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Two Notes Torpedo Live Digital Loadbox and Speaker Simulator Reviews

5.0 stars based on 12 customer reviews
Questions about the Two Notes Torpedo Live Digital Loadbox and Speaker Simulator?

Questions about the Two Notes Torpedo Live Digital Loadbox and Speaker Simulator?

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  • Bret Miller

    As a professional studio owner, I don't always have the luxury of cranking up my tube amp. The Two Notes Torpedo Live has become my all-in-one solution to that problem. And as most engineers know, during a multi-day session microphones can mysteriously move overnight. Fortunately, the Torpedo Live took this variable out of the equation giving me consistent reliability without comprising my sound. It has also found its way into my live rig. Once I found my sound, it has been consistent from show to show. I just hand the front of house my line out and I'm ready to rock!

  • from Indiana January 17, 2017Music Background:
    Songwriter, Film Composer

    One of the best purchases I have made

    Believe the hype. This thing will sound like your amp is playing through your cab, but at as low of a volume as you would like. It's just such a great thing for a home studio. Really is the best purchase I have made, besides maybe the robot vacuum cleaner.

    The only down side is that it has turned me into an amp collector. :)

  • from October 7, 2016Music Background:
    Home Recording, Live bands, etc.

    Perfect for Apartment Dwellers

    I recently moved to an apartment where I couldn't crank anything due to cranky neighbors living over me. So I picked up this loadbox and needless to say I was greatly impressed. I have always been a fan of real amp tone, VSTs have never done it for me, and while pedals are good at sounding like pedals nothing will replace a real amp for me.

    I have a Jet City JCA5012C that I plug into this, and the tones I get are incredible. I can really dial in that 'sweet spot' and record it effectively and easily reproducable from storing the Cab/Mic/etc settings. Its a home-recorder's panacea for those who like to get their tone from valve amplifiers like I do.

  • from carlsbad, CA July 14, 2016

    Better than advertised!!!!!

    I have a home studio, don't have the luxury of cranking up my Marshall 100 watt to record guitars the way I want. I did a lot of research on cab simulators, decided this Torpedo Live Loadbox would be exactly what I needed to maintain my guitar tone when recording.

    I had to wait awhile before it finally was in Sweetwater's stock. After a couple of months I got the call, received it after a few days. Hooked it up, downloaded from audio engineering's site the torpedo remote, dialed in a killer tone rather quickly and about an hour and a half later I was up and running!

    Whether you're using the remote or the front of the load box, it's very easy to navigate, with massive amounts of different cabs to choose from, and a great mic selection as well. Lot's of possibilities for usage outside of recording (live onstage sans cabinet, even sans amp, DI into the house board), but that's not why I bought this.

    Money well spent, you won't be disappointed, and your wife, kids, girlfriend, neighbors, will love you forever!!!!!

  • from Indiana January 10, 2016Music Background:
    Gigging musician and home recording

    Best gear purchase I have ever made!!

    Like most people who have considered the Two Notes Torpedo live the real draw back has been the price. It took me two months to finally just decide to purchase this. After talking to TJ and him telling me that I would not be disappointed I placed my order. Right out of the box this thing was super easy to use. Within 5 minutes I was recording. The sonic possibilities with this unit are incredible. I have no need for any of my studio cabs, isolation cabs, and other instrument mics anymore. If you are a studio engineer or a musician who has volume problems in a home setting then this unit is for you. This is the best piece of gear that I have ever purchased.

  • from Long Beach, CA. August 21, 2015Music Background:

    High Gain Monster's Little Helper

    I am using this for recording. This thing really took me by surprise. I knew it was gonna be good, but I just had no idea how many different tones you can get with it. I was thinking of buying a profiling amp, but now that I have this there really is no need to. If you like heavy high gain tones for recording, you won't be disappointed with it. Put any high gain amp in front of it and you will find a tone. You will make a tone. I can't speak about the software because I don't think I will ever use that, they made it so easy to make your own profiles directly through the interface it seems almost effortless. You can even emulate different tube sets. If you love your power amps for the raw sound, this thing is a must. It will give your head seemingly countless tone shaping options, and even if you want bass tones that sound cleaner than a pharmaceutical lab, you can do that too. The headphone jack is fantastic for just jamming late at night. Overall, this thing kills it.

  • from Union, OH July 14, 2015


    This is the best gear purchase I've made in a very long time. This is the perfect solution for silently recording or rehearsing with tube amps. Now I can play at whatever volume is necessary without disturbing anyone. The ability to load third party IR's is fantastic, and means that as the IR technology improves this unit can grow with it. The stock cabs are excellent sounding as well, and the ability to adjust miking distance is very cool. The included software from Two Notes is easy to use and makes finding great tones very intuitive. I haven't used this live yet, but sending a perfect signal to FOH without having to worry about spending time miking up a cab will work out very well and keep sound consistent from one show to the next. If you have good PA monitors you could get away without even having to haul a cab to shows.

  • from Texas November 27, 2014

    Awesome product

    One of the best pieces of equipment I've come across and bought.
    The fact I can make my own impulse response using my own guitar cabinet and their software for use with the torpedo live is great. It's also perfect in the studio the sounds are amazing. I love this gadget.

  • from NOVA November 1, 2014


    Simple to use and find your sound! Solved my problems of stage volume during worship. I run a Bogner Goldfing 45 through it. Love the fact that week to week I can just plug into the FOH and "bam" we are up and running perfect.

    Been using it for over a year without a hitch

  • from MS USA April 18, 2014Music Background:
    Worship Leader

    No more modellers

    Tried the AxeFx2 and Kemper [both are very good] but my requirements for low volume/silent stage are over. This thing sounds like a speaker/mic'd amp. And more importantly "feels" like a real amp.

    Love it! No more modelers :)

  • from Ontario, Canada December 22, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician


    This is one of those products that really answered a lot of my prayers. I wanted to have full use of my amp when recording at home and playing live without having to always mic it up and wake my family. This solved everything for me. As well, when I play a smaller gig, I can just bring my head and the Live and run it through the monitors. The cab simulations on it are second to none! If I do run a cab with it, I can use it and the cab at the same time. The cab will be my monitor on stage while the Live sends directly to the house. I recently completed a project and brought the unit with me to the studio that I was contracted to work out of and they were blown away by the quality and sounds coming from the unit. A great purchase!

  • from East Newark NJ August 8, 2015Music Background:
    Semi pro

    A must have piece of gear !!!

    I've saw some demos of this products and I have to say I was not worried about what I just bought . Finally I can connect straight to my interface and record anytime. I think my neighbors like it too. The cab simulations are good, but something is missing when you move the mic in the room . The comb filtering that's produced when move the mic on front of the cab is not as accurate as I expected . The good thing is that you can load your own Impulses responses . I gave it 4.5 because of this . You can use it in the studio ( as I do ) , but it was made to be use live.
    I definitely recommend this product .

  • from San Francisco September 29, 2015Music Background:


    I've had this a couple weeks and I like it and definitely use it. I prefer it to the Axe Fx (which I don't seem to love as much as everyone else) but I give this a 3.5 because it still doesn't replace mic'ing up a cabinet with some ribbon mics. It's pretty good though and I'd still like to try it with a wider variety of heads. So far I've tried it with the orange dark terror and a 6505. Sometimes it seems a bit sizzly in the 5kHz range but it's a good product and great for silent work at home.

Questions about the Two Notes Torpedo Live Digital Loadbox and Speaker Simulator?

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