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Radial Tonebone Classic Tube Distortion Reviews

5.0 stars based on 3 customer reviews
  • from Chicago, IL August 6, 2014Music Background:
    Music Junkie

    Tonebone gets the tone I was searching for

    This pedal, for me at least, modifes my tone while keeping the sweat meaty-ness of my set up. I am playing a G&L s-500 deluxe , through the tonebone, into my fender hotrod deluxe. It has a very bluesy warm sound, and when you step on the tonebone, the mid boost takes over and the pop that my gear offers stays.

  • from Seattle, Wa. USA May 29, 2012Music Background:
    professional musician since 1966, engineer/producer

    Radial Tonebone

    calling this a distortion pedal doesn't do it justice...i have two Class A amps that are single channel clones of hi-watt and JTM 45 and this pedal is more like adding a gain channel.....i can easily replicate the tone of these amps by making simple adjustments on the Tonebone's switches and knobs and add sick gain, or fat classic tone depending on what i want .....and still not lose any of the punch/bite/growl of my boutique heads.......i might have gotten the hot british version but i already have an Orange TH30 which needs no gain..lol...and the two brit clones i have sound gorgeous and now they have more gain without modification with the Tonebone..it is perfect!

  • from Boone, NC USA February 11, 2011Music Background:
    Guitar/Bass/Recording Engineer/Music Junkie

    Amazing Pedal - More like a Preamp

    Demo'd this pedal along side a fulltone OCD and it took five minutes to realize the OCD was going back. nothing against fulltone (the deluxe wah is my favorite pedal) but this drive is pure heaven. I gravitate toward plexi/blackface distortion more than JCM cruch and this box nails the tube breakup while maintaining clarity (crucial as i fingerpick a bunch). I use it in front of a Jet City 20watt combo (awesome amp; hope sweetwater looks into carrying them) and it's more like a second channel on the tube amp than an overdrive pedal. The build quality is great, all metal and heavy; no plastic crap. Having high/low tone pots plus top end and mid boost switches means you can create any eq sound you need, but the best part is the filter pot. took me a while to realize this is the key and really allows you to dial it in; subtle but so effective. Same thing with gain. you have a drive pot, a three way switch, and output level. so flexible that you can add anything from just a hair of warmth/fuzz to all out mayhem. I could see this box being a great secret weapon for electronic musicians bringing signals OTB and adding real tube distortion. the distortions i've used in my vox tonelab and logic pro not to mention boss, etc. don't even come close to the tonebone. i've used and have many different overdrive/distortion boxes including a lot of software models but i haven't used anything but the tonebone is the five months since i got it. she's all i need. worth every penny. thanks radial; you guys rock!

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