Ibanez TSA15H 15-watt Tube Head

15W/5W All-tube Guitar Amplifier Head
Ibanez TSA15H 15-watt Tube Head image 1
Ibanez TSA15H 15-watt Tube Head image 1
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Ibanez TSA15H 15-watt Tube Head
In Stock!

Real Tube Screamer Sound!

The Ibanez TSA15H amplifier head combines real all-tube tone with the classic distortion and drive of a TS9 Tube Screamer pedal. A pair of 12AX7s and a pair of 6V6 power tubes drive the TSA15H, providing gentle breakup when pushed. For rich fuzz and gritty overdrive, kick on the Tube Screamer circuit. Dual operation (15-watt pentode or 5-watt triode) gives you even more flexibility, allowing you to dial in the headroom you need to play in many different environments. Matched up with a TSA112C speaker cabinet, the TSA15H has enough output to comfortably carry midsize and larger venues. If you're looking for a flexible tube amp head for a great price, then the Ibanez TSA15H is an excellent choice.

Ibanez TSA15H Guitar Amplifier Head Features at a Glance:
  • 15-watt all-tube head
  • 2 x 12AX7 preamp tubes
  • 2 x 6V6 power amp tubes
  • Dual mode operation (15-watt pentode or 5-watt triode)
  • Genuine Tube Screamer circuit built into the front end
  • Tube Screamer (overdrive, tone, level) and amp (treble, bass, volume) controls
  • Footswitchable Tube Screamer and 6dB boost controls
Get real Tube Screamer sound from the all-tube Ibanez TSA15H guitar amplifier head!

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Tech Specs

Type Tube
Number of Channels 1
Total Power 15W/5W
Effects Tube Screamer
EQ 2-band with Tube Screamer Tone
Preamp Tubes 2 x 12AX7
Power Tubes 2 x 6V6
Inputs 1 x Instrument
Outputs 5 x TS
Effects Loop Yes
Footswitch I/O Yes
Height 6.77"
Width 14.5"
Depth 7.87"
Weight 22 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number TSA15H

Customer Reviews

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Incrediblle amp

I bought this amp strictly based on the stellar reviews it had received. Once I plugged in, I was impressed. The cleans were very Fender like, but almost too clean. I could almost make my Les Paul sound like an acoustic when strummed. I swapped out the stock Chinese tubes with a set of JJ' s and it really came alive. The cleans are incredible, but dig in and it still sounds fantastic. It is so clean and quiet I can play my acoustic electric thru it. It's not just a great amp clean however, it can go from whisper quiet to a fire breathing dragon with the use of an overdrive or distortion pedal. The Tubescreamer circuitry works fine, however it's not really where this amp really shines. The tone rivals amps 2-3 times it's price, and in the 15 watt setting it's plenty loud. I play in a pretty large room and have it set at about 1/3 volume ( using an eq pedal) and it's pretty loud. The optional footswitch has a 6 dB boost if you need it, as well as being able to control the Tubescreamer I can't say enough good things about this amp. The only thing that could make it better is if it had reverb, but you can add a pedal for that. Ibanez may not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of amplifiers but this thing is a gem. It easily outclasses anything in it's price range and can hold it's own against any amp reagardless of price

out-Fender"s my Fender

i was looking for a second small all- tube amp tor a home practice replacement for my Blues Jr, which i leave in our practice studio now because i'm getting too damn old to be hauling amps back and forth all the time. I picked up a Blackstar HT-1R and it's a fun and versatile little beast but i couldn't really get "Fender tone" out of it, so the GAS attacked again. Snooping around in Fender and steel forums I encountered several threads where players were singing this thing's praises and saying it had more sparkle and clarity and 'classic Fender tone" than my Blues Jr, or the Blues Deluxe, partly because this unit's 6V6 power section is supposedly more true to the old blackface circuits. Well, they didn't lie. It may nor be an entirely fair fight because i had a custom cab with vintage series Webers built for it. Holy cow. this is like DRRI tone at bearable volumes. i haven't tried it with pedals yet and probably won't use the TS-9 circuit much because I've got a more versatile King Of Tone, but its natural voice with just a touch of my Boss/Fender '63 Reverb pedal is to die for. .So far I've run my Tele, my Melbert Steel and my Kokocaster (Charvel Surfcaster tribute) thru it and it loves them all, especially the single coils, which absolutely sparkle.. Don't hesitate. For three bills this is one awesome head!
Music background: Semipro glorified hobbyist, about to celebrate 50th anniversary of my first guitar.

Ibanez TSA15 Head

Just received my new TSA15 Head! WOW! Cant believe the great tube tone, 15 watts can be very deceiving. With the tubescreamer engaged this amp Rocks! Hooked it up to a BluesDeluxe cab w/ a vintage30,What tone,It will be plenty loud to keep up with the classic rock band Im in.Just add a reverb pedal and your all set! Thanks Sweetwater! Great service!
Music background: SemiPro

One dynamic amplifier

I can't adequately put into words how impressed I am with the tone this amp has to offer. It's a very dynamic amplifier - the tone is rich and warm in any setting with great string definition. Very impressive cleans and a very true Tube Screamer overdrive sound. Even driven hard, the amp retains a warm tube tone - it's never shrill or jagged. And it's very simple to dial in - volume, bass and treble make up the clean section, while the Tube Screamer section has the same overdrive, tone and level settings of the pedal. Outside of that, there is a boost switch for the clean section. With my Gretsch Power Jet (w/TV Jones Powetron pickups), I can get a great classic rock tone in the clean setting with the boost engaged. When I plug in my Fender Strat (w/Jeff Beck Hot Noiseless pickups) I get that crisp blues rock tone. Outside of aggressive metal, I would say this amp has a tonal palate to cover it all. I'm glad I purchased this amplifier.
Music background: active musician

Smart. Very smart.

I got this amp as a main rig for the guitarist at my church. This little head is a game changer in the world of the faddish "lunchbox" amps. Not only is it generously featured at a price that's remarkably low, it's also packing unique features that other amps of its kind just don't have. First, it features 6V6 power tubes rather than the customary EL84's in amps this size. That allows you to get some convincingly "fat" tones. It's particularly noticeable with the cleans. This amp does clean better than most heads of this type. The Tubescreamer circuit is the real thing! It includes independent EQ and level controls just like the pedal would have in addition to the well-known smooth overdrive tone that has become legendary. This makes the amp behave almost like a two channel amp, even though it's clearly a one-channel amp. The options for cabinets are very generous. You can drive anything with this head. The 5/15 watt setting...again, this is just a super-smart feature. It makes a pretty big difference, more so in tone but definitely in volume. At 5 watts, the tone is thin and chimey like an EL84 low-powered head. At 15 watts it fattens up nicely, is quite a bit louder, but it never gets unbearable. It has a standby switch, which is cool, even thought I would have gladly swapped it for a preamp-master volume. I guess that's shared with the drive knob on the Tubescreamer circuit. Finally, it's worth noting that this amp has a nice-looking white Tolex finish. This is a refreshing change from the typical metal grille or tin lunchbox finish in most amps of its kind. It's a great finishing touch. All in all, this amp is feature-packed, great sounding, and an unreal value. For the price, I haven't seen anything better out there.
Music background: Semiprofessional musician, part time
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