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Fender Classic Player Baja Telecaster - Blonde with Maple Fingerboard Reviews

5.0 stars based on 62 customer reviews
Questions about the Fender Classic Player Baja Telecaster - Blonde with Maple Fingerboard?

Questions about the Fender Classic Player Baja Telecaster - Blonde with Maple Fingerboard?

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  • from NEW YORK May 11, 2017

    Baja telecaster

    The Baja Telecaster was just what I needed, wider neck, higher frets enable me to play chords that were difficult before with great confidence. Simply put it is an amazing instrument would recommend to anyone pondering the idea of buying one GO FOR IT!

  • from Green Bay May 11, 2017

    Phenomenal guitar - out of the box

    I read all the other reviews about this guitar on the Sweetwater site, so I had a pretty good idea what to expect. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. Other than maybe a few intonation tweaks, the guitar came out of the box ready to play. I've been having a lot of fun with it by running it through a couple of pedals. If you are looking for a Telecaster, this is certainly a great choice.

    I can't conclude this review without mentioning the great customer service from Sweetwater. I actually received this guitar in less than 24 hours after ordering it. Wow. Jason Koons continues to do a great job of taking care of me too. Well done.

  • from April 25, 2017


    I have nothing but good things to say about this Tele. This neck should be on ALL Telecasters. Pickups are great. S1 switch is fun to play around with but would be just as happy without it. As long as it doesn't quit working, it is easy enough to just leave alone at the gig.
    Blonde finish is wonderful and appears to be a one piece body. I know that's unlikely but says more about the care and craftsmanship it took to hide the seam(s). They didn't just throw it together.
    I have an American Standard Tele, Nashville Tele and 25 y.o. American Strat that I thought I loved the feel of. They are all great and I won't get rid of any of them but I now know what kind of neck I like on a guitar. No adjustment period, instantly comfortable and I notice the almost uncomfortable difference when I play one of my other guitars that I have had for years.
    It is not a Custom Shop guitar. It is, for me, all I want or need to be a weekend warrior.
    Love it and would not hesitate to buy another as funds allow.

  • from port st lucie, FL April 18, 2017Music Background:
    20+ years playing Blues , Rock, and can fake jazz well enough


    I got mine on sale for having the dinkiest little scratch on the metal plate on the neck that I couldn't even find until i took a flashlight to see it but other than that it's perfect plus it was $ off the retail price plus no tax and free shipping. I've got my wonderful acoustic, My first guitar ever a 94' peavey predator, My 96' jimmie Vaughan Fender strat artist series, and My 2015 Les Paul Studio. All of them are wonderful and I love to play them all but my Vaughan strat just has a feel to it that I love. It's a MIM strat but that has never bothered me considering the california fender factory is 30mins from the Mexican factory. The Mexican factory tends to make more 50's and 60's style guitars which is what we crave half the time.

    I'd been flirting with a Telecaster for some time especially a 2 - 3 tone sunburst and was looking at the MIM tele's and even watched a video of a MIM $599 tele vs a $3000 custom shop 50's remake tele and I honestly couldn't tell the difference other than the custom shop tele was relic'd so I decided that I must have the MIM strat for my next guitar but during my research I came across the Baja Telecaster and I won't get into ll the extras you get with it also being custom designed with custom pickups and so on but my luck was that it was $719 with no tax and free shipping while the MIM strat wasn't on sale for $599 plus tax $650. So I chose to pay a little extra to get this beautiful Baja tele but the only downside was it was a blonde and not a 2 tone burst. When I opened the gig bag today I fell in love with a blonde that has TONE for days. This thing sounds AMAZING and it was completely setup for me. I'm used to setting up all my guitars when I get them. When you buy a car you shouldn't have to align the wheels yourself so I've always thought music stores should setup their instruments for us and that's exactly what sweetwater did for me and I mean they totally set it up. I haven't had to do a thing. It was even in tune when I got it. If you're doubting about buying then please don't.

    The staff is second to none. They called to check my order to make sure that this guitar was exactly what I wanted (in cases of fraud in this day and age that's refreshing) and were in constant email contact to make sure I was happy with everything. Joe James, Tina, Wayne, and the techs who set up my guitars are amazing people just doing their jobs but for us working people we know it's more than that. They could've just phoned it in like at amazon with whom I've never spoken to an actual person or guitar center where I don't get service or questions answered but i do get invited to whatever band the sales guy is in and that's about it. The staff are wonderful and make this company what it is. Thank you ladies and gentlemen who are deserving of such titles and I'm not just saying that.

  • from Los Angeles March 22, 2017Music Background:
    semi-pro player

    Baja Tele - WOW!

    I have lots of guitars (probably too many) and I've had my Baja Tele for a couple years or so. I've always played it, along with most of the others but I've recently started playing in a new band with a bunch of seasoned players and every time I take the Baja Tele out of the case and plug it in, they all say "Wow, don't ever put that down!" We do a little bit of most everything -- Rock, Blues, R&B, even a little country, and it shines on everything. I find myself liking the slightly fatter neck more and more and the sounds you can get with the various switching options seem endless. We were playing an old R&B classic and when I started doing my part with the S-1 switch in position 4, the guys all said, "Oh yeah, that's it!" Anyway, although my biggest problem is trying to decide which guitar(s) to play on a given night, I have found myself coming back to this time and time again. I couldn't be happier.

  • from Ma February 18, 2017

    Love It

    Haven't put it down since I bought it :O)

  • from Cortland, NY February 17, 2017

    Superb Instrument

    I bought this guitar over a month ago, so the results are in. Within five minutes, I replaced the cheesy pickguard with a good one I had laying around. Then I took a Scotchbrite pad to the neck to reduce the sticky glaze to a satin finish. After that, I had the Telecaster of my dreams.

    My one concern with this guitar was the thin specs on the nut. It proved to not be an issue. The pickups have a wide spectrum of beautiful sounds, but I am particularly enamored with the neck pickup. I also love the fact that they are truly noiseless, without sacrificing tone as far as I can tell.

    I’ve owned 6 or 7 Telecaster’s before this one, and had concluded that they could only get so good. I was wrong. The playability, craftsmanship, and response of this fine instrument have given me a new appreciation for the possibilities that come with subtle improvements. It wasn’t my intention to have a guitar that surpassed my beloved American Standard Strat, but that’s what happened. This is a player’s guitar!

    As usual, the guitar came from Sweetwater with a beautiful setup, and the customer service remains the industry standard as far as I’m concerned.

