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Fender Custom Telecaster FMT HH - Red Trans with Rosewood Fingerboard Reviews

4.5 stars based on 16 customer reviews
Questions about the Fender Custom Telecaster FMT HH - Red Trans with Rosewood Fingerboard?

Questions about the Fender Custom Telecaster FMT HH - Red Trans with Rosewood Fingerboard?

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  • from March 21, 2016Music Background:
    Songwriter, guitar player for 50 years

    You won't regret buying this guitar

    I have owned an amber Tele FMT for about 5 years and it has become my favorite guitar. This guitar is stunning in appearance and even after 5 years, it is still absolutely beautiful.

    If you are looking for the standard telecaster sound, this is not the guitar for you. The Seymour Duncan humbuckers were designed to replicate LP pick ups. When you split the coils you can get pretty close to a standard tele sound from the bridge pickup and something close to a strat sound from the neck pickup if you use the right amp. I play through a line 6 floor pod, so between the versatility of the guitar and the pod, I can get quite a few sounds.

    The frets are jumbo frets and are quite fast when playing leads. The downside of jumbo frets is if you are too heavy handed with chords, the notes can easily go sharp. I replaced the tuners with locking tuners and the string trees with rollers. I also use a 9.5 gauge string that seems the perfect gauge for this guitar.

    The black chrome finish on the metal parts is beautiful, but it will wear off the pick ups where your hand touches. I don't consider it a big deal, but you can see it if you look close. For me, it's just part of the character of a "played" guitar.

    I highly recommend this guitar. For the money, it is just awesome!

  • from NY, USA November 27, 2014Music Background:
    Just a hobby.


    I'm just blown away by this guitar.

    I examined it with a fine tooth comb, and the fit and finish are flawless. It sounds great, plays beautifully, and looks dead sexy (I got the transparent red).

    The contoured body is light and comfortable and the coil splitter really extends the instruments tonal range.

    Honestly, I'd expect to pay 3-4 times as much for a guitar of this quality. After more than a decade my American Standard Tele has lost its title as my number one axe to this lightweight.

  • from WNC July 21, 2014Music Background:

    Great Guitar

    I own 2 of these - the Red Trans and also the Black Cherry burst. They are great guitars and a real joy to play. They have lots of great tones for Rock and old school metal. The

  • from addison ny usa August 15, 2013Music Background:
    pro musician

    great i love it

    i love this guitar from the looks to the sound its great the pick ups really deliver a fat bitting tone and matt is a good sales rep thanks for all your help earl wisor

  • from Napoleon OH February 15, 2013Music Background:
    Guitarist since 1967

    Fender Custom HH

    Completely amazed! I would have never believed that a guitar in this price range could ever impress me period. This guitar is not only a testament to Fender's un-dying commitment to producing quality guitars, it is Sonic Beauty at its finest! I have 9 guitars that are much more expensive than this one but this guitar has earned a position in the front line! Buy One Really!

  • from Henderson, MI USA October 4, 2012Music Background:
    Worship Leader, retired pro musician that just plays for the Lord in His house now.

    I want one in every color!

    I purchased a Cherry Burst one from another store because that's the color I wanted to get first. Now, I want a red one and an amber one! The finish is just so awesome!! These guitars have such a sweet small C profile neck that just fits my smaller hand very well. The nut width is awesome! The radius of the fingerboard makes bending so easy, with no fretting out, or choking. The Duncan pickups are very nice, but I might change the bridge pickup out for a JB because I want a little more bluesier tone than the Pearly Gates will get. Other than that, I'm gonna play this thing until I ahve to change the switch or pots. I love the belly cut contour and the body is light, so it won't kill my shoulder like a Les Paul does. Only negative thing I can say is that I wish it had a pickguard. I might have one custom made and glues on it.

