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Wechter Guitars Triple-0 Select Mahogany T0-8418 - Natural Reviews

5.0 stars based on 24 customer reviews
  • from Los Angeles, California August 28, 2014Music Background:
    Proffecional Blues Musician


    I have been playing professionally for over fourty years and have owned or played all the top brands including luthier custom hand made guitars. Although all of these are fine instruments they all have trade offs or limitations. Not The wechter! This guitar plays effortlessly and the intonation and tone are flawless. I own twelve top end high grade acoustics and this is the only one I play because it delivers. Weather you attack it aggressively or play softly you will hear sound quality you only imagined before. Try one and you wont put it down.

  • from Benton KY July 27, 2014Music Background:
    full time guitar sales person.

    Best guitar I have ever played

    Simply the best guitar I have ever played. I have owned and sold thousands of guitars Martins, Gibson, Taylor, Epi Masterbilt Larrivee, Garrison, Seagull etc.. Of the thousands of guitars I have held in my hands this is the best, period. Abe Wechter you need to bring this guitar back to life. I wish I had found these when they were still being made I would have become a dealer. This is hands down this is the best guitar I have ever heard or played.

  • from United States June 29, 2013Music Background:
    Long time player

    Tone and playability

    How can you not put this delightful instrument down. The superb playability thanks to the Plek setup at the factory makes this hands down the best guitar under $3000 as far as I am concerned. I love the wider nut, with the old time feel. Reminds me of the Australian Maton guitars of the late 60's. Love it. Everyone needs at least one of these in their collection.

  • from June 28, 2013

    Wechter's are great guitars

    I have been a fan of Abe Wechter and his guitars for fifteen years and I own two Pathmakers that were made by Abe in Paw Paw. Honestly, for the price,  "especially Sweetwater's price".... these are fantastic guitars!!!  Compliments to Sweetwater for this guitar playing very nicely right out of the box, thanks to the Plec Pro setup from the Wechter folks, with DaDarrio Bronze  12's. However, with the 12 fret neck, and the triple 0 body , and the 1'875" width at the nut, and the traditional Flamenco style headstock, this guitar sets up really nice with Martin ball end nylon silver plated strings and is great for Chet Atkins/Jerry  Reed  style finger picking.  I had to raise the bridge,  (plastic milk jugs and credit cards as spacers work well for this purpose) and I had to make an adjustment to the truss rod to accommodate the different string diameters.  The result is that the nylon strings give the guitar a warm soft tone.  I also like the fact that the pick guard is provided, but left off the guitar,  in order to accomplish the Flamenco / finger picking guitar style look. Compliments also to the high quality faux alligator skin hard case.

  • from Wells, MI April 3, 2013Music Background:
    Home musician/jamming enthusiast for 9 years.

    Boom goes the dynamite.

    An absolutely fantastic piece of work. Plays like a dream, crazy resonant, and getting an all-solid wood guitar at this price is normally unheard of. The mahogany used on these is gorgeous, and gives a wondrous mellow but crisp tone. I really can't say enough about this guitar, can't put it down! (And the case is all sorts of sexy.)

  • from orland, fl February 2, 2013Music Background:

    How much??

    Wow what a sweet guitar and great deal. Sweet, sweet tone from the all solid wood body { BTW beautiful mahogany }. Tuners are very good , this is a well built guitar with great tonewoods. What a steal.

  • from Louisiana January 8, 2013Music Background:
    semi pro

    very nice axe

    Great in every way... What can I say? The sound and playability are much greater than the price tag. The only modification I have done was to raise the action a bit. Best value in acoustic guitar category!

  • from Philadelphia December 29, 2012Music Background:
    30 year musician

    Remarkable Tone

    I have been wanting to get a 000 ever since I sold a Santa Cruz 000 years ago. I bought this Wechter on the strength of the reviews and the video review from Acoustic Guitar magazine. It arrived in the cool case shown in the photos -- a classy touch I'd expect from a boutique guitar costing much more. Right out of the case, I was impressed with the quality of build and the balanced and crisp tone. The workmanship is impeccable, and the guitar is quite impressive visually. The neck is wide, wider than anything I've owned, but I like it for fingerpicking. I can't say enough about the beautiful rich tone. It outplays my Taylor, which shocked me. I would reccomend this without hesitation.

