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ISP Technologies Theta Preamp Distortion Pedal with Decimator Noise Reduction Reviews

4.5 stars based on 5 customer reviews
Questions about the ISP Technologies Theta Preamp Distortion Pedal with Decimator Noise Reduction?

Questions about the ISP Technologies Theta Preamp Distortion Pedal with Decimator Noise Reduction?

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  • from Chicago October 5, 2016

    Pro Guitar tone and boost

    Gain 1 is smooth at 30% then special at 65%. Gain 2 is thicker more deep, also staggeringly good at 30% and 65%, different but good. Very professional piece for lead guitar fanatics. I also used the Preamp/ clean channel as a boost for the Sans Amp PSA-1 distortion and it is the best, very full and balance, the best sound and tone I had been looking for in a long time.
    Face melter metal and Rock full balanced lead tone. Pedal has a mid scoop that nails it perfectly for snap crackle and pop. Make sure to get a good tube amp and good effects rack. You won't be sorry.

  • from Texas September 21, 2016

    Perfect for 80s rock and metal

    I bought this thing for days i give my seven stringed guitar and my modern metal style a break and play some good ol hair band style on my six string, and does it do 80s PERFECTLY. I was able to get awesone def leppard like rockman tones as well george lynch like tones....truthfully, it can do any style. And this handles solos better than any other pedal or many amps i tried. Hooked straight into my peavey 6505 mh power amp section via effects loop return through a 2x12 and it sounds amazing, even hooked it to my old junk crate practice amp and it really polished that turd. I was even impressed with the clean preamp channelnas it handled my high output sd nazgul pickup without any breakup (my tube amp clean channels cant handle high pups).

    My only minor gripe is that u can't change distortion and clean preamp channels fast as when u disengage either it goes in bypass, or it combines both channels when engaged(not sure why u would want to do that) so its a bit of a tap dance if u want to switch in between them

  • from Chatsworth, Ca January 6, 2016

    Hot Judas Priest Marshall Sound, from Defenders of The Faith!

    If You're Familiar with Judas Priest' Legendary Metal Marshall Amp Tone from their "Defenders Of The Faith" album, "Some Heads are Gonna Roll", "The Sentinel", "Jawbreaker" "Love Bites", etc, for Me, with My Guitars, Humbucking Pickups, and Ears, I usually always end up adjusting the Theta Pedals Distortion and Active E.Q. into somehow Sounding almost Exactly Like, or Very Familiar to the Sound of a Hot Raging English Marshall, Heavy Metal Tube Amp Tone! Pretty Much Exactly Like the Hot Marshall EL34 Tube Heads Glenn Tipton and KK Downing had Used During Judas Priest' "Defenders Of The Faith" Recording Sessions.But that's just Me and my Ear and Gear, Your Experience may differ, Don't get me Wrong, this Thing Is Capable of Massive SLAYER "Seasons InThe Abyss/South Of Heaven" Type, Crazy Man Thrash Metal and Death Metal Tones as well as other Hot Marshall EL34 Tube, Lower Gain, ZZ TOP Billy Gibbons Type Marshall Sounds and Coolness as well!

  • from September 20, 2013Music Background:
    Pro touring signed guitar player

    Best Distortion Pedal Ever Made!!!

    When I first heard ISP were going to make a pedal version of the great Theta I thought it was going to be some lame imitation of that tone. Much to my surprise the Theta pedal sounds EXACTLY like the head. If you played with different distortion pedals then you know how bad most of them out there sound. This is the best tone you could ever get in one little box! I have toured with it and played big venues all over the country with it and you can dial a perfect tone for any room within seconds. The clean channel is crystal and beautiful. Two gain stages that could also run in series. The sweetest mids and tones of bottom end. You can get all the gain you want but it sounds amazing even for low gain applications. Then you have the expensive Decimator G-string built into it! I can't believe someone gave this 3 stars just because of this pedal's price!! Where else can you get the best tone that you can base your whole rig around in a little box with the decimator built in for this price??? Doesn't get any better than this!

  • from Fresno, Ca August 20, 2013Music Background:
    30 yrs of experience. Classic Rock cover bands mostly.

    Theta Preamp

    I recently switched from a Egnater Tweaker 40 watt head/4 12" cab to a Mesa Boogie combo (Express 5:10:25 watt) so I could shrink my gig gear down. The boogie doesn't have as much gain as the tweaker, but sounds great, and is more versatile with boost and EQ sfootswitches. I needed a pedal to give me a high gain sound. This Theta does it well. I don't like the clean pre-amp, as my Boogie is really stellar in that dept, so I only use the distortion modes. having to slightly different gains available and the noise reduction is great. The only reason I rate it a 3 instead of higher is it's price is high. If you want a nice quite method of getting high gain sounds out of a clean amp, this is a good way to go.

Questions about the ISP Technologies Theta Preamp Distortion Pedal with Decimator Noise Reduction?

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