Eminence Texas Heat Patriot Series 12" 150-Watt Replacement Guitar Speaker 8 Ohm

12" Guitar Speaker, 150W, 8 Ohms, 70Hz-5kHz
Eminence Texas Heat Patriot Series 12
Eminence Texas Heat Patriot Series 12
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Eminence Texas Heat Patriot Series 12" 150-Watt Replacement Guitar Speaker 8 Ohm
In Stock!

Southern Rock and Blues Tones on Demand

Note: Speakers are non-returnable.

The Eminence Texas Heat 12" guitar speaker gives you warm and smooth American tones with some extra top-end bite and clarity. The 150W Texas Heat has a rich, round tone to it that's perfect for classic rock, blues, and southern rock styles. You'll love how touch-sensitive the response is, with excellent definition and clarity too. So put one of the world's most-played speakers in your guitar amplifier, with the Eminence Texas Heat 12" guitar speaker!

Texas Heat Speaker Characteristics:
  • Application: 12" open- or closed-back
  • Configuration: 1, 2, or 4 x 12"
  • Low-end response: Aggressive
  • Low-end shape: Fat/chunky
  • Midrange response: Aggressive
  • Midrange shape: Crisp
  • High-end response: Moderate
  • Breakup mode: Medium
Eminence Texas Heat 12" Guitar Speaker Features at a Glance:
  • 12" guitar speaker with smooth, warm tone
  • Very touch-sensitive, will capture the nuances of your playing
  • Rich midrange with a bit of top-end bite, suitable for classic rock, blues, and southern rock
  • 150W
  • 70Hz-5kHz
  • 8 Ohms
  • 8.3 lbs.
The American-voiced Eminence Texas Heat 12" guitar speaker serves up rich tone with some bite!

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Texas Heat Patriot Series 12 Spec Sheet

Tech Specs

Application Guitar
Size 12"
Impedance 8 ohms
Power Handling 150W
Magnet Type Ferrite
Magnet Weight 38 oz.
Frequency Range 70Hz-5kHz
Unit Weight 8.3 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number TEXAS HEAT

Customer Reviews

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Texas Heat 150

I play through a Peavey Valveking 212 and one of the speakers went bad. I did some research and concluded these Texas Heat 150s was the way to go. I wanted them matched so I went ahead and got two from Sweatwater and put them in. Well the other night I had the house to myself so I put them to the test. I even used my wireless and turned it up to about four and got in the other room and played. Four is very loud on this amp but the sound was amazing. I use a lot of distortion even though I am sixty three years old and only play rock music.What I was really impressed with was the clarity on both distortion and clean. My opinion is you can't buy a better speaker at any price.
Music background: Played rock for over fifty years


I put two of these into my solid-state Fender FM-212 because the stock speakers were like nails across a chalk board to my ears. No matter what I did with my tone controls, I couldn't get them to lose that high end harshness without killing some midrange and bass. The Texas Heats made the top end clear without being screechy, eliminated that harshness, and added nice clear midrange and excellent bottom end. Plenty of power handling too. Still wanting a little more low end, I put a piece of particle board on the back of the amp to close it up and that FM-212 became a tone machine! A tube preamp on the effects loop completed an awesome sound. I'm putting these Texas Heats in all my other cabs and extensions.
Music background: 35+ years playing. Lead and Rhythm guitarist in a contemporary worship band.

Texas Heat

very full sound, tons of low end which is what i was looking for. I put it in my Fender Super Twin Reverb 180 watts. Extremely loud and surprisingly clear
Music background: artist

Awesome 12

I have two of these installed into a 1975 Peavy Classic. Amp was cheap and after a tube change and a few minor adjustments, I felt the next step was a speaker change... The '75 Classic came with Eminence speakers that looked like standard PA speakers... metal cone and huge magnet. I wanted to get the same brand speakers as stock, but upgrade in sound. I play a lot of blues/country/alternative/classic rock and use a Fender Strat mostly. I really like where these speakers took the sound of this amp. Super clean tones. You even retain the sound of the speaker and amp when using effects properly. To drive these speakers/amp I use a XO Big Muff with the tone cut. I still get a lot of definition and clarity in the speaker but it's chunky and heavy. Great for certain types of alernative and doom/stoner metal or a classic rock style solo. A very economic choice to get some great speakers that bring old amps back to life and likely would improve a vast number of new stock amps 12".

Eminence Rules !!!!

I am a huge fan of Eminence Speakers. Not only do I have a Rajun Cajun in my 1993 Fender Champion 110 combo, but I just got one of these Texas Heat speakers to install in my recently acquired, 1988 USA made, Red Knob, Fender Studio 85 combo. Not that there was anything wrong with the original speaker, but I wanted a Eminence in it. After installing it, I noticed that it bought new life into my 25 year old amp. The cleans are now more pronounced and clearer not to mention much louder as well. Plus the Gain has more sustain and is also cleaner sounding as well. These are great sounding speakers that will improve the sound of any combo you put them in folks.
Music background: Active Musician
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