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Ibanez TS808DX Tube Screamer Overdrive Pro Deluxe Reviews

5.0 stars based on 3 customer reviews
Questions about the Ibanez TS808DX Tube Screamer Overdrive Pro Deluxe?

Questions about the Ibanez TS808DX Tube Screamer Overdrive Pro Deluxe?

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  • from February 16, 2017

    Smiley face EQ on the boost

    This is my favorite pedal. It's really a meat and potatoes dinner of a pedal. Yes, maybe some of my boutique'y pedals sound better side by side outside of a musical context, but a Tube Screamer circuit just EQ's your guitar perfectly to "fit" in the music. That cursed bass cut, the mid poke, and that dulling of the top end IS actually the magic dust, so I'm not sure why everyone complains about it. Anyway, the TS side does that. The 9-18v doesn't seem to do much for the TS sound, but 9v maybe feels a bit squishier.

    The boost isn't exactly neutral. It has a scooped sound (or hyped bass and highs) that seems to be the exact opposite EQ curve of the Tube Screamer! Hence, if you have an amp you can set at the edge of breakup, goosing it with the boost will give you a full bodied crunch. And then you can throw the TS on to poke out the middle for solos. Works great! I always use the boost after the TS. The 18v setting seems to make the boost a bit strident. I much prefer the 9v setting on this side, too.

    In summary, it's the mainstay of my pedal board and I'd buy it again. I highly recommend this if you're in to Tube Screamers because the added boost is EQ'ed perfectly to match the TS side.

  • from NYC/NJ June 29, 2016Music Background:
    Vintage Sounding Original Hard Rock

    Reunited with an Old Friend!

    The short story - If you like creamy vintage tones of 70s rock - this is the pedal you need. Use it as a supplemental OD to enhance a nice crunch setting on a tube amp. It'll give you an eargasm. Space saver on a pedal board too. Which is why I got the DX instead of the standalone reissue.

    The long story - I have been using a Boss SD-1 for the past 15 years with reliable results...But always thought it lacked something. I like the natural gain on my H&K Triamp for recording, but when I switched to a Dual Recto for live use, I couldn't get that creamy vintage tone I got from the H&K. So I tried a few different boutique OD boxes... still couldn't get there. Then I remembered in the 80s I used to have one of the best pedals ever made - the original Ibanez TS-808. So I looked it up on Sweetwater and discovered this gorgeous looking emerald green beast. Ah Ha!!! I said to myself... a TS-808 with a built in boost?!?!?! Surely, this must be some kind of witchcraft! Mmmmm indeed it is my friends... Indeed it is... Expensive for an OD pedal... yes. But it really is two pedals! Very tasty. Get one!

    So... since I have been incorporating a spark boost in my rig, I thought why not try the combo TS808DX.

  • from sioux falls, sd May 30, 2014Music Background:
    23 years playing guitar

    My new favorite

    I should start by saying that I own a ton of overdrive pedals, and I use all of them primarily to hit my preamp harder and tighten things up. I have lots of guitars and lots of tube amps, and I've found that I end up using a different od pedal depending on which guitar and/or amp I'm using. I also use a clean boost in front of and sometimes after my od pedals. So when I saw this pedal, I figured I would try it out to reduce some clutter. I didn't plan on it being the best od for every amp and every guitar- but it is, by far. It is so flexible I guarantee it will work for any combination and sound better than anything else. The ability to go pre/post with the boost, the 9v-18v switch, the ability to use the boost to add more gain or clarity all add up to an od pedal than can be dialed in to perfection no matter what you're using- and easily. So yeah, it sounds and works awesome. The fact that this is a really nice looking pedal doesn't hurt either. It looks much nicer in person than pics online, and it feels real solid. Build quality is what you would expect from a MIJ Ibanez- flawless. As always sweetwater service is second to none.

Questions about the Ibanez TS808DX Tube Screamer Overdrive Pro Deluxe?

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