  • from New York February 3, 2017

    As always, Jonathan Appleton hits another homerun

    This is my third guitar with Sweetwater, and perhaps my seventh or eight transaction, all handled by my friend Jonathan Appleton. And I can honestly say it has all been unbelievably great so far. Just the fact that I was able to get such great deals on all these things. Deals, which beat the nearest competitor by a mile, makes me rate Sweetwater at somewhere high above the 5 stars I am allowed to give.
    This Baja Tele sort of completes my mini collection of greats. My first was an awesome Gibson SG traditional. The second was the les paul traditional. Two unbelievably great instruments. And now this little beautiful beast is my latest. What could I say? It arrived quickly, and in perfect condition. Aside from a minor tweak here and there, in the intonation dept. it was pretty much set up, right out of the box. It is a powerful, yet very melodic instrument. The various array of pickup configurations which are possible, working along with the tone, and volume controls, give you an endless array of sounds, all of which are achievable, without ever having to engage a pedal. It handles and plays like a dream.
    Having this great experience with Sweetwater, and Jonathan, makes me easily envision another awesome instrument lurking somewhere in the not too distant future. That, and my eight year old daughter just loves seeing a Sweetwater box, because she knows that little bag of candy is hiding somewhere inside.

  • from rhode island January 18, 2017

    don't know what else to say but wow!!!!!!!

    this guitar is in unbelievable pick one up you will not be disappointed
    and for matt I have the utmost respect for him as a person , he is the reason I keep coming back
    to sweetwater thanks matt always a pleasure

  • from Texas December 2, 2016Music Background:
    15 years bending strings

    I can't put it down!

    I've been a huge fan of the les pauls for years now. I've had a few strats and they were nice but I wasn't sold. I read all the reviews and this one felt like a good tester. I'm thinking about getting rid of my les paul and getting a second tele. The guitars are great, especially this one. I don't think I need the S1 switching, but it's cool. I love the v neck. It's not as wide as my les paul but I like the feel more. The tele has bite that only a tele has. You can play anything from country to blues to rock. I wouldn't play metal with this, but maybe you could. It sounds great with however much drive you give it. For me it sounds great with clean all the way to crunch. I've been a fan of the twang for a very long time, wish I wouldn't have waited so long. Don't be afraid to get a made in Mexico fender, not this one anyway. It's a solid build and I'd put it up against anything. No doubt. Buy one before they double the price. I'm sure many people would even pay that happily

  • from October 30, 2016

    Just Awesome!

    Stephen Oppenheim got this to me in 1 day! Packed well and set up perfect for me, just a fine tune and I was playing. Have wanted a Tele for quite some time, always played guitars with humbuckers although I love the sound of single coils also. Fit and finish are perfect! Switch and control are totally noise free. I was going back and forth on this or an American, glad I went with my gut, and all the good reviews on this model. So many tone options on here, easy to get almost any sound you need. Was having fun jamming some "Communication Breakdown" today!

  • from Las Vegas October 4, 2016Music Background:
    Playing for many years

    Baja Tele Blonde

    I have had this guitar about 10 months at this writing and I just want say it is a great Tele. I have 3 American made Fenders, 2 Strats and a Jazzmaster and the Baja equals them in quality. If you didn't know it was MIM you could not guess it. All the sound and tone I need from a Tele. I happen to really like the somewhat heftier neck. Stephen Oppenheim at Sweetwater is my Rep, I have purchased several guitars through him and have always received first class service and attention. Stephen, Sweetwater and the Baja highly recommended.

  • from September 22, 2016Music Background:
    Bedroom Blues Hero

    Best Bang for the buck Tele available!

    The Fender baja tele is in my opinion the best bang for the buck tele available. If you are a fan of substantial necks, like I am, this tele gets you there without having to spend close to two grand. The ash body on mine is striking and the four way switching adds to its versatility. If you only can have 1 tele (perish the thought) then it should be a classic player baja.

  • from Vernon, TX September 10, 2016


    Received the guitar this morning. Having played every kind of guitar imaginable for 45 plus years, I kind of knew what I wanted. And the Baja met and passed all my expectations. A really great fat neck, blonde finish is perfect, lots of tones available, pickups are very responsive. The set up from Sweetwater was nice, even though I lowered the action just a bit for my personal prference. This guitar is a buy and is not only a keeper for my collection, but a players guitar. And thanks Sweetwater and Ryan for the great service..

  • from Phoenix, AZ August 22, 2016Music Background:
    Fender player and collector since 1969

    Classic Player Baja Tele/Sweetwater Music

    The Fender Baja Telecaster exceeds all of my expectations. This guitar is as good as my American Standard Telecasters, both in fit and finish and playability. I am proud to own it. It has a great feel and does what you want it to without a whimper. This fine guitar, in my opinion, is the best value for your hard earned dollar that Fender produces. It truly is worth twice the price and I don't believe it has gone up in price since it's inception. I chose the blonde finish. It presents itself nicely next to the American Vintage '52 Reissue Telecaster, which I own. As far as Sweetwater goes, they do exactly what they say. The only guitar store I use. Ask for Justin Sunday, highly recommended. He also exceeds expectations on all my purchases.

  • from Iowa July 21, 2016Music Background:
    Serious Hobbyist

    Baja Tele

    How much do I love this guitar? Bought two of them, one Blonde and one 2 Color Sunburst. Currently own 12 electric solid body guitars and my two Classic Player Baja Tele's are hands down my favorites. Flawless build quality, best neck shape of any guitar I have ever played. Pickups are awesome. Unbelievable value. Highly recommended. You will not be disappointed. Thanks Matt and Colin, you guys rock!

  • from California July 4, 2016

    Muy Bueno Baja Tele

    Bought this a couple months ago and wanted to really get to know it before I wrote a review. I've owned American Tele's before and this one just feels and sounds so much more alive then the others. I checked these out at the local GC and SA before buying from Sweetwater which is a no brainer. Only thing I changed when I received it were the strings, it needed some EB Slinkys. Great sounding, quality build......just do it!

  • from Arkansas May 10, 2016

    Baja tele

    Best overall guitar value on the market. Thank you Ben

  • from Pennsylvania February 16, 2016

    Great Tele

    Before choosing this Tele, I played American Standards, an American Special, a Mexican Standard, and a Squier Classic Vibe. This Classic Player Baja SOUNDED and FELT better than all of the above. Crystal clear classic Tele tone in the bridge, and a smooth, sweet neck pickup. The neck on this Tele was the real standout to me. Just the right amount of meat, and a very comfortable V shape. Smooth maple fretboard with nicely finished frets. I was apprehensive, because I have smaller hands and some say these necks are large, but it has been a non-issue for me - - so comfortable. Fit and finish was flawless, and the setup was correct right out of the box. Sweetwater provided great service, once again. I know these are mass produced, but this thing is a work of art!

  • from January 14, 2016

    baja tele

    The baja is not made in usa so I was kinda scared when I orded. But I knew if not satisfied Sweetwater would allow me to send it back. The baja is an awesome guitar for the money no complaints at all.Loving my tele.

  • from January 13, 2016

    Great guitar/customer service where's my Tootsie Roll

    This guitar is great and Sweetwater's customer service is awesome! When I opened my, very well packaged, guitar I was instantly in love with the Tele, a display model, but it was just as described beautiful! I plugged it in and played for about and hour wiped it down and stuck it in the gig bag, I was so happy, it was time for a nice little snack, here's where it went downhill.

