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Neumann TLM 193 Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone Reviews

5.0 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the Neumann TLM 193 Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone?

Questions about the Neumann TLM 193 Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone?

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  • from Silicon Valley CA November 25, 2016Music Background:
    drummer, Studio Owner

    A true all around workhorse mic - and a value

    This particular model by Neumann is often overlooked in favor of a few better known models... mostly from either the higher or lower price points. That's a shame because the TLM 93 is a very versatile microphone, that is about a neutral and detailed as you could want. As a cardioid only mic, it's as simple and ruggedly built as Neumann offers - and it looks very much like a slightly miniaturized version of the famous U-87ai --- but in fact has none of that high-mid presence that makes the 87 so popular with vocalists. This mic is flat and uncolored, not "dark or dull" as some have described it... and it works wonders on a wide variety of sources. I especially appreciate it when recording jazz for sax, trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone and also on slightly "bright" pianos (like smaller Yamaha grands) The TLM 193 is wonderful on drum overheads when the cymbals are coming across as too splashy and harsh. If you're the kind of person who's more inclined towards additive (rather than subtractive) approach to EQ, this mic gives you a fine, neutral standard.

  • from June 19, 2015Music Background:

    Excellent Microphone

    I had an opportunity of purchasing a pair directly from the Berlin factory in the early nineties. What is special about this microphone is that it's a cardioid hard-wired U89. I went for it since I did not need other polar patterns for much of the work I did, which is a small, high-quality mobile project recording studio. These mikes excel at natural sound, especially for classical guitar, vocals, trumpet, flute, percussions and cello. They don't beautify, but excel in capturing a lively sound, full of detail. This is a Neumann characteristic, and TLM193 is one of their finest products. Because of no switchable patterns, there are also no electro-mechanical switching parts, which makes the construction simpler and more robust. This is some times also a point worth considering. More than 20 years of steady, trouble-free work!

  • from New York City August 25, 2014Music Background:
    Producer, Musician & Audio Engineer

    Great Mic. Great Price.

    The TLM 193 was one of the first high end mics I purchased in the early 90's. It was excellent on vocals. It was hellish useful for a cardiod. I used it on everything; lead vocals, acoustic & electric guitars and percussion. A clean sound that's a real pleasure to mix.
    I even multi-tracked a small choir with it! Serviced it only once, then it was stolen in 2001!!! Was no longer in my local store when I found a Kiwi & Blueberry deal there and moved on from the TLM 193, but never forgot it. Recently, I listened to some old recordings and they were amazing! I'm going to put the TLM back into my mic locker and recordings. It's a great sounding mic at any price.

  • from Arlington, TX May 22, 2014Music Background:
    Musician, amateur recording and mixing engineer.

    A blank canvas.

    A misconception about this mic is that it sounds "dark". With all the cheap mics with a hyped top end this may appear to sound dark. It's actually what a flat frequency mic sounds like. It works wonders on screechy or sibilant sound sources. Best of all with a proper equalizer you can create your own sonic character as this mic takes eq very well. I have a $3,000 tube mic but I find myself using this much more often. This is one piece of gear I can say is well worth it's cost. Built extremely well it's sure to last a very long time.

  • from Marion, NC June 4, 2013Music Background:
    project studio, hobbyist.

    The Best!

    I started my first project studio around 1996. This is the first Mic I bought from Sweetwater. I used it on vocals, acoustic instruments, and about anything else I needed a good mic on and it never disappointed me. I didn't have any fancy tube pre-amps or anything else. Just recorded through a Mackie 24x8 to a reel to reel tape and it was the warmest sound you can imagine. Vocals sat clearly in the mix as well as acoustic instruments with little or no EQ. Then, like many enthusiast I got caught up in the hype written about other mics, tube, etc., and wanted to try some so I sold my TLM193. To this day I regret that decision! I think this is one of the most overlooked mics available. It's straight forward, nothing fancy, but will capture the natural sound of any voice or instrument and give it that presence we all seek to find. I don't do much recording anymore, but if I were to start over again I'd be calling Sweetwater to order another TLM193!

  • from San German, PR July 17, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Eng, Producer, Grammy voting member

    What can I say........it's a Neumann

    I guess this mic is one of the most underestimated Neumanns

    No matter what preamp I put it thru.......it's sweet sound prevails. Versatile, multiple uses, various applications, excellent sensitivity and SPL

    The Neumann to start with when you're on a budget.

