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Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster SSH - Olympic White Reviews

4.0 stars based on 5 customer reviews
  • Terry Hoffman
    from Kansas August 26, 2011Music Background:
    Active Musician

    Very Surprised

    Squier, well being the owner of several American made Fenders I was very sceptical of this name. Was I ever surprised and pleased that I looked into this instrument. I still can't believe it ! A new set of Dadario 9-42's,little truss rod tweak,lowered the action,and the intonation was spot on, adjusted the pickup height plugged it in and, I couldn't believe my ears.
    For an inexpensive import guitar that I wasn't expecting much out of I was rewarded with a very playable fine sounding instrument. I would have to say that the Duncan Designed PUP's are a strong selling point but, the guitar is very well made and, looks Great !
    This guitar is a sleeper and, if you don't go looking for it you won't find it, I really came across this just looking for that different sound,edge and, unique quality that sometimes something different has. Glad I did. I would have given this 5 stars if I didn't have to set it up and, make it playable but, the effort was worth every minute I spent.
    I could go on and on but I think you'll get the picture.

  • Wayne
    from January 26, 2011Music Background:
    Hobbyist since 1968, blues, country, rock...

    Really amazing

    Apparently these were built in India and perhaps later on somewhere else that starts with a "C"? I don't know but mine has a near flawless finish all over (I said nearly because maybe there is some micro imperfection somewhere on it??). Mine is white and competely stunning to look at. Seems to be some variability in sound quality ratings and in my case this was a slight issue, but was related to the height of the pickups. Yes pickups are supposed to be adjusted up or down as needed to primarily get the tone set correctly and this also will affect volume to some extent and can be done to balance the sound at a given volume setting to a degree as well. This is very easy to do. My string height was set too high for my liking, but intonation was on the money. I adjusted height then had to reset intonation a bit on 3 strings afterwards--easy. So with a proper setup it is pretty damn impressive tone huntin dawg that stays tuned as good as any guitar up to $1000 price range. Like someone else said, kinda a "StTeleLP" axe. I've owned a lot of guitars, not a whole lot--maybe 12 and I don't know what I'd give this up for.

  • David
    from Boston, Massachusetts October 8, 2010Music Background:
    Player, performer, composer, recording engineer, producer

    great surprize

    First, I have to say that before purchasing this guitar I thought Squires were for guys who couldn't afford real Fenders. However, after my purchase I am not so sure that's the case anymore. I was in the market for a "Telecaster" sound for a recording. I could have purchased any Tele that I liked. I tried out about 12 Tele's including American standards. The one I chose was this Squire vintage modified telecaster (SVMT). First of all I detest any delicate instrument made in China. Just haven't had any good experiences with them. This SVMT, to my surprise is made in India. Maybe that's why it is head and shoulders above the Chinese Squires that I have played in the past. The upgraded pickups (Duncan Designs) are a major improvement over stock Squire pickups. Even if these are not Seymore Duncans as many forums will say, they are still better than what would normally go on a Squire Tele. The upgraded pickups and the switch configuration is another added bonus with the model. You get a five way instead of the stock three way that normally comes on the standard. I also matched woods. I know finishes have little to do with sound but many so called experts will say the Americans have better woods and the finish treatment to the wood on American Fenders are better than the Squire Series. Well, again they are wrong. I have an American Strat and the Squire Maple neck is finished better than my American Strat neck. Plain and simple side by side comparison. Now let get down to American sound versus Squire "India" sound. I have been playing for many years (over 20) and my ears are trained to destinguish between sounds. The Strat has a destinctive sound and so does the Tele. The Tele's are known for that Quack sound that comes from a balance of percussion from striking the strings and the tone from the pickups. I was able to achieve as much if not more from the Squire than I was from the American Tele's. I did a similiar test when I purchased my American Strat but the American won hands down over the Mexican Strats and the Japan and Koreans toos. To make a long story short (I know, too late). This Squire is not your son's Squire. This delicate instrument is built very well. The India Squire operaton is doing a great job. Hopefully, it will help to gain some respect for a brand that has already sold it's soul to China. Professional craftsmanship and professional quality rounds out this guitar very nicely. I now find myself spending more time playing this SVMT over my American Strat (with real Seymore Duncans).

  • Andrew
    from Sydney, Australia February 18, 2010Music Background:
    Intermediate Student

    Excellent, BETTER than the Fender Mexican tele!

    Absolutely fantastic, this is probably Squier's most versatile guitar, it's like three guitars in one; a tele, strat and les paul. Its action is incredibly low, I barely have to put any pressure on it. My friend has a Mexican strat and when its plugged in it has alot of hum, but when I plug mine in (with the same lead) it has no noise at all. Too bad it carries the Squier name... The only bad thing about this guitar is the humbucker cant get a REALLY heavy Metal type tone, but you can get great distortion anyway. I can get a good AC DC tone on my Roland cube with it though.

    Buy it, you'll be happy.

  • manley
    from Williamsport MD May 23, 2010Music Background:

    nice guitar

    sounds great, plays well, looks real sweet, the only problem is the frets on the sides of the neck are very sharp and may cut your fingers or thumb , take a 3 inch piece of soft dow rod and gently rub on the neck, it will dull the frets, and it worked, not sharp now just slightly protruding. i love to play it and wish now i bought a real fender.

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