    The only thing I take issue with is the nice little cherry they, "Sweetwater", puts on top in the form of a little package of candy. The last time I ordered from them I got four (4) Tootsie Rolls and three (3) Laffy-Taffys and one (1) Smarties. To my surprise/horror I looked at my snack package and there were only (3) three Tootsie Rolls! Again, other than this oversight I love Sweetwater service, especially displaying the guitar and it's weight you know exactly what you're going to get.

  • from January 8, 2016

    Classic Fender Player Baja Tele

    What a great guitar. The custom shop pickups and 4-way switch take this guitar to another level. I own a couple of America strats and teles and this one plays better and sounds even better. Great set and inspection by Sweetwater's techs. I highly recommend this guitar and buying it from Sweetwater.

  • from Rockvile December 28, 2015Music Background:
    Christian band, classic rock and alternative

    Baja telecaster

    I love my new Baja telecaster and it's one of those "gotta have one" on my collections of Fenders. Nathan Wall from sweet water have been so much help with regards to all my addiction to music.

  • from Euless, TX November 6, 2015

    Baja Tele = MAGIC

    I'm gonna put a lot of emphasis on MIM vs US here because the point really needs to be driven home for those on the fence, especially in the case of the Baja Tele. I've owned many US guitars, but never a US Tele because I come to the same conclusion ever single time, I simply cannot justify the purchase. I wouldn't argue that they're not great guitars, but I'd definitely argue that many of the higher-end MIM Teles are impossibly close to being just as good. This is the 5th MIM Tele I've bought. I've had an FSR, a couple 72s, and a Road Worn and the Baja wins in every department; tone, build, aesthetics, playability, attention to detail. This is the 1 Tele I'm keeping for life.

    I think overall, the most impressive aspect of the Baja, to me, is the tone. It's absolutely exquisite. It took me about an hour to get a real good handle on the controls and sweet spots of the pickups and each of the 4 positions and Oh....My....I sat glued to my stool for the next 3 hours lost in pure and utter bliss. These pickups are the best I've ever heard out of ANY Tele, regardless of the price tag. They're just so musical and they have such depth, I can't get over it and I can't stop playing it. Clean, crunchy, or saturated, they're equally impressive. On that note, I assure you this is not just a country guitar. This thing sounds every bit as good through a JCM as a Les Paul. All it takes is some general EQing to tame the high end and you're there. Take it from me, this guitar CAN do hard rock and metal, no problem. As long as you realize amps react differently to different guitars, you're good. It's guitar 101 but there's always going to be people out there that think they can just A-B this with a dual humbucker guitar without adjusting their amps, and that's just wrong.

    Everyone talks about the neck on this guitar and I can see why, it's definitely a bat but it's very comfortable. Personally, I hate thin necks. Partially because I have big hands, but also because thin necks don't transfer sustain very well and lends to a thinner tone, which I'm not a fan of, especially on bright Tele. Every fret is immaculate. Tuners work well. Knobs, controls, electronics, etc are all solid. I've heard some say this guitar is really heavy....compared to what exactly?! For a Tele it's totally average weight and compared to my Les Paul it's like a toothpick so I don't know what to say to those people. I've also heard some complain about single coil noise. Well, it's a Tele and unless you've got noiseless pickups you're gonna get single coil noise but nothing a little gate can't immediately take care of and nothing extreme by any means. Another thing is the pick guard, I've read some have had issues with it bowing and not lying flat, well not on mine. Perfect fit. As for looks, what you see is what you get. It's beauty is in the simplicity. I could care less if my guitars have fancy binding, flamed tops, mother of pearl inlays, etc. What good does any of that even serve in terms of how the guitar plays and sounds? None. The grain of the ash really comes thru a lot better than the pictures suggest, at least on mine. The neck pocket is dead on. I've looked it over and see no flaws whatsoever. The only complaint I have is not about the guitar, it's about Fender not throwing this thing in a decent case. For 800 dollars and considering this guitar is an absolute gem, throw your customers a bone Fender, come on. That's about it for me. I think this guitar is incredible and now I know why there are so many rave reviews out there for it, because it's deserving of such praise. Anyone considering an absolutely awesome Tele and debating the US Standards and Deluxes, trust me on this, all you're paying for is American labor and a good case, and with the Deluxe you get yourself some aesthetic upgrades. But I promise you this Baja will go toe to toe with them any day, and probably win.

  • from Piedmont, AL October 31, 2015

    Fender classic Player Baja Blonde Telecaster

    I got this for my husband for our anniversary and it was the best gift I have ever gotten him! And the best he has ever gotten from anyone! He loves it! He has been playing guitar since he was 8 and he is 26. Banjo since he was 6. Tele Sounds amazing! Better than I ever expected from a guitar! And the customer service is awesome!!! They are so kind and helpful. They helped me find the perfect gift for my husband! I keep telling ppl about sweetwater bc of the customer service and the beautiful telecaster. I'm looking to purchase an amp next. Best service and best sounding and beautiful guitar!!!! Thank u SweetWater!!!!

  • from Long Island, NY May 14, 2015

    Fender Baja Telecaster

    I've owned quite a few Telecasters during my lifetime. I've always been a fan of the "blonde" maple neck Telecasters but when I was able to purchase my own American Standards back in the early 90's the Blonde was not a color being offered. So I bought a 3 tone sunburst and a black Telecaster both with rosewood fretboards but deep in my heart, I wanted the classic blackguard blonde Telecaster. Been playing those American Standards ever since...until last week when I ran into a Baja Telecaster.

    It only took a few minutes to convince me that the Baja, is made just as well as my American Standards. Oh trust me, I compared the hell out of them. What sold me (albeit from the color and maple neck) was the Broadcaster pick up, the vintage brass saddles, the S-1 Switching and the secret weapon, the 4th position....why they don't put these on today's American Standard, is beyond my comprehension.

    Nowhere else can you find this combo on any guitar. The tones the Baja creates is simply magic. The baseball bat sized neck is awesome. The brass saddles, are awesome (I have had no issues intonating them) and for some reason, fretting chords and whatnot seem easier then with the six saddle types I am more familiar with.

    When I purchased my American Standard Telecasters, they cost me $550 brand new with hard shell case and when I saw the price tag on the Baja, it convinced me, that I was getting the better end of the deal here. A fine quality guitar for under $800? How could I NOT go home with one?

    As a dedicated guitarist who loves his Telecasters and everything "tele-related" I think this guitar is the BEST bang for the buck anyone will find. It's truly Fender's best selling model for a reason.

  • from Warwick, RI USA December 21, 2014Music Background:
    Semi Professional Multi Instrumentalist (gig 30-40 times per year)

    ANOTHER...Awesome Baja Telecaster

    I believed before I opened the box that I would love this guitar, partly because I'd owned a Baja Tele previously, and partly because I'm familiar with Sweetwater's attention to detail. When I placed my order, I had every reason to expect an awesome guitar and a great overall buying experience, and I was NOT disappointed.

    I was the proud owner of a 2014 Vegas Gold Baja Telecaster (among many other Fender guitars) for several months and loved the instrument. I always take a Strat and a Tele to a gig and this one quickly became my "go to" Telecaster. Unfortunately, my guitar playing daughter also loved it and kind of borrowed it. Like, forever.

