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Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster '50s - Vintage Blonde Reviews

4.5 stars based on 47 customer reviews
Questions about the Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster '50s - Vintage Blonde?

Questions about the Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster '50s - Vintage Blonde?

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  • from Saint George, UT April 7, 2017

    My First Telecaster, Very Impressed.

    I heard about the Classic Vibe series being some of the best sub $500 guitars out there and have always wanted a Telecaster so I decided to take a shot at one of these. Man am I glad I did! This thing feels and plays like an $800 guitar. I am genuinely shocked that Fender and Squier are making money and not losing it with these guitars. Mine just arrived today and without setting it up or breaking it in I have a ton of praise for it. I like to buy the cheaper imports before I buy the full-on USA models when I get a guitar model I've never played and sell the import down the line but this ones a keeper. I don't know if all Classic Vibe Tele's have such outstanding quality but I definitely got a diamond of a guitar. Thank you to my sales engineer Sean G and thank you to the rest of the Sweetwater team, you guys are outstanding!

  • from UT March 6, 2017

    Classic Vibe Teles are AWESOME!

    I am just blown away by the Classic Vibe Telecasters. So much so that this is my 2nd one (I bought the Butterscotch Blonde last December). Excellent fit and finish, top notch playability, and great sound. I now own 2 amazing examples of the really great Classic Vibe Telecaster series and may just have to add a Classic Vibe Custom and a Thinline down the road. I am proud to have these CV Teles among my USA Fenders and Gibsons.

  • from Pennsylvania February 12, 2017Music Background:

    True Classic Telecaster Sound

    Purchased the Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster Vintage Blonde about a month ago. Couldn't be happier. I'm a retired 65 year old guy who hasn't played much guitar for about 50 years but now jamming with friends and loving it. For me, this guitar has the beautiful classic Telecaster sound from all the pickup positions. The neck is exactly the size I was looking for (a bit thinner than others). It's a bit heavy (around 9 pounds) but not a problem. Solid and well built. The other guys in my group play Stratocasters and my Telecaster has a distinct sound that complements the other guitars. (I play through a Fender Champion 40 amp which I also purchased recently. Great amp that I have reviewed separately.)

    I've played Fender Squier Affinity guitars and they can't compare to the Classic Vibe series. For the money, you can't beat the quality and sound.

    Sweetwater is a great company. Easy to order, no shipping costs and quick delivery through FedEx. Sales Engineers are helpful and knowledgeable.

  • from Bay Area, Northern California. February 4, 2017Music Background:
    Semi-pro / Home Studio - Hobbyist

    NO WAY!!!

    I can't believe it. After playing the Squier series guitars 20 years ago, I was turned off completely. They were complete junk. The Strat model that I had been given by a musician friend of mine had fallen apart in my hands one night at practice and we all saw what these guitars were made of, plywood and putty! We couldn't believe it! So, for over 20 years I never once thought about "Squier." That was until a few years ago. I had left my guitar out between sets at a bar we had been playing in, and my guitar had been "lifted/stolen." Someone needed it more than I did... I suppose. I was lucky to be able to borrow a Tele (Squier) from a band member to finish our set. Yes, it was a Squier, and I was BLOWN away! I could not believe the dramatic difference and it was DRAMATIC!!! It seems that Squier had grown up over those 20+ years since having one and it had matured greatly. It was effortless to play and I kept telling myself that in no way was this a Squier! After we finished that night, I had a hundred or so questions. I asked if he had changed pickups, hardware, etc. his answer was, "nope, bone stock." Honestly, I still couldn't get over it.
    I spent the rest of that weekend, online, and in the local music shop, checking these out. Sure enough, it was everything that my friend had said. I ended up coming home and buying the CV - Vintage Blonde.
    Two weeks later I had ordered the CV -Custom Vibe Tele with its double bound body and a beautiful sunburst finish. These guitars are KEEPERS!!! They come darn close in terms of fit and finish to my Fender American made Strats and Teles! I mean, they are THAT GOOD!!! set-up on both of the Squiers was impeccable, only requiring a little intonation adjustment and pickup height. That's it, everything else was spot on. I still can't believe what Squier has matured into. They are very very good guitars and NOTHING comes close to their quality at this price point. NOTHING!!! I also went and purchased the
    J. Mascis Jazzmaster too and it is every bit as good as any other quality guitar from other quality manufacturers! These are the "sleeper" guitars of the century!
    If you're on the fence about a lower price guitar such as these, in the Squier family, don't worry, these are definetly worth the money and I wouldn't hesitate anylonger about promoting these guitars!
    I'm gonna buy a few more and do some "upgrades" to them. Adding a Bigsby to one. Adding pickups and extras, to another, etc. either "bone-stock" or upgraded, these guitars are an amazing value!
    And for the beginner, all I can say is, I wish I had a guitar of THIS quality when I started out!!!
    Way to go Fender and Squier!!! I'm no longer a Headstock-Sticker snob!!!