  • from Florence, KY November 15, 2012Music Background:


    Everything about this guitar is absolutely stunning! My next guitar (there's always room for 'just one more') will be another Wechter!

  • from August 23, 2012Music Background:
    Pro musician-Irish Celtic music


    I'd been wanting a parlor/000 style 12 fret slot head guitar because of the different tone these types of guitars tend to produce, and after much research and not wanting to spend a lot, I decided on the TO 8418. Thankfully, a local shop had just gotten three of them in stock, so I had my pick and chose an exceptionally good one.

    After tuning to my usual DADGAD tuning for Irish/Celtic music, at first it sounded a bit tight, but I could easily hear the potential. It sounded and played great, with perfect setup and intonation, even when capoed on the 7th fret. Bright, full balanced tone, and amazing volume. I was looking for a bright character, but it was a bit too bright, so I tried different bridge pins and ended up with Gurian ebony pins, which improved the tone. I also shimmed the saddle using a thin piece of soft wood that also helped take the edge off, yet retain the bright tonal character I was looking for. Also changed the stock D'Addario strings to Martin SP, which I've always thought to be slightly mellower than the D'Addarios. After the improvements and playing it constantly, it's already beginning to open up and sounds fantastic. I capo a lot on the 3rd, 5th, and 7th frets, and this guitar really sings with great intonation, balance, and beautiful overtones. I've been a regular at the local Irish sessions, and the guys I've been playing with for many years...and know what my Martins sound like, can't stop commenting on how great the Wechter sounds. It's very articulate, and being louder than my Martins, I can now bring out nuances that would previously get lost. I have a couple excellent Martins, but unexpectedly, the TO 8418 has become my go-to guitar.

    But it hasn't been without problems, mainly the cheap, poorly designed Korean tuners. Two developed slippage and wouldn't tune at all, and it's a good thing I bought it locally from a great shop owner who took the tuners off one of his other 8418s and immediately replaced my inoperable tuners. Can't imagine ordering online and going through this. I recently purchased a set of Grover Sta-Tites....but the shafts are 1/16" larger diameter than the Korean tuners and don't fit the bushings in the head stock. So I had to order special bushings and will have to enlarge the holes in the headstock for proper fit. But I've done this kind of thing before, and this particular guitar is so good, it'll be well worth the effort. After the new tuners are installed, I'll be installing a K&K Pure Mini pickup, which is what I use in all my guitars and bouzouki.

    So, even considering the lousy stock tuners, I rate this guitar five stars and highly recommend it to anyone looking for this style of guitar and wanting good balance, volume, projection, tone, and good fit and finish.

  • from Guildford, England July 30, 2012Music Background:
    Playing guitar for over 25 years and singer /player at local folk clubs. Occassionally build and repair acoustic guitars.

    WECHTER T0-8418 acoustic Guitar

    This is an excellent guitar particularly when you bear in mind how much it costs. The somewhat wider kneck is great for finger picking and the kneck shape has been designed so that wrapping ones thumb around the kneck for D chords etc is not a problem. It has a loud clear sound and fairly bright in timbre, typical of a hahogany body. It is easy to play and has a very good finish overall. The inclusion of a case and the added fact that it has been set up by a PLEK machine are additional bonus points. Thoroughly recommended.

  • from Little Rock, Arkansas July 19, 2012Music Background:
    Church, Folk, Broadway Tunes

    After All These Years

    I've wanted a Triple-0 ever since I saw Steve Gillette play one in the the 1970s. His was a Martin, but I don't think it sounded any better than this. I love the sustain and the balance across all the strings. I really appreciate the wide fingerboard, as I have large hands. And you get lifetime support from Wechter! I have a Pathmaker from a lot of years ago. When the bridge started to come up, it was covered. All I had to pay was the shipping to Sweetwater.

    This is not a flashy guitar. The binding is dark brown and barely noticeable. But it has subtle details, such as the pyramids on the bridge and the little nub on the back of the neck. And everything is perfect. Not a flaw in the finish or anywhere else. The only suggestion I'd make is to state your preference for string height. The guys at Sweetwater like the strings low. I had to get them raised a bit to suit my aggressive playing style.