    I knew I would need to find another and having had GREAT buying experiences with Sweetwater, I kept my eye on the website, looking for a nice light replacement. One of the best features of the SW site is that the guitar you are looking at is the actual guitar you are buying. All the pertinent info is there, along with high resolution photos, and the WEIGHT of the instrument is shown, so when I saw one available at under 7 lbs., I knew I had to have it, so I placed my order.

    Fast forward two days, (fast FREE shipping!), my new Baja showed up at my door. Straight out of the box, I knew I had a good one. Intonation was spot on, though I'll probably tweak the action a bit. Everything else (fit and finish, quality of pickups and other parts, etc., playability and tonal options) are all a top notch. I love the chunky V shaped neck and the CS Broadcaster and Twisted Tele PUPS, along with the S-1 switching allow you to play just about anything.

    To anyone considering one of these, don't hesitate!

    To Ed. N. (Sales engineer) and the folks at Sweetwater, thank you and keep up the good work!

  • from New York December 20, 2014Music Background:

    Great Guitar And Outstanding Service

    What got me interested in buying a telecaster was that I always admired a lot of the great country pickers, so I wanted to start playing some country style picking. I'm mainly a rock guitarist, but I also enjoy other styles of music like blues, jazz, and country and my main guitar is a Les Paul. But a Les Paul just doesn't cut it when you are trying to get that country twang. So when I was in a store of a major guitar retailer I happened to be talking to another customer about guitar necks and how I like a guitar with a thick neck profile. As soon as I said that the salesman pulled down a Fender Telecaster Baja and put it in my hand. My exact words were "that's what I'm talkin' bout". The neck on the Baja was so comfortable. The reason why I didn't decide to buy it was because it had a gold speckled paint job. So I went online to check it out at Sweetwater and I am glad I did. I have to admit I was nervous about buying a guitar online and the dealmaker or breaker was going to be how the neck was going to feel in my hand.The feel of the neck was consistent with the one I tried out in the store. So if you are like me, and you like a guitar neck with a bit of beef to it, this is the telecaster for you. The fact that Sweetwater gives you pictures and serial numbers of the exact guitar that you would be buying is a great help. The care that they take in packaging and protecting your guitar is top-notch and the speed at which you receive your order is outstanding. I ordered this guitar on a Wednesday evening and received it by that Saturday. Great job guys!

  • from Spartanburg, South Carolina November 4, 2014Music Background:

    Outstanding Guitar

    I've been playing guitar off and on for fourteen years, and this is by far the best guitar I have ever owned. I was fortunate enough to pick one that has a single piece ash body and the neck profile is fantastic. Granted my previous experience has been with two affinity tele's and more recently a classic vibe 50's tele, same color obviously as I am a blackguard tele guy. I replaced the factory 10's with 11's to beef up the sound and all I can say is wow. The custom shop pups sound great through my blues junior iii, and the four way switching and S1 switch give it some unique sounds, all of which I find useful in various circumstances. Great for all genre's from blues, classic rock, country and then some. This one is definitely a keeper.

  • from Bellingham, WA October 24, 2014Music Background:
    amateur guitarist

    Great guitar, great service

    This is the first time I've bought a guitar by mail. I have to say the guitar itself is incredible, great sound, everything works perfectly. Guitar was in pristine condition and packed extremely well, arriving in excellent condition. The folks from Sweetwater were terrific, following up after the sale to every detail of the shipment, and even Emailing me when Fedex delivered it. Incredible company, fantastic customer service. I would never hesitate buying anything from them.

  • from Baltimore, Md. July 12, 2014Music Background:
    Amatuer musician, hobbyist

    Baja Tele

    Except for an occasional static when touching the pick guard this instrument plays exceptionally well. I was worried about the bridge and intonation issues. None. It also stays in tune amazingly. I've tuned it maybe twice. The plethora of sounds you can get with the setup is totally blowing my mind. From amp to amp to recording it morphs into whatever you can imagine. Truly an outstanding instrument at a truly affordable price. Every guitarist should have one. I wasn't sure I would like the wider neck but in just a few weeks it has become my favorite. I also have a '90 Tele Deluxe Plus, a (I think) around a 2005 Nashville Tele, which I adore and a Mexican Strat that a friend put American Strat pickup setup in, all with rosewood fingerboards and I still favor the feel of the maple neck, size and all. This guitar is a winner.

  • from Moscow Mills, MO July 6, 2014Music Background:
    Amature musician have played for 30 years

    Wow I'm Impressed

    Got this Baja Tele four days ago. Was delivered as expected and it was set up great right out of the box. This is not the first guitar I have ordered on line but it was the first from Sweetwater. I will absolutely order from them again! Fit and finish on this axe are great, and when I plugged it in it played and sounds fantastic!! Thanks Mike for all your help with this purchase. If you like Tele's this is a must buy guitar. Thanks Sweetwater for your attention to detail!!

  • from Salem, VA March 17, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Recording Artist

    Sweetwater Rocks!

    Mike Picotte is just awesome to work with. I had my new Baja Tele in just two days! Awesome customer service as usual. I got a phone personal telephone just about an hour after my purchase. Nice personnel touch. Thanks Mike!

    My guitar arrived in perfect condition and as is Sweetwaters policy the performed a 55 point evaluation for FREE to make sure it would sound great when I started playing. I so appreciate that I didnt have to take it somewhere and have it checked. After I let it warm up to my environment and tuned it (all guitars ship with the strings loose to protect them) it sounds really awesome! Wow is all I can say about this Guitar! The tones are simply amazing... from Blues, Jazz and Rock... I can get every tone I have ever played out of this baby. It really is a special guitar... worth way more than than the current price. Ive been playing for over 40 years and I can tell you.. for the money, this thing is a Tone monster. Simply Amazing! Thanks again Mike and Sweetwater! You guys Rock!

  • from United States October 2, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist player, luthier, and amp builder - Tone freak

    Incredible Value

    First, I own lots of guitars, most of them higher end instruments (Gibson, PRS, Fender Custom Shop, James Tyler, Martin), so I have some background with exceptional instruments. I also build guitars for fun (yeah, I'm nuts).

    All that said, I would rate this guitar as better than a few, and as good as most of my other guitars, at less than 1/3 the cost. By far, the best value I have come across in guitars. Let me give you some highlights.

    Tone: While this is a highly personal area, I find this guitar (especially through a Vox AC amp) to be exceptional in tone and versatility. Utilizing a four position switch instead of a three position allows the addition of a "both pickups in series" option that is absolutely stellar. The switching system that puts the pickups out of phase when running both gives you two sounds that you just don't expect, but that I find very useful. And of course, the traditional Tele sounds are there, which is why you were looking at this in the first place. Tonally, I would use this guitar for rock, blues, jazz, and country and feel like I have all of my bases covered. It's probably not a great metal guitar.

    Playability: I was a little concerned when I purchased the guitar that the gloss finish on the neck would be "sticky" like some past gloss necks I have played (including my EJ Strat). It isn't. This neck is smooth and fast. I like to bend strings violently and the neck and frets play like butter. Being a Tele, the guitar has great balance both sitting and standing. In short, it's one of the most playable guitars I own.