    I can't forget to mention Sweetwater (BEST in the business) and my CS Rep - Ian Roegels!!!

  • from MD January 28, 2017Music Background:

    Was for my nephew

    It's been a few years since I bought the CV as a demo. It was for my nephew to learn on. He ended up enjoying video games more, so the guitar was sold. However, during the time we were discovering if he'd follow through and learn, I played it a lot. It played out pretty nice with the 7 1/2 radius neck. Chords were especially easy. I'm not a particular fan of a thick finish neck, but this guitar wasn't for shredding. The quality of fit, finish, and sound was much better than I'd expected. The sound is what I miss the most. Clean and slightly pushed is where I remember this guitar shinning. Yes, I miss this guitar and should have kept it for myself. It's gone now, but I may end up purchasing one for myself in the near future if I can't get over it. Also, Kenny Stratton, my sales engineer is top notch. He is constantly looking out and not in the 'predatory looking for a sale' approach. Thank you Kenny for genuinely looking out. You guys are always my first choice.

  • from Woodstock January 7, 2017Music Background:
    Professional - 50 years

    Follow Up Review

    Well, it's been 2 1/2 years since I wrote the review of my new vintage blonde CV 50's Telecaster. In the time since, it has become my most played guitar. This blows me away since all my other guitars over the decades have cost me a lot more money. I gig with it regularly and have come to absolutely love it. I have fitted it with a Gotoh Modern six saddle bridge, Area Hot T bridge pickup and Area T neck pickup (they are noiseless and some of the clubs I play have very "dirty" power), and I've wired a treble bleed circuit into the volume pot to retain the high end when turning down the guitar volume.

    Having said that, the guitar was absolutely great bone stock, I've just tweaked it to suit my needs like I do all my guitars. I love the way this classic vibe plays and I love the way it sounds. Without a doubt it has to be the best buy in all of guitardom, and a great instrument at any price! Next on my list is the CVC custom... and it will come from Sweetwater.

  • from August 31, 2016Music Background:
    Drummer, bassist and guitarrist 12 years of experience. Bar gigs to 5000 person crowds...

    Simply awesome

    So i ordered my cv tele 4 months ago and today it arrived to ccs venezuela where i live.. This guitar is amazing, the feel, the quality construction the sound and all the details make this guitar awesome... i have played american and mexican strats and teles i have tried in some shops and this guitar easily stands equal to american quality. in my case i got a flame maple neck with is awesme this neck looks like it belongs to a 1000+ guitar. the body has a super bright finish as the neck. And the sound, is the sound you get when you imagine a tele in your mind, super twangy and bright.. im amazed with this guitar and also super satisfied with sweetwaters quality, guitar galllery, customer support, etc. I would definetely get this guitar again, i think i wont even upgrade it or nothing as it is is simply perfect. I am a super happy customer.

  • from Right here right now August 19, 2016

    Squire classic vibe telecaster... Unbelievable

    Easily worthh 5x the price, this guitar plays so smooth and has such a good tone... Tunes up easily and stays in tune for song after song. A joy to play and a treasure at the cost. Order it.

  • from Roanoke, Va. August 9, 2016

    Don't forget a hard case

    When years ago we seen , played , or heard a Squire guitar , something was missing, well all that has come to pass and now when I hear a Squire I think about how it sounds better than a lot of my higher priced guitars, and I start thinking of maybe I can hide the fact that I am playing a Squire when maybe it's what is coming out of the amp that is only what matters? Try one people! Classic Vibe and Squiers better guitars are way less expensive and hey, you will be happy you did!

  • from Seattle February 26, 2016Music Background:
    drums, singer/songwriter, shoegaze

    great guitar!

    i'm a drummer that dabbles in songwriting & guitar stuff. my Sheraton is great, but i wanted a different voice for some song ideas i had. doesn't help that i've been listening to more country/folk lately... ;) in my search for an affordable guitar to fit my needs, i came across these Classic Vibes. i eventually bit the bullet and placed my order when Sweetwater got restocked with some *especially* beautiful specimens. Ian Lemberg was gold throughout the purchase process; very informative and communicative. when the guitar came in... i was amazed. in this price range, you'd be hard pressed to find a better guitar from ANY brand. the neck is fantastic, even for my medium-large hands. the action is low. pots are smooth and clear. the resonance is classic tele. the pickups are great; nice and beefy at the neck, twangy at the bridge, perfect right in the middle. played through a Bugera V5, she really shines. stock strings (.09) are usually pretty awful, so i had them replaced with Ernie Ball Power Slinky Cobalts (.11) and tuned down a full step (DGCFAD). gorgeous. the guitar was VERY well packaged and well set-up straight outta the box. a little bit of fret buzzing on the lowest string, but i think that's because of my lower tuning. not a big deal, just something to be a bit careful of. other than that, everything was nearly flawless. it's an inexpensive guitar that can be very easily modded. i'm leaving mine stock. i'd have no problem gigging with it.

    so, HIGHLY recommended if you wanna dip your toes in the tele water, or just need a good guitar in general. i'd buy it again if it were stolen/destroyed.

