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Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster '50s - Butterscotch Blonde Reviews

5.0 stars based on 117 customer reviews
Questions about the Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster '50s - Butterscotch Blonde?

Questions about the Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster '50s - Butterscotch Blonde?

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  • from PR May 12, 2017


    I've been trying to buy one of these guitars for a while. Finally the time came for me to buy this Telecaster. Love the feel of this awsome guitar in my hands. Really amazing guitar for the price. Looking forward to some great blues tones. God bless

  • from April 20, 2017Music Background:
    Professional Guitarist

    Perfect Vintage Reissue

    I've always wanted a vintage Butterscotch Tele, and when I saw this Squier reissue, I had to have it. It's much better than I expected. I compared it to the original '51, '52, and '53 Fenders, and it matches perfectly. It's a true vintage reissue with the smaller toggle switch, rounded knobs, and the circular string guide in the headstock. The neck and body match in color, and I love the lacquered butterscotch wood grain. This Tele sounds great, stays in tune, is sturdy, and is the quality of a guitar twice the price.

    It arrived in pristine condition from Sweetwater - polished, with no fingerprints or marks on it, beautifully set up in action and tuning, with well-dressed frets, and carefully packaged. It's all you could want in a Telecaster.

  • from Arizona April 7, 2017

    Squier classic vibe telecaster

    Very nice guitar, plays as well as my mim strat and the build quality is as good as well. Very happy with my purchase.

  • from Somewhere near a cornfield. April 2, 2017Music Background:

    Real Tele, Real Deal made for a budget musician.

    OK kids. This guitar is what the first telecasters were like back in the old days when real music was made. YES, Leo fender made the first Tele with a pine body and the first few had no truss rods. This guitar has a pine body and maple neck. It has all the '52 Telecaster look that lots of Tele fans love. Squire Classic vibes steeped it up in quality too. YES, you can do a lot of upgrades on this guitar like upgraded wiring harnesses and change the pickups out and shield the cavities and get a set of compensated saddles. You can spend those dollars later as you get cash. The idea is to get a Tele and play. This is the one to get for a budget musician. Buy it and do a proper set up on it and do the gig. Its a pine body Tele and its a real deal Tele. That light weight is gonna be a shoulder save on a 4 hour gig in a honky tonk or local beer joint. For those long gigs, you want a light weight guitar.

    The cool part about this tele is you won't be spending big bucks to get this one. Yes, you can get a Rick Kelly, Bowery pine Tele but those will cost you whole lot more. I want one of those guitars too. Anyhow, rest assured that this is a real deal telecaster that you can get into your hands on a shoestring budget. You will love the tone and after a proper set up you will love the feel. Here is a tip. Get some light sand paper and some 0000 steel wool. Do this bit to the back of the neck during the set up so you smooth down that finish for a faster neck. I do this to all of my guitars. Its similar to what those pool players do to their sticks and the reason is to make em smooth and fast. Works on guitars too. Get the edges rounded on the neck too. Real tele players do this too. The idea is to have a smooth feel to the neck. You can add a brass nut too. I do this to all my teles. Just get this guitar so you have it. Then do all the mods and upgrades later to make it your own. So many possibilities but those things can be done later. This is already a great guitar out of the box. It WILL need a proper set as do all guitars. Once that is done then you will be ready to play.

    Do not let the Squire name fool you or scare you into not getting this guitar. I have played around with a lot of Squire products and played a few shows with them. Great axes. Its a Real Tele, real Deal AND it's made for a budget musician. Get one and get to playin. You can't go wrong with a Telecaster.

  • from Minneapolis March 22, 2017


    This is my first Tele and I am absolutely blown away! I played guitar in my teens and early 20s but stopped for about 15 years. Now that I am getting back into guitar I thought this would be a great mid-range Tele. Thousands of great reviews online made this a no-brainer. This thing plays better than any guitar I have ever played. It was a little buzzy when it arrived but a $40 setup made all the difference. I would buy this again. Great service from Sweetwater!! You guys rock!

  • from GA February 13, 2017

    Classic Vibe Telecaster

    This is a very good Tele. I've played mine every day for the couple of weeks I've owned it. I always take two electric guitars to every gig and usually switch half way through the night. The funny thing is my Stratocaster hasn't seen any action lately. I just go straight for the CV Tele and stay there. I'm not saying this the best guitar I've ever played but I do believe this guitar easily beats any other solid body single coil electric guitar. You can spend more but what's the point. Just go ahead and buy this guitar a 65 Princeton Reverb RI from Sweetwater and you will be in Tone Heaven. Shout out to Jason Kovack for helping with ALL my Sweetwater purchases. This one is a winner. Thanks Jason.

  • from Malone NY December 12, 2016Music Background:
    Been playing guitar/bass since late 60's. Experienced

    A bargain with some mod work

    I bought my CV in Sept '16. I've played it almost everyday since. The build and feel is great, the neck fits right in my hand(they're small). The guitar came from Sweetwater in tune and the set up was spot on. I made two modifications, 1. A new Orange Pearl pickguard. 2. I thought the pickups were a little weak, so I dropped in a set of Fender Original Vintage single coils. I then had a local tech set up the guitar(intonation etc). Great improvement in the output and tone. So for $ + $ for pickups and setup I now have a super Tele that would compare to big brother Fender Butterscotch Blonde for $ Sweetwater. Even if you do not change out the pups, I'd still use it playing out. I did before the changes. Buy one Call my sales rep Joel Helton at ext 1360 and he'll take care of you.

  • from UT December 10, 2016

    Are you kidding me?

    I have owned guitars at every price point and can honestly say that this guitar can EASILY hang with guitars in the 1k to 1.5k price range. Great looks and great fit and finish. I like it so much that I plan to purchase the Vintage Blonde version as well

  • from October 18, 2016

    Classic Vibe Tele

    My first Tele ! came with a great set-up and is a great guitar for the money!

  • from WI September 24, 2016Music Background:


    After reading reviews and seeing mostly all good and talking with my Sweetwater rep. I bought one. I own a Squier Strat and that is really good. This Tele is just awesome. I have spent $3000 on a guitar before. Is there differences, sure. But I can own a lot of guitars at this price and they play just fine. Even to gig with. Expensive no longer interests me. The finish is great. The action and tuning were perfect out of the box. The fretboard plays great. What more can you ask for. If your on the fence, go for it and get off and buy this one.

  • from Malone NY September 20, 2016Music Background:
    Been playing guitar/bass since late 60's. Experienced

    Great sound and value

    After talking with my Sales Rep Joel Helton he stumbled on this as a Demo. I was leaning towards a new CV Tele or the Thin line CV Tele. I'm glad I went with this. It is heavy, like other reviewers stated, but that only helps the sustain. I've never had single coil p/u's on my guitars but these can hold their own. Neck is very nice and the tuners do their jobs. I play my guitars through a Fender Super Champ x2 with a twox10' set up. Very nice.
    This is a great addition to my Epi Dot Studio, a Gibson LP LPJ , and an Ovation CE-44 A/E. All bought at Sweetwater.
    Even as a Demo I got the 55 point evaluation and Sweetwaters' 2 yr extended warranty. Good job.
    I'll continue to use Sweetwater for all my instrument needs. Call Joel at EXT 1360. He'll help you out.

  • from September 7, 2016

    THis wont last, get one now!

    I think this guitar ( the most heavily reviewed on the internet) is being made by one craftsman in China. If he dies or gets transferred, things could change in a hurry. already starting to go for above retail on the used market.

    and you guys....no more rosewood, no more mahogany... the rain forest cant handle it. This guitar has a maple neck/fretboard and PINE body. You wont find a better sounding guitar.

  • from Gibson July 24, 2016

    Squier? Really?

    I purchased this guitar because of the reviews. I have been doing mostly studio and play for both local and out of town artist. I did not need this guitar at all i have a very nice colllection of fender tele's and gibson les pauls both in a variety of years. I have a vintage es 335, a 70 strat my first guitar and a SG so with that out of the way i am always reading about guitars and reviews and this squier comes up several times and never a bad review . So i bought one thinking if it is half as good as people say i will have a nice guitar that for once i won't care if it gets a nick or scratch or dent. And it is everything people have said and more it has quickly become one of my very favorites the pick ups are hot but respond very well to volume and tone adjustments it plays brite like a tele should but it will rock and is perfect for them texas style blues great guitar and i still dont want any dents or scratches fender should have the group who build and assemble this guitar train them mim people

  • from Florida June 14, 2016


    Always wanted a Butterscotch Tele but wasn't willing to drop the hefty price for a Fender MIA. I tried the MIM, MIA, and Squier CV in my local store. I was a bit skeptical of the Squier name (based off Bullet Strats and the Affinity Line) but compared to the other options it is by far the best bang for your buck for under $400, Easily sounding and feeling better than the MIM and could even hold its own against a MIA. I decided to buy from Sweetwater because of recommendation and because the prices here are a bit more friendly than my local store. Got it today and I love it! I definitely did not expect the guitar to be in tune right out of the box, and the candy was a nice touch too :).

  • from Rochster man. June 4, 2016Music Background:
    Pedal steel player and now b bender tele. For 27 years

    Best tele ever

    This guitar is so good I had Forrest Lee Jr put a B bender it! Now I have the best telecaster ever!

  • from Hampton, VA June 3, 2016

    In a word - Amazed!

