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Fender Deluxe Nashville Tele - White Blonde with Maple Fingerboard Reviews

5.0 stars based on 41 customer reviews
Questions about the Fender Deluxe Nashville Tele - White Blonde with Maple Fingerboard?
Questions about the Fender Deluxe Nashville Tele - White Blonde with Maple Fingerboard?

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Deluxe Nashville Tele Reviews

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  • from VA March 2, 2021

    My favorite guitar

    I always wait atleast a year to make a review for a guitar because I want to really get to know it before I pass judgement on it. And judgement is great! This is my absolute favorite guitar! I've ordered a few guitars from sweetwater and this one stands above all the rest. The noiseless pick ups and extra pick ups give me a whole extra world of tones to play with. The neck is super comfortable to play even on the higher frets with the carved neck pocket. Ive always heard that teles are heavy but feel more than comfortable for gigging a full set compared to a Les Paul. This guitar is just a winner.
  • from November 30, 2020

    Best guitar you can buy at price

    This is a follow up review, as I reviewed this guitar when I first got it. Could not be more happy with purchase

    If I had 1 guitar this would be it
    No need to upgrade anything. Locking tuners work great, pickups all sound good, 12 inch radius fretboard is huge plus for me
    5 way switch and 3 pickups gives tons of options. Middle pickup combined with neck or bridge gives you strat tones. Best of all it just feels right and sounds great even unplugged. I prefer it over my MIM strat and Les Paul for most of my playing. If you're contemplating. Purchasing this guitar, don't hesitate. It is better than a lot of more expensive guitars and plays and sounds better than I expected for a not so expensive fender. Probably the best guitar on the market at this price.
  • from July 31, 2020

    A Lot Of Guitar

    I got the White Blonde, mine is not a see through finish but I like the way it looks. The neck on these guitars are really great, 12" radius, plus you get the noiseless pickups, locking tuners and nice contoured heel joint. When mine arrived I sent to my local tech for a setup, he said it needed very little, minor tweaking and it was good to go, probably my favorite guitar.
  • from New Jersey July 9, 2020

    My go to guitar.

    I've own this guitar for about a year and in that time it has worked it's way to my heart. Every thing from it's playability to it's sonic capabilities and of course it's just beautiful to look at. I love the addition of the stratocaster pickup in middle position what I was little skeptical about at first. I recommend guitar to anyone looking for traditional with a slight twist. This guitar is suitable for any style of music.
    I would like to thank David Snow for all his help.
  • from Yorktown, IN May 26, 2020

    Love it!

    I played an Ultra Tele, then grabbed this thing off the wall and instantly preferred this one over the Ultra. it just clicks with me. The Strat pickup is very useful especially for a bridge/middle sound. This was a go-to tone for me in my band's set at the time. So it was important. The neck pickup is exactly what I want for a bassy, bluesy tone. In some high distortion cases there's a bit too much treble, but I tend to roll the tone off about 50% to smooth it out. Then, the tone knob comes all the way up for some sharper clean tones.
    Most of the MIM Fender stuff I expect to modify in some way, but this one is staying stock for now!
  • from The Villages, FL May 12, 2020

    Awesome Equipment! Awesome Customer Service!

    Over the top customer service is the best way for me to start this review. I'm an older beginner and my Sweetwater sales engineer, Kyle Austin, provided one of the best, and most comfortable purchasing experiences I've realized. Well, ever.

    I have an older (late 70s) 5022 Alvarez acoustic that I've been trying to learn to play since 81'. I knew I wanted an electric, and for as long as I could remember I had a real interest in Telecasters.

    Kyle went full circle with me until we finally decided on the Nashville Deluxe. I'm definitely not the expert, but this axe has so many different tone variables that it fits every genre.

    The set up was perfect. After discussing it with Kyle I decided to have the TUSQ nut installed. I'm not sure who my luthier was, but hats off. As stated earlier action and tone were over the top outstanding.

    I couldn't believe that when the guitar arrived, I took it out of the box, then out of the case and it was beautiful and in perfect tune. And the action: low and smooth as silk.

    Fit and finish are perfect. The white blonde is solid on the alder body. It's just so subtle.