  • from Annandale, NJ June 26, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Love - exciting and new

    I REALLY dig it. In fact, I’ve been reluctant to put it down. Every time I’m ready to put it in the case, I say “Just one more tune…” I can’t remember the last time I felt that way about a guitar (not even with my Larrivee parlor which I sold for this). I think I might be falling in love…

    All the accolades are well-deserved and true: completely balanced from string to string; responds well to nuanced, fingerstyle playing as well as unbridled strumming. The Plek setup really makes a difference.

    In regard to the case – meh. It looks cool but the latches are cheap (two of mine were broken upon delivery) and it’s fairly heavy. I highly recommend a Reunion Blues Continental Classical gig bag (Sweetwater does not sell – why not?). The lower bout of this guitar is roughly the same as that of a classical guitar. It is a perfect fit for this gig bag.

    As mentioned, I sold my Larrivee parlor for this little lady. Had that guitar for ten, wonderful years. Parting with her was such, sweet sorrow. But this new Wechter has helped me to get over it - quickly.

  • from Jack, Alabama May 14, 2012Music Background:
    A multi-genre musician and composer for more than 25 years

    Lots of guitar for little money!

    I play many different styles of music, and I have certain guitars for specific purposes. Still, I had been searching for a fingerstyle acoustic, one with a smaller body, a wide neck, and ample string spacing at the bridge. I tried old, vintage instruments, but although interesting, they lacked the modern playability that I have become accustomed to.

    Enter the Wechter Triple-O.

    Based on a classic vintage design, Wechter has kept the beauty of the Triple-O, including a slotted peghead, a dovetail neck joint, and attractive solid tonewoods. The guitar is very easy on the eyes. Attention to detail is great, far exceeded the price range of this instrument.

    Sonically, the guitar is very balanced, perfect for finger picking. The axe has great sustain, and the rosewood fingerboard/mahogany neck and body combo add a woody, firm midrange character to the sound, allowing me to accent different notes within voicings. The bone nut and bridge and scalloped bracing excite the top nicely, and it resonates well. The intonation is just about perfect. This is a must have for me because I play openstring chords all over the neck. The 12th fret joint design offers a different, punchier sound that really sings. I also love the way the guitar sounds picked. I play with a lot of dynamics, but when I dig in on this guitar, I never overdrive the top. It barks when driven and purrs when stroked softly.

    Playability is excellent; the guitar arrived with medium-low action. The modern 12" radius neck is easy on the hand. Frets were just right with the Plek Pro setup. The size of the guitar is great for me, comfortable for hours of playing.

    All the above plus an incredible price makes this an easy choice for anyone looking for a quality acoustic. I was pleasantly surprised by this guitar, and it is a real keeper, easily holding its own with much more expensive instruments.

  • from Ventura California March 10, 2012Music Background:
    20 year guitar player


    I was blown away on how this guitar sounded! I have been searching for a good acoustic for a long time. I played just about everything there is. High end, low end, Martins, Taylors, Gibson, guild, etc... I have always been hesitant to buy online because of not being able to play the guitar first. I really like the design of the 8418 and been wanting a 12 fret with slotted headstock. Never had heard of Wechter till I did some research. GLAD I DID! Awesome guitar! They come so dialed in and set up perfectly, I was in shock! And for the price.... This is a steal. Ya know how every review for a good priced guitar says "It compares to guitars that are 4 times it's price.", it is almost cliche, but man does this thing feel, play and sound like that of a much higher price. Real handsome guitar too. I have a very picky ear for a good sounding acoustic. This sounds good! It projects loud and the sustain is really pretty. It just keeps ringing through the room. Very impressed! New Wechter fan! It is a shame that they are not in more stores.

  • from Southington February 5, 2012Music Background:

    A fantastic buy

    I can't say enough about the quality and playability of this instrument. I wouldn't feel bad if I had paid twice the selling price for it. Thanks to Jason, Sweetwater and Wechter for hooking me up with this fine instrument.

  • from Normal, IL January 31, 2012Music Background:
    semi-Pro musician

    I'm in love with this guitar!!

