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Vox ToneLab ST Multi-Effects Pedal with Expression Pedal and USB Reviews

4.0 stars based on 9 customer reviews
  • Paul M Gilara
    from United States November 19, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Easy to Vox ToneLab ST

    I can't say enough about the Vox ToneLab ST. Our church purchased a new sound system (PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2). They want to clear the stage of Amps and run everything through system. So this mean parking my tube amp and plugging my Lespaul directly to the board. This is something that I really did not want to do but I am willing to give it a try. I started rearching effect pedals and stomp boxes and was getting very frustrated. I purchased a Boss ME 70 at Guitar Center and took it back after 2 days. I am not a tech guy and got frustrated very quickly trying to figure out how the ME 70 worked. It might be fine for some young kid who has plenty of time to sit with it and attempt to figure out the gazilloions settings. I ended up calling Sweetwater and spoke with a knowledgable sales engineer named Zach. I explained to him my what I was trying to accomplish and he gave me good choices on how to proceed. I ended up buying the Vox ToneLab ST and have not at all been disappointed with the choice. This unit is very easy to use and I had it pretty much figured out in a few day. It comes with 100 preset effects. 50 effect I was able to tweak to my liking. I also was able to very easily set up my on effects from scratch. The Vox ToneLab is tube driven and I was able to duplicate the sound of my amp. There are 33 amps and cabinets to choose from. It also will interfaces with your computer if you have recording software. This was a great purchase thanks to the help of Sweetwater and Zach. You will not be disappointed with the ToneLab ST or the great sales engineers at Sweetwater.

  • Daniel
    from Hyndman, PA August 28, 2011Music Background:
    Metal/Hard Rock for over 16 years

    All Around Awesomness!

    Vox has come up with one, very neat gadget! For the past 5 years I've been busy with plastic Zoom and Digitech pedals and after buying this TANK I now know I should have started here to begin with. Regardless of what some people have said about this pedal, it delivers great tone for me all the time with a 10 out of 10 rating! Its built tough, all metal, can always take a beating anywhere I go. The warm tone of the vaccum tube wakes up my solid state amps. I mainly use it for Distortion and chours/flanger/echo effects, all of which sound great. I can control the timing of the effects with ease. It has wonderful amp models with extra gain if you need it. It has its own volume, gain, and EQ with a built in tuner. The price is great for this bad boy, I've had it for over a year now and I plan on using it with all my gear all the time for hopefully a very long time. I recommend this pedal to EVERYONE!

  • Randy Tate
    from Louisville KY November 22, 2010Music Background:
    Years of experience

    Excellent Tone for the $$$

    I play a 76 Les Paul Deluxe through this and into my Peavey DB210 and it has killer tone. You can dial in anything from crystal clear to mind-numbing distortion. You get a nice reverb unit, good delay, a nice wah, decent flanger, chorus, phaser, octave, tremolo. You can dial in the amount of gain you want, so if you want a hint of distortion or full blown chaos, it is up to you. I like the ease of operation, the flexibility of the tones, and the affordable price. It is made well, and not some chintzy plastic box. It looks like it will hold up well to wear and tear. I would say if you want a nice group of classic tones with only a moderate amount of tweaking, this is a good box for you. I use a 76 Les Paul, an 89 Strat and an archtop Dean and get neat sounds from all of them. Highly recommended!

  • Doug O
    from Portage, IN November 5, 2010Music Background:
    active musician, I play on the Worship Team at church.

    very versatile pedal

    I use this pedal on both my PRS and my Taylor T5, and though this pedal was not designed for elctro-acoustic guitars, my T5 sounds absolutely stellar through it ! Tons of tonal capabilities & very easy to program & edit. The factory presets are very nice too. This pedal is well worth the $$$. I don't know how I ever got by without it !!

  • Dave Jones
    from Zanesville, OH November 25, 2010Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Professional Guitarist

    Nice Unit for the Money

    This thing sounds great straight into the PA or recorded...if you cant get a good sound out of this going direct then you cant get a good sound period.

  • The Zach Crawford aka attack_n_thum
    from Lufkin, Texas August 6, 2012Music Background:
    Contemporary worship band

    instant tones!

    I play some lead electric at church and have a decent rig put together but also wanted something to add some different and instant sounds.

