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Fender American Standard Telecaster - Natural with Maple Fingerboard Reviews

4.5 stars based on 21 customer reviews
  • from Nashville November 11, 2016Music Background:

    Classic Axe

    Everything you want in a quality guitar is there in the American Standard. I have had mine a couple of years and it is everything I expected and then some. It is a production guitar but you could fool me. The fit and finish are precision workmanship that meet custom artist standards. Knobs, switch and tuners are solid feeling and rugged enough for the road abuse and wear. Neck is straight as an arrow. It doesn't even have that slight bow effect called relief created by the string tension.
    Finally, in all of the good stuff about the product, I have to say Sweetwater makes it easy. The up front service is outstanding and even returns are graciously accepted. The two year Sweetwater warranty is really better.

  • from TEMPLE, TX September 26, 2016



  • from Myrtle Beach South Carolina April 23, 2016Music Background:
    Professional Musicain 45 Years

    Fender Telecaster AMERICAN

    This Guitar is the Best Tele that I have ever had. I had the Guitar set up with Slinky 46-10's at Sweetwater. I will say, If you want a Great Tele, this is the one to buy. Fender has done a great job in the Construction of this guitar. Plays Great, stays in Tune!!! and Looks Great.. Thanks Phil Pots (Sales Engineer) for all your help and Professional Assistance. Everyone should buy all their musical gear from Sweetwater for SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much Chuck Whitlock

  • from Myrtle Beach S.C. March 26, 2016Music Background:
    Professional Musician

    Fender American Standard Telecaster Natural

    I was totally shocked at sound and quality of this guitar. Sweetwater set up the Guitar Great, I had to have them set it up with 46-10 Slinkys. Perfect intonation, and sounds great through my 68 Twin Reissue. I want to thank Phil Potts (Sales Engineer) for the Professional service that he provided for me. Excellent Service and support from Sweetwater. Sweetwater is the best Music Company that I have ever dealt with
    and I have been playing Music for 40 years. They are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • from Louisiana July 9, 2015Music Background:

    Great Guitar

    perfect out of the box. Beautiful and great sounding. Neck very smooth. Marcos Sanchez from Sweetwater very attentive.

  • from NC May 22, 2015Music Background:
    self taught / southern Gospel

    Why did I wait this long

    I think I put this guitar in my cart at least three times and backed out at the last minute every time. Well yesterday I finally went thru with it and man oh man I wasn't sorry that I did after it arrived.
    Besides being a beautiful guitar, it plays and sounds awesome. Would I do it again yes and yes
    This will no doubt be my # 1
    I have to say the Service from sweetwater was sweet!! I will be using them again

  • from April 20, 2015


    I've been playing guitar most of my life (I just turned 55) and I've played just about everything out there. I learned to play on a Fender Bronco. I've owned Les Paul Customs. So I do know a good guitar when I play one. I was looking for a Telecaster, I had only played one a couple times before in my life a not long enough to form any kind of personal opinion. I went in to my local music store just intending to look. And I didn't see anything that struck me until I saw the Fender American Standard Ash Telecaster. I knew when I saw it that was what I wanted. Without even playing it I placed it on layaway. This past weekend my nieces & nephews got together and got it out for. Me for my birthday. I got home and plugged in and I wasn't prepared for what I got. Fender has always made good guitars but right now they are putting out the best guitars ever. This guitar plays like a dream and there is nothing it can't do period. I've put it through the paces and have played everything from Buck Owens to Black Sabbath so don't let anyone tell you a little single coil like the Tele can't do metal because it can. The workmanship is flawless the neck is fast and it is Very comfortable to play you can't go wrong. You can certainly buy cheaper but I don't think you coul buy better. There is a reason why the Telecaster sits at the top of the list when it comes to guitars you owe it to yourself to check one out don't wait 46 years like I did.

  • from Hoopeston,Il April 8, 2015

    Great guitar .