    I have really fallen in love with this guitar over the last few weeks. I have been an electric only guitarist for 35 years because I could not find an acoustic guitar that really felt right to me especially with the intonation problems most affordable acoustic guitars have (most electric guitars have intonation adjustments in their bridges but acoustics don't have these adjustments). I am very sensitive to intonation on guitars as I am a long time slide and fretless player. The Triple-O's intonation is perfect thanks to the PLEK process and the final setup done by Wechter in the US. This guitar feels like it was made for me even tho' it is a production guitar. The craftsmanship is really first rate in the Triple-O the glue joints inside the body are neat with no excess glue around joints and the finish is gorgeous . The action is superb, as low as any electric guitar I own. I really like the parlor sized body as I play semi-reclining a lot of the time due to back problems and it has a big resonant tone that sounds and records beautifully. This guitar unlike many competitors is made of solid woods so that even over the 4 weeks I have owned it the sound is getting better with more resonance and sweeter tone every day when I pick it up to play it. I had questions about Wechter guitars before my purchase and Abraham Wechter himself answered my emails with in a day or so (I did not expect that). This guitar also comes with the nicest case I have ever seen and it fits the guitar like a glove. I am amazed that a guitar of this quality with an excellent case is able to sell at this price. I don't know how they do it but they do it well. I play this guitar everyday sometimes for over 6 hours and it plays like a dream.
    I want to commend Sweetwater and in particular Robert Johnson for the excellent buying experience it was a real pleasure to deal with him. He is knowledgeable and if he doesn't know the answer to a question he says so and then researches it for you (not always the case with musical instrument sales folk many of whom BS you). I was a bit concerned buying an acoustic guitar via "mail order" because I am unable to travel very far these days but Sweetwater does "mail order" right! I had my new guitar delivered to my door the next afternoon via FedEx and it was well packed and in perfect condition(and it was free shipping). I highly recommend the Wechter Triple-O Select Mahogany and Sweetwater to anyone looking for a first rate guitar you will be amazed what a fine guitar it is (IMHO better even than $3000+ acoustics I have played in the past). I will continue shopping at Sweetwater in the future for all my music needs.

  • from Buffalo, NY January 23, 2012Music Background:
    Performer, Music Teacher

    There's a Reason for the Positive Reviews

    I've had the Wechter TO-8418 for over two months now and have had plenty of time to put this little gem of an instrument through all of its paces both at home and in performance.
    First, the build quality is flawless. Instruments made overseas sometimes rightly deserve a bad reputation: glue drippings inside, spotty finishes, cheap tuning machines, and poor action. The Wechter has absolutely none of these. It was perfect cosmetically right out of the case with not a fingerprint on it. The fact that it was "pleked" at the Wechter factory in Indiana also made it perfectly playable. The action is smooth, light, and easy to fret, and the intonation is dead on with a capo all the way up the neck.
    The sound is bright and rings, but is not overly tinny or jangly and is much, much fuller than its OOO size would suggest. At the time I received the instrument I was "between nails," not wearing the artificial ones I use in performance. I was amazed at the sound coming out of the guitar fingerpicking without them. Needless to say, with the artificial nails the guitar sings with a beautiful sustain. The balance between treble, mid-tones, and bass is a fingerstylist's dream with no single string being too much or too little. The sound is clean and clear with not a hint of muddiness.
    This instrument is sometimes shown with a pick guard, but it came unattached and in the case, a further indication that the guitar is definitely designed for fingerstyle playing, as if the nut width wasn't enough to confirm this.
    The vintage OOO look and finish is an added bonus and people might think you've got a classic instrument from the past, but what brings you back to picking up this guitar time after time is the sound. I've had several other guitars at and above this price point, and they just don't compare in tone, balance, and projection. The vintage-style hard case which is included makes the deal even better.
    One reviewer made mention of the fact that the size and shape of the body and length of the neck made this guitar a bit difficult to balance when sitting. I find this somewhat true, but a strap attached at the heel of the neck or raising up the right leg easily solves this problem.
    Unfortunately, getting to play this great guitar at a dealer before you buy is not easy, but Sweetwater's return policy is completely reliable. However, considering the positive reviews, if you're a fingerstylist looking for an instrument that feels and sounds like a much more expensive guitar, you won't be thinking about returning it. You'll find it much too easy to pick up, and much too hard to put down.