    I have played two seperate Line 6 modulators and felt overwhelemed by all of the menus and options. I have also had the lower end Digitech pedal as well.

    With my tonelab, I can dial in specific tones and amps/cabinets with the turn of a dial.

    I would not let this replace what I current use, but it will be a great addition.

    Plus, it's perfect for small jam sessions and practice.

  • Davis Warner
    from PA, USA December 8, 2009Music Background:
    Gigging musician, home recordist

    Very good at what it does

    The Tonelab ST is an interesting beast, that fits in a particular niche. It doesn't have the flexibility of the Tonelab LE or the Pod X3, and it doesn't have as many amp or effect models.

    What it has are carefully selected, useful, and good-sounding amp and cabinet models, and some of the most commonly-used effects. To me, the Tonelab ST has three strengths: It sounds very good, it is a 24bit USB 2.0 recording interface (that works very well, in my experience), and it is inexpensive.

    This fit the bill perfectly. I use it for playing at church (the main reason I bought it--it allows me to get the tones I need at a completely controllable stage volume) and recording at home.

    I wasn't sure if it would be good enough to record with, so I did some tests. I have two of the modeled amps available to me (Fender Pro and Vox AC15), so I made the best recordings I could in my home studio with those two amps. I found that the Tonelab ST sounded better, with lower noise, than the best recordings I could make.

    Do I recommend the Tonelab ST? Maybe. I would urge you to consider the ways you plan to use it. If you need a good amp modeler with basic effects (and are planning to plug directly to the PA board or to a full-range amp), it's a great (and low-priced) choice. If you need a wide array of effects or advanced effects routing, check out the Tonelab LE or the Pod X3. If you plan to use your own amp and want effects only, check out the Line6 M9.

  • kbeaumont
    from Newport News, VA USA October 14, 2009Music Background:
    Semi-Pro musician

    Just what I needed

    I have played guitar through tube amps exclusively for more than 20 years. But lately I have been playing keyboard and midi guitar. I got tired of hauling 2 amps, one for guitar and one for keyboard/guitar synth.
    I have been floating the idea of a single rig. I have tried a line 6 pod, but was unimpressed. After receiving the Tonelab I created 5 patches in about 15 minutes time. This was very easy to program. The next day I played a gig using it through a roland keyboard amp and line out to the PA. I was quite impressed how it sounded. The sounds were almost identical to my amp and pedal board not exact but in 15 minutes programming it I had a close approximation. I cut my setup time, and the amount of gear I carry in half. My only complaint is the expression pedal. It might be fine for a 3 ft tall leprechaun with a size 1 shoe. But for anyone else what's the point? I tried using it as a volume pedal but it was too small. I ended up putting a Morely little alligator volume pedal between the tonelab and the amp. I also wish the tuner muted the output and was easier to access, maybe make the up down buttons a little closer together? But that's minor. Other than the pedal, its a great little unit. I really liked the patches modelled after classic songs. They are quite good and give you a good starting point to tweak from. For the price, it was great buy.

    from Salt Lake City Utah November 13, 2010Music Background:
    35 years of everything


    Ok for starters. I test and evaluate equipment for a living. I am retired , I teach guitar at the college level. I purchase equipment and review it so my students have access to equipment they might be interested in purchasing. My reviews also go to many other sources as well. The tonelab st is nothing more than a whole bunch of effects that are not really great. It does a little of everything, but not any one thing quite well. The 12ax7 tube is for nothing more than show. My next and final test is to see if the unit works without it being plugged in. I believe that it will work just fine without it. The unit it marketed as being "STEREO" is not. I have tried mulitple connectors and nothing happens. I could not download the software that was to come with it as well. I compaired the amp simuations against the following amps. marshall= 1969 super lead 100 wt. TSL 60, JMD 50 wt. Fender= Super champ xd, 1963 fender pro, Vox late 1960 ac 30 convertable, Epiphone so cal 50. "Soldano" design. The amp sims are nothing like the real thing. not even close. The tonelab st makes my Marshals sound like amature crap. I have tried it in front and behind many other stomp boxes as well as other mulit processors. This is not a product that I recommend to anyone except my students. They can see first hand what the quality of the product is. It is nice to know that I am honest enough to say what a product realy is like. I have been collecting gear for 35 years. I might not be a professional musician, but I sure as hell teach them.

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