    Next up, the other end of the sweet noise making machine. Amp time and I'll definitely be working with Sweetwater, and hopefully Kyle, for this next, and all of my future equipment purchases.

    Til next time,
    Thanks Kyle.
    Thanks Sweetwater

  • from Midland, MI April 18, 2020

    I’ve waited 25 years to buy a tele-this one is perfect

    Since I was in college I've always wanted an American Telecaster, but circumstances always led me in another direction. I'm glad I found this- the best of a tele with the attitude of a strat. I love this guitar.
  • from March 4, 2020

    Don’t hesitate!!

    I've had a few different electrics in the past but usually fall back into acoustic. Recently I've been recording more often and really needed a solid electric. I've also gotten the opportunity to play with a group and the acoustic wasn't what was called for.

    I wanted a quality instrument that could give me a wide range of tones without having to rely solely on effects and other equipment. This guitar delivers!

    There was a bit of a journey getting the guitar here but it was well worth it. Sweetwater is the best at what they do. Don't hesitate to buy this Tele and reach out to the folks here.
  • from January 9, 2020

    The fantastic Fender guitar

    Once again Jeff Law at Sweetwater steered me in the right direction, this Nashville Telacaster is sweet, right out of the gig bag (included) played like soft butter, with the fret board radius 12 inch, string bending is so easy. The set up was just perfect for my style of playing, I love the pickups, The neck pickup is clean and with a little overdrive it has a perfect blues or rock tone, the middle pickup is all Strat, and the bridge is clean clear and bright, the build quality is fantastic, like my player strat, made in Mexico, spot on nice, Sweetwater service is the best I have found, the salesman Jeff Law, is very knowledgeable, and is very helpful in product info ! Thanks to Sweetwater and all their staff.......................Jeff R.
  • from Paden City WV September 10, 2019 Music Background:
    Session Musician, Lead guitarist

    Best bang for the buck Telecaster there is!

    I"ve played tons of telecasters they the years vintage ones and modern ones. I"ve played good, and I"ve played bad, and some really bad. I have played a few Nashville Teles but never owned one. My fav tele is the Brad Paisley Road worn telecaster which I bought over a year ago. It"s the best telecaster I"ve ever played. I Recently played lead guitar on a country record for an artist and I used that tele. But when I got called back to play on the next record I needed another tele. My sales engineer Ryan Murray got specs for me that I wanted to make my decision. I originally wanted the 50s vintera tele but what kept me from that was the fret wire. So I asked Ryan about the Nashville Teles. He said they were on back order and asked me if I would like to reserve one. I said yes and within a week before they were expected to arrive I got a call from Ryan saying my guitar was picked out for me and the weight I requested was there anywhere from 6-7 pounds give our take. I called the next day and ordered it! The guitar arrived the next day and I pulled it out of the gig bag and the pics didn"t do it justice. I got the white blonde and it"s a see thru finish. You can see the grain of the wood much like a white wash on a fence. I tuned it up and hit one chord and it was perfect! The guitar like every guitar I"ve bought from Sweetwater was perfect out of the box! This guitar had fender locking tuners, and vintage noiseless pickups! Talk about a Screamer not only does it scream but it has a nice spank to it! Sounds great on old Aerosmith stuff as well as country and no 60 cycle hum! Even thru my JCM 800 no buzz! Love the guitar guitar and would buy another in a heart beat! Thanks Ryan and the Sweetwater team for the great service and great prices!
  • from September 2, 2019 Music Background:
    Been playing on and off for 40 years

    My perfect guitar

    With the extra pickup in this guitar you can pretty much get any sound you want out of it . It"s a joy to play !!
  • from Florida July 10, 2019 Music Background:

    Awesome guitar

    I can"t believe how great this guitar plays. The action is perfect. The neck is smooth and fast. It feels great in my hands. Love the three pickups. Having that strat pickup in the middle adds to the sound. Can"t say enough good things about this Tele. This is my 7th guitar and one of my top 2 in the collection. Service from Sweetwater was superb as usual. Darius continues to be my go to person for all my equipment needs.
  • from July 9, 2019

    Nashville tele

    The best guitar in this world!
  • from North idaho June 30, 2019 Music Background:
    50 years

    Telecaster Nashville

    Love this model everything is expected and Sweetwater is the way to go hands down
  • from slidell, LA June 16, 2019 Music Background:
    Been playing since 1973

    Fender Deluxe Nashville Telecaster

    This is a really nice guitar sounds great plays easily and feels comfortable! Only thing is when you have the pickup selector in the bridge pickup position the selector knob is to close to the volume knob! Other than that great guitar!
  • from Southern California May 28, 2019

    Nashville Deluxe Tele!!