    Thanks to Bart Good. I've had mine over a yr. now & have put it thru all the paces. Great for Rock, Metal, & country. If you can buy one of these. I play it more than my Les Paul!

  • from Virginia Beach March 31, 2015Music Background:

    So Happy!

    This is really an amazing guitar. Was at first looking into buying a Mexican made Tele, but when I began looking at the American made ones, I knew I had to go big or go home! I did go to a local Guitar Center and played this guitar, so I could be sure I liked it, and I did. I went through Sweetwater because of their awesome customer service and knowledge of their products.

    Shipping was free (almost unheard of these days) and the guitar came packaged very nicely (even with candy inside!). I could tell that the employees at Sweetwater had taken good care to make sure every detail was paid special attention to.

    My sales rep Ashton was beyond helpful. He answered every question I had, and if he didn't know the answer, he would get back with me later after having researched it.

    Guitar-wise, I couldn't be happier. The sound quality is amazing and the fretboard is smooth. The natural finish it even more beautiful in person. This is my first time owning a maple neck guitar and I love it. The jumbo frets make it really easy to bend the strings, giving you that twangy or blues sound, however you want to make it sound. I think that owning a Tele is a necessity in every guitar player's life. It's a classic!

    Buy it and you won't be sorry!

  • from Seattle November 28, 2014Music Background:
    Visual Creative Professional, hand drums and guitar are my 'spare time' fun

    So Comfortable & Inviting to Play!

    Very-very satisfied with this Tele. It's the kind of wonderful guitar that feels well made, sounds great with no mods, and just invites you to pick it up and play.

    Excellent service from Jeff Green as usual, came spot on perfect from Sweetwater, ready to play.

  • from Nashville, Tennessee October 14, 2014Music Background:

    Fender Telecaster American Standard

    I have always been aware of the fact that many star artist have chosen the Fender Telecaster. I ordered mine about a month ago. It came Sweetwater. I love the natural finish which goes well with a maple neck. Plays and intonation are perfect. Sound range is wide And consistent. My sales engineer helped by pick it out and sure it was in perfect condition. Sweetwater is all about a value added customer experience. I am in Nashville where there are numerous guitar store but I am sold on Sweetwater.

  • from Four Oaks, NC May 30, 2014Music Background:
    Semi-Pro Musician

    Feel, Fit, Finish, Tone ... A+

    Very pleased with this Telecaster. From the neck feel to the quality finish/fit to the great tone, it's all here with this American Standard. The custom shop pickups have power, sizzle and great Tele tone. The neck pickup is a little brighter than with a classic Tele but I like that aspect. The combo tone from both pickups is stellar. The look is classic and the playability is so very nice. I must put in a word for the excellent setup from Sweetwater. Intonation, action, everything was spot on. Couldn't be more satisfied with this instrument or with Sweetwater's service.

  • from Dallas March 6, 2014Music Background:
    life long amateur player

    Twangy classic

    Great and dependably reliable sound and feel from Fender.
    Beautiful finish and that maple neck loved by many.

    This one did need a setup from a luthier after it arrived. The nut slightly muted the 1st string and it required some routing out with a sander especially for that gauge of string. A very minor thing, the factory just can't spend enough time on each new guitar to get them perfect.

    If I am going to buy a guitar online and thus not played, I go for ones with a bolt on neck. That way, if there are any problems, the neck can easily be adjusted, sanded or shimmed. This lesson I learned the hard way, and an expensive, custom guitar now sits unplayed in it's case.

  • from Wilmington, De April 5, 2013Music Background:

    Fender American Standard Telecaster 2012

    This is a fantastic guitar. Nicest solid body guitar I've ever owned. Silky smooth. The set up from Sweetwater was spot on (10-50 GHS strings). This guitar is a real joy to play. Fit and finish is flawless. My Telecaster is natural finish with maple fretboard. The sound from this guitar you can only get from a Fender Telecaster. Simply georgeous!

