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Fulltone Custom Shop Tube Tape Echo Pedal Reviews

4.5 stars based on 8 customer reviews
Questions about the Fulltone Custom Shop Tube Tape Echo Pedal?

Questions about the Fulltone Custom Shop Tube Tape Echo Pedal?

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  • from Tinley Park, IL January 23, 2017


    Without a doubt, this is the best money I've ever spent on a guitar effect. I don't even want to estimate how much I've spent on pedals and other nonsense over the years...but it's all garbage compared to this. Undoubtedly the best echo that money can buy, barring some ridiculously priced vintage stuff. This is the real deal, plain and simple.

  • from February 9, 2016

    just like I remember-but better

    if you have never had the opportunity to play through one of these or an original Echoplex, you will be delighted. It "brings the sound together" in an almost indefinable way. it truly shames all digital delays.

  • from Yakima WA. October 24, 2015Music Background:
    Been playing guitar since 1976

    Nothing can compare

    This is the go to delay, it warm and fat and unique. I love it and glad I have it. There;s a reason other pedals try to copy this sound. No kidding, this is the best.

  • from Aurora, CO November 19, 2013Music Background:
    Guitar player

    Fulltone Tube tape Echo

    I have owned many old Echoplexes and loved them all! I really missed the sound of one just sitting between the Guitar & Amp, So after playing other delays for 20 years, I bought this "One" In hopes of hearing that shimmer and warmth of a tape Echo. Well I have now owned the Fulltone TTE for over 6 years now and have nothing but nice things to say about it's durability, Quiet running, and Beautiful Haunting Echo, That only Tubes and tape can duplicate. This Machine is bullet proof and built to last for a lifetime, In Stereo it blooms! Very user friendly and easy to adjust the amount of Echo in your signal, with 3 stereo out modes or mono it just sounds incredible! also the tape cartridge is built to last much longer than the old Echoplex tape did. Highly recommended!

  • from Maryland September 4, 2012Music Background:
    Longtime gadget user

    Truly Ace

    If you've never used a tape echo you've got to hear one to appreciate it. They have an incredibly wet sound that no other kind of delay effect creates. The fact that this one has an all tube signal path makes it even more unique and adds to the life-like, 3-D playback. These are pricey but you just arent going to find a pile of them laying around used, and given their high quality,high value construction cost is not really that high ( Tube powered stereo amplifiers are 3-5 times this much). Great for the intended electric guitar mission, but this could also be used in making techno music, or for sound processing for film or theatre projects etc., get these while they are still being made,. We all took this kind of stuff granted once and that was a lifetime ago, now.

  • from NYC September 12, 2008Music Background:

    this is THE one

    Fulltone does it again. Known for nailing classic tunes in bulletproof packaging, the old Echoplex is brought back to life with the TTE. No digital or even analog delay pedal sounds this good. Try all the settings out to fine your own sound, but IMO the magic lives at "low speed."

  • from Los Angeles January 10, 2008Music Background:
    Professional Guitarist, Recording Engineer

    Tube Tape ECHO echo echo

    I think I got the first one of these Sweetwater took in. I've been waiting to try this unit out for ages. I run a recording studio and love watching someones face light up when I plug them into my vintage Echoplex. Troube with it is that it's noisy and the repeats are really dark, so it's really only perfect half the time. Now that the Fulltone is here I have so much more flexibility. I can choose fast speed for a really accurate repeat (great for slapback when I'm mixing a vocal) or slow speed, which gets that slight chorus warble that the echo plax is famous for on it's repeats. The tube drive on this unit is outstanding. It turned my telecaster into a hell-beast of creamy tube drive.
    This unit has so many cool sounds, and it even comes with a great gig bag that has wooden sides.
    I can't wait to play this unit live, it will be a big improvement from my Memory Man.

  • from June 18, 2017


    There's a distorted tone to it. Muddy and unclear

Questions about the Fulltone Custom Shop Tube Tape Echo Pedal?

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