    Add me to the mountain of owners of this guitar that are shocked by the price:quality ratio. Believe the hype. This thing plays and sounds like an absolute dream. It's so surprising that I almost wonder if it won't be a collectors item in the future.

    All that said, I don't have anything to compare it to. I'm not among the numerous people who have this and a vintage fender or custom shop that claim this sounds as good if not better than it's expensive counterparts. I'm just a guy with a couple decades under my belt that got a little tipsy and made an ill-advised purchase based on a ton of hype. Man am I glad i did! Thank you Fender for your idiocy on this one ;)

  • from May 19, 2016Music Background:
    50 years of trying

    Just one guitar

    I have read a lot about people who have lots of guitars and have a need for a Tele, me I'm not so sure about this. personally when you get the right one in your hand it sort of clicks and that is sort of the end, it's the start of something. I got one and it feels good it's heavy and requires an effort, yes it's buitifull, we are learning together. Me I have no concept what a Thousand pound guitar would feel like (intimidating perhaps) this one feels like it was made by someone who was proud of it, in the end it's very personal. in the end it's a chunk of wood and some wire and you might be the person who might give it a voice. I'm not shouting about this, but it might be for you too

  • from May 19, 2016


    Selling my MIM Tele. This blows it out of the water!
    Thanks to Tom Maxwell, Sweetwater Rep Extrordinaire! Very patient with me and my questions!

  • from May 11, 2016

    Classic Vibe Tele

    Needed another guitar like a hole in the head, but was still missing a Tele. Long story short, why did I wait so long.

  • from NEW ENGLAN USA April 17, 2016Music Background:


    First off I have been playing guitar since 1966...do the math...LOL. Over those years back in those halcyon days of great guitars and great music I have owned (one at a time) some outstanding guitars. One that I let go was a 1952 Fender Esquire in mint condition that I paid $250 for back in 1971. After I made the purchase the seller turns to me and says: "it's a done deal, right?" I said yes. He then said do you know what I paid for that guitar at a yard sale in South Carolina? I said, "Tell me." Whereupon he utters: $60".

    I don't know if I was supposed to feel the fool but okay THE GUITAR WAS LIKE HONEY so in did not matter to me. Of course in my youth I let a lot of good things go...including this guitar!!! So many far too numerous to list here...but use your imagination. As to this guitar...I have to say...finally FENDER MAKES AMENDS to those of us who cannot or will not shell out $2000 + for a guitar. This guitar reminds me of the great teles I have owned over the years...including that '52 Esquire. It plays smoothly. It sounds REAL. It looks like my old '52 Esquire and it only cost $400. DO I NEED TO SAY MORE?

  • from BR April 6, 2016

    Amazing Guitar

    Great guitar - Sound, Finishing, and playability!
    We will not go wrong! Much better than my Mexican Tele.
    Sweetwater has a great service. Thank you!

  • from Devon March 25, 2016

    Tele Classic Vibe - Oh yes!

    Amazing. I've played vintage Fenders, Tele's, Strats and Jaguars and for 340 this is a steal. One little drawback. The input socket is alarming weak and fell apart after 2 months. Big deal. Swiftly replaced and what you have is a guitar that looks and sounds as good as the real McCoy. It's as easy to play as you would expect as well. A swift look at the electrics reveal a well put together instrument You'll have no problem putting in new pickups, should you wish. Wanna play blues, country, blues rock, hells bells anything you want with the looks to match for under 400? Look no further! Bargain!

  • from February 27, 2016

    Won the lottery!

    This just might be the best guitar I ever played period. This is coming from someone who has played for near 30 years and has owned more guitars than that including a Jem, Yngwie strat, peavey wolfgang, custom shop jackson rhoads, and quite a few guitars well over 1000 dollars. I don't make anywhere near that kind of money anymore and I had the telecaster bug and after all the YouTube reviews and reviews all across the net including here giving it high praise, I got me one...

    Action: the frets are so smooth and level with no overhang ive got my action to 1.5 to 1.3mm with no buzz at all!!! Never expected this from a $400 dollar guitar, and I have had 1500 dollar guitars that needed a fret level from factory fesh

    Fit: every inch of the guitar is tight and well put together. All the hardware feels stiff and quality and the wiring is tidy and well done; just as good as any other high end guitar I've ever owned and I do all my own setups to my guitars, so I strip all my guitars down eventually. I replaced bridge pickup with a Dimarzio super distortion T (w/coil tap) so I can do the death metal thing too . When I removed the bridge pickup I was amazed at the quality of the pickup and the wiring. The pickup sounded fantastic for its purpose, I just wanted a humbucker for a little more variety.

    Finish: Not a single flaw! The neck and fingerboard on mine have mild flame through out and with the vintage tint lacquer it makes those flames pop!

    Final thought : Everyone knows these are fantastic guitars for the money but, I may have won the guitar lottery because this guitar plays/feels/sounds just as good as any of my best guitars I have owned. I'm really surprised that Fender either A: hasn't discontinued these; or B: call up this China factory and tell them to start making these crappier, because literally they are undermining there whole tele line up with this guitar! Maybe I got the best/perfect sample of this guitar so YMMV, but all the glowing reviews aren't wrong ...

  • from January 27, 2016

    Classic Vibe 50's Tele

    I've owned the BSB and Vintage Blonde for 2 yrs now, I have been a Fender name snob since the mid 80's and always considered squire to be the least desirable cheap guitar ever made and with that I will say these are the best sub 1000.00 guitars you can get. Now with that being said the neck is a little thinner than some like and some are turned off by the 41mm nut and the chrome tends to tarnish easily...These are just nitpicky items, I've played these and put them through hours of play time and the only thing I don't like is the switch it's cheap..replace it when it quits and go again, these are excellent guitars...I've had no issues with them treated them fairly rough from transporting and playing them etc..I can't find a better guitar for the price and the build quality is excellent if you want something to mod on...As for resale not good because of the name but the value of an instrument is in the eye of whomever owns it, but the CV beats the MIM tele all day long and costs less too..So if you want a player that can hold it's own against guitars costing 3 times as much get one, don't be a snob get one and plug it into your Blues Jr. or AC30 and go with it...a lil slapback delay and reverb and you're in there like a hair in a biscuit..

  • from APO, AP December 23, 2015

    Great Guitar

    This guitar gets a 5 star rating from me because of the value packed in this thing for the price. It plays beautifully and is very comparable to higher end Fender Telecasters. Teles are such simple guitars anyway that I don't believe they should cost as much as some of them do. This is why I feel very comfortable playing this Squier as my main Telecaster. There is nothing wrong with it and the finish is great. This is one of the best values for a budget minded musician.

  • from San Luis Obispo, CA December 22, 2015Music Background:
    30 years off and on, live performance


    Shopped around for 6 months looking for the right tele. Considering my current budget, an American made never even came to mind. Looked at the Mexican made "Road Warn" series as well as the "Classic Player 50s Baha" as a good friend recommended them but still the price was a tad steep. He recommended this one for cheaper, read the reviews on this Squier Classic Vibe and at this price made the purchase. This may single handedly be the best value for money purchase I have ever made FOR ANYTHING. Absolutely blown away by the look, feel, ease of play and sound of this guitar. I'm not even playing live anymore, just home recording, hooked the guitar up to my apogee duet using Logic Pro X with built in virtual amps, the sound is unreal. Sweetwater's setup was supreme, just top notch, it feels so friggin' good to play, I'm actually excited about playing again because of this purchase! DO NOT HESITATE ON THIS PURCHASE.

  • from Culloden, WV December 1, 2015Music Background:
    38 years playing and performing guitar and bass

    Very impressed

    I have been craving that tele tone that has been missing in my gear. I bought this because if the reviews. I have seen and am very impressed with this instrument. Now it is my primary axe. I have found so many great tones in it. I was debating between the American Deluxe or this but I needed to scratch that itch now so I decided on this rather than delaying the inevitable. I will eventually get an American deluxe but for now I am content. Thanks Sweetwater great customer service as always.

  • from Shelton, CT November 30, 2015Music Background:
    Recording Artist

    The best $379 guitar ever

    I'll keep this short and sweet. I've been playing guitar for the past 40 years. I've owned quite a few highly priced and quality guitars during that time. I've always wanted a butterscotch Tele but never could find one that felt quite right. After some encouragement from fellow guitarist John McFee (Doobie Brothers), I looked into this guitar and decided to go for it. It arrived with a great set up (thanks Sweetwater!) and has been everything I was looking for in a Tele and then some. If you were blindfolded you'd be hard pressed to tell this is a $379 Made in China instrument. It feels and plays like a Custom Shop Tele, although the finish isn't quite as nice. It is, quite simply, the best $379 guitar I've ever played and probably will ever play. Thanks to the folks at Fender for the phenomenal deal. I suspect Fender will sell a ton of these instruments if they keep the quality at the current level.

  • from South Jersey November 11, 2015Music Background:
    Guitarist, vocals, bass with 25 years experience. Blues, rock, country, acoustic.

    Great guitar!!

    I have been feeling the need to get a tele for some time, especially as I am playing more country music. I am on a budget and didn't want to get a watered down, cheap version that I would not like and hear the difference. After reading the reviews on this and speaking with my Sweetwater representative, Dave Walent, I decided to pull the trigger. I am very pleased with the sound of this guitar. There is virtually no buzz. It also has great tone in all three switch positions. I haven't played out with it yet, nor really been able to put it through the paces, but it pairs with my Tube Screamer and my Fender Twin and Blues Junior very nicely. Worth every penny and then some.