  • from Houston, TX April 4, 2013Music Background:
    Weekend Warrior

    Tele Standard 2012

    I own many Telecasters and have played many more but this one is special. From the nice soft rolled fingerboard to the cut out on back of body like deluxes....these are nice free upgrades.
    The best part of this guitar are the pickups. They have a simmer that I have never heard when played clean. I now judge other teles by this guitar. Well done Fender!

  • from Colorado Springs, CO March 19, 2013Music Background:
    Guitar Nut

    Fender American Standard Telecaster

    I am very pleased with the addition of a Fender Telecaster to my guitar collection. I find it to be a very effortless and easy to play and amazingly light and comfortable guitar to play. It is so much lighter that my Les Paul that I find after a few hours of playing starts to kill the shoulders. The Les Paul is still king with the humbuckers for more of the heavier and harder rock stuff. The Tele has a very nice bright cleaner sound that I think is unique. The Neck is shorter and has a smaller scale that I find reduces a lot of effort in stretching. I feel I can play faster. I really love the grain of the Maple it is truly a beautiful instrument.

  • from East Stroudsburg Pa February 28, 2013Music Background:

    Fender American Standard Telecaster 2012

    A realy awesome instrument

  • from Indiana, USA January 17, 2013Music Background:

    Country Machine

    This guitar should be in every guitar players arsenal. This guitar is very versatile and very comfortable to play. From Rock to Jazz, this guitar can handle the job. It is well worth the investment to have one of these great guitars. You won't be sorry to have one.

  • from Oakland January 14, 2013Music Background:
    Semi-Pro Musician


    I bought this guitar before the New Year. Nice tele with the Natural Ash. Plays like butter, looks great, nice balance between vintage and modern features. Love the satin back to the neck and staggered tuners. Stays in tune perfectly. The Broadcaster Bridge pickup sounds great, I have to roll the tone back just a bit to avoid too much treble. Not the best balance between pickups - I had to raise the neck pickup to bring the volume between the 2 closer. I am still debating on whether or not I really like the twisted tele neck pickup. It sounds somewhere between a strat and tele pickup which some people will love. Definitely nice for playing 'Wind Cries Mary'. But perhaps lacking in the warmer tone of a traditional tele neck pickup. But like I said, this instrument combines modern and vintage.
    One thing that I do not like about the guitar is the fact that the bridge screws which adjust intonation stick out too far (at least on mine). So, when I play using my palm to mute, it can be somewhat uncomfortable. At some point I am going to have this guitar set up by the luthier I go to for all my guitars and see if he can change the screws to shorter ones. Not sure why Fender used these long screws that stick out too far. The other thing that I noticed is that the neck pocket has a very slight gap on the bass side - I was told that this is not out of spec for a Fender USA standard instrument.
    Bottom line: really good guitar although I will be making changes to the Bridge due to the long intonation screws. I may also change the neck pickup, but this is due to personal preference. Sweetwater folks were great to deal with when ordering this instrument and also communicating with me after the guitar was sent.

  • from Charleston, SC December 15, 2012Music Background:
    keyboardist, arranger, and sometimes guitarist.

    A natural!

    This guitar is beautiful in sound and in appearance. The natural finish really shows off the individuality of each guitar. Thanks to Sweetwater I was able to compare two individual guitars side-by-side.

    This was a real splurge for me since I haven't owned an electric guitar in decades. But I knew I wanted that Tele twang, and this one certainly has that classic sound. But there is so much more. Using the neck pickup and turning the tone knob way down I was able to get a nice jazzy tone that I have already put to good use.

    Thanks for helping me find this guitar that's a pure joy to play!

  • from Ohio June 28, 2012

    Great tele..

    Got this several weeks ago from Sweetwater. Played several more expensive teles, but this one played and sounded as good if not better than the others. Great pups and a beautiful well made piece. Changed over to 10 gauge strings and that was it. Love it.

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