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IK Multimedia T-RackS Deluxe Software Suite (boxed) Reviews

4.5 stars based on 11 customer reviews
Questions about the IK Multimedia T-RackS Deluxe Software Suite (boxed)?

Questions about the IK Multimedia T-RackS Deluxe Software Suite (boxed)?

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  • from January 13, 2014

    T-RackS Deluxe is amazing!

    I already had an idea of what T-RackS is capable of since I have used older versions, but when I finally decided to purchase this and got to use it - wow!

    The manual that accompanies this software teaches you to be a near expert on all of the functions. It was extremely easy to achieve a commercial sounding master! I used to pay other people to master my music at about $125 a pop. After mastering two songs myself with T-RackS and getting the same results, the software has already paid for itself.

  • from McRae, GA October 21, 2013Music Background:
    Performer, Engineer, Local Producer & Project Studio Owner

    Can't go wrong

    There is really nothing bad to say about TR3 CS Deluxe. The presets are just ridiculously good. I use them on all my stereo 'master' tracks after I get my mixes done, and they just work. The fact that you can use in standalone and do a bit of "in the box" mastering and reference editing on the fly is very nice. If you're looking for a set of plug-ins to help on individual tracks or to spice up your master track, this is a great "bang for the buck" deal.

  • from jamestown new york 14701 December 13, 2012Music Background:

    t-rack s 3 deluxe

    sounds really good very low noise.i have not had time to try alot on this but what i have done work and sounds good. tony.

  • from Brooklyn November 22, 2011Music Background:

    Best Of The Best

    What more can I say.

  • from New England February 28, 2011Music Background:
    Engineer, Producer, Drummer, Bassist Guitarist.

    T Rex kicks butt

    The more I use these the more I like them. I use them on individual tracks as well as now use them for mastering. They make the vocals sounds fat and thick, drums punchy, bass sings and that mix comes to life with these great tools. I have a thousand plug ins and I use these more and more. I wish I could afford the real thing but I couldn't afford one for every channel.

  • from Lafayette NJ September 20, 2010Music Background:
    Musician, recording engineer.

    A Great Recomendation.

    I recently attended an in-depth recording seminar hosted by a well known producer and audio engineer (someone who has worked with many big names). The mastering section of the day long seminar was the part I was most interested in. After going through some basics and “tricks of the trade” our host was asked for any software recommendations. He recommended two in particular; Ozone and T-Racks. Between the two he said he was more likely to use new T-Racks S3. Based on his recommendation I bought the T-Racks S3 Deluxe package. I think this was an excellent choice.
    Although I have only had it a very short time, I am truly amazed by the difference it makes to my mixes. I have a Tascam 2488 24 track and quite a lot of new and vintage outboard gear. The T-Racks mastering software has given my mixes the polish and dynamics that I could never achieve before without outsourcing my mixes to a mastering house (and paying big bucks). The presets in T-racks are amazing and are a great place to get started but you can easily tweak any of the presets and save them for future use by just renaming them. The parameters of each module are highly responsive. The “Compare” button allows you to instantly A/B the mastered sound with the original while the track is playing. One nice feature is the ability to load up to four different presets at one time by simply assigning various presets to the A B C D buttons on the interface. This allows you to compare any of four different mixes (plus compare any of them to the original track) by just clicking on each button while the track is playing. Imagine four mixes to listen to and tweak without stopping to load a new setting. The sounds of the compressors and limiters are excellent and the EQ modules are very responsive with great usable graphics.
    While I am a newbie to professional mastering I have more than 30 years of in studio recording experience. My main expertise has been in the field of recording, engineering and mixing the original tracks. I always left the professional mastering to others with more specialized (and very expensive) mastering equipment. T-Racks has put that equipment into my hands. Now it’s all up to me. I am loving it.

  • from Iowa City, IA, USA April 13, 2009Music Background:
    Pro musician, composer, project studio and small music publsihing owner

    Very nice all-in-one package

    I've been working very hard at "mastering" the mastering thing for about four years now and have gained enough ability to get some of my stuff passed on to national pro sound libraries. After slowly learning the basics of the trade using a wide variety of high quality (e.g., Waves) and some not-so-high quality plug-ins, I want to say that I'm very pleased with T-RackS3 Deluxe. I'm finding it very easy especially to get crystal clear, very clean masters that have a nice pro polish while avoiding being overdone. The metering is very accurate and the opto-compressor and limiter in the Deluxe version perform beautifully for squeezing a couple of extra dB out of a mix without introducing the common distortions and squashing that I find very objectionable in a lot of modern Pop.