    I"ve had the tele for a week now and I must say I"m extremely happy with it. The build quality is great, the fingerboard feels buttery smooth and I became comfortable playing it very quickly. I am coming from a Gibson SG standard with coil-splitting, and this guitar is super different but equally as fun to play. Having 5 different positions for the pickup selector provides a huge amount of tone options. Overall I"m super happy with this Tele. And as always, Kingsley my sales rep provides unrivaled customer service and care.
  • from March 10, 2019

    Amazing versatile tones!

    Having owned many guitars, including an American Tele Deluxe which is $1K above the price of this guitar, I can say without a doubt that this has to be one of the best guitars that Fender makes at the moment. The three pick-ups may not be for everyone, but it does exactly what I need which is cover all sorts of tones playing cover songs from 70s through the 90s. The cost benefit here is excellent given all of the features such as locking tuners, and the amazingly voiced vintage noiseless pickups. This guitar plays and feels like its much more expensive brethren. I usually cycle through the guitars that I own, but I can say that this addition is a permanent member of my collection. I can"t recommend this guitar enough!
  • from Grand Rapids, MI December 18, 2018

    Winner, winner...

    I love all of my guitars but this one is my go to favorite. Sounds as good and plays easier than my Parallel Tele (which cost me twice as much). While I had to file down some fret sprout, everything else was good. Neck is finished like the PRS and just as quick. Locking tuners, 5 way switch and individual saddles....what ?? If you can find a more versatile axe for this price I'll eat my Red Wings hat !!!
  • from Coal City, IL December 1, 2018 Music Background:
    Hobby musician who plays some worship tunes on the weekends.

    A Telecaater for all!

    Wow, I always thought I was a strat-guy. I bought this when I had some pup issue with my Strat. Sweetwater was great as always and shipped it double quick. I have only owned it for a couple months but I'm loving it more each time I pick it up.

    The guitar itself came in a workable setup. The fit and finish is what you would expect for a higher dollar mexi-made guitar. Fret work is great and it had a nice clean finish. I put some ten's on it and set it up for my preferences. This thing just keeps surprising me. I mean that it sounds exactly like I expected but it does so much more. There are the usual "tele" sounds as well as some more "strat" like sounds. This guitar is a high functioning Jack of all trades.
    I have read all the other reviews here and they are right. Stop reading and just buy it.
  • from August 22, 2018

    Versatile and fun to play.

    I am very impressed with the Nashville Tele. Setup from Sweetwater was perfect and it plays very easily. It surprised me to see the tonal possibilities of this axe. The bridge pickup is delightfully Tele-twangy and the neck pickup is nice and thick. The in-between positions at 2 and 4 on the pickup selector bring forth legit Strat tones. The middle pickup is nice for middle position Strat tones too. The guitar sounds great clean, but it is absolutely killer with overdrive and distortion. I was floored by the EVH brown sound tones it produced through my rig. Yes, I said brown sound, folks. Legit brown sound. But at the same time it cleaned nicely up by rolling the volume down. Sweet! I was worried about the noiseless pickups at first, but I don't see myself changing them...and I'm a bit of a guitar and tone tweeker. So that says a lot in my book about the positive vibes the pickups create.

    Now let's talk about the aesthetics. I love the way it looks. The white with black pickguard is very much to my liking. I sit there and stare at it sometimes. It's a classic and a beauty. Build quality is excellent: the neck is flawless, the paint is finished nicely, and the controls work smoothly. The only thing I did was flip my control plate. But that is all I needed to make it perfect.