  • from North Platte, NE May 31, 2011Music Background:
    Worship Leader

    Love it!

    I won this guitar a couple of months ago on a facebook give away. I was not familiar with Wechter so I wasn't sure what to expect. Wow. Beautiful tone, a full sound, and great intonation. I highly recommend.

  • from Castle Rock, Colorado January 15, 2011Music Background:
    Ex-pro folk singer

    Triple-O Wonderful

    I always wanted a Martin O16NY folk guitar, I never bought one when I was young and they were fairly reasonable. I've been a folk singer for 40 years and the slotted head 12 fret guitar has always appealed to me. I saw this Wechter Triple-O and thought now is the time. I was not familiar with their guitars so I did some research and was impressed by their plek set-up. When the guitar came I first noticed how well made it was. The fit and finish is perfect. It has a nice deep body, deeper than the old Martin, and that really adds to the nice rich tone. The top is verv nice grained spruce, and the back is beautiful book matched mahogany. It's very evenly toned, not to much bass or treble. The neck is quite comfortable, maybe a little thin for me, but makes for easy bar chords. It sounds like a much more expensive guitar than it is and I'm very impressed overall. I'm very picky about the sound and feel of acoustic guitars and this one is a winner. I bought mine from Sweetwater for two reasons, one, they are one of the only places that has this model, and two- their customer service is top notch. I must also mention this guitar comes with one of the nicest dark brown alligator skin hard cases I've ever seen. You can't go wrong here for under a $1000 if you want a wider neck, 12 fret folk style guitar. A finger pickers dream.

  • from Montpelier, Ohio February 1, 2013Music Background:

    Sweet Axe

    I was the most surprised by the rich, full woody tone of the Wechter Parlor T0-8418 when I first played it. With a small body and mahogany back and sides, I expected a lighter, brighter sound from it, but it is a warm, rich, mellow sound while retaining the excellent detail you’d expect from this size of guitar. It does not produce a boomy, full bloom on bass notes, but they are surprisingly solid and woody, so you’d only notice much difference in comparison to a Dreadnought or Jumbo. The feel of the strings is light and responsive while a sense of solidity gives you the confidence to push the sound to the limits, and the action and intonation is spot on.
    The wider spacing of the strings takes some getting used to, but is much more noticeable with the fretting hand while the picking hand easily adapts and finds the spacing very comfortable. In general, it reminds me more of playing the neck of a twelve-string guitar in width, and while noticeable at first, your fingers should adapt after some time playing with it. The shorter neck, joining the body at the 12th fret, might make the heel interfere if you want to play up past the tenth fret, so if you normally pick out a lead in the higher registers, you will find this guitar wanting in that respect. This is not a “cannon” but it produces a well-defined midrange tone that should make it fit well with a small band or in a recording. But the mellowness of tone, partly derived from the bridge placement (as a result of the 12-fret neck), is a pure joy to hear and the comfort of the size is a real pleasure.
    The quality of wood in the neck, top, back and sides on a par or better than most new acoustics you see even from the top brands, and the finish is near-flawless. The joining of all seams and binding is well executed as is all of the workmanship, and the frets and neck are excellent due to the Plek Pro machine process applied to all Wechter guitars. While this guitar is a throwback to the 1930s style parlor guitars, and therefore not attention-getting in looks, it is still a treat to see and hold, making it compare favorably to any other guitar of this style, regardless of brand.
    For the more versatile acoustic guitar player, having some choices in sizes and applications in available guitars is always a good thing, so if you don’t currently have a parlor sized acoustic in your collection, you might consider adding it just to provide you with more options. In a world dominated by Dreadnoughts for several decades, this axe offers a real alternative and is a joy to play on its own as well as offering the “spice of variation” into your guitar playing life. For what it offers and the quality of manufacture, the Wechter T0-8418 is a bargain you will not regret adding to your acoustic collection.

  • from Strongsville, Ohio June 5, 2011Music Background:
    Hobbyist for my own pleasure.

    One of the finest guitars I've ever purchased.

