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Squier Affinity Tele Pack with Frontman 15G Amplifier - Brown Sunburst Reviews

4.0 stars based on 2 customer reviews
  • R J L
    from WI May 23, 2016Music Background:
    Professional (Retired)

    Fender Squire Telecaster Package

    I received the package quite quickly, all in great condition. The guitar and amp are GREAT! for the price. There were a few things I had to do to the guitar, (missing one screw on the pick guard and several other nuts on the tuning pegs were loose. I had to adjust the neck , but no biggy!! The guitar now so0und and plays GREAT!! I also put some lighter gauge strings on it and it is set to use big time. I Love It!!! I would recommend this set to anyone novice or Professional!

  • Paulbiz
    from Northern VA January 4, 2013Music Background:
    Gigging/Recording Musician

    Good Beginners Package

    I bought this Tele Pak for a girl friend of mine who expressed some interest in learning to play. Great service and delivery as always through Sweetwater! Heres my thoughts after messing around with it for an hour or so:

    Pros: The guitar itself is decent/good quality. The neck, action, fit, and finish arrived just fine for a beginners guitar. I was expecting to have to spend a lot of time setting the guitar up but it actually came with spot-on low action, intonation was "close enough" , smooth neck, and the tuning seems stable too (or at least stable enough for casual playing). The pickups/electronics, etc are weak but do the job fine for a beginner...its not like youre gonna take this guitar out on the road to gig with it. The body, finish, wood grain, etc. are actually quite nice. The tuners, hardware, jack etc. were all tightly secure and ready to go - its a good looking guitar for sure. :)

    Cons: The little Frontman 15G leaves quite a bit to be desired. I never could get a good tone out of it and the "drive" channel is just downright painful and harsh to listen to. That being said the clean channel with the gain all the way down was adequate for casual practice and some decent tele tones were found (and by describing the tone as "decent" please know Im being super-generous with that description - "decent" for practicing chords and scales but miserable for anything like recording or performing). I have little faith in the small clamp-on tuner but was able to get the guitar reasonably in tune using it. Its just annoying as it turns on and off, the needle jumps around, etc. Affinity body is thinner than the Mexi/USA Teles. Theres a lot of noise in the electronics, cable, and amp. The gig-bag is paper-thin but functional. Did I mention I HATE the pickups?

    The high 4.0 rating is a relative rating "for the money". For $250 you get a nice playing and looking guitar that will be easy on the fingers for a beginner, it even has a bit of "mojo" unplugged and the guitar is actually fun to play. Again, this is NOT even remotely a professional set-up but my first electric guitar back in the day was much much worse...so this is a value overall for a BEGINNER and I do recommend you buy it. Did I mention I HATE the pickups???

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