  • from New Orleans February 19, 2016Music Background:

    Killer Tele

    I love the pine body. I had bought the Aztec Gold Stratocaster and enjoyed it so much how it sounded and how it felt. I'ved owned multiple guitars and this one is turning into my favortite. I keep grabbing it. I've not gigged with it yet but look forward to it. The neck size fits my hand just perfectly. They weight is great for my back.I can get some real high/bright Tele tone yet I can also get some good mids to low range as well. Like I said i bought because I enjoyed teh Classiv Vibe Stratocaster '50s Aztec Gold. I find my Classic Vibe Tele is my current go to guitar. Sweetwater did a good job showing he weight and pictures of the guitar. The maple neck is nice curly The pine is nice and straight. The bad part is when I went to buy a case for it I accidentally dropped it on the asphalt outside the store putting in some road rash. Gives it character! lol

  • from Monroe, La. January 29, 2016

    Real Tele

    I bought this Classic Vibe Tele in 2009 and it's been one of my main guitars ever since. I love the feel I get from the neck and that sound is clear. I play blues and can get the right sound without too much hassle. Sounds just as good as a mia tele.

  • from NC, USA January 2, 2016Music Background:
    been at it awhile

    That Twang thang

    So, I've never been a "tele guy", always leaning more toward the thicker more midrangey Strats and Les Pauls. Over the years, though, I've realized that this is a voice that is missing from my collection, so I started looking. I picked up a budget Vintage modified Cabronita and had to modify it a lot more just to get it to play. Once I got it set up, however, it just didn't have a tele vibe. Cool, but not a tele. So I kept looking, hoping to keep the budget low. When this came on my radar, I was skeptical. But all of the rave reviews convinced me. So I waited for an under eight pounder and pulled the trigger. Happy I did. It's been fun learning how to coax all those classic tones out of this baby. I did go ahead and do a treble bleed mod, which makes it a lot more useful in front of a dirty amp. Lovin it so far. Go ahead, get one.

  • from Dayton, Ohio October 26, 2015Music Background:
    Old guy

    Beats Expectations

    I've had this guitar for a few months now, time enough to really put it through its paces and to make sure of the quality over time. I couldn't be happier. The sound is pure '50s Tele. The pickups absolutely do NOT need to be changed, ALNICO 3s instead of the ALNICO 5s on the butterscotch version. Use the volume and tone knobs, and adjust to taste. I've had Mexican and MIA Teles, have occasionally upgraded them with Custom Shop Texas Specials or others, and this guitar's pickups are more satisfying to me. Sweetwater setup the brass barrel ashtray bridge, which normally are finicky, to a fine tune. It's played in tune since I took it out of the box. This is a particularly important measure to me, how well a guitar plays in tune. This is the only guitar I own that didn't need a setup. I thank Sweetwater for this, will buy subsequent guitars from them.

  • from Ar March 24, 2015

    classic vibe

    Shipping was super fast.Guitar was well packed and was nicer than I expected. Setup was good right out of the box. Fit and finish were fantastic for a Chinese guitar. The reviews I read were right. For under $400 this guitar is a good deal. I will do business with Sweetwater again.

  • from Beardstown IL Area July 22, 2014Music Background:

    A Follow Up Review After Hot Rodding

    I had not had this guitar very long before posting a review. It developed a short in the bridge pickup and started cutting in and out. I loved the fit and finish of the guitar and the feel of the neck so much that I wasn't getting rid of it so I decided to Hot Rod it. I replaced the bridge pup with an SD STK-T2, installed genuine Fender CTS 250K pots, an american standard tele 3-way switch, an american standard tele bwb pickguard (so I could adjust neck pickup height without removing pickguard every time) and I loved the sound of the neck pup so much that I kept it stk. I replaced the bridge, since I already had it off to replace the pup, with a genuine Fender stamped steel bridge and gave it a complete setup using James Burton Tele specifications and WOW! Now I have a Squier Hot Rod Classic Vibe Tele that still has that vintage tone and sound and quiet. This thing plays like a dream and plays smoothe as butter. It plays just as good if not better than some expensive AM STD Tele's that I have played for alot less money. It is a great guitar stock and even better Hot Rodded and for the price you can still afford to modify it if you prefer and not have to take out a loan. It plays country nicely and it will rock out if you need it to also. Hope this review helps others. Try one.

