Vic Firth Steve Smith Tala Wand - Slatz

Drumstick with Bamboo Slats and Foam Core
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Vic Firth Steve Smith Tala Wand - Slatz image 1
Vic Firth Steve Smith Tala Wand - Slatz image 1
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Vic Firth Steve Smith Tala Wand - Slatz
In Stock!

Create New Tones with Your Drum Kit

If you're looking to get a wider variety of tones from your acoustic drum kit, try the Vic Firth Steve Smith Tala Wands. Developed by drum virtuoso Steve Smith (Journey, Bryan Adams, Mariah Carey, and many others), these Tala Wands are comprised of wooden slats around a foam center. A thin PVC coating protects your drumheads from the wooden slats. They offer a wide dynamic range, allowing you to play incredibly softly while maintaining definition, and you can reach almost the same volume level as regular drumsticks when you really dig in. Drummers at Sweetwater are always looking for ways to expand the sound of their kits. Discover new tones in your acoustic drum set, with Vic Firth Steve Smith Tala Wands.

Vic Firth Steve Smith Tala Wands Features at a Glance:
  • Designed by world-famous drummer Steve Smith (Journey, Bryan Adams, Mariah Carey, and many others)
  • 4 bamboo slats arranged around a foam core deliver a distinctive tone and pleasing playability
  • Allows you to maintain definition and nuance at lower volume levels
  • Quieter than traditional drumsticks, louder than other Tala Wand models
  • PVC coating protects your drumheads
Explore new tones from your drum kit with the Vic Firth Steve Smith Tala Wands.

Tech Specs

Type Tala Wands
Material Bamboo and Foam
Model Steve Smith
Length 16.125"
Diameter 0.585"
Manufacturer Part Number TW4

Customer Reviews

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Seemed good at first, but problems became clear

I got these to play small clubs with my soul band. The drums parts require a good pop on the snare that Hot Rods can't produce and I needed more rebound to keep the funk. With their foam core and heavier bamboo slats, these seemed perfect at first. They reduced the volume enough but not too much and they certainly delivered on the rebound. Ultimately though, the issues outweighed the benefits. The first issue, noticed immediately, was the square shape. They feel weird in your hand and you have to choose a side to face down because they corner sounds very different from the flat side of the tip. The plastic tip deadens cymbals a little too much, removing all the "ping" from the ride, so when a few of them fell off (after my second show with them and maybe 10th time using them), I thought that might be better. It was not better though because the bamboo began to split immediately and now not only did the corners sound different, but each side had a very different sound on the cymbals. The inconsistent sound problems go even deeper since, as you can see, there is a lot of plastic near the top of these sticks. When crashing, you have to be certain not to hit the plastic part or else you will get no crash. The inconsistent results caused me to constantly be focus on stick placement and which side was facing the drums, taking away from my playing. After only a few weeks of use, these are coming apart completely. The bamboo is completely split and the foam core pops out constantly now. For this amount of money, I hoped they'd be great, but they're just not. I've gone back to the Hot Rods that I've had for 10 years as they're in better condition than these are already and the costs do not outweigh the benefits of them. It was a nice idea, but I recommend passing on these.
Music background: Professional
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