    Fit and Finish: Mine is flawless. The ash grain showing through the finish is subtle, but beautiful. There are no drips, runs, or misalignments.

    Things I would improve if I were Fender: I'm not crazy about the nut. The strings sometimes stick while tuning. It's not a major drawback, but I've been spoiled with Graphtech TUSQ nuts, so I notice. Also, the bridge is great for vintage cred, but it is impossible to get perfect intonation across all strings. Again, it's a minor issue, seeming to have little effect on the guitar's sound. Finally, locking tuners would have been nice. The vintage style tuners are not bad, but I'm spoiled when it comes to string changes, which locking tuners make much easier.

    Final Thoughts: If you want a Tele you owe it to yourself to check this one out. Dollar for dollar it is the best guitar I own.

    A word on Sweetwater: I received this guitar the day after I ordered it. It had been set up very well. My sales engineer called both before shipping and after I received it to make sure i was happy. Honestly, every Sweetwater order I have ever placed has gone this way. Who else is doing customer service like that? I don't know of anyone. Buy it here.

  • from Fargo, ND September 30, 2013Music Background:

    The last tele you'll ever need

    I bought one of these secondhand off of a friend of mine for $150 and it is the best purchase I have ever made. I have compared it to American special, standard, deluxe and reissue models owned by friends of mine and I prefer mine over every one of them.
    The custom shop pickups have a great sound to them. Plenty of snap in the bridge and some nice warmth in the neck (though it still has some great single coil bite). The fourth position is awesome as well during solos and lead playing. It saves me from having to hit a boost pedal, as the increase in thickness and volume is just enough to make it stand out in the mix. They can actually handle a decent bit of drive before getting too noisy. I use the bridge pickup running through an EAR Electronics Over/Under (TS808/Klon Clone combo) with the Klone side on into a Vox Satchurator into an Orange amp set with the gain at about 11 o'clock and I get the perfect rock rhythm tone. I can then switch the distortion off, turn my comp, chorus and reverb on with the neck pickup and I have a perfect jazz or fusion tone. With a little tweaking you can even get a super warm contemporary jazz tone. Of course you can easily get country twang out of this puppy, but that goes without saying.
    The neck is probably my favorite part. Thin necks are great for shred, but you can't beat a nice chunk of maple like this one in terms of tone and feel (especially while playing chords). The combination of pickups, thick neck and ash body make for one of the best tones I've heard out of a tele.
    If this beauty was ever stolen from me I would buy another one in a heartbeat. It actually made me put my other guitars in storage. Now I just play this and my Ibanez (for when I really need some trem action).

  • from Menasha, WI May 26, 2013Music Background:

    The Incredible Sweetwater Strikes Again

    The level of customer service that Sweetwater provides is unsurpassed today. In an era of increasing automation and dehumanized customer service, Sweetwater does it the old fashioned way, and they do customer service at the highest level. I can wholeheartedly recommend Sweetwater to the upcoming buyer.

    As for the Baja, its great. Vintage and modern together in a wonderful form!

  • from Minneapolis, MN April 17, 2013Music Background:
    Gigging Musician

    Excellent Customer Service

    This guitar sounds great, looks great and feels great. I just got it a couple days ago, and I haven't taken it to get set up, but I don't even think it really needs it. They really take care of your order before it arrives and I would buy from Sweetwater again in a heartbeat.

  • from Charleston, WV February 27, 2013Music Background:
    Semi-pro guitar player/singer

    My new best friend

    I bought this Baja on a whim. I'd never seen one until I watched a review on YouTube. I absolutely love everything about it. It's the finest guitar I've owned in my 30+ years of playing. If you're looking for versatility, it has it all. A true piece of art!!

  • from California January 5, 2013Music Background:
    Guitar Player.

    If you're looking for a KEEPER Fender Guitar...

    Past the Honeymooning Phase, so here we go...

    Look no further than here. This guitar performs and sounds exactly the way it is described... Go on and research a bit and see just how many people have discovered the hidden gem that is, the Fender Baja Tele. It is just what it is, a Fender Custom shop that has been deisgned and made in America (Parts) and assembled in Mexico. As a friend of mine put it, you're getting 7/8 of a Custom Shop Nocaster for 1/8 the price. I would love to actually A/B one of these next to an actual re-issue myself, I bet I would favor this guitar, because it would take quite a bit to top this one.

    I just recently sold a nice, American Made Fender Strat... I loved it, but it just wasn't doing it for me. I usually play Gibsons, but I wanted some Fender tones, but the transition from the Strat to my LP or SG just wasn't goin on... Sold it, still craving Fender.

    Never knew about these until recently, researched them a little and decided to take a gamble. I will never sell this guitar!!! In fact I'm selling a couple that I know just will no longer get played now that I have three perfect guitars, I'm pretty much good to go, and can cover all the bases with what I have.

    The quality is absolutely on par with the American built guitars, this tele is built like a tank and I have no complaints about ANYTHING. The fingerboard edges are perfect, the nut is perfect and the tuners work just the way tuners should, they stay in tune!!! It arrived in a GIG BAG perfectly in tune and set up, I was impressed (But that is why I will only buy new guitars from Sweetwater from now on). But I may get a case for this afterall.

    The neck, I love it, transitioning from this to either one of my Gibsons is not an issue anymore. This neck plays like buttah!!! I am grabbing any note or chord I want effortlessly, it is just EASY to play... It's amazing.

    A lot of people talk about modding this from a 4 way switch back to a 3 way... Ummmmm, WHY?!?!? PURE AND UTTER CORK SNIFFERY!!!!The 4 way switch is great, nothing wrong with MORE options, don't like em', then don't use em'... And I am really digging some of the out of phase tones that are just there if I want them...

    Now, on to these pick-ups, some of the best I've played or heard out of ANY guitar... VERY Musical and very versatile. You can pretty much do everything with this one guitar, surf, country, rock, punk, clean, dirty, metal, anything. In fact my wife kept sticking her head out the door the other night telling me that she couldn't believe how good this guitar sounded, lol, but don't worry, my Gibsons ain't goin' nowhere!!!

    Bottom line, this guitar feels better in sooooo many different ways than my American strat did, way more solid, no rattles, more sturdy, more musical, more comfortable, better neck, more sustain (which I have to note is unreal for a bolt on neck!!!! KUDOS!!!!) it's just, simply put, a BETTER guitar, and I'm 110% happy I own one.

    Couldn't recommend this one more!!!

  • from United States October 16, 2012Music Background:
    Musician, hobbyist, cover/church bands

    First and last tele you will ever own !

    Was in the market for a tele and was looking at the american standard then this baja tele caught my eye. I was like same pickups, but with more tonal options because of the wiring, for like 500 dollars less. The soft V neck is by far my favorite neck that Fender has ever made. Not to thick and not to thin and feels amazing. Once you plug in and play this you will wonder why you would ever want to spend thousands of dollars on a custom shop, when this one feels and sounds amazing. Blind fold someone put a 3 thousand dollar custom shop, then slide this and I bet you cannot tell the difference. Worth every penny. They could charge 1500 for this and it would still be worht it. Try one for yourself and you will see what you have been missing. When was the last time you plugged in and found yourself stuck on one pickup because it just sounds so smooth ? For price and product you cannot beat this guitar period.