  • from Woodstock, GA July 21, 2014Music Background:
    part-time working pro

    Pinch Me

    I am another old guy who started playing in the 60's. I was a full time working pro for 25 years but, at 40, figured that if I wasn't making the big money yet, I probably never would be. So I changed careers but still play out regularly at local clubs. I will play until I am no longer physically able. My Clapton Stratocaster has been my main gigging guitar for several years - love the sound, versatility and playability and it was a good deal for the $1,400 I paid. I have wanted to add a higher-end tele for awhile (auditioned many) but couldn't justify the cost. I never would have even considered buying a Squier up until a few weeks ago. Well, what do they say - prejudice is contempt prior to investigation? Anyway, the fantastic vintage look of this CV 50's tele caught my eye at a local store and I gave it an audition not expecting much.. Seriously, this is a Squier???

    I have had mine for 3 weeks now and cannot find a flaw! Playability, tone, fit and finish are absolutely unbelievable at this crazy price, and great at any price. I ended up buying a slightly used one for an even sillier price, but If I were buying new, Sweetwater would be my choice - best customer service out there in my opinion. If you are looking for a great playing, great sounding and great looking vintage-style tele, you owe it to yourself to try out one of these. Check out the reviews on the Telecaster forum (tdpri). My choice - the vintage blonde - it has slightly over-wound Alnico III pickups that sound just wonderful. I am thrilled with this guitar!

  • from United States June 10, 2014Music Background:
    Musician, Student

    Amazing Guitar!

    I love this guitar! This beats every Mexican made tele I've ever played! Buy this guitar!

  • from IL January 20, 2014Music Background:

    Can Run With The Expensive Big Dogs

    This guitar is sweeeet! I have owned several different Tele's in my time - a 62 Reissue Japan model, a Tele Standard, a 1994 MIM Tele Special ( that I kick myself in the butt for getting rid of ) , a Classic Vibe Thinline Clear on Mahogany, and this one. I love the Vintage Blonde finish. I'm a sucker for that white washed look that you can still see the wood grain through. This thing plays like a dream, stays in tune well and the PINE BODY and pickups are well matched to each other. I was looking for a Tele that played well and was resonably priced that I could modify if I chose to. After playing it for a while at a music store, I came to realize that this thing didn't need any mods done to it at all. All in all, it sounds good stock. If I changed anything, it might be installing an electrosocket with jack, in place of the original jack with chrome cup style output jack that tends to get loose over time. I am very impressed with the quality and sound of this guitar for the price. The fit and finish is flawless. The one I have is fairly heavy even though it is a pine body. Feels more like a Les Paul with a mahogany body. Maybe that is why it sounds so good. I would put it up against an American Standard Tele - any day, any time. Give one a test drive and you will become a believer like me. Way To Go Squier!!!

  • from Chicago, IL December 18, 2012Music Background:
    Student, Hobbyist

    Fantastic Tele!

    I bought this Tele in October and haven't put it down since! The neck plays fantastic, the pickups sound awesome, and it just looks nice. I had my doubts that this Squire was as good as everyone was hyping it up to be, but it definitely lives up to it's reputation. Great, usable tones from all 3 positions. I did replace the input jack and cup with a Switchcraft jack and electrosocket. I also replaced the flimsy switch with a CRL 3-way. The pots are full sized Alphas and work just fine. All in all, this is great playing, great looking Telecaster and for it's price, it cannot be beat!

  • from Shelbyville, IL USA December 13, 2012Music Background:
    Amateur/gigging musician for twenty-five years

    Smooth As They Come

    I buy and sell guitars all the time mostly because playing a new instrument seems to inspire me, and like many guitarists, it's an addiction. I used to have many Squier guitars and sold most of them last year to buy a few Ovation Vipers and a couple Epiphone 339 Pros, which are all excellent guitars. At the time, I thought it was embarrassing to own Squires when I love playing so much, even though they have always been good to me. I own a Mexican Tele that is a really nice guitar, and I owned a pretty high-dollar American Tele last year that I sold because I thought it was a little heavy and I couldn't get the bends out of the neck that I wanted. After reading the reviews on this Classic Vibe (I previously owned a Classic Vibe 50's Strat), I thought I would give it a try. Not only is it the prettiest tele I've ever owned, but it's also the best sounding, easiest to play tele I've ever tried. I have small hands, and the neck on this baby is smooth as butter. I also get those great bends I was looking for and great action. As always, the customer service from Sweetwater is unequalled, so this is the place to buy it. If someone tells you that you're not a serious guitarist because you play a Squire, tell them to play it and I guarantee you they'll be sold. You can't go wrong with this guitar.

  • from Poland, Ohio October 9, 2012Music Background:
    45 years playing and still suck

    Do not let this one pass you by!