  • from Culloden, WV November 5, 2015


    I was a bit aprehensive about buying another Squire after having so many problems with cheaper ones. Watched a bunch of reviews on this quitar and decided to take a leap of faith. I must say WOW!!!. This is one impressive Tele. Sweetwater had it all set up with their standard 55 point check and it was perfect out of the box. Just had to tune it up checked intonation and it was spot on. The frets are finished nicely, It has a very comfortable neck and it plays perfectly. I got all those classic tele sounds I was looking for. I have had an itch for a butterscotch blonde Tele for a while and had been looking at the pricier Fender American Deluxe which I will probably still pick out later just because it is a sweet tone machine too. It will be hard to compare the two if at all. This Squire Classic Vibe is impressive.

  • from October 31, 2015

    Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster 50

    I buy Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster 50 in the past two months, I am very satisfied with the tonal quality of this guitar.

  • from October 29, 2015Music Background:
    Rock and Roll, Traditional Country, Blues

    I Love My Blondie

    Right out of the box this guitar was a gem. I have nothing but great things to say about Sweetwater Sound. They go the extra mile to offer a genuine customer service experience. As for the guitar, it has the classic Fender Telecaster twang. The Telecaster has always been a working man's guitar and this one doesn't disappoint.

  • from Pa September 27, 2015

    Fantastic guitar

    I'll begin by saying Sweetwater is a pleasure to do business with, as always first rate service and very quick delivery of my guitar.
    Including this one I own several Teles of varying vintages and country's of origin including USA, MIJ & MIM. This guitar, especially considering the price, is as good as any of them in its own way. It has its own personality, feel and sound. In my opinion it sounds exactly the way a Tele should. Very twangy. The pine body no doubt a factor in this. It may not be as strong as an alder or ash bodied Tele but unless you do something real stupid with it this should not be an issue but rather something to embrace as the way Leo Fender first made his prototypes. The finish and hardware here are first rate. The only thing I did to it was change the blackguard for a 3 ply cream colored one which in my opinion really does the butterscotch blond color justice and makes it look a little different from the others I have. I haven't touched the setup, it's as it came out of the box, I only stepped up to a set of D'Addario 110W's and it plays and sounds fantastic. Stays in tune forever. No matter if this your first Tele or you have many this is a great addition. If you have others they may get jealous because of the time you will spend plying this one. The "Squire" on the headstock doesn't bother me at all because this guitar is not trying to be anything but a great looking, sounding, playing and feeling Telecaster and it does a great job at it. Buy one!

  • from Westchester September 22, 2015

    Great guitar- great deal

    Great guitar. Well set up- no issues with quality. Fun to play. Shows you how little you need to get the sounds you want.

  • from Texas July 29, 2015

    Great Guitar

    Great guitar for the price!
    Plays and sounds like a much more expensive guitar.

  • from Milford, CT July 23, 2015Music Background:
    seasoned veteran, always learning

    Outstanding guitar!!!

    I received the guitar in 2 days from ordering it. Thanks to Chris Sanders for the fantastic customer service. I will definitely be returning for future purchases from Sweetwater.
    Right out of the box the guitar just gleamed with awesomeness! The finish is amazing, the neck is super fast and the set up was pretty much spot on for my playing style.I would highly recommend picking up one of these beauties while the price is still relatively inexpensive.

  • from Utah July 8, 2015Music Background:
    Guitar for 50+ years; five USA Fender Guitars in use

    Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster '50s - Butterscotch Blonde

    A fine purchase! Impressed with both the Squier Classic Vibe Tele and Sweetwater (as a first-time customer). Positive comments on both that appear here are well deserved. Guitar workmanship is equal to or better than most of what I see coming out of this hemisphere. The Butterscotch Blonde pine body is a total tonal surprise... to me, at least. Sweetwater customer service is outstanding, as anticipated. I'll be back! Thanks!

  • from Fullerton, CA June 25, 2015

    Great Guitar, Great Value!

    This is a great guitar worthy of the Fender name. The finish is beautiful, the detailing of fret work nicely done. It is everything I was hoping to get based on much online research & video watching. To be expected, these guitars come with very light (.009") strings, and action set low. I prefer and soon changed to .010"-.046's and tiny raise in action. The intonation remained perfect as set from Sweetwater. It plays and looks fantastic! I also own a Squier Affinity Tele, which I am also very happy with. The Affinity is no match for the quality of this instrument, though it is fun to play too & has a different & still good place tone-wise. This guitar has rich beautiful full tone. An excellent buy!

  • from Spokane, WA June 8, 2015Music Background:
    30 years hobbyist

    Much better than I expected

    I've been needing a Tele for my collection. After reading the reviews I figured what the heck, I can always drop in some pick ups and make some modifications if I'm not happy. Out of the box I was blown away, Jeff and the guys at Sweetwater did an awesome job setting it up and making sure everything was right. The quality and playability of this guitar rivals my more expensive guitars. I haven't been able to put it down since I got it. No need for any changes, it is awesome the way it is. Still can't believe the value, if you're thinking about buying a Tele don't put it off any longer. I'd get one before they realize they aren't charging enough.

  • from Mint Hill, NC May 16, 2015Music Background:
    Habitual Jammer / Hobbyist

    Believe the Reviews, Its True

    Very pleased with the price and quality of guitar,

  • from East Bay, California May 3, 2015Music Background:
    playing 40 plus years

    Sweetwater is tops!

    Just received my new guitar Friday. Right out of the box I knew I bought right. The packaging was great, the guitar itself, not a mark on it. Playability is spot on, I am impressed. Very pleased. The tone is sweet.
    I don't know why I strayed to the other guys, but I know it is Sweetwater from here on out. Adam Chesi, Thank You!
    David in California

  • from April 28, 2015

    Great purchase!!

    I read A LOT of reviews before buying this guitar and watched a lot of videos on youtube. Bottom line, this is a great guitar at a fantastic price.

    I also want to rave about the customer service at Sweetwater. Andy was fantastic to work with and I couldn't be happier with my purchase from Sweetwater.

  • from Naples, FL April 25, 2015Music Background:
    Worship Player, Hobbyist

    Squier CV tele

    I've had my CV Tele that I bought from Sweetwater for almost two years now. This is a phenominal guitar. I have had the pickups and wiring swapped out, but not because the stock parts were lacking, just tinkering.
    I see people compare this guitar to the Mexican fenders, but really they are much different guitars. This guitar has a pine body, gloss neck and Alnico pickups. Doesn't matter what you're comparing it to these CV guitars are excellent. I have a strat as well and it is just as good.

  • from De Leon Springs, FL April 15, 2015Music Background:
    Longtime guitar player and collector

    Agreed, best guitar for the money...

    Everything was right about this guitar right out of the box. This is not a cheap knock-off guitar. It features quality from the beautiful high gloss finish to the finishing on the frets. The action was good right out of the box and guitar stays in tune. I’ve owned and played the American and Mexican Telecasters over the years and the build quality of this Squier Classic Vibe Tele easily matches those guitars. And finally, it’s the best sounding Tele I’ve ever had with classic twangy tone and good sustain.

    The Squier Classic Vibe Series is probably the best value on an electric guitar today. If you’ve always wanted a Telecaster and could not afford it, you can now.

  • from Akron, Ohio April 10, 2015Music Background:
    50 year player

    Unbelievable Value

    I've been looking for a Tele to round out my guitar collection and add some "twang" that my Strat just misses on. A friend has a '66 Telecaster that I played for a while and after reading all the reviews on the CV I decided to give one a try. This under $400.00 Tele sounds and plays BETTER than the '66. ( it sustains WAY better ) It may be made in China, but Fender has made sure the quality coming out of this facility is miles ahead of some other guitar manufacturer's product's. If you're looking for a nice looking, GREAT playing Tele, give this one a try.... You won't be disappointed !!!

  • from Dallas April 8, 2015Music Background:
    50 years

    Shocked and Amazed

    I have six Strat's, over the years I just never paid much attention the Telecaster. I had played them in the stores , but never really got to know one. So, I decided before I go to the big Blues jam in the sky, maybe I should try one. Not only am I amazed with the quality of this guitar, I can't believe how much I like the Telecaster tones. I should have gotten one years ago.

  • from April 6, 2015Music Background:
    Touring Guitarist / Worship Leader

    Best Guitar for the Money!!!!!

    I have had many other Telecasters over the years and paid a whole lot more than what I paid for this one. But this guitar blowed me out of the water. I recommend this Tele over the American Standard! This is now my GO TO guitar and it a Squier! You need to get one of these for YOUR RIG!!!!!

  • from Fort Myers, FL March 3, 2015

    BSB Classic Vibe Tele

    Bought this back in Nov `14 just getting to my review.
    Out of the box it played perfect. I was really amazed that it didn't even need a little tweeking. Now it's Feb `15 and except for string changes I still haven't had to adjust anything yet.
    This Tele belongs in anyone's collection.

  • from United States February 11, 2015Music Background:

    Just Amazing

    I initially purchased a Squier Affinity Tele for my girlfriend as a Christmas gift. She has never played guitar, so it seemed like a great starter model. But was immediately put off by the sharp frets. So I decided to upgrade. In a selfish moment I thought, "What's the worst that could happen? She could hate playing guitar and I would end up with a new toy. Sooooo. The Classic Vibe arrived. I was, and still am, speechless. It looks, feels and plays like a full-on professional instrument. I have been playing off and on for 30 years and have played Fenders. I'm sure there are subtle differences here and there, but I can't tell. It is downright inspirational. Now I have to buy another guitar for my girlfriend. If you want the tele experience without having to lay down $1000.00 +, buy this! You will not be disappointed. Plus, Sweetwater customer service top shelf. They make it a pleasure to part with money.