    Being able to work with mid-side mode is very useful-both for mastering and working on stereo width for individual tracks at earlier mix-down. However, this thing is a CPU hog (as of early 2009 computer technology), so for now, I use it mostly in stand-alone mode on stereo mix-downs.

    I can not overemphasize that the overall quality and usefulness of this product is light years ahead of the T-Racks 2. I don't even think of them as related products. The old version of T-Racks (version 2) was one of the first mastering products that I had, and I'm afraid that my naive use of the presets in that version helped lead me to horrible rookie errors in both mixing and mastering engineering. I'm not sure that a few of those old over-the-top presets (or their immediate descendent's) aren't still lurking somewhere in the menus- so it is important to study the topic of mastering seriously, cultivate some good taste, ears, and judgment, and then use them. (A lot of very talented people have devoted their whole careers to becoming very good at just this one aspect of the recording professions.)

    I'm not willing to say that you can get any and every possible sounding final recording out of this one product. It would also still be very easy to abuse and make a total hash of things if you don't know what you're doing. The Fairchild compression and the upgraded components carried over from T-Racks 2 certainly can impart a variety of colors on a mix, but for more idiosyncratic or personalized sounds, I'm still relying on my collection of mostly Waves and Sony-Oxford plug-ins. However, I've spent a lot of time evaluating those and getting to know their interactions and just what nuances they can impart. (I also paid a heck of a lot for them, so I'm biased against accepting that some of them may not be as useful to me as they once were.) Chaining together these other products and tweaking their interactions just right is a lot more difficult though, even with a fair amount of experience, so when I need a great sounding, clean, neutral to slightly bright master, it is now a no brainier for me to go straight to (and exclusively through) T-RackS3-Deluxe.

  • from IRAN December 15, 2008Music Background:
    composer-sound engineer-vocalist

    Realy lovely and warm ! plug in for mastering .

    I hear this plug in in a friend`s studio..wow ..I am using "waves L3 maximizer" and "izotope /ozone " and "sonox oxford " with nuendo 3.2 but i can say t-racks can realy beat them all in standalone mode!!!
    m-s ability in every gear- output quality-dithering-resampling-distortion protection-comparing ability with volume knob-good presets for starting point- very good cloning of those tube gears-good looking virtual gears-usefull loudness meteres and and and ..everything is very cool.u need only good monitors and good control room and trained ears to master your 2-track stereo files in a very very good way and u`ll have everything!!(low price and very high quality program!). I realy love it..i love IK MULTIMEDIA products such as klassic reverb ....Thanks IK.

  • from Boxford,MA USA December 11, 2008Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Musician

    T-Racks S3 deluxe

    Pretty killer. The ability to master in mid side is a huge step up. Excellent sound quality, much better than the original T-Racks which I have had for a while now. While I can't vouch for the Fairchild model, I have to say the pultec model is pretty spot on, as well as the opto-compressor. Linear phase EQ is excellent for cleaning up problem areas of the mix, and the original T-Racks modules have all been stepped up in sound quality, particularly the tube modeled EQ. Overall, insane bang for the buck. Truly pro stuff to master with.

    Downside? This thing is a total CPU hog. Plan on mixing down to 2-track files, and then importing them into the stand alone version (which loads with the program package). I have the newest Imac loaded with 4 gig RAM and the fastest processor and this thing still gobbles up 50% of the CPU. And you won't be mastering in surround. But I think that's the price you pay for the quality of the modeling and processing going on. Still, to me it's not a big hassle, and being able to use the tools and metering makes it easy to see, as well as hear, what's happening to the mix.

    Final impression? You can go for and get just about any final mix, from big-wide-huge-crunchy to intimate and crystal clear, or anywhere in between with this. I can't ask for more than that. With good monitors and a good ear you can now master as well as mix client projects all in house. For real. For $400. I love the izotope 3, but this for me is more like it for sheer variety of sound, sound quality, and ease of use.

  • from stockton,ca May 23, 2014Music Background:
    musician,record producer


    really improved the overall quality of my recordings.

  • from Fort Myers, FL May 24, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Recording Engineer,, now more of a Hobbyist

    Great mastering software

    Does a great job of warming up an making the mix louder, find I like the vintage emulations a lot. I try not to slam it to the very limit I want the music to breath a bit but I'm sort of old school and like some dynamics.

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