    After selling my 1966 Telecaster (well, neck stamp Jan 67) for $275 in 1983 (only paid $300 for it in a music store in OKC) to make sure I had enough money for my upcoming wedding, I kick myself about every other day for what I did. Now, the guitar was an old country player's guitar I always assumed based on the ungodly belt buckle wear and no finish on the upper bout of the body, dings, chips, chunks and a completely worn out and spotted fretboard from the 3rd to 5th fret. Basically no finish left on the back of the neck or the maple fretboard. The screws on the barrels of the 3 piece bridge were mostly broken and impossible to adjust the action. Intonation? Did not know what that was at the time. Everything was rusted tight and I put strings on it and played. And it played very, very well. At that time I had my 1st AC30, probably a late 70's. Bad amplifier. After both were sold, I moved on to married life, etc.... Had a few more electric guitars and AC30's in the 90's, but always regretted the lost Telecaster.
    After reading so many shining reviews of the Squire Classic Vibe Vintage blonde 50's Telecaster, I pulled the trigger and bought one from Sweetwater. Now, 30 years later, I can tell you this guitar plays better, stays in tune, has a better neck, (9.5 vs 7.25 radius ) than my old one. I have old, weak fingers and the neck on the CV is wonderful. Mine had about .015 relief in the neck from Sweetwater , I took that out to a basically perfectly flat neck, no relief, dropped the action to 3/64's across the neck at the 17th fret, the intonation was almost perfect from Sweetwater, never will be perfect, based on the 3-barrel system, but good enough for me! The frets on the guitar are flawless. No high frets have I found!! Did they do a crown job at the factory?? The quality of these Chinese made guitars is impeccable. Yes, they vary in weight: mine is 9 lb 10 oz. Pine is heavy and the polyester finish is rather thick, tho allowing the wood grain to show through.
    The neck pickup has foam underneath it to facilitate height adjustment. Huh? Pull the pickup out and place 2 old ballpoint pen springs underneath the pickup ears and around the adjustment screws and now you have the Fender adjustment system. I did. Works like a charm.
    The high gloss neck finish and fretboard is impeccable. I did sand down the BACK of my neck with 0000 steel wool. I did it to replicate the feeling I had with my old Telecaster's worn neck. But there is nothing wrong with the neck as supplied. It just felt sticky to me.
    Bottom line, this imported Telecaster, at it's price, is an amazing quality guitar worth a lot more than the price I paid. And the sound quality with the Alnico 3's and playability is everything plus more than what I had 30 years ago. Don't be a headstock snob and scoff at the name there. An outstanding guitar worthy of any stage!! Dave Cochran was my sales engineer and trust me, this guy knows the business. Had a follow -up call from him 2 days after I received my shipment. I cannot say enough about Sweetwater as they made my buying experience easy and a pleasure. Plus the pick, string lube and candy did not hurt.!!! Rick Wagner

  • from grafton, wisconsin July 18, 2012Music Background:
    pro musician, custom guitar builder, ( luthier)

    well, unbelieveable!!

    here's the story, im a guitar builder by profession. i needed a guitar for playing the gigs. everytime i took one of my good pieces out , something would always happen to it, so i decided to look for a inexpensive tele .& lo & behold, i came accross this tele at sweetwater. i thought for the price , i'd try it . UNREAL!! a good fret job would cost as much or more than i paid for this guitar& it's killer. didn't have to do a thing with it , sweetwater set it up , new strings, & shipped it. had it in 2 days . great place to deal with . great price, nice people, & ultra quick shipping. i highly recommend this squire, & sweetwater. i use a two- rock amp, & a ton of pedals, it sounds great. thanks sweetwater for the great service, you'll be first on my list for the next purchase. really, contact these people they are GREAT! another word of advise, greg koch loves this store. thats where i got the heads up on where to go .

  • from United States June 13, 2012Music Background:

    Fantastic guitar

    I don't mind if a guitar is expensive but I'm not going to bother shelling out cash if there's no point. The tone of this guitar is really enjoyable, the playability is great and I love the quality of the finish.

    Right now this is my favorite electric, (I play a mid range taylor acoustic so that gives you some reference)

  • from Sodus, NY April 28, 2011Music Background:
    Active musician, Recording Engineer student

    Ummm...I didn't know awesome came at such a good price.

    Basically, for $350 this is a deal! This guitar is solid in every way that I can tell so far. The stock pickups sound great, the neck feels excellent, and the finish is just beautiful. For the price this honestly cannot be beat. Easily could charge double...thankfully they don't. If you don't mind having Squire on the head, don't waste your money on something double the price with the same quality. The only thing i will probably change is a little modification of the neck pickup and slap in a P90. But that's because of reasons completely different than the quality of the one in there.