  • from Rochester, NY February 10, 2015Music Background:
    been playing for over 20 years and this guitar ROCKS

    The Best Bang for the Buck of ANY Telecaster

    Fantastic guitar with great playability, I few minor imperfections, The jack was never checked and it was just about falling out but that was an easy fix but should have been caught in set up other than that this has quickly become my GO-TO Guitar, I can play this baby all day as it's less than 8 lbs. These babies can get really heavy so unless you got some really strong shoulders get one under 8lbs. They are great guitars. Thanks to Luke and Morgan

  • from Queens, NY February 3, 2015

    Excellent Guitar but ESPECIALLY for the value!

    This guitar is absolutely phenomenal. Thanks Dustin and the Sweetwater team for letting me know that these guitars were worth trying out. I've been a guitarist for many years and played a friend's early 60s Fender Tele on a recent recording. Since then I've had the idea of getting a Telecaster but didn't feel like fishing out thousands of dollars for one. It took me a lot of research and continual questioning before I considered believing that a Squier could actually be a quality guitar.

    The neck is thinner than the older Tele's and feels great. The tone really is the classic Tele twang. If you're like me and you want to have a guitar that will sound fantastic playing live but don't wanna risk always bringing an expensive guitar out, this one's for you.

  • from January 14, 2015

    Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster '50s ButterScotch Blonde

    Get one before they get discontinued by Fender. I am sure this guitar has reduced sales on the Mexicasters being offered by Fender and called "standard".
    I would say the Classic Vibe 50's Tele is equal to any pre CBS Tele's.

  • from Ca. December 16, 2014

    Great Value

    This is a great guitar that came with a spot on set up - thank you Simon and Sweetwater. I really am enjoying this guitar and it alone has changed my view on the Squire line. This is an excellent sounding and playing guitar. I cannot say one bad thing about it. It is the only sub $1500 guitar I own and I just can't put it down.

  • from Indiana USA November 20, 2014Music Background:
    Professional Artist/Musician for over 40 years

    Blown away by Classic Vibe Tele

    This Butterscotch Tele is one of the best on the market for little to no money. I own three Classic Vibe series guitars and they are wonderful. The Classic Vibe Custom Telecaster is one of my favorites (cause I like Rosewood necks) but this 50's Butterscotch has spank... I instantly put Ernie Ball 10's on it and WOW what a difference. I own many high end guitars and have played them and compaired them side by side and you just can't beat the whole Classic Vibe series of guitars. Sweetwater is a pleasure to work with and AJ Becerra is not only my go to guy but a real pleasure to work with and now a great friend. He had the guitar all set up for me and ready to play as I was in a hurry to pick it up and leave. It doesn't matter if you are buying a Custom Shop guitar or an inexpensive Classic Vibe, the team at Sweetwater treat you the same... Thanks, AJ for another beautiful guitar... Buy one NOW and don't wait... you will not be disappointed.

  • from Pittsburgh, PA October 30, 2014Music Background:

    Unbelievable quality for the price!

    I still cannot get over what nice quality this guitar is for the price. Ordered mine from Sweetwater on Tuesday from Tom Maxwell and it was at my front door on Tuesday at 11am. Smokin' fast as always from Sweetwater.

    The fit / finish are outstanding and rivals my MIM Fender Lonestar. I just can't believe the BEAUTIFUL flame maple neck this thing has - not to mention the beautiful grain on the body. Unheard of on such an affordable guitar! Set up was spot on and it plays like a dream.

    Do yourself a favor if you're on the fence about this one and just get it. It really is much more of a guitar than the price would lead you to be believe.

  • from Columbus, GA August 22, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Excellent Guitar - Lives Up To The Reviews

    First off, this is simply a great guitar that absolutely lives up to all the positive reviews and I'm extremely happy with my purchase. Although this is my first 'real' guitar, I've been a professional musician for over 16 years and I know quality when I see it.

    I was initially attracted to this guitar by the sheer number of glowing, 5-star reviews both on Sweetwater and around the internet. Pretty much everyone seemed to be blown away by the incredible quality that you get for under $400. (In particular, there are some really fantastic, unbiased videos on Youtube that will give you a good idea of how nice it plays and sounds) I figured if that many people were raving about it, I couldn't go too far wrong and pulled the trigger.

    Mine showed up very well packed, nicely set up, and surprisingly in tune. The neck (which is lacquered by the way) feels great and is very easy to play on. The sound is surprisingly resonant, even unplugged. (In my research before purchasing, I learned that pine is actually one of the best tone woods and is often used in high-end stereo systems because of that characteristic resonance) Whatever the reason, the sound is really really good. When put next to an actual 1950's reissue Tele that costs 10x as much - yes, you CAN tell a difference. Honestly though, its a pretty small difference. As an added bonus, the finish is absolutely beautiful - much better than I expected. You really have to see it in person to appreciate it. Lots of natural wood grain that looks amazing with that wonderful buttery yellow. I love it!

    One last thing to show why you should by from Sweetwater. (No I don't work for them, I'm just in awe of their customer service)

    Despite that 55-point inspection, my guitar did show up with a couple of minor issues. I had some moderately bad buzzing on the 1st, 2nd, and 9th frets (that I was unable to fix with a simple truss rod adjustment) and the tone knob was seated at an odd angle. When I mentioned these issues to my Sales Engineer, he immediately offered to do whatever it would take to make it right. As there isn't a good guitar shop anywhere near me, they actually paid to have it shipped back to Sweetwater so that their techs could evaluate the issues and fix them properly. I got my guitar back in a little over a week, not one extra dime came out of my pocket, everything plays perfectly now, and I couldn't be happier! Good luck finding any other company that actually stands by their guarantees and would go to such lengths just to make sure that you are truly 100% satisfied with your purchase!

  • from August 21, 2014

    Plays like a Fender

    Wasn't too sure when I was going to buy it but really look at the reviews. It's a five star guitar and it deserves it completely! I was so surprised it was a Squier! Definitely recommend!

  • from Missouri August 8, 2014Music Background:

    It's from China, yes....but they got it RIGHT!

    I have always wanted a tele. I came across the reviews of the 50's Classic Vibe by accident. Couldn't believe what I was reading. Even watched some reviews on youtube, all very positive. I always thought Squier was junk, but maybe Fender is starting to figure out that it is important to offer a low cost quality instrument, because that is what this is.
    Finished very nicely, nothing flashy, but solid. Love the butterscotch color. Nice frets, had great intonation right out of the box. running through an 18w tube amp and has all the great tele twang.
    China got this one right. Get one before they change it. You will not be sorry, if you want a tele.

    Big thanks to Joel at Sweetwater. Joel always gives me great information, so I can make a good decision.
    Thanks Joel

  • from Chicago August 3, 2014Music Background:
    Gigging musician, been playing teles for over 30 years.

    A very high quality Tele at any price.

    This is a great guitar because it has great attention to all the details that are important. The fretwork is terrific, with special attention paid to the edges which appear to be rolled. The finish is applied very nicely, cosmetically the guitar is perfect. The sound is as a tele should be, bell like tones, very twangy. A bit on the heavy side, but at about 8.6 lbs, acceptable. I'm not crazy about the fact that it's made in China, but a well made instrument is a well made instrument- they did it correctly. This guitar can hold its own when compared to instruments costing 4 times as much- you must play it with an open mind, don't think about its origins, and give it a shot, you will be happy you did.

  • from Rochester, NY June 20, 2014Music Background:
    Been playing over 20 years, played with bands for years now I just get together with friends for fun.

    By FAR the BEST BANG for the Buck!! (in Butterscotch)

    I had trouble believing that a Squire guitar could be a well made great sounding instrument. I'd go so far as to say it wasn't possible. But after owning at one time or another about everything made I am speechless. This guitar is twice what a Mexican Telecaster wishes it could be. The build is flawless, the set up including intonation is spot on. The neck is one of the nicest I own and I have some $1,00 plus guitars and I'd rank it right with them. The sound is AMAZING.A Huge thanks to Luke and Morgan who are really excellent at helping you get not just what your looking for but the BEST of what your looking for. Luke and Morgan's help is priceless. They are more interested in your satisfaction then the sale. They are be far the TOP team at Sweetwater's and if you EVER need help from strings to instruments you'll never find a better team at Sweetwater's (in my opinion). If not for Luke and Morgan I would never have the fantastic array of guitars I have today and I can't thank them enough for their help and patience. The Classic Vibe in Butterscotch (because only Butterscotch has Alnico V pickups) is the best sounding, best looking and best sounding Guitar you could ever ask for. I am thoroughly delighted and Surprised at it's amazing sound and fantastic build Quality. It's a guitar that you can't believe has "Squire" and not "Fender" on the headstock. If your on the fence, get off and buy it! It'll soon become your go to guitar.It is nothing short of Amazing. I ansolutely Love mine!! Steve

  • from Northern Virginia/D.C. area April 29, 2014Music Background:
    50 + yrs musician/producer/engineer

    A Squire But 100% Fender

    There is a reason that this CV Tele has a solid 5 star rating and not only on this site. I have owned Fender guitars for over 50 years and as a former professional musician would hope to have garnered some expertise on what makes a great guitar. This guitar has the genuine Tele sound, looks and feel and has one of the best necks I have ever played on. The craftsmanship is superb. The action is perfect and you can literally play for hours without your hand getting tired. I am mostly a Stratocaster guy but I own a Highway One American Telecaster from some years back. This guitar puts that Tele to shame. If you can get over the Stigma of "Squire" you should try this guitar. I can't speak for other Squires (except for the J. Mascus Jazzmaster that I own which is also a solid 5) but the Classic Vibe series are without question the best. I told two professional musician friends of mine about this guitar, one of them bought one on the spot, the other bought three of them and he is also a Luthier. This guitar is worth far more than $379! If you try this guitar I know that I will see your review in the very near future. The experienced players are giving this guitar 5 stars for a reason. Pure Fender magic at a great price.