  • from Philadelphia, PA USA August 13, 2012Music Background:
    gigging musician, music teacher

    Great product, even better service.

    This is an amazing sounding and playing telecaster. Read raving reviews all over the place and finally caved in. The extra pickup configurations make this guitar one of the most versatile teles you can get. Testament to this is the fact that Fender swapped out standard American tele pickups for the twisted tele and broadcaster bridge this year. They are well balanced, and really capture that quintessential tele tone. The guitar I received was flawless - set up to perfection and at my door step only 2 days after ordering. But the most phenomenal thing about my purchase was the customer service. My personal sales rep went so far as to hand pick me a unit under a certain weight (my only concern about buying a guitar online). The only problem I've had is with the included Fender gig bag, but it has been replaced by sweetwater, free of charge. I'll never buy anywhere else again.

  • from kingsland , tx January 13, 2012Music Background:
    pro musician

    great guitar

    I have several different amps,& each one sounds really great with this guitar. I also have several brand name guitars ,I can't seem to put this Baja down. luv it.

  • from MI May 25, 2011Music Background:

    Great Guitar!

    There is already a very detailed review on here that is spot on. I however, would just like to add another review agreeing that this is a lot of guitar for the money. What a great deal. Best guitar bang for the buck I have ever bought!

  • from CA May 14, 2011Music Background:

    GREAT bang for the buck!

    I got my Baja from Sweetwater a few weeks ago, and am completely blown away by the quality. I had researched tele's for months and played several, although never played a Baja as all the local stores did not have them in stock. I knew I liked the soft-V necks already, and went for it.. Incredible! Mine weighs only 7.3 pounds, and just feels right all over. The twisted tele and broadcaster pickups sound amazing. The fit and finish is gorgeous. I have read numerous reviews on the Baja (overwhelmingly positive), and I agree. You will not get more guitar for your money if buying a brand new telecaster. Sweetwater also made the transaction so simple, my service rep was great and what really iced the deal for me was being able to see THE EXACT guitar I would be getting. Sweetwater is doing it right by listing the serial #'s, photos and the weight of the exact guitar you would be receiving, as far as I know, no other major retailers go through that much trouble. That made my decision much easier, and gained them a repeat customer. 5 stars for the classic player Baja.

  • from Northern NJ, USA April 9, 2007Music Background:
    Been playing guitar for 40 years. Formally jazz trained, but experiences range from garage bands to pro heavy metal and funk show bands.

    All a Telecaster Should Be.....And Then Some More...

    Wow! From five feet away, this gorgeous instrument appears to be a vintage '52 Telecaster. Mine has highly figured ash grain with translucent honey blonde finish and amber tinted neck and old-school spaghetti 'Fender' logo.

    But the Custom Shop added some genuinely excellent changes that take this classic Tele kit to the next level. Yes this one can get the classic twang and mid-pickup tones Tele's are known for. But with the 9.5 inch radius fretboard (flatter than a real vintage '52) and larger frets, you can bend notes and not fret out. There is also the 'S1' switching that kicks your pickups in/out of phase, as well as a fourth position on the pickup selector blade switch that can route both pickups in parallel for a fatter sound closer to a humbucker.

    I am primarily a Stratocaster player, but found there was some range of tones I was not able to get since I sold my '66 Telecaster. This one gets them. Although with the Twisted Tele pickup in the bridge position, the treble pickup sounds in the Baja Tele are bright yet not ice-pick like.

    Fit and finish on this instrument show a great deal of pride. The neck fits tightly in the body pocket, electronics work flawlessly and fret ends are finished smoooooth not rough, showing extra attention to detail. Mine arrived from Sweetwater with proper intonation and setup for nice low action. The neck is somewhat chunky and the body is heavy in weight. There are no buzzes or false harmonics anywhere. Unplugged, this Tele has a nice woody sustain, and plugged in, well it gets classic Tele and then some.

    Simply put, this is one heck of a lot of Telecaster for the money, blending best of new school and actual versatility a player can use....into an old school looking Tele. A great instrument!

  • from Suffolk, VA April 21, 2017

    Baja Tele is Bad A$$

    This guitar is dripping in vintage vibe! I was looking for a Telecaster that had some soul to it and this guitar delivers the goods. I played both an American Pro and the Baja at my local Guitar Center. Was hawking Sweetwaters website daily for a nice light one to pop up then pulled the trigger. The neck carve and the overall vibe is what sold me on the Baja... the neck shape for my somewhat large hands is probably the most comfortable I have tried.

    The American Pro is a very nice instrument but to me it lacked character that this axe had. Just about perfect. The only reason I gave 4 1/2 stars was the pick guard is cheap feeling and the fret edges are not perfectly smooth, does not really bother me but I will eventually take to my guitar tech to smooth out. Quality is very very close to the American, no joke. If you are on the fence, DO IT!!!!!

  • from NJ January 27, 2017Music Background:
    old pro

    baja tele is great

    The blonde baja tele is an excellent guitar at any price, but it is an exceptional value at this price. It's very well made. It looks, sounds, and plays great. Very solid all around, good electronics, and extra versatile with the modern switching system.

    The only reason I gave 4.5 stars instead of 5, is they should've reversed polarity on one of the pups to cancel hum in combined settings. All single coil guitars hum, but this was a stupid oversight missing an easy improvement. But, don't let that dissuade you. Again, all teles hum. The pups do sound great.
    If you want a tele, this is an excellent choice.

    Sweetwater's customer service is outstanding in every way. You can buy here with confidence.

  • from Florida December 4, 2016Music Background:
    Weekend warrior

    Really good quality

    Mexican Fenders carry sort of a bad reputation. Perhaps there is good reason for this as I have never owned any other MIM Fender but this one has really impressed me. The build quality really seems top notch.the frets a smoothly tapered. The electronics are really great. The tonal options of this guitar are wide, from the twang you want from a Tele to a much fuller, almost Gibson like tone in that 4th position of the pickup switch.
    The tuning is very stable and always seems to be in tune when I pick it up. It has become one of my favorite guitars and I would put it up against any of the lower end American made Teles in feel and tone.

  • from Southernman November 12, 2016


    The baja tele is a really good guitar. I was reluctant to purchase a guitar without being able to get my hands on it before purchasing. I took a chance and wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. I highly recommend Sweetwater’s Sales Engineer Mike Baldonado - Mike is a real pro. If you have a need for gear or questions about gear he’s knowledgeable and made sure I had a good experience.