  • from Eugene, OR. September 29, 2012Music Background:
    Reletivly new player, Play for my own enjoyment

    FMT HH Tele

    I debated buying this Guitar and I'm glad I did. I have 3 other Guitars, a L.P. Studio a Stratocaster and a Telecaster. The finish and over all look of this Tele is awesome, and the sound is really nice. I have a feeling that this Guitar will soon be my favorite.

  • from Lewiston, NY May 31, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Pro Musican

    The Fender Custom Telecaster FMT HH

    What a great Instrument. I own 15 guitars, most of which are collectors peices. This guitar can hold it's own with the rest of my guitars. At first I was a little hesitant because it wasn't made in the USA. But if this guitar was made in the USA by Fender, it would probable cost the consumer at least $2500 or better.
    The woods used in the making of this guitar are top notch. The grain in the mohogany wood is exceptionally great. The Flamed maple top is in my opinion is a double AA rating. The workmanship and cream binding are exceptional. The body contures on this guitar are greatly appreciated and makes this guitar lighter than an origional tele body. As for the pickups, they made the right choice for this guitar, the body resonates with a clear and consise tone. The pull push on the tone nob to split the pickups into a singel coil works wonderfully.
    My final words to you the reader, don't hesitate, buy this guitar, you won't be sorry.

  • from Lewiston, NY May 17, 2011Music Background:
    I own Blue Dog Records, I am a Mastering engineer & a pro muscian. Ostalawaygo Amego!!!!

    Fender Custom Telecaster FMT HH

    I was a little aprehensive about this purchase, because it was made in Indonesa...but rest assured, I purchased it and have no reggrets. The picture of this guitar dose not do it justice. The combination of woods and pickups are fantastic. The workmanship of this instrument is great.
    If this guitar was made at their USA plant you could easely be paying at least $1500 to $1800 for this guitar. The body counture is not what I thought it would be. It is the shape of a Tele, but not as heavy and much lighter than a Les Paul. The sound is like??? well it's unique, nothing like a Les Paul. It is agressive, soft, calm and smoldering, and the coil tap brings it back to its true tele form, but much warmer and richer with out any muddyness. Great job Fender!!! Thank you Sweetwater for offering us this great instrument. Just a note, I own 15 guitars at a value of over $50,000. This Fender Custom Telecaster FMT HH stnads up to all of them, taking no back seat.

  • from Summerville SC June 5, 2016Music Background:
    rock , country, and Beach Music

    FMT HH red transparent Telecaster

    Never owned a one piece guitar, but , now that I have , I simply love it , read a review that said, it resonates through your body , he was right , never experienced that with any guitar before , I've had Gibson, Fender , Epiphone, Jay Guitar , all great guitars, this is a keeper and the more I play it the more I like it . Thanks Sweetwater and to whom it may concern , you guys do it right , keep up the good work . And in the words of Rudyard Kipling, do not lose your common touch , it's greatly appreciated by us the consumers. Sincerely Kennymixon57

  • from Union City, CA April 21, 2012Music Background:
    Worship Team guitarist

    A really great guitar, no regrets!!!

    Always a pleasure doing business with Sweetwater... Tom Maxwell is great to work with! This is the first Telecaster I've owned, since I've always been partial to guitars with set necks. I've mostly owned Les Pauls, and this guitar closely resembles the attributes of a Les Paul in many ways with it's mahogany body and neck, carved maple top, rosewood fretboard and body and neck bindings. The biggest difference between this and a Paul is the weight factor, as this is thinner and much lighter. The neck is very comfortable... the modern "C" shape thickness is somewhere between that of a 50's Les Paul and a 60's slim-taper. The union between the body and the neck is a nice smooth transition, no bulky heel to contend with. The flame maple top is nicely book-matched, with flame running throughout. Unlike most guitars in it's price range, this Tele has a solid maple top, not just a thin veneer. The rosewood fretboard is a dark chocolate brown, almost to the point of looking like ebony, and a great choice to compliment the black chrome hardware. The string-through body and fixed bridge offer a ton of tone and sustain, even when unplugged! Plugged in, the Seymour Duncan pups sound great as one might expect, and the coil splitting option with the tone control offers a lot of sonic options. The quality and craftsmanship for a guitar in this price range is truly amazing! The only adjustment I had to make was with the intonation, which only took me about five minutes to adjust the bridge saddles. The only thing I could see changing in the future would be the tuners, since I prefer locking tuners, but the stock tuners seem to work fine and stay in tune. All in all, a really great guitar, no regrets!!!