  • from State of Bliss February 24, 2014Music Background:
    Play in local bands.

    High quality, Low price tag!

    Why buy a custom shop or MIA tele when this one is available?
    Tone to die for. Excellent 'playability' (action). Good looks and workmanship. What else is there?

    Check out all the highly favorable videos/demos on YouTube. I couldn't find any negativity.

  • from Los Angeles February 24, 2014Music Background:
    Gigging musician for past 30 years...

    What's Not to Love!

    It's amazing what you can get for not much money these days! Not like the junk I had to start off with!

    I bought this to convert into an Esquire and did just that - bakelite Esquire pg, SD Hot Rails pickup, an Eldridge mod replacement circuit, and a hipshop bridge. I had all these parts in the garage, so for the price of the guitar I have a really cool, great playing Esquire!

  • from Central Illinois January 30, 2014Music Background:
    Only play at home now.

    A Nice Tele, Regardless of the Name on the Headstock!

    I'm an old guy who was doing the weekend gigging thing back in the late 60's & into the 70's. At different times during that period I used Fender, Gretsch, & Gibson. I currently own 2 PRS, a MIM Fender Strat and now this Squier CV Tele. It arrived well packaged and in good shape. I was surprised that it was in tune, except for the high E string when I pulled it out of the box. The tuners feel tight and the setup was on the money. The frets were finished nicely with no sharp ends, and the knobs, switch, and other hardware was snug & tight. When I finally plugged it in (Dr.Z Maz18) about 2 hours after it arrived, I was impressed with not only the pickups, but also the tone & volume controls. Very nice taper to both. I've had it for a few weeks now and I'm still amazed at how well it stacks up to my Custom 22 and McCarty in the fit & finish department! It is my heaviest guitar (8.6 LBS), but the pine body is very resonant. Don't be afraid of the name on the headstock! It's a really nice guitar, PERIOD!

  • from S. CAROLINA January 24, 2014Music Background:



  • from New Hampshire November 13, 2013Music Background:
    Pro musician/ hobbyist amatuer recording

    Fender Squire classic vibe Tele

    I also recently bought a Fender Squire classic vibe tele. I am not a huge electric guy but I do play them on occasion. I had to do some neck and bridge adjustments to tweek it in, which I would expect. I have been playing it through a Fender blues deville and my Devilcat "Mean Jean" That guitar is awesome, I cant put it down! For the price you cant beat it! I have played a 52 American reissue tele and I think this sounds and plays comperable. (of course I am not playing side by side I am going off memory) Overall real happy with the guitar and your service!

  • from Las Vegas, NV October 24, 2013Music Background:
    Blues student

    No need to spend $1000

    I was skeptical about a Squier, but my fears were put to rest upon arrival. Almost perfectly tuned out of the box, action needed no adjustment. This guitar sounds just awesome, and looks terrific.

  • from Florida September 12, 2013Music Background:

    In pursuit of your money's worth?

    Under $400.00 for this guitar is without a doubt a great deal. Got the Gibson LPs and 335, Jackson PC-1, American Strat and Takamines and can honestly say that the CV fits into the mix very well. Tone, intonation, ease of play.... all really good. We'll see how the hardware holds up in the long run, and I'll find out...because this is a keeper.

  • from San Antonio, TX August 2, 2013Music Background:

    Believe the hype!

    Out of the box, tuned, and plugged into a Fender Super Champ X2 and all I can say is WOW! I cannot put it down. It is light. It is beautiful. It sounds amazing! I admit to being a bit of a gear snob but this thing just slapped some sense into me. If you haven't bought one. BUY IT. If you don't intend to buy one, at least go find one to play!

  • from St. Petersburg, Florida June 5, 2013Music Background:
    Professional Musician and College Guitar Instructor

    An Incredible Guitar!

    The fit and finish on this instrument is flawless. I bought the Butterscotch Blonde and just amazed at how great the pine resonates. I changed the strings (they come with .009's and I use .010's) adjusted the pups and action and I was ready to go. Telecasters have this amazing ability to go from Rock to Country to Jazz with the flick of a switch. Roll back the tone pot and you're cranking out any style you want. The neck is an absolute dream. Mine has a nice flame on it. It might not be a nitro finish but the polyester finish on it even though it seems a bit thick with protect the pine which is a very soft wood to begin with. (Leo Fender started out with Pine originally but found out it was soft) This is not a guitar to be taken as a joke. This can be used for recording or gigging not just a "backup" axe. The pups are nice and clean and the Alnico 5's on the Butterscotch have just the right amount of output for all styles. I love this guitar!

  • from cheyenne wyoming April 5, 2013Music Background:

    Great value!

    Believe all the 5 star reviews on this guitar. I couldnt be happier. Ben Robinson is very helpful and no "hard" selling on his part.
    The Telecaster was delivered in a short time, in perfect condition. The fit and finish is exellent. It was set up and in near perfect tune. Intonation is right on. All controls work very well and the guitar has an exellent overall feel. One problem was a loose nut on the cord jack. 30 seconds later it was fixed. At this price range ou will not find a better guitar! They also sent some candy to sweeten the deal! Thanks Sweetwater!

  • from Ft. Worth, Texas March 15, 2013Music Background:
    Learning guitar player

    Great guitar and great service

    This guitar sounds amazing and looks amazing. The workmanship and materials used are excellent. This guitar is a great buy. AJ Becerra's inspection made it playable right out of the box and it was intune. The guitar and AJ's customer service are top of the line. I will make all my future purchases from Sweetwater.

  • from Chicago, IL December 18, 2012Music Background:
    Student, Hobbyist

    Fantastic Tele!

    I bought this Tele in October and haven't put it down since! The neck plays fantastic, the pickups sound awesome, and it just looks nice. I had my doubts that this Squire was as good as everyone was hyping it up to be, but it definitely lives up to it's reputation. Great, usable tones from all 3 positions. I did replace the input jack and cup with a Switchcraft jack and electrosocket. I also replaced the flimsy switch with a CRL 3-way. The pots are full sized Alphas and work just fine. All in all, this is great playing, great looking Telecaster and for it's price, it cannot be beat!

  • from Shelbyville, IL USA December 13, 2012Music Background:
    Amateur/gigging musician for twenty-five years

    Smooth As They Come

    I buy and sell guitars all the time mostly because playing a new instrument seems to inspire me, and like many guitarists, it's an addiction. I used to have many Squier guitars and sold most of them last year to buy a few Ovation Vipers and a couple Epiphone 339 Pros, which are all excellent guitars. At the time, I thought it was embarrassing to own Squires when I love playing so much, even though they have always been good to me. I own a Mexican Tele that is a really nice guitar, and I owned a pretty high-dollar American Tele last year that I sold because I thought it was a little heavy and I couldn't get the bends out of the neck that I wanted. After reading the reviews on this Classic Vibe (I previously owned a Classic Vibe 50's Strat), I thought I would give it a try. Not only is it the prettiest tele I've ever owned, but it's also the best sounding, easiest to play tele I've ever tried. I have small hands, and the neck on this baby is smooth as butter. I also get those great bends I was looking for and great action. As always, the customer service from Sweetwater is unequalled, so this is the place to buy it. If someone tells you that you're not a serious guitarist because you play a Squire, tell them to play it and I guarantee you they'll be sold. You can't go wrong with this guitar.

  • from September 4, 2012

    Wow This Guitar Overpass my Expectations!

    Well i dont have to say too much cause my rating said it all! I have a American Deluxe Stratocaster so I know "how good can be a guitar" ! I can believe the quality for this price!! The guitar stay in tune very good, the stock pickups are good and the sustane of this guitar its very good this guitar its on the top of quality in terms of price! But believe me you would not be disapointed!!THanx Sweetwater good service!

  • from New Haven, CT July 25, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Collector

    Squier or Fender?

    Have to say, this guitar is the real deal! Might say Squier but think these were a test for a Chinese, low-cost Fender. All you have to do is look at the Fender Modern Player series, MIC, priced like a Squier, and now what?
    These guitars come in 2 variations, VB (Alnico-3) & BSB (Alnico-5). So actually besides color, a choice of pickups too! Can't go wrong with either, IMO, since this guitar is loaded with high-quality, vintage-styled appointments. Not a copy of a '50's Tele but a taste of the past with some modern taste.
    This guitar played great right out of the box & with minimal set up now keeps up with many MIA Fenders I've played. I've tried lots of Teles over that last 35+ years & this doesn't disappoint. After a price-match, I got this guitar for what many used ones are going for, besides Sweetwater's 55- point checkup. Another plus buying here is seeing the actual guitar (even the weight) before buying. Great thing if buying online?
    Highly reccomend this guitar. Mine is flawless, features like it's big brother & tone to satisfy anyone (mine is BSB). Finding one is the hard thing but you won't regret it. I have 6 nice electrics & this one keeps up with the best! Don't we all need a nice Tele? Or, two??