    Shout out to my SE, Nick Graham. He was great to work with. I returned a previous guitar for this bad boy and Nick and his fellow teammates were all great to work with.
  • from Staunton, Va. August 20, 2018 Music Background:
    performer, recording engineer, etc

    Fender Deluxe Nashville Telecaster

    This guitar plays great. The guitar was set up great for me. I had to adjust the low E string because I had a little fret buzz, other then that, it was perfect. I enjoyed dealing with Tim. Sweetwater is number one to me. No hassle from reporting to them. Ive only had one problem about 20 years ago and it was because I just didn't like the item. They took item back without any hassle. Sweetwater is number one to me. I've been enjoying the Telecaster that I haven't spent much time with the Strat that I brought at the same time as the Tele.
  • from Florida May 26, 2018 Music Background:
    Old hippie guitar player

    Sweetwater rocks!!

    I purchased a Fender Nashville Deluxe telecaster from Sweetwater (blonde with maple neck) a few weeks ago. The sales and service staff, especially Mike W. and Jeff were totally awesome! The guitar arrived ahead of schedule and needed very little set up right out of the box. I really love the 12" radius neck, the locking tuners, and the individual bridge saddles, not to mention the extra middle pickup and 5 way switch. I like it even better than both my MIM and USA strats. I had a guitar tech add a push pull switch to the tone pot in order to get neck/bridge and neck/middle/bridge pickup combinations; but, other than that, everything else is perfect! Thanks, again Sweetwater. You're the best!
  • from Virginia May 18, 2018 Music Background:
    Musician/writer/producer/studio owner


    This guitar is much more versatile than expected. I"m a humbucker guy, so I figured I"d be using 2 pickups in parallel. All 3 single coils sound great on their own, even with gain turned up. No noise. Awesome tone no matter the pickup configuration. The quality, parts, and workmanship are first class, equal or better than an American made. I had a Mexican Strat 15 years ago that was worse than a Squier. I can"t believe this Tele and that Strat were made by the same company.
  • from April 24, 2018

    Sweetwater killed it!

    I bought this same guitar from a different place and ended up returning it. I found dents and scratches. I paid full price for a "demo model" which I thought was bull****. So I ordered one from Sweetwater and I am so impressed. What sold me was the 55 point thing along with amazing customer service. They out did themselves!! The guitar is a extreme value for the price. Love it.
  • from Del Rio Texas April 21, 2018 Music Background:
    49 yrs.classic rock

    Great guitar

    I own 4 strats, two gibsons,two epiphones ,two gretsch's and three.tskamine's and a GRB kokotele.I wanted a tele in my collection.i bought this deluxe nashville white model. Had it plecked and the first night, played with my buddies. Played thin lizzie, grand funk and pink floyd.she can rock or play clean tones.my engineer, nick schenkel, treated me very well. Ordered it monday and received it on friday.She stays in tune and i rocked with two other pauls.no problem.i have two other mim strats snd have no issues with either of them as well.SWEETWATER IS THE ONLY PLACE WHERE MY DEL RIO BOYS AND I SHOP NOW.THANKS NICK.GREAT SERVICE.
  • from South Carolina April 5, 2018 Music Background:
    Country/folk gospel songwriter

    My favorite!

    When it comes to my lead guitar I am Fender Tele from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. My new white blond Deluxe Nashville is my favorite. The Strat pickup in the middle is going to prove to be so beneficial in my track recording. I thought that I might not be as comfortable with the modified ashtray but it is very comfortable. In short this is the best sounding, playing & best looking lead guitar that I have!
  • from Sunset March 9, 2018

    Great Tele version

    Been looking at the Nashville configuration for a while. But when they came out the the noiseless pickups and locking tuners I pulled the trigger. I also have an American Tele that has a twisted tele in the neck and a Broadcaster in the bridge. This Nashville model is a bit more twangy and has a pleasant and interesting sound to it. When I got the guitar I lowered the bridge pickup a little because it was loud and in your face. It sounds perfect now. The neck and middle pickups are exactly what you would want in a tele. I find that the inbetween positions are a bit lower in volume than the strait up pickup positions, but nice never the less.
    All in all a good purchase. I trade and sell guitars all the time. I will not get rid of this one however. Quality construction, unique pickup arrangement, and a sound all it's own.
  • from Cricket March 5, 2018

    Fender Tele Nashville Deluxe

    I love this guitar! I got it in white blonde and it looks awesome...very good guitar for the price! I didn't realize that it had a 5-way switch as opposed to a traditional 3, but Im used to it now and it's very versatile.
  • from Eighty Four, PA December 24, 2017

    Love It!

