Graph Tech Tusq Tear Drop 1.4mm Pick - Warm 6-Pack

6-pack of 1.4mm TUSQ Guitar Picks - Tear Drop Shape, Warm Tone
Graph Tech Tusq Tear Drop 1.4mm Pick - Warm 6-Pack image 1
Graph Tech Tusq Tear Drop 1.4mm Pick - Warm 6-Pack image 1
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Graph Tech Tusq Tear Drop 1.4mm Pick - Warm 6-Pack
In Stock!

Tone Starts with Your Pick - Great Tone Starts with TUSQ Picks

Sweet tone starts with Graph Tech TUSQ guitar picks! Boasting an amazingly high stiffness-to-thickness ratio, TUSQ guitar picks have a clean, articulate attack and a smooth, balanced feel. And Graph Tech's three distinct pick formulas give you three different tones - bright, warm, or deep. Whichever shape you choose, you'll immediately notice enhanced detail and response when you play your guitar with a Graph Tech TUSQ guitar pick.

This is a 6-pack of 1.4mm Graph Tech TUSQ guitar picks. These are the tear drop shape, formulated for warm tone.

Graph Tech TUSQ Guitar Picks Features:
  • 6-pack of TUSQ guitar picks
  • Tear Drop shape
  • "Warm" tone formula
  • Thickness: 1.4mm
  • High stiffness-to-thickness ratio, just like tortoise shell
  • Clean, articulate attack
Get an instant tonal upgrade from Graph Tech TUSQ guitar picks!

Tech Specs

Shape Tear Drop
Gauge 1.4mm
Material Tusq
Quantity 6
Manufacturer Part Number PQP-0514-V6

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tusc picks

So I hear from Vintage Guitar about this great new idea in pick material that's supposed to change my tone for he better and feel better in hand. I seen the video of the tusc CEO dropping the picks and getting that ring, no lie about it they sound like a small chime when you drop them. Do they add anything to my sound? Well, i use jazz picks so I tried the tear drops and I can say point blank that if they add something to my tone then I've lost too much hearing and I get mine tested yearly. Maybe the larger ones lend a bit more since you don't grip them the same. Are they easier to hold or work with? I use the Dunlop Tortex tear drops that are just smaller versions of the stand Tortex pick. The Graph Tech is slightly smaller and has raised letters so after a few minutes I'm fine with them. Not a game changer though at a $1 per pick. On a side note, the way they wear feels like it's burring in the back, non- strike side of the points and they have a bit more bite into the string. I also feel they wear faster than the Tortex. In conclusion, no big deal for me and I'm sticking with my Tortex. Cheaper, wears longer and still more comfortable FOR ME.
Music background: Contact musician, Amp and guitar Technician, Lifer
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