  • from East Texas January 15, 2010Music Background:
    Pro Musician, 40 years on guitar

    The New Standard for Value

    Well! This guitar is a major surprise - great hardware and wonderful sounding pickups, nice woods (mine has a flamed maple neck!) and a top notch fret job + all the correct vintage touches... an unbelievable guitar for the money. To put it in perspective, I have a USA Vintage Reissue '62 Stratocaster and several G&Ls, and this really is my favorite guitar. It is every bit their equal.

  • from New York City October 15, 2009Music Background:
    Over 30 years playing various fretted instruments

    Good Guitar from Great Seller!

    First off, this guitar is just superb for the money. I surfed the internet and read over 200 reviews on this Chinese made Telecaster and could only find 2 bad reviews and the two bad ones where very unfair. Second, I played a few of these Classic Vibe 50's Tele's in NYC and found that the shops selling them did not look after them, i.e. they where not set-up correctly and/or the sellers cared not, because they gave more attention to their high end axes. I heard from a few Muso friends of mine that Sweetwater was a great place to buy via the Internet. I called and asked if they could make sure the darlin' they send me would be properly set up, etc. etc... When my Tele arrived, via free shipping, I thought they packed it for the Queen of England. When I got it out of its nest I was blown away by the PERFECT intonation throughout the fret board. Sweetwater looked after me like I purchased a $10,000 gem. There is a saying in the Restaurant business, "Today's coffee customer can be tomorrow's Champagne customer." I look forward to purchasing my next "Champagne" Guitar in the future from Sweetwater.com!

  • from Chicago May 14, 2009Music Background:
    Playing guitar for a long time.

    Unbelievable quality!

    This is a great guitar for the price. I got mine at Christmas time and immediately bought the CV 50's strat a couple weeks later. These guitars are awesome. No need to change the pickups. They nail the classic sound of a 50's tele. Plenty of twang when clean and snarl when you drive 'em. I personally think these are nicer than the MIM standards, but that's just my opinion.

  • from Indiana January 20, 2017Music Background:
    Hobbyist 40+ years playing

    Underpriced Tele

    What a GREAT guitar! It sure is a lot of fun playing this tone machine. The quality of this guitar is really top notch. The finish is flawless from stem to stern. It plays very well with the neck being very comfortable to play. It gives it's more expensive American Fender cousin a run for its money in fit and finish. I was really pleasantly surprised at the overall quality of this guitar. Would not be ashamed to take this on stage. I HIGHLY recommend this guitar for any musician whether just beginning or a advanced player. The reason not for five stars is because it does not come with a case.

  • from August 11, 2015

    Best Bang for the Buck

    I mainly play Gibson Les Paul's but picked up a CV Tele on a scratch and dent rack at the big music store while I was on travel some time ago. I immediately felt the start of a bond with that guitar, but walked out without it since I was vacationing with the wife's family. The feel and sound of that guitar really stuck with me though, and when Sweetwater put up a demo with the look I was after and a great price, I figured it was time to pull the trigger. Am I glad I did. This guitar is perfect complement to my Les Paul's (That cost twice to over four times the price of the CV). Now this guitar is not going to knock them off my No. 1 pedestal, but I find it impressive that a guitar at this price point can earn a place on stage with them. I also have an Am Std that for whatever reason I just haven't bonded with, but this Squire Tele just feels great in my hands, and cuts though the mix with my bandmate's beautifully. Perhaps because it was a demo, the set up on my guitar was ever better than when I unboxed my Les Pauls (Both purchased from Sweetwater). FWIW, my rig is an Orange Dual Terror through an Avatar V30 212, so tends towards being a bit dark especially with humbuckers. Switching to the brighter sounding Tele really works well for the cleaner tunes we are playing in my garage party band (bunch of over 40's, way over in my case, that still want to rock).

    The small things that kept this from being a 5 star review is that I'm not sure about the 9's that come on the guitar and will likely try 10's when I restring it. I might just be me pulling notes a tad sharp because I'm not used to the lighter strings. We'll see how it feels/sounds with 10's before changing anything, but the jury is out on the stock tuners. If the heavier strings don't resolve the tuning stability, I may need to upgrade the tuners.

    Overall though I don't think there is a better value on the market right now. To get a better guitar you'd have to go with a PRS SE or something in that price range, which is nearly double. For beginners looking for a lower priced guitar that will take them from zero to bar gigs or those wanting to check out a Telecaster with great vintage looks and killer tone without investing in a Reissue, the Squire CV is an awesome choice.

  • from Columbus, OH July 24, 2015Music Background:
    Professional engineer


    This guitar is fantastic. It's very solid, and sounds great. You can't go wrong for the price. Little on the heavy side, but it's hard to complain considering what it costs.