  • from Los Angeles CA. / Gulfport MS. June 5, 2011Music Background:
    Musician Years ago Pro/ Now home recordist

    Great Guitar for the money!!

    This is a very beautiful instrument. It has lots of really nice details, real abolone dots, killer binding and pretty good stock pickups! Considering the cost. I was quite surprised by the quality, I thought it would just be mediocre, but it pretty solid and looks as good as an off shore "PRS"!

    It has a really nice tone, very Gibsonish. It is quite light which I love, and the neck with the 15.75 radius is a joy to play! Bending notes and chording are very easy and fluid! It takes a few days to break in, but once you put new strings on and condition the neck a bit with your oil of choice, it plays great!

    It does not have a Tele tone and never will even with the coil taps, but it does have an awesome Les Paulish / SG tone. It is totally capable of all kinds of great tones. The coil tap with the use of the middle toggle position gives a beautiful rich almost Straty tone.

    All in all, for the money this is a keeper for me. I could go on and on about how much I love this axe. I have been playing pro and semi pro for many years and I have had Gibsons and strats...I love my strat!...but I have always wanted a Tele cause I just love the shape but did not want the twangy country sound, so I got my wish.

    At some point I may upgrade the hardware such as the tuners and bridge, but for now I am really enjoying this guitar!!!!

  • from The July 14, 2016

    Seller's remorse

    I purchased the FMT HH (amber finish) in 2010. Sadly, I sold it in 2014 in order to reduce my instrumental arsenal, and have regretted that decision ever since. Having owned numerous guitars during my 50+ years playing career, I must admit that the FMT HH offered the greatest range of tonal possibilities I had ever experienced in one guitar. You simply can't go wrong with this instrument, and the price - especially compared to many of those hyped, boutique guitars - just can't be beat.

    (Mmmm! After re-reading my own comments, I may just go ahead and order a new one with the red trans finish).

  • from Fort Worth Texas December 16, 2015Music Background:

    Very Impressed

    I love everything about this guitar. I had a made in Mexico Telecaster that I foolishly sold. So when I decided to replace it I was drawn to this guitar because of the coil tap and Humbuckers. I'm so glad that I went with this guitar. The quality of materials the craftsmanship the slim neck the jumbo frets the Seymour Duncan pickups the finish and the way it plays all add up to one great guitar. I know it's not an American made guitar but in my opinion it plays just as well if not better. And the tone and sounds are phenomenal. Take my advice if your budget is in this price range go for it. You will not be disappointed.

  • from San Antonio March 11, 2013

    Cool guita

    I love these tele's only a couple minor complaints, for the price it's an import and no case, and the setup was interesting. But my service guy delvin is always great and for being an import this guitar sounds great looks great and is well balanced. Some weird finish issue on the neck but its almost a charactertsic trait. Honestly I can't stop playing it and wish I could buy all the different colored models.

  • from Packerland May 31, 2016Music Background:

    Huge disappointment - junk quality

    This is the second unacceptable made in Indonesia built Fender I have received. The truss rod was loose and rattling and the neck was twisted. Unacceptable for an $800 guitar. Additionally, I received a Vintage modified Squire Jazzmaster also MII with a big paint chip and a pick guard with air bubbles in it. The replacement still had air bubbles in the pock guard, but because every thing else was in order, so I kept it. However, I will not buy another MII Fender. MIM or MIA for me from now on. I would rate it a ZERO if the option was offered.

Questions about the Fender Custom Telecaster FMT HH - Red Trans with Rosewood Fingerboard?

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