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MOTU Track16 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 14 customer reviews
Questions about the MOTU Track16?

Questions about the MOTU Track16?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Virginia March 4, 2017Music Background:
    Recording Artist

    Track 16 Awesome!

    Wow! What a well crafted piece of machinery. Shouts to Ken Nace for helping me through the process, really appreciate it Ken. I took this thing out of the box plugged it in and started working... Using it together with Mixcraft 6 and it sounds AWESOME! Thanks Sweetwater for making my purchase so hassle free.

  • from Calgary, Alberta, Canada February 27, 2015Music Background:
    Producer, Recording/Mixing Engineer, Pro Musician

    Very Nice

    This piece of equipment is top notch. I'm running this with Cubase Artist 8 on a 2.6 GHz 8GB Mac Mini. Getting it set up and running was a breeze. I never have any problems what so ever and the unit has never missed a beat at any time. There isn't another "portable" interface with the routing options that this package delivers. Perfect for using a couple pieces of outboard gear or sending your entire mix out to a compressor and back in. The metering is more than sufficient and accurate all across the board. The uni knob and it's functions are extremely easy to use. Beats reaching over to my old interface to tweak preamps and volume. The Track 16 is built like a tank and also looks great. The sound quality is top shelf. There is nothing "HYPED UP" coming out of the monitors upon playback. What comes in is what goes out. Nothing more and nothing less. Get dialled in at the source and you'll be competing with the big boys come time to mix. Cue mix is a whole other review on it's own. IT IS AMAZING. If I could ask for anything more it would be more gain in the preamps. Obviously with the ADAT option and the line-ins I can hook-up what ever external pre i choose but more gain in the on board preamps would be nice. Good job MOTU.

  • from United States February 13, 2014Music Background:
    Rather abstract

    MOTU Track16 - Sweet Little Gadget

    Very nice, elegant, glow-in-the-dark cutie. Sounds pristine - you get out what you put in. I use mine in conjunction with an older MOTU 8Pre via ADAT for a nice, compact and versatile home studio config. I'm a lone composer but like to keep stuff plugged in with a few open channels for visitors or whatever piece of gear floats by. Wasn't real happy with the bulky cable at first but ended up getting the breakout box for better manageability. All considered, a superior piece of kit!

  • from Boston, MA November 25, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Good item

    MOTU audio interfaces tend to get all the little details right, and this unit is no exception. The software is rock solid and easy to figure out. The I/O provides a good deal of flexibility, and the thing just looks cool.

  • from British virgin Island February 26, 2013Music Background:
    Pro musician/ producer

    Its a great productf

    I love the track 16, its a graet product. Also the fact that i could switch beteen monitors with the touch of a button. Its. The way foward into the future with that technology. Just love it.....

  • from Moorpark, CA January 28, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Guitarist, Teacher

    Track 16 Review

    For years I've used Apogee interfaces, most recently the Duet 2. As time went on, I started realizing Apogee has a sheen to its sound. An added color. Almost like smoothed over edges. Now this is a pleasant quality but I found I didn't want that in my interface. I wanted my interface to be clear and pristine, though not brittle. I tried the Forte which was nice but definitely had a notable top end brilliance. The Track 16 is fast, clear, natural and for my needs much more practical and flexible than the other 2 interfaces. I've had it now for almost a month and I'm still digging it. MOTU is sneakily good.

  • from Princeton August 3, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Live Sound, Recording Engineer

    Track 16 Sounds Amazing

    Just received my MOTU Track 16 and it sounds amazing. Had a little hiccup in that I did not do a fresh restart and power up after installing all the drivers and software that came with MOTU. There was a bit of noise that I was hearing when I used the Mac Book Pro. That has gone completely away after doing a restart and powering up the MOTU Track 16. I have let a few friends hear it and they actually thought it sounder better than the others out there that look a little like the same. One even compared the sound to the Ensemble. I am able to use the Firewire on both my Mac Book Pro and Mac Pro running Pro Tools 9.0.6 with no issues. I am very happy with the MOTU Track 16 it sounds great and is working rock solid. I like how the Cue Mix software works and can see using this live as well. The DSP works great and "0" LATENCY with reverb and eq on. The Mic pres sounded good I used them with a DPA 4099G mic, Shure KSM 141 and CAD Triton Tube. all sounded good and warm with my use which is a Flamenco Guitar. The Led's are bright and easy to see even not close to Track 16. Sweetwater is great the EZ pay make the purchase much easier if your on a budget. The support is great and thanks Mark Magdich x1265 If you need a small unit that has the ability to be expandable like with MOTU 8 Mic Pre (light pipe) and need more than 2 channels this is worth a close look. The folks at MOTU make rock solid drivers, software and hardware. This unit Rocks Thanks MOTU and Sweetwater.

  • from Cedar City, UT June 4, 2014Music Background:

    Worth the software alone! get the dang thing

    Upgraded from a Scarlett 2i2. Conversion is top notch at 192 khz. thing looks badass! and is user friendly. Read the first 8 pages of the manual and you're good to go. Simple, got some flashiness to it, and who doesnt want that in their studio, and the software is...WOW! CueMix is crazy good. I literally have my 2nd monitor in my studio with CueMix on it and all its signal monitoring tools. Comes with a mic pre and the onboard DSP lets you know how much juice you got left and prevents latency since its doing all the leg work and not your CPU. Get it!

    Only have it a 4.5 because i do not like the cable set up on the back, its super heavy duty and non flexible but definitely is sturdy. So mine is on a pull our desk table and since the cable isn't long and snags, it moves the actual interface itself. not a big deal, get the breakout box if something like that bothers you. Or deal with it, save a couple hundred bucks and take .5 stars off it haha!