  • from Metro Detroit area June 6, 2015Music Background:
    Former gigger, now hobbyist

    Squier CV '50s Tele

    Very solid guitars at a price point. Neck is more slim than I prefer, but knew that going in. Got one under 8 lbs. (seems most are in the 8-9 range). Setup out of the box was superb, much better than the Mexi Road Worn that I briefly had. No buzzing frets (although most Tele's seem to have a little bit). Finish is glossy & plasticy (of course it's not nitro), but very well applied. Neck tint is a little overdone, but again, it's an under 4-bills guitar. Pickups and hardware are very good, not incredible, but very good. Electronics work well. Mine is not overly bright sounding, but a bit on the warmer side. I'm normally a high-end guitar snob, but wanted a knock-around git that I can mod (for fun). Can't beat these for the coin, and they really don't "need" any mods out of the box! Not a 5, only because the orangey/yellow neck tint.

  • from Buford Georgia April 27, 2015

    a great find

    5 years ago I went looking for a Tele to replace my James Burton model which had been lost in a terrible pawning incident a few years earlier. I was looking for one with the same hardware (brass saddles, vintage tuners, maple fretboard etc.) I walked in to a local music store with $800 I left with this bad ass axe and $400 left in my pocket.
    The only thing I've changed is replacing the bridge pickup with a dimarzio super distortion. not that the stock pickup was bad I just wanted a beefier sound (that and I liked the oddity of a super d made for a Tele.) In short the guitar plays and sounds great 5 years after the fact. I have no complaints only accolades.

  • from Illinois April 9, 2015

    Best kept secret in guitar history.

    After reading so many stellar reviews for this guitar, it seemed like a no brainer to make the purchase. As soon as I plugged it in, I realized what everyone was talking about...this guitar is UNBELIEVABLE for the price. Everything about this guitar is fantastic; the look, the feel, the quality, the setup... but what got my attention the most was the versatility. I play bluesy country, but I've yet to find a style of music I can't play on this tele. I have several other guitars laying around that I don't even pick up now because of this thing. I could go on and on about it, but all I really need to say is BUY ONE. If you say there's a better value somewhere else, I won't believe you. This is the best kept secret in guitar history.
    Disclaimer: Only 4.5 stars because my tone knob was loose (big whoop) and I didn't get any candy.

  • from Beaverton,OR. January 1, 2015Music Background:

    Squire Classic Vibe Telecaster '50s

    Looks great,Sounds great,Feels great. I,m very pleased!! And, their C/S is second to none!

  • from Ohio, USA November 26, 2014Music Background:
    Student and Hobbyist for 20 years.

    A very nice guitar.

    I really feel like anyone shopping for a guitar, who isn't interested in spending thousands of dollars, will be pleasantly surprised by this guitar. The action is nice and low, the neck feels good in my hand (no sharp fret edges, etc.) The sound is classic Telecaster from all pickup positions. Some may find the bridge sounding a little thin in some situations, but dialing the tone knob back just very slightly fixes that. I love mine, couldn't be more pleased.

  • from September 8, 2014Music Background:
    Church Musician

    Great guitar and great deal!!!

    It's a great guitar! Wouldn't really expect it from a Squier because of the stereotype for the brand. But it's really great!

    Also, I had great service from sweetwater! Thanks guys for helping me out on my order especially since I'm staying in the middle east! thanks!

  • from bennington vermont USA March 13, 2014Music Background:
    Musician for 35 years

    squire classic vibe is well worth the price

    this is the second classic vibe tele I have ordered from sweet water, first one was stolen and that one was also a keeper. I would recommend this guitar to any player out there from beginner to veteran pro. the price is deceiving to the quality, and a great surprise

  • from Houston, TX March 1, 2014Music Background:
    Semi-Pro Country Artist

    WOW! What an awesome guitar

    I went to the local GC to compare Teles cause I wanted a new one. I already have a MIM in butterscotch, so I was looking to upgrade.
    In the store, I started playing an American standard, and an American Deluxe. I then saw this one in the butterscotch and picked it up. Comparing all 3 using the same amp, I was blown away by this guitar.
    It sounded just as good as the Americans, and to me the playabilty and feel was far better. So my mind was made up. I was getting a Classic VIbe 50's. I came home and ordered the Vintage Blonde from Sweetwater. When it arrived, I pulled it out of the box and was blown away. The pictures online do it no justice! This is one beautiful geetar! The finish is flawless, and i love the thinner neck. Even unplugged, this thing sounds great! Only reason I gave it a 4.5, is when i took it out of the box, the volume knob fell off. I fixed it quickly. The other reason is the action was too low(which I like), but there was buzzing all up and down the fret board. With a minor adjustment of the truss rod, It's perfect now. Ready for the next Gig! And here I was ready to spend $1200-$2000, when I didnt have to to get such I high quality guitar. This thing can run with any Tele out there. Just shows to go, that the Chinese are giving the Americans a run for their money, when it comes to quality, or American quality has gone down hill. Who cares if it says Squier on the head stock! I'll take this over all the Fender's I've played. I has that nice Vintage TELE Twang to it. Which is perfect cause I play country music (real country). Do not plan to Mod this guitar at all. Thanks Brayham and Sweetwater for such great service. This is the first guitar Ive EVER bought that I havent played or seen first, but I knew I cant go wrong with Sweetwater.