  • from jamesville n.c. August 10, 2016Music Background:
    playing 40 plus years

    A Fantastic Telecaster

    To anyone considering aTelecaster Gibson/Humbucker fans included. Beginners to people playing for a living. This is the one. Pros, Fit & finish body,neck and fretboard are great.Looks like a 52. Ash body, maple neck Custom Shop pickups. Four way selector with S-1 switch. 9.5" soft V radius medium jumbo frets. Cons comes with an average gigbag only thing that prevented 5 stars. This guitar is probably the best value in the Fender line. All the plus features in this would cost you twice the price in any of the other teles. Don't worry about this being built in Mexico.The overall quality is as good as any of the American built ones & it represents alot better value. The spectrum of tones you can get out of this thing are amazing. Chicken pickin,shhhhht kicken,finger licken country twang. Cool jazz,blues or rock This one will play it all. Only thing that delayed me pulling the trigger on this one was the reviews of the neck. Most of them said what a chunky neck this thing had even Allen Abassi of Fender. One respected guitar magazine review said the only con would be that this guitar would not be a choice of the thin neck small hand crowd. Well I am of the thin neck small hand crowd and believe me this neck is not an issue. It is a 9.5 radius not a thick 12" rounded radius as found in the late 50s gibsons. It plays great even if you have small hands & the V profile makes it great for laying in your hands for string bends, sustain & vibrato. Do yourself a favor and get this one before it is no longer available or they change it for the worse. Make sure you order it from Sweetwater these guys are great. Ask for Matt Mckible he is a professional sales engineer, good guy, & more important a guitar dude.

  • from May 14, 2016

    Great all-around telecaster

    I started playing electric guitar on a low budget, Telecaster copy. What I wanted was a Jazzmaster. It was what all of my favorite bands were using. However, I never knew what the model was called because (a) there was no internet or way to research, and (b) being an awkward, ignorant teenager in flannel and black tights describing an unidentified guitar to music store in a small-ish southern town. However, they were more than happy to take my money in exchange for an ridiculously over priced "Telecaster" and the wisdom of "Anything they're doing on a weird fish shaped guitar with the pickups shaped like sticks of butter and some bicycle hardware [my description of a Jazzmaster--at the time] you can do with a Telecaster."

    I've been through lots of guitars since then. Some form of "parts" Telecaster has always been with me. I've recently gotten obsessed with them again for songwriting, recording, band practice/performances. I began looking for new primary/backup Telecaster. I was on the fence between this and the newer 50's Road Worn Tele's with lighter relic finish. The Squier CV's are amazing guitars, as well, but I knew I wanted a different neck. Some of the neck "relic-ing" on the Road Worns is between perfectly comfortable and too much--needs to be experienced first hand. I already had a Baja neck on my latest Partscaster. I love it! I wasn't impressed with the Tex-Mex pickups I've used in the past. I tend to always mod many of elements of my guitars as well as add series/phase switch-ability.

    So, all of that combined with stellar reviews and a slightly cheaper price made the Baja most attractive. It's perfectly ready to go as is: quality hardware, all the switching options I want, the custom shop pickups sound good and are highly regarded. I'm not a fan of the stock saddles. Also, I actually prefer the pickups on the CV Telecasters to the ones on this (and the Tex Mex), but I realize I may be in the minority. Neither of these are an issue with the Baja itself, just my personal taste.

    Whether you're starting out, need a new stage guitar, looking for something road worthy, or just want a(nother) telecaster, you cannot go wrong with a 50's Baja. I would recommend first finding a real world example in person to make sure you get along with the thickness of the neck and the weight is good for you. The weights are all over the place; mine is 6.75 lbs. If only shopping online is an option, Sweetwater is the best place for guitar shopping.

  • from Bay Area April 22, 2016Music Background:

    Soft V Neck

    These guitars are fairly consistent in terms of build, but vary greatly in terms of weight. I have two, the first is 7 lbs. 5oz, and I thought it well worth the price. That said, a rare 6 lbs 3oz example appeared on the Sweetwater website, and I had to have it. As it turned out, the new guitar is above its price. I put a Goto bridge on it and it has both the snap you'd expect from a Telecaster, and surprising fatness if needed, all accessible by touch. It is an excellent number two to my '50s Custom Shop Journeyman Relic. Actually, it would make a great number one as well, and will see quite a bit of work.

  • from Nevada December 21, 2015Music Background:
    Played for nearly 40 years not, both professionally and as a hobby/addiction

    Just About the Perfect Guitar

    I had been looking for a long time at a Road Worn 50's Tele, but I never did like the 'road worn' part, which seems ridiculous to me (beating up a perfectly good guitar). That said, I always loved the neck and pickups on the road worn Tele, which is where this Baja Tele comes in... much of the same parts, neck specs, etc., but with what I believe are even better pickups than the Texas Specials that come on the Road Worn 50's Tele. To make a long story short, I finally pulled the trigger on this one and am very glad that I did. Sweetwater had it here quickly, and set up perfectly right out of the box... it was even still in tune. The playability of this Tele is excellent, I love the fat 50's neck, it's beefy but still extremely comfortable. The sound is excellent as well, with the S1 switching, the 4-position pickup selector, there is almost no sound that this Tele can't do.

    I having been playing for almost 40 years now, and I own a good number of guitars that include Strats, a '69 Les Paul, a very full sounding SG, a Taylor, and some very high quality home made electrics as well. Of all of my guitars that I own, my wife said that THIS one is her favorite out of all of them.... that is saying a lot, specifically to just how good this thing sounds and how versatile it is.

    In spite of all that I love about this Tele thought, I didn't give it a full 5-star rating though because of the gig bag... a guitar of this quality deserves a good quality hard case, not a mere gig bag.

    Will Newbill did great, even after the sale, can't say enough good about the whole buying experience through Sweetwater.

  • from Idaho, USA March 26, 2015Music Background:
    Playing since I was a kid, over 10 years pro

    Baja Tele - great playing guitar

    I've had this guitar about 10 months and have been playing over 45 years.

    Build Quality: Very good, except for the pick guard. It doesn't fit that well and buckles up a bit. It also had a bad static problem, so I glued some aluminum foil behind the pick guard and made sure it was also under the switch panel. This solved the problem completely. Everything else is very good. Out of the box it played great, I only adjusted the first string height a bit, other than that it was well set up. It stays in tune great. I've read on guitar forums that some have upgraded the saddles but I have no problem with them.

    The tone: Love it! This guitar sounds as good as any G&L or Fender CS I've had. I really don't use the S1 switching tones. Its great for so many types of music, Country, Blues, Rock - anything.

    Playability: From playing this guitar, I've concluded that the Telecaster is the country cousin to the Les Paul. I've played LP's longer than any other guitar and this Tele plays just about as smooth an easy as any of them. Great neck!

    Overall, yep I'd buy another one or recommend one to a friend.