  • from St. Louis, MO. USA July 6, 2012Music Background:
    Guitar Luthier Refinisher

    Squier Classic Vibes

    All I can say is what an incredible instrument & just as incredible is the price!

    Sweetwater treated me like a MILLION DOLLAR Customer regardless of what I spent.

    The guitar I received was actually better than pictured once in my hands & the tone, wow the tone is absolutely amazing! I'm mostly a Gibson Player & refinisher however I've always wanted a 'good' Telecaster. Sweetwater has provided me with everything in Spades!

    The candy in the package is like icing on the cake! What a sweet surprise!

    I will definitely be back & if you're looking for a stellar personal assistant @ Sweetwater give Ed Needler a call. He is without a doubt one of the biggest reasons I purchase from Sweetwater.

    Sure I could go somewhere else & shave maybe a few dollars off my purchase but at what cost to me? Believe me you get way more than what you pay for when you buy from Sweetwater.

    Will definitely be back!

    Thanks for everything Ed. :)

    Wishing you continued success!

    Robert V.

  • from Kansas City, MO June 22, 2012Music Background:

    Phenomenal Guitar

    I have had my CV 50s Tele now for two weeks and can honestly say, price independent, it is a phenomenal guitar. Mine is the butterscotch with the alnico V pickups. Out of the box it played very well and the quality from the fit / finish to the intonation and fret work was very good; the brass barrels in the bridge are a nice touch. I changed the strings to Elixir 10 46, lowered the set-up slightly and was blown away! Those little tweaks took the sound and playability to the level of my American Standard Strat.

    So far I have played two gigs with this guitar and have had several people comment not only on the looks but also keep asking the same question, How do I get such a great tone from a Squire Tele with such limited gear? I do not claim to be any kind of great player I am just a fairly solid rhythm guy but I am a bit fanatical about sound quality. My set up is as follows: I run either the Tele or Strat through a Fulldrive 2 and into my AC15C1 or Fender BDRI, thats it. The guitar just sounds great whether playing clean or pushing a bit of overdrive and it responds exceptionally well to the dynamics of my playing.

    I am not complaining but I have no idea how or why Fender is letting such a great guitar be made in China for such a stupidly low price. All I can advise is that you do yourself a favor and get one of these guitars yesterday before someone comes to their senses and they double the price, (which now owning one would gladly pay).

  • from New Hampshire May 22, 2012Music Background:
    hobbyist, gigging musician.


    I purchased this guitar on a thursday and it was shipped and delivered on saturday at 1pm!! The guitar was in tune and set up perfectly to my liking. I even used that same night at a gig and I just cant say how impressed i am with this guitar. I had to tune it once all night! The tones I was getting were just great. big round clean sounds, chimy crunch, and growling overdrive tones! Ive been wanting a telecaster forever and I'm so glad that I made the choice to go with the classic vibe. Its stunning visually and plays like a dream at a price that was easy. I have a feeling my other guitars are gonna be a little lonely!!

  • from Orange Park, Florida USA May 1, 2012Music Background:
    Guitar player

    Incredible instrument

    I have been itching for a Tele for the past few years, but couldn't justify spending a lot of money to get the sound I wanted. Then I started reading all of the Classic Vibe reviews, and I decided to give this guitar a try. Wow, is the best way to describe this instrument. Blues, Jazz, Rock, Country, and everything in between. This guitar can do it all. It's just my opinion, but if you want the Tele sound at a reasonable price, BUY THIS GUITAR.

  • from United States March 26, 2012Music Background:
    pro musician

    comepletely surprised!

    i own a mid 90s fender american tele and just picked one of these up about a week ago..took it out of the box and was completely blown away by the quality of the guitar and how well it plays...was gonna change out the pickups before i ever picked it up and now keeping them in because they sound great. The stigma behind squier is slowly fading away

  • from New England March 7, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Home Run for Fender!

    The Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster is every bit as good as the reviews claim. I actually like it better than Fender American Teles I've owned in the past. The neck is more comfortable and the thing is very well put together. Nice fret work. Stays in tune and has that classic Tele sound. But most of all I appreciate Sweetwater's customer service -- where they check the guitar over before they ship it. No more dead pickups and twisted necks.

  • from HUDSON, FL. December 5, 2011Music Background:



  • from Arlington, VA November 26, 2011Music Background:
    Part-time gig, full-time guitar enthusiast, perpetual guitar student

    In love with a blonde

    I own a '97 American Telecaster, and am so impressed with the comfort, playability, twanginess and hella sexy looks of this blonde, I can't put her down! This was one I'd been researching for a long time for, and who'da thunk it would be a Squier. I can't recommend highly enough. It was well set-up right out of the box, and was packed meticulously. I see that this model moves fast off the Sweetwater website, so get one while you can.

  • from CA October 24, 2011Music Background:
    Bar Hack.

    Overall RAting Says it all!

    This guitar plays itself! I'm stunne dby the value. I had heard that CV Teles wer a great value, but I took it with a grain of salt.

    This guitar came set up perfectly out of the box. It sounds like a tele should and it just kicks ***!

    Mac Hatton could not have been any better about the service of the sale either. I'm a budget minded hobby player but he treats me like I'm just as imortant as the "big" sales. Thanks Mac.

  • from Ft Wayne IN October 12, 2011Music Background:
    Electronic musician, Performer, Recording

    Highly Recommended

    I was told by multiple people that this would be an excellent purchase and that I would be very happy. This was coming from about 10 guitar players that have been playing for years and several techs. They were right. I love it, it plays great and it's an excellent price.

    I've already added a Fender Hot Rod to my rig and I plan on adding a Bigsby to this in the near future.

  • from Dallas,GA September 8, 2011Music Background:

    The Pine Body is Great

    This is a great guitar and fun to play. It is very resonate when played unplugged. The finish and tight grain pattern on mine is beautiful. It weighs 8 pounds, the same as my alder strat.

    When I was ready to order, Sweetwater had 5 to choose from. I placed my order by telephone. I chose the S/N of the one I wanted from looking at the pictures on their site. I chose the one with the darkest finish and that is the one they shipped.

    The guitar is flawless. Neck and hardware are fine. I only adjusted the truss rod, with the included wrench, raised the action, and changed the strings to 10s. The bridge pickup sounds fantastic.

    As far as workmanship, this guitar had more attention to quality control than either of my American Fender or Gibson guitars had.

  • from Gunnison, CO July 16, 2011Music Background:
    Hairy legged guitar picker.

    My new Tele

    I am really blown away with this Tele. I'm the proud owner of Serial # CGS1102159. This is by far the best out of the box guitar I've ever owned. The Quality run on this series is unmatched from any foreign manufacturer I've had experience with. Simply fantastic from the fretwork to the finish.
    Takes me back to Bakersfield. It's THAT good. Get one before they're all gone. You won't regret it.

  • from USA July 8, 2011Music Background:
    Music is my calling

    A Ridiculously Incredible Bargain (and a great guitar)

    Squier's Classic Vibe series has hit yet another home run! This thing is a twang-o-matic monster!!!! The tone, playability, looks put most $1,000.00 guitars to shame...thanks again to Mike Harris and the incredibly helpful staff at Sweetwater (as well as being more patient with my guitar jonesing than I deserve)!! =;o)

  • from Holly Springs , Ga December 23, 2016

    Very Nice Guitar

    I was truly impressed with the overall quality and sound of this guitar. It is very well made compared to others I have seen from other countries. Do not allow the Squire name fool you as the Classic Vibe series are great guitars for the money. Seems each year they go up in price and the you tube videos about this guitar speak for themselves. This guitar will do everything from rock, country , jazz and blues. it truly is a nice guitar. I want to thank Clint from Sweetwater for the excellent service and always a good price and value . I will continue to be a lifetime customer. The only reason I gave this a 4.5 instead of 5 stars is I really would like to see them with the Alnico 5's vs the now 3's but probably not that big of a difference.

  • from Malone NY December 7, 2016Music Background:
    Been playing guitar/bass since late 60's. Experienced

    A bargain with some mod work

    Bought this as a Demo back in Sept '16(minor scratches on pickguard). The guitar played very nice. However, the stock pickups were a little weak so I changed them out recently for the Fender Original Vintage Tele Set and had them installed at a local Fender shop(new strings and complete set up included). The guitar really sounds like a higher priced Fender Tele. The only other mods were to replace the scratched pickguard with an Orange Pearl that I found and the new strings from the pickup install(not sure of the brand, but they sound great. I think that the guitar with pickups and set up will stand up against any Fender Tele including the Fender American Elite Tele. Buy it and try it. If you go for the pickup swap I'm sure Sweetwater will install for you(recommended). I conduct all my major purchases through Sweetwater/they're great
    Contact my sales rep Joel Helton ext 1360 and he'll take care of you.

  • from Canton, GA November 28, 2016Music Background:
    Novice ,Play just for fun learning something new

    First Tele

    So this is my first Tele. I read the on line reviews and you tube reviews... and did not want to spend over $500.00 on another guitar right now. It seems this one had great reviews by many and the price was excellent. I just opened it and it was packed great from Sweetwater. The guitar needed very little tuning and I am thinking maybe it was just the weather and transport that took it out a hair. Much heavier than I thought, seems well made and played very good first time. I am extremely happy with all my dealings with Sweetwater and my sales tech Clint... and in fact today purchased a gig bag. The only reason I am not giving the guitar a 5 star rating is I am still not sure I like the strings right now. Seem a little different than what I am used to but time will tell. Thank you Sweetwater for a job well done again...You have a lifetime customer !