    I was a little leary about a Mexican Telecaster but after playing one of these Nashville models I had to have it. The 12" neck radius, locking tuners and noiseless pickups are fantastic. Being mostly a Gibson player the neck felt really comfortable to me. This guitar rocks when you want it to and is a joy to play. I have the White Blond and it's beautiful. It's a keeper!
  • from November 10, 2017


    The guitar is everything I could have hoped for! I had it pleked and the nut changed. The guitar arrived blemish free and plays like a dream! I like the Tele feel and the Strat-like pickup possibilities. The Sweetwater experience is unmatched!
  • from Abu Dhabi, UAE May 30, 2017

    Great Guitar and Service

    Finally pushed the trigger and bought this axe! Very happy with the purchase, just what I looking for. I am based in UAE and shipment took only less than a week to reach me. Great service from Sweetwater, especially Lindsay Becker. Thank you and keep up the good work.
  • from Mobile March 11, 2017 Music Background:
    Country/blue/ early rockabilly!

    Solid Happiness

    I am so very happy! The Fender Deluxe Nashville Tele is so versatile. I can get the great twing that one would expect with something with Nashville in the name. I can also get smooth jazz tones. I love the five way selector. The Noiseless pickups are just that.... Noiseless!!! I sit directly in front of my amp and of course there is no feed back.

    The guitar came packed well , and set up perfectly.

    My sales engineer , Stephen Oppenheim was great. He gave me great feed back.

    When I am ready for a better amp you can be sure that I will be calling Stephen.
  • from South Florida February 23, 2017 Music Background:
    60's thru 90's lead and rhythm guitarist

    Versitile Tone Machine

    I was trying to decide between a PRS SE CUSTOM 24 and this Fender guitar, I went with the Deluxe Nashville Telecaster because of the addition of the middle Strat pickup. I was familiar with the tonal qualities of the two pickup Telecaster favored by my former lead guitarist Doug Walker. Since I do more rhythm work than lead I jumped at the opportunity to produce a broader range of tone offerings made available with the addition of the Stratocaster pickup. I found the guitar extremely playable and a great value for an extremely good platform enabling me to play in a broad number of genres. I recommend it to any player who likes to dig in to get down and dirty or lay back and play under a good lead. A terrific instrument, well made and affordably priced!!

  • from West Virginia October 21, 2016

    Simple and effective

    Exceeded my expectations! Noiseless pickups with 5 way switch and locking tuners..If you are shopping for a telecaster try this!
  • from Massachusetts August 13, 2016

    One of my favorite guitars!

    The Fender Deluxe Nashville Tele is a perfect example that you don't have to spend thousands of dollars to get one of the best guitars (very reasonably priced). You have two tele pickups with a vintage strat in between. Like having 2 great guitars in one! The pickups are noiseless too, so no hum. You can get the iconic Buddy Holly/Surf sound, and sounds great dirty too. Versatile guitar. Very easy to play. Great for rhythm or lead. A classic.
  • from January 9, 2021 Music Background:

