and variation, and lo-fi digital delay with quantization noise and aliasing are all here.

64-bit processing for maximum fidelity

Trash performs all its magic with 64-bit internal processing precision. That allows maximum dynamic range! With support for sample rates up to 192kHz, Trash is great for high-resolution projects.

iZotope Trash 64-bit Distortion Processor Features:
  • 64-bit internal processing
  • up to 192kHz sampling rate
  • all-purpose distortion plug-in, from subtle to extreme
  • realistic guitar rig simulator
  • multiband, dual-stage distortion with 48 algorithms
  • 85 speaker cabinet models from vintage to experimental
  • 3 microphone models
  • 36 sweepable filter types-analog, resonant, clean, saturated
  • multiband compression and gating
  • analog modeling for added warmth
  • extensive delay modeling-analog, lo-fi, tape-style
  • elegant user interface
  • automation support
  • superior stability
  • CPU-efficient
  • comprehensive preset library
  • excellent documentation
  • Compatible with Pro Tools (RTAS/AudioSuite/HTDM) and other hosts supporting Audio Units, DirectX, or VST
Use Trash to put some bite into your tracks!

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