  • from Plymouth, Ma. September 29, 2016

    Squire Classic vibe tele 50's Butterscotch Blonde

    Overall beautiful guitar for the price. Quality control not that good. Arrived with high string action and scraping tone pot, internally and externally. Neck set was easy. Plays beautifully. Will have to replace tone pot at some point. Neck feels and plays like a vintage 50's tele. Pickups sound great. Would have given it a 5+ if not for the high action and damaged tone pot. :-)

  • from WV May 18, 2016

    Great at twice the price

    I own an American Standard Telecaster I paid $1300 for (demo) as well as 3 Gibson Les Pauls. The CV was an early purchase 3 years ago when I was just starting and to this day one of my favorites. Sound and action comparable to a guitar twice or more price. While the sound not quite as good as American Standard the play and action very close.

  • from Loveland, Colorado February 24, 2016Music Background:
    Weekend Warrior

    Near Perfect

    This is the sixth Telecaster i have owned over the years and for me it's tied with a USA Tele i bought back in '99. Great look, great feel, they really got it right over there in China. The only negative i would say about it, for me anyway, is the bridge pickup. It's a little weak. But i have found that to be common in Fenders of all makes and models, even the USA ones......unless you get a signature model like Clapton's. I eventually bought a Seymour Duncan for the bridge and swapped it. But that's a small gripe......this is still a great guitar at a great price. Perfect for a beginner or any other level of player. You will not be disappointed

  • from northern, NV December 28, 2015

    One Piece Maple Neck

    I was looking for an starter Tele for my son, something that wasn't junk. The man who looked out for me wasn't my usual engineer, I forget his name but do appreciate him for steering me to this Tele. When it arrived the build or finish were so sharp it was on an par with the American Deluxe for quality. I was wowed by the neck, (which was the first part I checked), it was very nice and playable. All the knobs actually work from the pick up switch to the volume and control knobs. It has the 2 string saddles which I like. The pick ups were the only downer. But what can you expect at this price? The neck pick up is especially dull on bass pick up. When turning up the tone knob on the bridge pick up it has the classic Tele twang. Overall, the build seems very solid, no drips from finish, it shows real quality. By changing the pick ups, I believe this guitar would sound like an million bucks. Good job.

  • from Morgantown, W.Va. October 7, 2015

    Great for price---worth more

    Wanted to get something different from the Epi Les Paul I already have and this fits perfectly! A little heavy but plays great right out of box (no need to do anything) and looks really fine. I'm still in learning stage but love this guitar and glad I got it.

  • from Morgantown WV September 12, 2015Music Background:
    Still learning

    Great play great look. No complaints

    Love it. Been playing it as often as possible. A bit heavy on the shoulder or Id have given it a 5

  • from Pennsylvania July 27, 2015

    Great bang for your buck

    Here is a great guitar for beginners or experts alike. It came set up and intonated perfectly from Sweetwater. It has a lot of that true Telecaster tone coming from both the neck and bridge pickups. It came with reasonably low action on the strings with no buzzing problems.

    I was skeptical about the Squier brand initially because I wanted a well made, nice sounding Telecaster. I was almost sold on a Mexican Standard Telecaster which is about $100 dollars more, but I read many reviews on this guitar where even quite a lot of people claimed the Squier was superior to the Mexican Standard. I made the decision and I don't regret it. If you're not too worried about which brand name is printed on your headstock I would go with this guitar. You could even have the headstock say "Fender" and people would believe it.

  • from Worcester,Ma. February 10, 2015Music Background:
    10 years off and on

    Great buy

    A very good guitar all around ,a bit on the heavy side over 8.8 lbs
    One thing that a Fender should address is over spray very thick in some spots where grain of wood is hidden ,especially in Butter scotch.
    Also poly finish way to glossy .i took 1,000-2,000 paper and dulled the finish to a satin. Also I bought a Fender 4 ply Tortous pick guard,
    Plastic nut almost all guitars even st $1,000 come with changed to a graph tech ,as well as on the tree. I had Scaller locking tuners put them on as well as their strap locks , a must if you don't want to drop your axe on the floor.go to a 10-46 string with new nut gives a bit more bite
    And paid a Luthier to set up the strings are all inside the board and all strings now even on the nut .this guitar now sounds as good as any $1,500 guitar ,look on Ytube at least 2 compared to 52 reissue and was at least as good.

  • from Ohio January 1, 2015Music Background:
    working musician

    Great guitar period!!

    Awesome guitar! The sound is spot on, plays smooth, neck is damn near perfect. Was expecting to have to do a little fret work but, smooth as silk with no rough edges at all. Even came out of the box IN TUNE! (probably due to the Sweetwater staff). If I had to find a flaw with this guitar, the tuning keys are really cheap. they almost feel like they are skipping gears when trying to tune. They will need replaced. The volume/tone knobs turn smooth and don't feel cheap or crackle or nothing. Best part is the customer service from Sweetwater. If your on the fence because its a Squire...get over it, and give this thing a shot! You won't be disappointed!!

  • from West Springfield, MA October 14, 2014Music Background:

    Cool 50s Tele!

    I picked up a mim tele a few months ago from Sweetwater. Great guitar. I just had to get one of these 50s telecaster after seeing the reviews online. The sound comparison is pretty close. The 50s maybe a little more twang but pretty close to my ears. Sweetwater has great pictures of there guitars so you can check them out. I picked mine because it appeared to be birds eye maple. Just got it today and the maple fretboard is beautiful. I'm really happy with the purchase. No adjustments necessary just tuned it and played it.

  • from Herrenberg, Germany September 16, 2012Music Background:

    Perfect for Why I Got It

    I wanted a Tele I could take anywhere without worrying about it. I have an American Standard 2009 that is my main guitar, but I don't feel comfortable throwing it in the trunk of my car in a gig bag, taking it on a train, etc. I thought the CV50 would be the perfect axe for that and I three months later, I am super satisfied. Workmanship of the neck and body is superb, although the edges of the body on mine are a bit "sharper" than on my Am STD. Pots seem high quality, and the pickups sound great through a variety of amps. It was well set up and extremely playable out of the box.

    I'm taking off half a star because the input jack was terrible. No matter what I did, I couldn't get it to stay tight. I upgraded to a Electrosocket and now it's rock solid. The selector switch also feels cheap compared with my Am STD. It works fine, but I may upgrade that at some point too.

    The finish on the neck is somewhat plastic feeling initially, but after playing for a few days, I don't even notice it anymore. I did take a green pad to the back of the neck for a few minutes to "satinize" the finish and it worked extremely well.

    My CV50 is not the equal of my AM STD, but it is a very good guitar and really has the Tele sound perfectly nailed. I can take this to places I would never take the other one without worrying if it gets dinged up or stolen. I would definitely buy one of these again if something happened to this one. It's just too bad the switch and the socket weren't up the the stand of the rest of this guitar.

  • from United States July 19, 2012Music Background:

    first tele

    Great guitar, easy to play, sounds great (to me); haven't been playing long, need a hobby as I am getting older. always liked telecasters after hearing Roy Buchanan (back in the day). Any way, didn't want to spend $1500, and this got a some great reviews so I got it. Mike @ Sweetwater was great, if all at SW are like him, this is a great company to deal with.

  • from Fort Hood, TX June 26, 2012Music Background:
    Worship leader, hobbyist

    Sweet Mercy!

    Don't want to put it down! Thank you Sweetwater Team for gett'en this out there. Shipping, packing, pre-inspection, setup....great right out of the box. Put on some 10's and with a little tweak on the neck and saddles...Wow, tone machine. Not 5 stars due to the input cup coming loose; however, I put some nail polish on the threads and tightend it back in. Smooth as butter and covers everything.

  • from Thornton, NH October 11, 2011Music Background:
    professional musician.

    Great Guitar!

    I've owned many guitars over the last 25+ years of playing. I have to admit that I was definitely a little skeptical about owning a squire as opposed to a
    "real" Fender. This guitar is very similar to a 52' reissue Telecaster. It plays well, has nice sounding pick ups, and looks great. If there were one thing I would change on this, it is the pick ups. These sound very nice, but I'm just a little too picky about tone sometimes. Great Guitar overall.....

  • from United States September 21, 2011Music Background:
    Hobbyist/Gigging Musician

    Very Solid Guitar at a Good Price

    I've owned and played a number of guitars, but found myself wanting a telecaster off and on for some time. I started looking into them to see what was available and affordable, and this model came up at the top of the heap. After looking around online and playing a couple locally, I decided to snag one from Sweetwater based on their thorough guitar inspection and reputation for service.

    I played both CV models and chose the butterscotch over the vintage blond (white). The main difference between the two is not merely cosmetic- the pickups are different. I chose the Butterscotch because I preferred the sound of the Alnico V set over the Alnico 3s- if you want that bridge to have that classic twang for days, this is the one for you. The white model didn't sound bad at all, but I think it was more balanced. That wasn't what I was after- I wanted a tele to be a tele, and this one does the trick. But if you want maximum versatility, the other model may be more your thing. Look into the different types of pickups and listen to teles with both to hear the difference. If you're a country player, or want that sound, the butterscotch is your pick, no question. Classic rock, you may want to look at the other one. Though it's hard to go wrong- both sound great.

