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Mackie TT24 Reviews

3.5 stars based on 6 customer reviews
  • Phil LaDue
    from Owego, NY USA November 13, 2007Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer

    Good board, unfortunate marketing

    I had a chance to do a thorough tests on a TT24 for about 4 weeks.
    For a small format digital console it's pretty good, long term reliability may be an issue though.
    However it is not comparable to a $50,000 desk and should not be marketed as such.
    It is an excellent value for a serious individual that plans on upgrading fairly quickly.
    If offered one as a visiting engineering I would have no objection

  • Kyung Lee
    from Mt. Prospect, IL June 19, 2007Music Background:
    Live sound engineer.

    Best Value!

    it's my second digital mixer since my church's old yamaha promix01.
    And with Mackie's name on it, it sounds good.
    The mic pres are clean, quiet and very transparent-my sales man said they're custom tunes onyx pre, and the construction is ultra solid.
    Only signal processer we've gotten is dbx driverack pa for FOH DSP to tune QSC PLX2 3602-EAW MK5396. And all the monitors are tuned with useful 4-band Fully Parametric EQ(which all mono/ste inputs and all of outputs have)and dual Kill-band filter to ring out.

    The few downsides are:
    V-pot is not as smooth as analogue pots would have. There are adjustments on setting manu, but just can't help myself.
    All DSPs include EQ, Comp, Gate, Effects are very functional, though, they seem have kind-of-delayed. Good function, but not as fast as live use.
    Also, when i toggle b/w layers and functions, screen seems has little trouble. It doesn't affect on sound, but makes you worry.

    Overall, it's very good mixer with alot of i/o and for small venue, no other outboards needed.

  • Mark Austin
    from Houston, Texas October 1, 2005

    I'm impressed!

    After having owned several other Mackie mixers (8 bus) and being throughly dissapointed with their sound quality, I decided to take a chance on the TT24 for live mixing. I considered the Midas Venue, but went with the TT because of the massive DSP (EQ, gate and compressors). I have been running it in my shop for about a month and have been pleasantly surprised at how good it sounds.

    This weekend I finally got a chance to use it for a live event, Seventeen Magazines model search "Rock The Walk" runway event with United Artist's rising star Natalie (Goin' Crazy) as the headliner (http://nataliemusic.com/). The show required a main mix, DJ wedge, and stage wedges. Natalie was supposed to be available at 11am for a sound check for a 1 o'clock show, but had been double booked and did not make the event until the show had started, so no sound check was possible. We gave her the MC wireless to use as she walked on stage and within 10 seconds of the first song I had everthing kicking. I don't think anyone working at the event thought we could pull it off! The producer from Seventeen was ecstatic and Natalie and her producer were relieved that it went perfectly.

    I have never used a console that is so fast and powerful, I don't think anyone at the event had a clue we didn't do a sound check. I would say that after doing live shows for 20+ years that this is the best small format mixer I have ever used! It sounds really good, and is so fast and easy to use it actually made my job exciting again, not to mention a lot easier! If you consider the fact that the EQ's and compressors are really really good there is no way you could match a setup like this for any price anywhere. The routing is very flexible, and let me set up several different mixes for the FOH, and wedges. If you think you can't afford one I would suggest that you can't afford NOT to get one, if your competetion has one you'll loose a lot of work to them! The TT24 is probably the best small format mixer available in this range for live events. I have use lots of consoles over the years and this one is by far my favorite.

  • JP Leong
    from Cincinnati, OH July 1, 2005

    A real price-performance contender

    The TT24 is an excellent piece at its price-point. It has enough internal DSP to (almost) replace a whole rack of gear. With its internal Dynamics, EQ (on channel and I/O), and effects plus speaker/zone delay and I/O out the wazoo I found it unnecessary to price out additional hardware.

    As mixing consoles go, the TT24 is quite straight forward and is pretty easy to master in a few hours' time. It forgoes the multitude of routing possibilities (and ultimatly versatility) in favor of simplicity which works in favor of what it was designed for: live mixing.

    My only complaints are with the internal effects (not as good as my outboard stuff, not that big a deal) and the lack of internal routing flexibility. That's where I think the Yamahas have the upper hand but it also works to the WYSIWYG advantage of the TT24.

    The Yamaha DM1000 is good in broadcast/live/project studio situations but the TT24 is GREAT at live. If you're looking for a multi-purpose board, consider the Yamaha. If you're just mixing live with some occasional recording in mind, the TT24 is an excellent choice.

    Overall, I am highly satisfied with our acquisition of the TT24 and look forward to future refinements.

  • Horse Harlem
    from Denver CO February 1, 2005

    it's amaxing

    As a musician for over 20 years and a studio mixing professional for 9 years, I found the TT24 the most versatile in any class. As a live performer or in the studio, the TT24 is prepared to handle any digital job; so who needs a Yamaha DM 2000?
    The TT24 is a good example of a digital giant under $10,000.00 in a $100,000.00 suit.
    Bravo Mackie!

  • Pearl Belfon
    from LI New York February 1, 2005


    This little light-weight giant is a musician's dream. For the highest quality mixing...indoors or out, you may need no extras...just plug up and go!!!
    Frank also thinks it's a monster in the studio.
    Whats next Mackie?

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