    I had been looking for a 000-12 fret guitar for a while and when I purchased this Wechter Triple -O Select Mahogany I figured that the price is right and Sweetwater has a return policy if I didn't like it. Well this guitar is the best steel string guitar I have ever had. This is a beautiful vintage style 000-12 fret guitar with the slotted headstock and the craftsmanship and finish are flawless. Solid Spruce top with solid Mahogany back and sides and solid Mahogany neck. The most important thing I like about this guitar is that because the way it is set up it is easier to play than the high priced popular name brand guitars I have tried. This is most likely due to the Plek Pro set-up that they do to each guitar. The tone, balance and response are beautiful. I have not found one thing about this guitar that I don't like. I'm very happy with my new guitar

  • from Chicago, IL May 6, 2011Music Background:
    Musician/Recording artist

    Better than expected

    I was looking to get another acoustic specifically for setting up as a high strung guitar. I've tried a few other cheaper guitars and have not been happy with the sound. I did also look into the Wechter Nashville guitar. I was all set to get that but decided to ask a friend who had also been looking for a highstrung guitar. While I have not played the Nashville; my friend had. I'm sure the Nashville is good, but sort of a one-trick pony. It can't be restrung for regular strings.The Triple-0 is all solid woods, unlike the Nashville. The Nashville does have a pickup in it, but I'd rather have good tone acoustically first and then electronics. So without even hearing it, I took my friends advice and went with the Triple-0. I'd never ever done that before in 40 years of playing. Well, Sweetwater was FANTASTIC at getting the guitar to me on a Saturday. They went out of their way to make sure I had it by the time I needed it for a gig. So, how's it sound? I have to say that I have never had a Triple-0 style guitar. I typically play an old Taylor 310CE Dreadnought. The neck on the Triple-0 is wider and deeper. For fingerpicking it's pretty incredible. For flatpicking, I still prefer my Taylor. Being highstrung, I expected the sound of the Triple-0 to be thin like all the other guitars I've tried high stringing. The Wecter Triple-0 sounds GREAT highstrung. It's got an openness and body to the sound that the other guitars couldn't get. What's even better is that with a simple change of strings, I can use it for standard duties. I know the guitar was made in China and my typical experience with Chinese guitars is that they are built well, look great, play well and sound covered and hard. Usually the bracing is too heavy and the finish too thick. This is the first Chinese made instrument that I have taken very seriously. If you can't afford an old Martin, this Wechter is sure a great instrument. The tone is clear and uncovered. It came setup very well and completely playable right out of the box. I liked it so much that I thought maybe I should just leave it setup with regular strings, but finally gave in to my original goal of making it highstrung. I was not disappointed in any way. Well worth the money. The case is nice too. The only criticism I have is about the top. From most angles, you can see that it is two different pieces of spruce and they don't match very well. The odd thing is this the darker half changes as you move the guitar around. Not a big deal as tone was my major consideration. I'm not into ornate instruments. I just want workhorses that sound great. This one does.
    On a side note, I put a K&K pure mini pickup system in this. Wow! That's the way to go. So much better sounding than the under saddle pickups used by everyone. A little EQ to roll off the extreme low end, and this triple-0 sounds amazingly good with the pickup. Because there are no onboard electronics, the original look of the guitar is not messed with.
    If you are thinking about a 12 fret Triple-0 style guitar, this one should be on your short list. Heck, I may even buy a second one with a cedar top.

  • from Merrimac, MA January 10, 2011Music Background:
    Weekend Gigger

    Wechter Triple 0

    I've always wanted a Triple 0 slothead acoustic but could never justify investing thousands to get an really nice Martin or Gibson. I played plenty of lower priced models but they didnt have the tone or playability that I was hoping for. When Wechter announced a solid wood Triple 0 I placed my order hoping it would be the one. It arrived last friday and I am thrilled. The tone is even, balanced and woody with great sustain. The setup is perfect and the neck is very playable but a bit wider and thicker than my Taylors or Mcpherson...very old school. The only minor complaint is that the white dots on the black bridge pins were of two different sizes which looked strange. (I replaced them with Tusq pins so its already taken care of) The bottom line is that this is an incredible guitar at an amazing price. If you are considering a 12 fret 000 guitar this is a great buy.

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