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Boss TR-2 Tremolo Pedal Reviews

4.5 stars based on 14 customer reviews
Questions about the Boss TR-2 Tremolo Pedal?

Questions about the Boss TR-2 Tremolo Pedal?

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  • from January 11, 2017

    Subtle Perfection

    Was very surprised how much I like this pedal!
    Adds great depth and an organic quality - like a singer with great vibrato. The Tremolo removes sound, while most pedals add it. Chew on that!
    If you like that "vintage" sound, this should be the 3rd or 4th pedal you buy... after a Polytune2 and a MXR 10band EQ, plus reverb if your amp doesn't have it.
    Sound quality and physical durability is top-notch as well. Boss sets the standard.

  • from Houston December 2, 2016

    Just Like The Old Days

    Received this little jewel & plugged it in right away. We do some Rockabilly & the Boss Tr-2 is the most authentic reproduction of the old tube Fender amp trems.

    I heartily recommend this pedal, and Sweetwater; Lucas has always come through for me, with answers & quality products.

  • from PA May 7, 2016Music Background:
    Long-time guitar player


    This Boss Tremolo pedal is exactly what I needed (as well as the 3 other different effects pedals which I recently bought from Sweetwater, along with a great pedal board for them to live in.)!
    Concerning THIS particular pedal, I love the various rate speeds it produces, & the wave and depth controls---and the pedal itself---give you the rest of the other tremolo-related effects you need to play some of the most awesome sounds ever to come out of an electric guitar! In, addition, at this price, definitely go for it!

    As I've written numerous times over the past few years, MIKE SOPER is the VERY BEST sales engineer, as well as a super-friendly & most-caring customer advocate! He will always treat you right in providing you with what you need, & will spend all the time needed to answer your questions, to explain technical info., etc.! For example, in this case, I am new to the "pedal world", and I bought several other effects pedals along with this one. I also bought a pedal board. Mike gave me step-by-step directions on how to connect the different cables to where, & he even advised me as to the best order of which pedal should go 1st, 2nd, 3rd,...and so on! As a result of Mike's great knowledge & advice, I am having a freakin' ball playin' my electrics with my effects pedals! When you buy from Sweetwater (the ONLY place to buy from), do yourself a big favor, & ask for MIKE SOPER at Extension 1342.
    You will be very, very happy with the results---always!

  • from New York, USA October 8, 2014Music Background:
    hobbyist-lead guitar

    Boss TR-2 Tremolo Pedal

    great pedal. simple in design. easy to use. affordable price.

  • from Austin , Texas November 6, 2013Music Background:
    Pro musician , songwriter ,recording artist

    Boss Tr-2 Tremolo Pedal

    This is as good as they get , with a fine tuning wave feature that helps to keep the effect subtle when needed . The casing is just like all the other Boss pedals ; nearly indistructable , and easy to change out the battery , which is not always the case with all tremolo pedals .

  • from MT April 11, 2017Music Background:
    long time at this.

    Surf tone

    This brings back the sound of an old Fender Amp....or maybe a new reissue.
    Put it in the EFX loop (usually located after the preamp) and there you have it.
    The wave knob gives it a little more versatility than the original circuit too.

  • from June 10, 2015

    As good as Fulltone

    Bought the TR2. Thought the Supa Trem would be better. Bought the fulltone. Kept the Boss, returned the fulltone. Nuff said!

  • from United States December 6, 2013Music Background:
    surf bands, recreational

    Great for surf sounds

    It's got all the speed (the full speed range, up to really fast), depth, and wave form adjustments I need with a few simple controls. I play surf stuff through clean channels, and this pedal keeps it really clean with no noise.

  • from Memphis, Tn December 2, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Pro Musician

    Boss TR-2

    Great vintage tremelo

  • from July 18, 2014Music Background:
    Live entertaining for 37+ years

    great sounding tremolo

    It's a great sounding tremolo for what I'll be using it for as far as sound , but a a tap option for speed change, would make it an even better pedaI.
    This tremolo also has a great sound with full on overdrive or distortion I did not have a volume drop as mentioned in other post.
    Great pedal for my use.

  • from Michigan January 9, 2013Music Background:
    Guitar Hobbyist

    Great Tremolo Pedal!

    A great pedal for the money! Exactly what you expect from Boss. Easy to find the right tone...

  • from Tazewell,TN March 8, 2011Music Background:
    21 Year Musician

    Good Pedal for the Price

    I use a Marshall tube amp ,but wanted the vibrato sound in my distorted rhythm tones like a vox tube amp creates. This was the answer. The TR-2 creates a good wave tone clean or distorted. Other reviewers mentioned loss in volume. I only use high Quality Monster 9" patch cables to make my connections on my pedalboards, and I haven't experienced any signal loss in my volume or tone. Get a TR-2 for the price you'll not find a better built Tremolo pedal.

  • from rochester,nh February 4, 2012Music Background:

    tremelo pedal

    like the pedal

  • from California November 22, 2010Music Background:


    It does what it's supposed to do, but seems to drop your volume a little which I hate. Also, the buffer on this one is sub par. I've tried using it again and again, but am never able to use it live because it just doesn't really ever seem to sound better on than when it's off. I'd recommend looking at other trems. It's good, just not great... and I really don't like to keep any pedals that I don't love, so this one is going to be traded for something else.

Questions about the Boss TR-2 Tremolo Pedal?

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