  • from san joaquin valley, ca April 3, 2014Music Background:
    lifetime player


    always a pleasure to deal with SWEETWATER's Jason and assocs. they really take care of business for you.
    I have to admit that for the fist couple of days I was considering sending this guitar back. kept comparing It (the sound) to my classic vibe teles, which I really like. one has after market texas blues p'ups in it. the other is a stock CV 60's tele. both sound awesome so I was having a tough time rationalizing spending $800 for the Baja.
    then there was the loud LOUD cycle hum. it was distracting and extremely annoying. I called SW about it and they were/are very accommodating. but, it would have meant sending it back to them for repair or to an authorized FENDER repair shop, which there is none of, here in town.so again, it would mean sending it away. Guitar Center looked at it and had it fixed in a few hours. there were some cold solder points that he fixed. $15, and that pretty much cleared up the hum. I took it one step further and copper taped the control cavity(goodbye warranty)and under the pickguard. end of story. no hum.
    gotta say that I really love the neck. I love V necks anyway, but this neck is special. fatter and almost U shaped. I love it, and the custom shop pickups alone are worth keeping the guitar. I don't use the S-1 much, but it's fun to have. mostly play the pickups in series or the neck. man, what an impressive guitar. I have justified...easily.....keeping this guitar.now I hardly touh my CV teles. ha.

  • from Anna, IL February 12, 2014Music Background:
    Pro/Recording Musician

    Fender Baja Tele

    The guitar is excellent: Built well, sounds fantastic, and plays cleanly.

    The setup out of the box was awful, and intonation was way off, so don't expect anything special there, but once it's setup correctly, the guitar is amazing

  • from wy January 28, 2014Music Background:
    solo artist

    Classic Player Baja

    The Baja is a Good Tele for the money has a brighter sound than my
    American tele but will need set up and check all adjustments not great out of the box most guitars are not. A lot is of this is subjective to whate each player wants but once you get everything right it sounds good with many options for different tone it will be my new gigging guitar
    sweetwater is great to deal with cant go wrong with Baja tele or sweetwater thanks Joshua

  • from calif. July 11, 2013Music Background:
    semi-pro for over 35 years

    baja bomer !

    This thing was as nice as I could wish for. I play harder rock classics. and I'm a Les Paul guy, but this was like a Fender Les Paul. I've had some teles over the years, but this was as nice as my (72). I did replace the lead pick up with a dimarzio. and reset the action. but this things going to get played as much as my Pauls at gigs. I like the sound for my start songs. I have a couple USA starts but they don't play as nice as this thing.I only got it because of the price, you know (MIM) but it sounds and plays so nice that its a keeper for me. the guys in my band think it sounds super. I do too. thanks for new sound that I didn't have. and the service at Sweet water was (as always) above and super EZ. great pick and great service . very, very happy. Thanks Sweetwater. Billy

  • from Northern Minnesota November 24, 2014Music Background:
    Working Guitarist

    It Hurts to be Away from it During the Work Day. ;-)

    Ive played Fender guitars since 1986, and I currently own a late 80s MIJ reissue of a 70s Stratocaster and two modified MIM Stratocasters one from the late 90s and the other from the early 00s. I once owned a Fender Esquire reissue, and ever since it was sold 20 years ago, it has been missed. For whatever reason, I have a mental block about paying $1000 or more for a guitar with a bolt on neck, and Id been interested in the Baja Telecaster for over a year having played a number of them at various music stores around MN and WI. They all seemed to be fairly consistent from one instrument to the next, so I felt confident enough to order one by mail. Sweetwaters online guitar gallery feature was very handy, and I was able to pick one with particularly interestingly figured wood.

    My current amp is Fender Hotrod Deluxe III, and my main o.d. pedal is an analog.man K.O.T. Although Im not necessarily impressed with a couple of the combinations available from the S1 switching, this guitar sounds AMAZING with my gear with a number of distinctive and ~useful~ tones on tap between the different settings on the guitar, o.d., and amp.

    My primary hesitation in getting this guitar was the soft V neck, and I was prepared to return it in the event that it got in the way of my playing. Upon taking delivery of the guitar and playing it for 10 minutes, I realized that the slightly thicker neck would be no problem, and the transition from the C shaped Stratocaster necks to this Telecaster was effortless. Ive barely put this instrument down in the last couple weeks its a pleasure to play.

    My last two MIM Stratocasters had to go immediately to the luthiers to be set up and to have fret work done, and they were also both retrofitted out of the box with replacement pickups and new tuners. This instrument required NO such maintenance or modification, and my current line of thought is to keep everything stock. Its just a darn fine guitar.

    Since I got this instrument, Ive played a number of American Standard Telecasters, and not one of them made me regret my choice. A couple of them were honestly not nearly as comfortable. My only beef (hence the 4 star rating) is that Im disappointed that Fender couldnt come up with a way to include a hard case with the Baja Telecaster. This is a first class instrument that does NOT belong in a crappy gig bag. The item currently at the top of my gear list is a nice tweed case.

    If youre on the fence about this instrument, you neednt be. Its a great guitar on every level.

  • from Dallas area November 17, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist and some playing out

    Good Value

    Sweetwater's posted pics and posted weight of specific instrument helps make decision for online purchase vs. in-store. Guitar came with "okay" packing, but was delivered without damage. The guitar was pretty far off on intonation. Action was okay. Slight bow needed tweak on neck. All this taken care with pro set-up. I always factor in a pro set up on a new guitar. Very versatile guitar with a distinct voice - great option for covering various styles. Twisted tele has depth of tone - an amp with a mid control might help tone tweaks - the highs and lows are great on this pickup. Still working to get a true "jazz voicing" - working with Princeton Reverb that has no mid control - a guitar pedal equalizer might be something I'll add. It is just so versatile that I can get close to most anything I need (old jazz standards, funky, bluesy, poppy, country, etc.). I use pedals to give tone character for each style. I recommend the guitar.

  • from Phoenix, AZ January 17, 2012Music Background:
    Over-geared bedroom noodler

    My First Tele...

    I love this guitar...it may be just because it's so shiny and new, but it's definitely my current fave. It looks awesome, and plays beautifully. My only complaint is a strange sort of electronic "ringing" noise, presumably coming from the S-1 switch, as I have read they sometimes are noisy. It comes across in recordings and is somewhat annoying-I think I may have to do some shielding or check the connections, but overall I am very pleased with my new baby.

  • from Newport Beach, CA September 13, 2013

    Fender Classic Player Baja Telecaster

    I'll begin by saying that this is a beautifully made instrument (albeit it's a MIM Tele) with features that set it apart from many others in it's class. I particularly love the Custom Shop pickups. That being said though, I did return it for the following reasons.

    After three weeks of playing it daily, this guitar would not stay in tune. I'm not sure if it's the 3-saddle bridge that is responsible, or the tuners, or a combination of both, but it would go out of tune after playing it for a brief period of time and require constant retuning.

    I felt the intonation was off although Sweetwater techs supposedly setup the guitar prior to shipping it to me. I could have taken the time and effort to try to correct it, but I did not.

    Finally, I didn't like the heaviness of the guitar which made it feel unbalanced, particularly when played in the seated position.

    I really wanted to love this Tele. I've never owned one prior to it so maybe my expectations were unrealistic.

    I own a Fender Strat Deluxe FSR which I just love-it functions flawlessly, perfectly, but I couldn't live with the issues that came with this Tele. Just not for me...

Questions about the Fender Classic Player Baja Telecaster - Blonde with Maple Fingerboard?

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