  • from Charleston, SC June 16, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Rock

    Awesome Expandability SImple Design

    i was an apogee owner but this is more versatile and expandable and (just cooler looking) for a way bettter price
    It's always Reliable and overall a solid piece of gear. Although i do have a complaint I've owned this for going on 11 months now and the text above the knob under the LEDs is fading i cant read it anymore even the lines in between the LEDs are almost smudged off from relentless twisting of the UNI KNOB but thats really my only complaint CUE MIX FX is slightly confusing but works fine in the background and i love that is has a phase analyzer when i'm pair micing a guitar cabinet. Anyways i plan on getting the 8 pre to add to the lightpipe for the FUll 16 track capability and its made in America. haha AAAnd i was an apogee owner but this is just as good and for a way bettter price

  • from February 10, 2013

    Sounds Beautiful

    Love it !!! Love it!!!!! Great features. I had a tascam 1082 and Cubase SX 1.15 for years and now change to Cubase 7 and the track 16. It now sound as though I've been missing out on something. I am still trying to get use to not having a jog wheel like on the 1082 but I am getting it slowly.
    I might be missing something cause I am having a challenge getting sound on the line out. But any how I still love the track 16.....

  • from Philadelphia, PA February 6, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Guitarist, Voiceovers

    Best Upgrade I've Made in Years!

    As a home recording enthusiast over the past twenty years, I've been through every incarnation of setup for a studio, in the basement, in the bedroom, in a closet. All the worst mistakes, I've made them. Upgrading my DAW interface to the MOTU Track 16 was not a mistake. Even in my horribly untreated little square room, I could instantly hear the sonic improvements while tracking new stuff (voice, guitar) and just plain listening to my existing recordings. The form factor is comfortable and quite portable (get the breakout box, to leave in the studio). The software that powers this unit is the best I've used ever - specifically the CUEMix for routing configurations. If you're still an old audio interface, this is definitely worth listening to!

  • from Orlando, fl September 19, 2012Music Background:


    Love it. Small but versatile. Just what I needed! Once I understood how it works, very easy.

  • from Adrian, MI March 12, 2015Music Background:

    Solid Performer

    It's a great little box that is somewhat compromised by the massive loom. I had to tie it down to keep the thing from being pulled of my desk. Drivers are pretty solid on Windows - I would rate them much better than Focusrite and not as good as Steinberg - don't know how they perform on Mac. I rated it 4 stars because of the price. I "downgraded" to a Steinberg UR44, and found them fairly even in performance when considering all the factors. The UR44 has better drivers (and to my ears, pres... but that's seriously subjective) and the Track 16 seemed to have just a bit cleaner D/A conversion. Where the UR44 shines with convenience, the Track 16 offers much better expandability.
    I do recommend it!

  • from Cleveland January 3, 2015Music Background:
    Home Studio Engineer, Artist, Hip Hop Producer, Christian, Funny Dude...?

    Some things you should know...

    I bought this with my Christmas money, and was so excited when i finally received it! The installation was pretty simple, but let me fill you in on some things that might be helpful to know...

    1. The cable is bulky, but honestly that didn't bother me at all... I just figured I'd hang it behind the desk and it wouldn't matter... well when the cable is hanging it creates a lot of pops and clicks, and white noise in the monitors, so don't hang it... Now you do have a bulky cable mess on your desk.

    2. You cannot connect an external preamp, or channel strip, or any outboard gear to this thing... I may have overlooked something, but as far as I could see. you have to buy an ADAT extension to use outboard gear...

    3. The computer will sometimes restart at login... over and over again until you shut the unit off until after it boots. This was mentioned in the manual as a small annoyance...

    all in all the Mic Pres sounded pretty good, the quality of the product is amazing! It's not for me...

    If you can remember to start it up after your computer boots, and if you don't plan on hanging the chords behind the desk, and if you don't plan to use outboard gear... THIS IS PERFECT! :)


  • Mitch Gallagher

    A lot of different audio interfaces make their way through my studio, and they all have great features and capabilities to recommend them. But I've always found MOTU's interfaces to be among my favorites for their intelligent blend of features, price, usability, and sound quality. Recently, I've been using the new Track16 desktop interface and it absolutely lives up to all the great things I've come to expect from MOTU!

    The Track16 is a compact unit that's designed to sit on your desktop within easy reach. It's a hybrid interface (USB 2.0 or FireWire) with up to 16 inputs and 14 outputs. The Track16 has 10 front-panel buttons and a single large knob for controlling all the basic parameters you might need to access: monitor level, headphone level, mic gain, phantom power, and so on. The front panel also sports eight nice LED meters. The unit itself has a guitar in, two headphone outs, a stereo line input, and optical I/O (eight-channel ADAT or stereo S/DPIF). The rest of the connections are on the included breakout cable: mic inputs, line outputs, MIDI I/O, another guitar in, and more.

    MOTU's CueMix software is included, which takes advantage of the Track16's hidden secret: onboard DSP. CueMix allows for latency-free monitoring with effects during tracking: EQ, dynamics, even reverb. You can set up a variety of mixes for your monitors and headphones, and it's all easy to configure and operate.

    In use, the Track16 sounds great. Pristine but not sterile. It has two pro-level mic preamps, plus you can run your external preamps into the line inputs for more mic channels. There are separate monitor, stereo line, and headphone outs for routing at mixdown. And it's all a snap to control from either the front panel or CueMix. Whatever software I chose to use (Track16 is Mac and Windows compatible) the interface was rock solid and performed perfectly.

    I like the Track16 a lot, and it has become one my go-to interfaces. The form factor is great, and the quality and compatibility are spot on. Highly recommended!

Questions about the MOTU Track16?

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