  • from Flagstaff, Arizona November 18, 2010Music Background:
    Semi-pro Musician

    Lives Up To The Hype

    Love the guitar. Arrived a day early. Sounds great unplugged and super when amplified raw through my Carvin Bel-Air 2-12. Plenty loud. Great mix of tones with each pup and when adjusting volume and tone pot. Thanks for the Fender gig bag. I've been searching for a suitable replacement for the vintage Tele that I just recently auctioned. Chose Danielle Cummings and Sweetwater to make history with my collection.
    Great going and thanks.

  • from california July 15, 2014Music Background:

    Fender Squier nostalgia tele

    Don't let the price fool you. This tele has not only easy play-ability, but sounds fantastic, vintage looking and sounding, it has a sweet twangy sound reminiscent of the old days. Came in beautiful shape and set up nicely. Pickups are noiseless and a bit quiet so you'll need your amp turned up but I like that control. Overall I highly recommend this product.

  • from Brooklyn, New York April 19, 2012Music Background:

    classic vibe tele


  • from NEW Mexico USA June 16, 2011Music Background:
    Hobbyist for 26 years

    I bought it twice!

    Everything about this guitar is great. The finish, the pickups, the neck. The best thing about this guitar is that it will fit the same parts that an American telecaster will, so if you want to upgrade you can do it easily. Most people think this is pricey, but you are getting quality! I have American and Japanese tele's and I have no problems with seeing Squier on the headstock.

  • from Floweer Mound, Texas November 8, 2009Music Background:
    Guitar Player

    Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster

    The guitar arrived with an almost perfect set up. The truss rod was almost accurate, the bridge adjustments were almost perfect and the intonation was good.

    I played this side by side with my 2009 Fender American Standard Tele. No major difference in playability.

    The tone is a little more "in your face" than the American Standard. This is a Rockabilly guitar, too.

    I'm going to dedicate the Squier to the Keith Richards five string tuning (GDGBD) eliminating the sixth string.

  • from July 2, 2015

    Great sounding guitar but.....

    I purchased this guitar with high expectations based on reviews from others. The sound and playability didn't disappoint me at all. The guitar has a great feel and isn't too light or heavy but just right like baby bears porridge. The neck feels great, it has a great tone and is flexible enough to play anything from country, Christian, rockabilly to classic rock.

    The only negative thing about the one I purchased was the strap button screw stripped out the first time I tried to remove the strap. Was it just a flaw in the guitar I purchased or is the wood too soft? I am not sure but I didn't want to chance getting another blem so I returned it for an Epiphone Les Paul instead. While this was an awesome looking and sounding guitar Squier may need to address this issue as it seems others have ran into the same problem. I have read other say this happened to them and it is due to the pine body being softer wood.

    On the plus side Sweetwater was great to deal with. I will definitely purchase from them again.

  • from USA May 6, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist, amateur musician and composer.

    My friends are amazed by this guitar!

    Good sound and build quality for a steal!
    I have owned and played many Telecasters and Telecaster copy guitars.
    The Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster '50s model that I ordered from Sweetwater is as good as any Tele that I have owned!
    Although not quite up to par when compared with a true Fender 50s reissue, this Tele can hold its own for a fraction of the price!
    I had to do a bit of adjusting and tweaking on the neck and bridge as well as a minor repair on the tone knob. But that is no big deal! Most guitar players tweak on any new instrument.
    After getting the Tele set up the way I like it, I took it to a jam session and showed it to some friends. They were amazed by the guitar and the tones. They couldn't believe the feel and sound for a guitar in this price range!
    I highly recommend this guitar if you are on a budget and looking for that Telecaster vibe for your jam sessions, gigs or home recording.

  • from Bridgewater, NY November 13, 2014Music Background:

    Shouldn't have passed the 55 point checklist

    While the fit and finish of the guitar is excellent, and the electronics sound good, there was a bow in the fretboard between the 2nd and third frets that caused substantial fret out and buzzing. When I brought it to my tech, who is certified by Fender he contacted them, while they agreed to pay for the work that needed to be done, he just didn't feel that it would be a long term solution. Long story short, I have ended up purchasing a Warmoth neck and will turn the guitar into a partscaster. In my opinion, if a 55 point check was truly conducted, this should have never left Sweetwater

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