    I usually expect to tinker with guitars in this price range- swap the pickups, upgrade some parts, etc- in this case I don't believe I need to at all. The pickups sound like I want them to, and I can't detect anything in the way of mud- but then this is such a bright, clear guitar, that's not entirely surprising. Great tone, I think- but let your ears decide, since that's entirely subjective. I will say that the treble does NOT get overly harsh- the bridge is very bright but it doesn't get piercing. Though you can use the very effective tone knob to dial out some highs if you need to- it's got a wide sweep.

    The neck is a bit slimmer on these than on any other tele I've played, which I rather like, but you may not- it reminds me more of a typical strat neck. As to weight, it's not too heavy, though not remarkably light either.

    Not much else to say- if you're looking for the classic telecaster sound and/or look but don't want to break the bank, this guitar deserves a serious look. Aside from the classic guitar-nerd appeal (the eyebrow-raising choice of pine is true to early Broadcasters), it's a well-built instrument that I'm happy to own.

    Lastly, I strung mine with a set of D'addario 120+ strings- they're a half gauge set, between 9s and 10s. I mention it because they're great on this guitar- you can still bend on the first few frets with ease, but they aren't as floppy and thread-like as I find standard 9s. Strings are personal, but you might want to look into them, too.

  • from Chambersburg, PA September 4, 2011Music Background:
    Semi pro musician, live sound, studio musician 30 + yrs

    Scratched my Tele itch

    Researched this guitar and played two models at various Brick and mortar stores. Have two 72 thinline reissues 50 yr/60yr anniversary and tele deluxe.
    just received and played two gigs. the pick ups for me are perfect..roots rock and blues..sound great in all my amps very articulate even with overdrive..very ,very pleased.. Sweetwater is the only place I will a guitar on line from...
    I am amazed at the fit and finish..can't put it down..

  • from New jersey February 18, 2017Music Background:
    10 years of slinging strings

    Very good, just make sure to get a good one.

    There's no denying how good of a value this guitar is. It's built very well and looks beautiful. With that said...thoroughly inspect this guitar when you get it. The first one I got was just about flawless, I was blown away. It played great and I was literally addicted to this guitar. When it came to adjust the guitar, boom..truss rod nut didn't even turn the rod. Sent it back.

    The next one I got wasn't as perfect as the first but it's still great. The fret work wasn't as good but it's passable, the truss rod was very hard to turn at first, but it works %100.

    Just get a good one and you're set! There's lemons in all guitar brands. This guitar is definitely worth your time and money.

  • from Madison, WI February 6, 2016Music Background:
    25 years playing guitar

    Great Guitar

    I purchased this guitar right after Christmas. I ended up exchanging an Epiphone G-400 Pro that I just couldn't get comfortable with. Having a Les Paul already, I wanted the option to have single coils. I ended up going with the Squire CV 50s based on the reviews. I can say that this is a great guitar. Being the first Telecaster I have ever played, I had no expectations going into it. Now having played it for a month I can say I am very pleased with this guitar. Jonathan Appleton, my sales rep was great in helping me with the exchange.

    The neck pickup on this thing is so creamy and rich. The bridge pickup is a little to bright for my liking and will probably change that out down the road. I like to play with a medium amount of overdrive and roll the volume back to clean it up. It works great. No pedal stomping. I would recommend this guitar to anyone looking for classic looks and creamy rich tone from the neck pickup. I can't compare this to $1000 guitars cause I never play them, but I can imagine this could be your go to guitar for live, studio and the living room!

  • from December 9, 2015

    Okay, what's the catch....?

    This guitar is way too good for the price...I was on youtube, and came across a video comparing
    Squire guitars, and the guy was just raving about the quality...went online and couldn't believe the price!
    Did a little more research, and man am I happy with this guitar. I am a real deal-seeker, and this guitar
    is possibly the most bang-for-buck guitar I own. Now, I have to stop watching Greg Koch so much so
    I won't be a slave to the chickin' pickin'! Oh, and Sweetwater is the only place you should buy anything
    musical. The customer service and follow-up (and the candy!} set new standards for customer service!!

  • from Seattle WA March 5, 2015Music Background:
    I'd say I'm a Pro-Hobbiest. I own numerous acoustic and electric guitars, recordingnd have been playing since I was 10 and I'm 59 now.

    Telecaster Squire Review

    I have to admit I have been very happy with both the service from Sweetwater and the Telecaster I ended up with. I initially purchased a different guitar an Ibanez Electric Acoustic, and nothing against the Ibanez guitar but it just wasn't quite right for me. Seeing that Sweetwater advertises that I be satisfied, I thought I'd give them a call and see how they would handle it. With no hassle whatsoever my technician, Jay worked very hard to find a replacement in my price range. Ultimately I changed guitars and I'm quite happy with the Telecaster. I wasn't sure it being a Squire if it would meet my expectations but frankly I haven't played any of my other guitars since I received it. I'd recommend Sweetwater if your thinking of trying the on-line purchase as I did.

  • from United States March 26, 2012Music Background:

    first choice

    I own one of these, it was a christmas gift to my son. when we purchased it I had 4 teles lined up on stands ranging from 300 to 1200 dollars with no price tags on them. as my son played them we kept rotating the Tele's, we all picked the classic vibe over the others...Amazing....and we still love it

  • from USA May 6, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist, amateur musician and composer.

    My friends are amazed by this guitar!

    Good sound and build quality for a steal!
    I have owned and played many Telecasters and Telecaster copy guitars.
    The Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster '50s model that I ordered from Sweetwater is as good as any Tele that I have owned!
    Although not quite up to par when compared with a true Fender 50s reissue, this Tele can hold its own for a fraction of the price!
    I had to do a bit of adjusting and tweaking on the neck and bridge as well as a minor repair on the tone knob. But that is no big deal! Most guitar players tweak on any new instrument.
    After getting the Tele set up the way I like it, I took it to a jam session and showed it to some friends. They were amazed by the guitar and the tones. They couldn't believe the feel and sound for a guitar in this price range!
    I highly recommend this guitar if you are on a budget and looking for that Telecaster vibe for your jam sessions, gigs or home recording.

  • from Blue Ridge GA USA March 25, 2013Music Background:
    Pro musician, recording artist

    It's a real Tele!

    This was my very first online instrument purchase. normally I want to check out a guitar "hands on" to make sure it has a good acoustic sound. You can put all kinds of pickups and electronics in a guitar but if it doesn't sound good unplugged you are just wasting money! when this guitar arrived I pulled it out of the box and was pleasantly surprised to find a very beautiful butterscotch blonde tele staring back at me. The photos (as good as they are) did not do justice to the instrument. so far so good. a quick check of the tuning and then the acid test, the intro to Hendrix "Little Wing". Hey,this thing don't sound bad at all! A little hammer work on the second fret to seat it properly (CNC machines have their limitations) and then on to the amplified test to see what kind of pickups,controls and switches it's gonna need. Hmmm, sounds really good on the front pickup through my old vibro champ. go to the back pickup and all of a sudden I think I'm Roy Buchannon! volume and tone controls work great, this thing is a player straight outta the box! the only problem with this guitar was it was supposed to weigh in at just a little over 8lbs and it tipped the scales at 9lbs 12oz! a misprint on the site apparently? Oh well, after a belly carve and some weight reduction under the pickguard she weighs in at 7lbs 13oz. I also carved the neck joint at an angle and replaced the neckplate with grommets and machine screws. So now I have a custom tele that cost peanuts compared to ordering the same thing from the custom shop which would cost the price of a new car!!! Thanks Sweetwater for a very good deal and thanks to my sales rep Dustin Keesberry for making it very easy................MC

  • from Houston, Texas November 14, 2015


    Well, Butterscotch color it ain't. It's very good looking though. We see it as a Peach color! Now, it's heavy but as Michael says, it's a good heavy. Now to the nuts and bolts of it. We seriously question whether this guitar had the so-called 55 point check. It busses excessively. So far we changed the cable we were using and that helped a lot. He uses a very nice 40 watt Peavey Amp.. We're going to file the frets next and change out the strings. Hopefully this will put it in good order. We're fairly satisfied with our purchase. One other thought, Michael is 12 and maybe his style with his fingers is slightly off with this guitar as the strings are slightly far apart so to speak. He does have a Peavey Stratocaster "Blue" and a Washburn Vintage Idol "Geronimo" with no problems with bussing though. Michael pre-named this guitar "Woody", however he's considering renaming it to "Buzzy" at this point, lol.

  • from STEVENSVILLE, MI September 30, 2014Music Background:
    Student , Engineer , Musician former Machinist


    This review is quite different from the other but shoud be considered. The neck is not very straight and has an inferior truss rod mechanism really cheap. The bridge is favored by many which only go by the " it`s old or vintage " hype , which I feel is inferior and will replace with a more modern type with individual string height and length . The keys are just terrible and not as good as one`s on much cheaper guitars namely $100.00 squier 51 . My Squier Class Vibe '50s Tele, is a project guitar now unplayable for many reasons inherent to the inferior quality of the guitar . This is the biggest mistake I ever made in purchasing a guitar period . DON`T BELEIVE THE HYPE in purchasing a guitar that is " VINTAGE " which boosts the price for some emotional reason or nestalgic one , the " good old days " garbage .

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