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Vox ToneLab EX Multi-FX Pedalboard Reviews

4.5 stars based on 9 customer reviews
  • from Virginia March 26, 2015

    Great Sound

    My personal sales assistant, Randy Akins, suggested this when I told him I was looking for a multipedal effects board within a certain budget. I'm so glad he did. This unit sounds great! I especially love some of the amp modeling - the AC30 sounds great. The effects sound really good as well. The only downside is that the Vox website is supposed to supply drivers so that the pedal can be connected to a computer to manage and save sounds/presets. However, the website doesn't have the drivers needed but when I called support at Sweetwater, the person who helped me was able to find the correct software/drivers to download at www:KorgUK.com/voxdownloads . Be aware that the drivers won't load with Windows 8. I am very happy with this unit although the learning curve is a bit steep. Be prepared to spend some time with the manual. I would recommend this unit very highly and strongly recommend working with my sales assistant, Randy Akins.

  • from Denver Colorado July 31, 2013Music Background:
    dj/producer/guitar noodler/Music Lover

    A week later.... I love it!

    I am not saying that I used every effect or dug deep into this pedal but I am super happy to say that it adds a flair to any guitar I use it with!!! I have an american standard deluxe plus strat that I have tested it with. It sounds quite vintage or growly with the distortion on. I would also like to add that my cheap squier sounds nearly as impressive when plugged into these effects :)
    It is not the cure for every guitar player but it does pack a big punch for a great price! I recommend it to anyone trying to spice up the sound of their guitar, while saving some grace in the wallet department at the same time!

  • from Corpus Christi,Texas February 11, 2012Music Background:
    Musician, artist , song writer, creator

    Refining Sound to the 10th Power

    I have been using this pedal for sometime along with a Vox Wa-Wa and can do sets that the audience is in a trance, I also use Leslie speakers and bounce sound around. The creations you can create are un-real , you will have to feel it for yourself. Don't miss this opportunity to mezzmerize everyone at the show !

  • from Salem, OR, USA February 25, 2013Music Background:
    Done about all there is to do from stage and recordings to playing for fun

    Excellent unit

    I purchased this product from the merits of a VOX VT40+ amp, which is a combo amp with the same technologies. What the ToneLab EX is a welcome addition to my ever-expanding music gear. Right out of the box the unit was easy to work with using one of two modes, program mode which you have an extensive library of ready to roll with sounds to stomp box mode where you in short have a pedal board with all the common pedals and then some. If you get a ToneLab best to work with the predefined sounds and enjoy them. Now take some time to read the manual otherwise it can be frustrating to dial in sounds and assign them as you want for playing gigs or simply practicing at home. Their manual is well written yet with so many features can be daunting and in some cases frustrating. Anyways my first run was thru the tiny speakers which is adequate to dial in (or tweak) tones, amps and effects. Plug in the headphones and be amazed. I have a lot of amps to select from to see how this unit sounds and selected a Marshall and Orange amp in stereo. Both amps tone were set to neutral settings so not to colorize the ToneLab. Ran a replicate Strat sporting Gilmour electronics and pickups follows by a early 70ís Les Paul Standard thru at least 20 predefined modules followed by a 2012 Fender Telecaster on many of the clean sounds. All in all was impressed with how well the unit sounds. The foot switches are well laid out and appear heavy duty, effortless to work. I highly recommend this unit for professional and weekend warrior guitar player or even for recording your work via multi track recorder.

    About the only thing I can say bad is if you elect to use the expression pedal as say a wah-wah you need to turn it off via a swtich and not the pedal itself yet is a minor thing overall. I do like the ability to control volume via the expression pedal

  • from BOSTON MA August 28, 2012Music Background:

    vox tonelab ex


  • from Philthadelphia July 14, 2011Music Background:
    Music is my life

    Wonderful tones right out of the box!

    Very warm, useful tones/effects to play with! The editing functions DO require a bit of patience and work, but stick with it.
    Thanks again to Mike Harris and the crew at Sweetwater for hooking me up with this great device!

  • from Montreal,Canada April 30, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician for 17 years...

    More Tne

    I'm a working cruiseship soloist, I went through almost every multiEfx
    in the $200-500 range. I end up using 2 Vox Tonelab ST (1 spare you never know on cruiseship) because of the best clean tube sound of all.
    When I saw the new EX, I got it right away without trying it. I was really excited to test it at the gig. And this is my best investment ever, If you're a giging musician you have to try it. By the way I go direct at the gig, straight into the mixing board. The only thing missing is a midi plug.
    Maybe a rackmount version one day?

  • from March 3, 2016

    Vox tonelab ex

    I bought this multi fx almost a year now. I can say this FX really nice and wonderful. Lots of choices esp. the AMPS. You can also feel and hear the warmth and the brilliance of your sound.
    The only thing that bothers me is the MANUAL oh men! Hard and difficult to understand they should write it as easy as ABC!

  • from Chicago, IL November 23, 2012Music Background:
    Active Musician

    Awesome Product - Terrible Manual

    This product would easily get a 4.5 rating out of me if it were not for the terribly written manual. You need time and patience to figure out how to function this pedal, but, once you do figure it out, you will be as happy as a kid on Christmas morning.
    The sound is amazing!!!!! The built in tube really "Richens" the sound. This unit has replaced all of my outboard gear. I play this through a 16 band eq, BBE, power amp to a 4x10.......................... and it just screams!
    WAY TO GO VOX! Just go hire yourselves a better copywriter for the manual, and you will be set!

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