  • from Houston, TX December 12, 2010Music Background:
    Recoding Engineer, Producer, Rock, Country, Metal, Hip Hop

    Great Mic. Nice Sound

    I picked one of these up the other day and the second i used it i was blown away. My first session was a hip hop session with 2 very different singers. One had a bright voice and one midsy. For the bright voice it really warmed it up and made it rich. For lower vocals I just added a little high in the eq and it sounded amazing without picking up a bunch of air. I will be giving this mic ALOT of use and would recommend everyone have this in your locker. Can't wait to try it on acoustic guitars

  • from La Palma June 30, 2009Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Producer, Recording Engineer

    You get more of what you paid for...TLM 193 Nuemann

    I was blown away with this microphone, This is a serious condenser mic with a fine silky sound. I like it on vocals since the TLM 193 is darker and more natural-sounding. I prefer to have a warmer source signal. Anyway, I can always hype those highs with eq on my Avalon if I want it. Good for almost any application, but wonderful on vocals any instruments specially saxophone and acoustic guitars. It is my primary condenser mic going through my Avalon 737 mic pre. I consider the Neumann TLM-193 to be overlooked and Under-Rated by many who think only of the TLM-103 or higher priced models such as U67, U87, U89 etc... I say that this mic has turned into THE sound of my studio and my productions. I'm very happy I made this investment...

  • from wichita ks April 1, 2004

    neumann tlm193

    when i was putting my first 'real' project studio together, i went on a search for the best large diaphraghm condenser i could find for the money. thanks to sweetwater's great 'return if not satisfied' policy, i had the opportunity to try some great mics without fear of getting saddled with one i didn't really want.

    i already had a pair of at4033's, and a rode nt1, as well as a 'bargain' (NOT) chinese mic. the 4033's were fine for drum overhead, acoustic guitar, ect, and the rode found some uses too... but i had purchased both a langevin dvc and a neve 9098, and i wanted a mic that could really match the quality of those preamps. another consideration was that i was (and still am) working with a group of exceptional male and female vocalists, and i needed a mic that was flattering to many different voices. both the 4033 and nt1 tended to sound overly harsh on the girls voices, tho on male vox they were fine. i set my upper dollar amount at $1,000 and started looking (and listening!).

    obviously, the tlm193 was my final selection, so i'll get down to the reasons why.

    the neumann moniker sure was part of my reason for auditioning it in the first place! it never hurts to have a potential client know you have that kind of quality on hand. but the name doesn't mean squat unless it performs, and it does that far beyond my expectations.

    it doesn't have the presence bump most large neumann's have (and most cheap mics copy)- it's a very neutral mic. on the female vox, it sounds big and lush, w/out any hint of harshness. on the male vox, it easily blew away the other condensers i have- the resulting tracks always seem to enhance the best qualities of the singer!

    vocals are just the tip of the iceberg where this mic's capability is concerned tho... it's my first-call mic for electric bass and guitar amps... if you close your eyes in the control room, you'd swear the amp was in the room with you! it also shines on kick drum- i like to use two mics on the kick, a '57 aimed at the beater, and the 193 a couple of feet in front of it... talk about BIG!

    the 193 isn't one of neumann's more 'famous' mics, tho i don't know why- that feeling seems to be shared by many of the reviews of the mic i've found on the web. perhaps it's because it only has a cardioid pattern, or maybe because it lacks a pad and lo-cut filter? hey, my preamps have those things! i had never even considered the 193 (i guess due to it's lack of hype) 'til i asked my sweetwater rep if he had any demo/refurb mics available. the 193 was mentioned, and i was told it was a demo and it had some wear on it, so it was being sold rather cheaply. well, the 'wear' turned out to be some scratches on the wooden case! the mic itself was pristine.

    i'm saving up to purchase a second tlm193, and i hope to use them as my main drum overheads. of course i wouldn't turn down a free u87, but i don't feel like it would give me anything i don't already have from the 193. my mic collection has grown huge since i bought the 193- i have high-end mics from BLUE, shure, gefell, AKG, ect.... and i use them all the time when i'm tracking full bands. when it's time to lay down overdubs tho, the 193 pretty much gets used for the rest of that sessions, and that's the highest compliment i can give it.

Questions about the Neumann TLM 193 Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone?

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