Graph Tech Tusq Standard .68mm Pick - Warm 6-Pack

6-pack of .68mm TUSQ Guitar Picks - Standard Shape, Warm Tone
Graph Tech Tusq Standard .68mm Pick - Warm 6-Pack image 1
Graph Tech Tusq Standard .68mm Pick - Warm 6-Pack image 1
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Graph Tech Tusq Standard .68mm Pick - Warm 6-Pack
In Stock!

Tone Starts with Your Pick - Great Tone Starts with TUSQ Picks

Sweet tone starts with Graph Tech TUSQ guitar picks! Boasting an amazingly high stiffness-to-thickness ratio, TUSQ guitar picks have a clean, articulate attack and a smooth, balanced feel. And Graph Tech's three distinct pick formulas give you three different tones - bright, warm, or deep. Whichever shape you choose, you'll immediately notice enhanced detail and response when you play your guitar with a Graph Tech TUSQ guitar pick.

This is a 6-pack of .68mm Graph Tech TUSQ guitar picks. These are the standard shape, formulated for warm tone.

Graph Tech TUSQ Guitar Picks Features:
  • 6-pack of TUSQ guitar picks
  • Standard shape
  • "Warm" tone formula
  • Thickness: .68mm
  • High stiffness-to-thickness ratio, just like tortoise shell
  • Clean, articulate attack
Get an instant tonal upgrade from Graph Tech TUSQ guitar picks!

Tech Specs

Shape Standard
Gauge .68mm
Material Tusq
Quantity 6
Manufacturer Part Number PQP-0068-V6

Customer Reviews

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Best one so far

I keep coming back to these guys. They last forever and the raised lettering help with the hold. They are nice and thin for control but also are more rigid than others. The only thing is they are a bit smaller than other picks so you have to get used to that.

Love these picks

I use these exclusively on my acoustic guitars. I really like the sound from the warm (cream colored) picks... the black ones give you a great punch especially on a twelve string. I played with nylon for a long time tried plastic and the old artificial tortoise shell picks, but just hated the slapping noise the picks made as you strummed...and the flimsy if I stare at you too long it'll fall apart make up. I play a lot unplugged and I had to find something better...FOUND IT... these picks are the best EXCELLENT transmission of sound they attack the strings without slapping them and when performing arpeggios these really shine!!!I use a British penny and polished stone on my electric guitars which these can't match but I always keep one on the stand just in case I drop my others. If you are looking for great tone try these out...

Best pick on the planet

I love these picks, especially the Std. .68 warm (flesh color). The contact on the string is positive and the string ring is total, not muddled. The raised areas on the pick provide a good grip as well. Anybody need any of the other brands I'm not using, just let me know.
Music background: songwriter, musician

Tusq Tone Control

I picked up all 3 variations (bright / deep / warm) for use on a Brand new Martin (MMV). I was really impressed with the distinct variations in tone that each provided. I did a blind test with a couple of friends and all commented on the difference in sound, especially on more open chords. In addition, I liked the the way each "flavor" felt exactly the same in my hand...other than a slight texture change, each version had exactly the same feel. By having one of each in my case I feel like I have added an organic tone control (for lack of better description) to an already killer guitar.
Music background: Basement Player * Piker (Plus) Level

Wasted Space

"I like the durability of the TUSQ picks, the edges don't get ratty immediately but THEY BLEW IT on the design. I don't need a giant raised TUSQ logo to grip and it ruins over half the real estate that I would otherwise use.I use the SRV 'shoulder' technique a lot where I rotate the pick and use the shoulder of it to increase speed. Only beginners should still be at the point where they cannot hold onto a pick. The TUSQ logo should be indented. It would still enhance grip and also free up all the wasted space of the pick surface."
Music background: Retired Pro
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