    My first 'real deal' guitar

    This is the first guitar I've purchased besides a used 100 dollar guitar I got to learn a little on. I've owned it for over a year, and I have fallen in love with it. As far as looks go, that is personal preference, but I will say it is very difficult to see the wood grain through the white finish compared to some of the photos of this guitar online. My guitar is built extremely well, frets are all level and no rough edges. I don't think there was much edge rolling performed on the guitar, if any, which would have been nice at this price point. The guitar was very easy to set and required very little set up, I probably spent more time adjusting pickup height than I did adjusting the neck and action. All the combinations of pickups sound fantastic to me, but I can't compare them to much since I don't have much exposure to other people's guitars and setups. Tuners are extremely stable, I can play for 3 or 4 days straight before anything goes very far out of tune. The one thing I dislike about this guitar is the volume/tone knob. The volume knob does seems to suck tone faster than it sucks volume when you roll it off. I usually use the volume knob to take out some piercing treble, and the tone knob does a poor job at it in comparison. If you turn the volume knob 1/4 turn, it sounds comparable to when i turn the tone dial all the way down on other guitars. Now that I know how to use them a little better it's not so bad, but I would still prefer them to behave more normally.
  • from MN June 29, 2020

    Great guitar, period. Amazing guitar for the money.

    In my search for a reasonably-priced tele with all the bells and whistles, this was the only solid-body tele with a rounded neck heel, locking tuners, and 6-saddle bridge under 1K. The middle pickup wasn't something I was looking for, but I wasn't opposed to it either. However, after about 6 months, I decided the middle pickup just wasn't for me. In my opinion, it just doesn't "fit" the character of the bridge and neck pickup. Also, I missed the middle "neck + bridge" combination that is so sweet and funky on a standard tele setup.

    So... for a new 3-way switch and standard pickguard, and about an hour with a soldering iron later... I have a killer deluxe tele, with all the appointments of the USA versions, for a fraction of the price. Love the narrow-tall fretwire, love the 12" radius neck, love the noiseless pickups. I have an American Deluxe Strat, so I know top of the line Fender quality, and this isn't quite it... but for a workhorse tele that stays in tune, plays like butter, and sounds like a classic... it's a no-brainer.
  • from February 16, 2020

    Great w/ a little Clean-up

    I'll start by saying I'm pretty darn happy with this guitar -- was interested in the unique single coil arrangement for mix of tele and strat tones. The flat fretboard radius was a draw as well.

    Guitar didn't disappoint for the intended purpose. I am a rock guy, and this is working for the stones, clapton, and hendrix tones I wanted. And believe it or not, I have tended toward this guitar vs. my PRS even for van halen and hair metal indulgences (with a marshall model and gain up) as the maple neck and flat fretboard actually support it better...amazing what you can coax it to do.

    Neck finish is smooth as heck, body finish (white) is great, and love the pickups. Haven't changed strings but assume locking tuners will work great. Stays in tune like a champ (as compared with the PRS).

    I hate to spoil this guitar's 5-star rating, but I really needed to dress the fret ends, and so for that cleanup work I had to ding at least half a star. Don't let it scare you away--Maybe I was just spoiled by the PRS (even an SE).
  • from Plainfield IL September 20, 2017


    The number of unique tones you can get out of this made it a great choice for me. I play mostly acoustic during my sets but wanted to have a change of pace for some songs. Fits in perfect. The white blonde color is great as well.
  • from FL July 11, 2017 Music Background:
    50+ years

    It's a Mexican tele, but it's a good Mexican tele !!

    As the saying goes ,
    There's guitars and there's Telecasters
  • from Central Illinois October 7, 2018 Music Background:
    Experienced Player

    Great Workhorse Guitar

    The best way to describe this guitar is 'sleeper.' The Deluxe line doesn't seem to get the attention that the other lines do, and they're great guitars. The fit and finish on them is fantastic (I own two other models besides this one) and its like Fender said 'okay, lets take our Mexi guitars and put in all the most requested mods.' and this is the result. They're great! A lot of really great music should get played on this guitar. Get your Brent Mason on!
    Things I like: Locking tuners, synthetic bone nut, headstock truss rod access, 12" radius, 'white neck' design, tall frets, shaved neck heel, slab body (you get used to certain things and contours on a tele? Sacrilege!), Nashville pickup layout, noiseless pickups, traditional control layout, cool body finish, black pickguard. This thing is the real deal, soup to nuts.
    Things I don't: Wish they would have put strap locks on it. No big. The traditional buttons are great too.
    This guitar is aimed at: The player who wants one good guitar that covers all the bases. These pickups sound better than a lot of stock humbuckers do, and that says a lot. I hope these pickups make it to the 'Player' line some day.

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