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Blue Sky The Stand Reviews

5.0 stars based on 2 customer reviews
  • from Charlottetown, PE, Canada January 9, 2012Music Background:
    Singer songwriter, project studio owner

    A classy studio monitor stand that can carry the weight

    Studio monitor stands seem to come in two types - low cost and shaky or high cost and ugly except for the elegant Blue Sky The Stand.

    The Stand is a premium priced stand that combines good looks with steady support and adjustability.

    The Stand, generically named, can hold near field monitors up to 80 lbs each. I'm not sure if I'd go put them to that test, although they are very stable at 30 lbs.

    For most powered studio monitors, The Stand can position the monitor height between 33" and 45", on any horizontal plane and vertically plus or minus 20 degrees. That should look after most situations in a home or project studio.

    Blue Sky's The Stand has a 30" wide base, more than double to 10" x 14" base of the Sound Anchors. However, with the four leg configuration, the stand nests in closely with other gear and doesn't get in the way. Each stand weighs 25 lbs.

    The Blue Sky Stand adjusts in height from 33" to 45" in 3/4" increments with an ingenious mechanism.

    You put one foot on the cast iron base and simply lift the monitor to the desired height. At each 3/4" increment, there is an audible click which is locking the inner and outer cylinders. It's quite simple and easy and felt secure with a 30 lb Klein + Hummel 0300 monitor on the stand.

    To move the monitor down, you have to lift the inner cylinder to its maximum height and push it gently to the bottom of its travel. At that point you lift up to the desired height.

    When the stand and monitor are installed in a tight spot, returning the monitor to the lowest setting may require moving things out of the way.

    The Stand comes with a main bracket for easy installation of Blue Sky monitors, for which it was designed.

    Blue Sky Monitors have mounting brackets on the bottom which screw into the main bracket.

    The bracket allows + or - 20 degrees of angle if you want to aim the speakers downward for instance.

    There is an optional bracket for mounting other monitors that provides a wide base plate and safety strap. They are sold for $90 a pair.

    However, you can remove the mounting bracket and install your own bracket or plate using a 1/4" coarse threaded 3/4" bolt.

    The Stands are made with care. The cast iron bases are perfectly flat. In case your floor is slightly uneven, adjustable rubber feet can take up the slack. You can also install feet for carpet although they are not supplied.

    I was impressed by the quality of the manufacturing. The base and cylinders came in two boxes. Assembly was well explained and easy.

    Other than a tiny bit of play between the two cylinders, there is virtually no side to side movement in The Stands supporting 30 lb studio monitors. It's the first time I have felt confident with mounting my K+H O300s.

  • from Tennessee June 8, 2011Music Background:
    Recording/Live sound engineer

    Great stand

    This stand was an unexpected purchase. I was looking at a couple of other monitor stands thinking they were better. But, they didn't adjust and really just looked cool. These Blue Sky stands are fully adjustable in height with markings on the side so you can see where it's set, you can spin the monitor in any direction, it also tilts for a perfect monitor set up. The whole thing is made out of heavy metal and mounts to the bottom of my monitor. My monitor is an Equator Q10(btw, great monitor, made by the guy who helped invent the Event Opals). The Q10 is a 15" x 15" square monitor weighing 50 lbs and this stand's capacity is 80 lbs and it's handling it like a pro. It looks great and it's really professional. I highly recommend this stand. It's an expensive stand but it's so worth it. I'm planning on getting another one once I can save up some more money!

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