TK Audio TK-lizer Stereo Baxandall EQ with M/S circuit

Stereo Baxandall EQ with M/S Circuit and Variable High Pass Filter
TK Audio TK-lizer Stereo Baxandall EQ with M/S circuit image 1
TK Audio TK-lizer Stereo Baxandall EQ with M/S circuit image 1
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TK Audio TK-lizer Stereo Baxandall EQ with M/S circuit
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Smooth as Silk EQ

TK Audio brings you fine-tuning EQ power with the TK-lizer stereo Baxandall equalizer. Based on the Baxandall circuits of classic EQs from the 1950s, the TK-lizer gives you the smoother, more natural EQ you've been looking for. If your low end is lacking punch, or your highs aren't shining through the way you like, this is the piece of gear you need - no matter what genre you're mixing in. Add in the variable highpass filter, curve shaping options, and EQ control of your stereo field, and the TK Audio TK-lizer stereo Baxandall is the equalizer that gives you the tools you need to shape your signature sound.

TK Audio TK-lizer Stereo Baxandall Equalizer at a Glance:
  • Flexibility and control for great sound
  • EQ control of your stereo field
  • Classic tone-shaping with Baxandall equalization
Flexibility and control for great sound

The TK-lizer is a very straightforward equalizer with a lot of sonic power. It starts with balanced inputs and outputs for pristine signal routing into and back out of the TK-lizer. Along with Baxandall smoothness, you get the control you need to shape your sound. A variable highpass filter gives you flexibility when dealing with your low end. Stepped-knob control means all of your settings are easily recallable from session to session and help you to keep the EQ consistent between your right and left stereo channels.

EQ control of your stereo field

The TK-lizer's M/S function lets you shape the sound of your mid and side signals separately. With the flip of a switch you affect your stereo field with smooth, natural Baxandall-type EQ control. Now you can do all of your final EQing outside of your DAW for true analog warmth and response.

Classic tone-shaping with Baxandall equalization

The TK-lizer is a dual mono 3-band Baxandall style EQ. Your high and low bands are selectable between shelving or bell-shaped curve, a must-have for fine tuning of your sound. Sweetwater's studio gurus depend on the fine-tunability and natural smoothness you get from analog Baxandall equalizers.

TK Audio TK-lizer Stereo Baxandall Equalizer Features:
  • Variable highpass filter adds flexibility to your sound-shaping options
  • Stepped knob controls for easy recall and equal processing of channels
  • Broad Q shape gives you a natural EQ response
  • High and low bands are selectable between shelving or bell for fine tuning possibilities
  • Built in M/S function for processing your mid and side signals separately
  • Electronically balanced inputs and outputs for noise-free signal routing
  • Internal, regulated power supply with toroidal transformer keeps your signal clean
Get the sound you've been after with TK Audio's TK-lizer Baxandall equalizer!

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Tech Specs

Number of Channels 2
Inputs 2 x XLR
Outputs 2 x XLR
Number of Bands 3
Boost/Cut Range ±4dB
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz (±0dB), 20Hz-80kHz (-0.3dB)
Freq Range High 4kHz,-25kHz
Freq Range Mid 400Hz-4.8kHz
Freq Range Low 28Hz-255Hz
High Pass Filter Yes
Rack Spaces 2U
Height 3.5"
Width 19"
Manufacturer Part Number TK-lizer

Customer Reviews

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A SWEDISH army knife for mastering!

The TK is a bandaxall design, so it does broad curves, not slashing and carving. The frequency choices are well thought out, and it adds a mid band and also a shelf/peak selector to the end bands that the other well known bandaxall mastering EQ doesn't have. The most unique and useful feature is a switch to change the EQ from L/R to mid/side. In addition, a toggle allows you to listen to the mid or the side while EQing, and it has level control of the mid and side to adjust relative levels.This is a quality boutique device built in the designer's shop. It is a great add to any analog mastering setup.
Music background: Mastering, Recording, Live Sound

Brilliant Beautiful Baxandall Bargain

Not going into specs - Those are easy enough to find. Finally, a Baxandall EQ with a (wonderful) mid-side circuit that's more or less made for picky mastering engineers. And at a freakishly decent price. It's extremely quiet - and the noise levels match from side to side (rare even in some great boutique gear) and fully detented. +/-1/2dB, then 1-4dB (if you need more than that, you needed a different mixing engineer). Bells and shelves, mid and side "cue" switch - all the fun stuff. I bought it specifically for the mid-side capability... I've used different stereo Baxandall style EQ's in the past and always wanted to run them in M/S. Finally, one has a switch - and a great circuit to boot. Nearly any mid-side (a.k.a. mono-stereo, a.k.a. sum-difference) circuit is going to affect the stereo image of a discrete left-right recording. This circuit just seems to mess with it less. Much more transparently than most transformer-based M/S circuits I've used. The frequency selection - It's fine. There's a big jump (72Hz to 132Hz) on the low shelf / bell, but it's workable. The top end goes up to a nicely selected 25kHz, the mid from 400-4.8kHz with several useful intervals in between. It sounds great (otherwise, I'd have returned it the next day). It's "musical" (as much as I hate that term), it's subtle, it's transparent enough for picky SOB's (present company included) but at the same time, it's definitely a "color" unit just by doing what it's supposed to do -- Simple, broad-stroke "tone control" over the material. With the advantage of the mid-side circuit -- Add sparkle to the sides without pushing the sibilance in the center. Add some "thud" to the center while cutting mud from the sides. Cut some "snarl" from the guitars on the side while adding that same snarl to the vocal in the center. And do it all a half-dB or a dB at a time...? Heck, I might grab another. Anyway, I have a feeling it won't be lonely in the rack here...
Music background: Mastering engineer (20+ years). Owner, MASSIVE Mastering

Probably one of the worser EQ's

I don't know what to say. I used the Dangerous BAX EQ plugin and loved it. This is another beast. The mid-side is novel but not really here nor there. The Eq'ing is literally one of the worst experiences I've had using EQ's. I have 551 neve eq 500 series,, Inward Connections STEP EQ's, i have AMS Neve EQ's, I have it all. I've tried it all. This is by far the worst piece of audio gear i've used in such a long time. But 9/10 times I score with Sweetwater so the odds are still in my favor. At any rate don't take this rating to determine whether you'll get this or not. Just keep it in your mind as reference from one experienced user's account.
Music background: lots o' stuff
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