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Truetone Time Bandit Tap Tempo Click Track Sync Reviews

4.0 stars based on 1 customer review
Questions about the Truetone Time Bandit Tap Tempo Click Track Sync?

Questions about the Truetone Time Bandit Tap Tempo Click Track Sync?

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  • Stratman34
    from DFW, TX January 18, 2013Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer, P&W Guitarist/Bassist

    Nifty for click happy environements!

    •Great idea for easy studio interface, or for stage use by click laden players.
    •Couldn't be simpler to use. It really is a no brainer.
    •Excellent for pedals that don't have any digital BPM control (like a DL4).
    •In BPM mode the dial is large enough and just the right sensitivity to easily dial up with your foot.
    •In CLK mode, click tracks with vocal queues work just fine.
    •Design allows for TT on the receiving device to still be used (will explain below).

    I ordered this from the 1st shipment that Sweetwater received, so you say I'm an early adopter. I play P&W, which is overloaded with delay and time based effects, and tapping tempo into all of them (multiple effects per song) was getting old. We play 100% with IEMs and a click track, so I guessed this would be a good way to handle it. I was right, partially.

    Using our LS9, I sent a mix with only the click back down the snake to my stage box, converted the signal, and input it into the Click In jack. The out simply feeds a tap tempo jack on a delay or other effect, but for just one effect (more on that in a bit).

    This box functions in two modes. If the Click In jack is vacant, the LED meter is a simple BPM display. Turn the knob to a different value, and when the knob stops moving, the unit send the BPM output to the OUT jack. It does not continously send a tap signal, but rather only when the dial is spun and a new value is reached OR you may tap the dial to "re-send" the currently selected value. This means, after the unit sends the initial tap signal out and "goes dormant", the tap on your receiving pedal can be used again with no ill effect.

    If the Click In jack is utilized, the unit goes into CLK mode. Whatever is received from the click track, the unit monitors, translates to tap, and sends. Response time is very good, 4 clicks into a song and you've already syncd devices via tap tempo. It's that fast. And it works! Changing one song to another, it detects the change at once.

    However, I do have a few things that bug me, hence the 4 stars instead of 5.

    CONS: (not bad, but may impact how you use it)
    •When in CLK mode, the unit doesn't display the actual in use BPM. Not a deal stopper, but I wish it did. I'd rather the unit have an LED to signal CLK or BPM mode and always show the actual BPM in use at all times.
    •Sensitivity could be a bit better. Through some experimentation, it appears that the sensitivity is around +/- 4 BPM, meaning if already on a 72 BPM click track, the unit doesn't recognize a change until the new click goes higher than 76 or lower than 68. Again, for live use, not a deal breaker. For studio use, a "reset" series of 8 clicks at 250 BPM can be used between songs to jump from 72->250->75 in quick fashion. But in reality, I can't really think of a studio scenario where I'd be changing click midstream in a track and changing less than 4 BPM.
    •No easy CLK override. Recently, our set included a song whose click was actually more of a backing loop. (Provided free by church that wrote the song). While the unit can handle clicks that have vocal queues just fine, it did not appreciate the other "non-click" noise. It went spazmo, and sent a 250 BPM signal continiously until that loop was over. It didn't send it once, which would have allowed me to override the bad send with the delay pedal's own tap tempo input, it sent a re-tap during the entire song. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to disengage CLK mode without bending over and yanking the click in jack (or the unit's power cable). I try to avoid distracting things like dropping out of songs to fidgit with pedals when on the platform at church. My wish would be a way to externally switch the unit between CLK and BPM modes, or at the very least some way to disable the unit with my foot.
    •And finally, my last negative (and I knew this before ordering). I run 4 pedals that have tap inputs. This unit will only drive one of them. So I began a hunt for a 1 tap jack input, multiple tap jack output device to split the signal. What I found were plenty of shops building multi-tap foot pedals, but none would do what I needed: input jack instead of it's own footswitch, and configurable outputs for NO, NC, and Strymon based tap types. Finally, I found what I needed, and I have a JVM3 MTPro 4i on order! I'll be running a Strymon Timeline, Strymon Mobius, M9, and Cusack Tap-A-Whirl all from my click track. Couple this with a custom MIDI conversion box (tap to MIDI) and I could run Timeline, Mobious, and M9 via MIDI, and run 3 additional boxes via regular tap tempo! Crazy!!!

Questions about the Truetone Time Bandit Tap Tempo Click Track Sync?

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