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Yamaha THR10C - 10-watt 2x3 Classic Modeling Combo Reviews

5.0 stars based on 32 customer reviews
Questions about the Yamaha THR10C - 10-watt 2x3 Classic Modeling Combo?

Questions about the Yamaha THR10C - 10-watt 2x3 Classic Modeling Combo?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Tacoma June 6, 2017Music Background:

    Simply outstanding

    The good reviews are accurate, this is a really nice little amp with room filling sound and I think it's worth the investment. It's not a loud amp, and may require you to turn up your master and gain controls more than you are used with other small amps. I noticed it likes single coil pickups and really comes to life with P-90's driving it. The acoustic section is not to be overlooked, and with the effects and the expanded stereo function turned on you can quickly loose a few hours exploring.

    As others have mentioned, there is no line out which is a pity. My only real complaint is that the grey-ish writing on the black amp make it almost impossible for old eyes to read and adjust. I've tried a lot of other modeling amps but this is the only one that I've liked.

  • from Daton, Ohio July 8, 2016Music Background:
    Playing guitar & bass for too many decades

    Flat G. String Dayton Ohio

    The amp is excellent, as advertised. Someday, Sweetwater has to explain to me how I order this about 5 am Thursday morning and when I arrive home at 12:30 pm on Friday it's waiting for me. Another excellent. The 5 preset user memories are great. I set each one as the base setting for each of my guitars (number 5 is set for my bass). No more having to reset the knobs when I switch guitars. I like the sounds Iím getting from my THR10C so, to play out I take the headphone out to a PA power amp and then on to the speakers. The guitar output level control makes this effective. I like this approach better than a combo amp because I can cover both sides of the stage. Anyway, Great Amp ! Thanks.

  • from Conroe, TX May 5, 2016

    Great little amp & perfect for the Yamaha silent guitar.

    Great sounds & louder than I expected. This thing plays loud, even when playing clean. Great practice amp, or it could me miked. I have a Yamaha SLG200N silent guitar & mistakenly purchased a THR5A amp because of the nylon setting. I sounded good, but I found that the amp duplicated most of what the silent guitar will do & if I had the guitar settings right for headphone practice, I had to run the amp flat. I exchanged the THR5A for this one & am very happy. The THR5A may be better for silent guitars that don't have built in effects, but the THR10C gets the job done for me & is more useful with my electrics.

  • from LA March 7, 2016

    This thing rules.

    I've had the THR10C for a while now (bought it new in Nov. 2014), and it still impresses me. Just to be clear about how great the Yamaha is, I have a couple other amps that are much more expensive (think tube), and I still plug into the Yamaha when it suits my mood. Often, when I'm in a quiet practice type of mood, or when I'm just looking to play around with some different tones.

    The amp models and effects on the Yamaha are ridiculously good for the price point. I still get lost in the tape echo and hall reverb effects, they are incredibly lush. The modulation effects are also very good, and I wonder what pedals/rack units they must be modeled after (because I want them for my other amps!). This amp is a great little toolbox to have in the arsenal, and it looks cool sitting on my desk. It doubles as a nice little stereo too.

    Overall, I'm really glad I bought it and I don't see the need for any other practice amp in my arsenal. Except for maybe a second THR10C.

  • from Vancouver WA January 23, 2016Music Background:
    Live, recording, lessons.


    Ive been playing guitar for 20 years now. I've been on a quest for the "perfect tone" or "perfect sound" only to find myself spending lots of money on disappointment. I've tried the newest modelers and although fun to mess with, I found myself confused and empty now matter how I set it up. Ive tried a variety of small and large "Name Brand" tube amps and could not get the tone with out serious volume and maybe a compressor on top. Today I am happy to announce my quest for tone is over! This amp is INCREDIBLE!! So small yet so big and fulfilling! Every "Amp" type sounds absolutely unbelievable! The sound is High Definition for your soul! Ive spent hours dialing different artist sounds just shaking my head in disbelief of the tone and sounds I am able to get out of this thing! The built in FX are top notch too. If you just want to be loud and toneless, buy another amp. If you want the BEST sounding practice amp, buy this amp, you will not be disappointed.

  • from Clemson December 30, 2015

    Great Amp

    This is the perfect practice amp. Sounds great at low volumes and I don't have to practice with headphones anymore. I was a little concerned about the price at first, but it has been worth every penny. Great sound and lots of cool features with the THR editor. Hopefully it will last a long time cause I don't see myself ever needing anything else for home use.

  • from August 18, 2015

    A Surprisingly Awesome Sounding Little Amp

    I had read all the hype surrounding the THR10 and the variants. I was cautiously optimistic, but frankly expecting to be a little let down. But, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that, overall, it's quite an impressive bit of gear. It sounds *way* better than it should. The amp models are pretty decent, but I mostly used the Deluxe model or Flat (for testing pedals). Like many other modelers, in my opinion, the most convincing models are the cleanest and the dirtiest, and the THR10C is no exception. The medium-gain models are quite good, I should say, but they don't quite react like the amps that they model. And that's not a negative, as frankly they all sound good and are usable. The effects are also very good. The separation that you can get from the speakers is quite shocking, actually. This little thing can fill a small to medium room with very compelling stereo sounds. Reverb is exceptional, and the delay/echo is also very very good. The other modulations effects are all respectable and very usable in mosts contexts. I love the USB out for recording, which works very well. And of course, you can use this as a somewhat expensive headphone amp, but if you have small children or live in an apartment, it's very nice feature and well worth the price. Pair this with a Digitech Trio and a nice set of headphones, and you can have a really authentic-sounding jam at nice volumes that won't bug the neighbors.

  • from Detroit Lakes, MN July 9, 2015Music Background:
    Semi-pro and guitar/performance instructor

    It's worth it's price!

    I have been playing guitar for 35 years, I currently have 6 tube amps and 4 solid state. I primarily play blues and rockabilly genres of music and wanted something portable that I could easily carry around. I have to say I was, and still am blown away by the overall operation and yes, TONE of the THR10C model!
    To my ears, there is no difference between this little amp and my tube amps in tone. You can dial in 5 different emulations of vintage tube amps and all of them sound great. This is my number 1 practice amp and one I take on the road when traveling. The effects are very good as well, whereas some modeled amps with effects seem over the top- as if the effect has to prove itself or something. These effects sound natural. There is not as much control on the effects as I would like, but hey, I didn't buy the amp for the effects. They are like a very nice addition to the amp itself when you want to use them.
    I highly recommend this amp to seasoned musicians that want a portable amp that has the sound of their bigger performace models.

  • from United States May 20, 2015

    Amazing little amp

    I own several modeling amps from Line 6 to Roland, and this by far gets closer to the warmth of a tube amp than any of the others. The spacial amplification still blows me away. You just can't believe that this little "lunch box" amp can fill the room with such amazing tone. Well done Yamaha.

  • from Seattle May 11, 2015Music Background:

    Great little amp

    I love being able to play along with my iOS music library. The range of tones are all suitable to my ear and the controls are intuitive. The sound (@ personal volumes) is easy to enjoy.

  • from Gulf Coast of Alabama January 1, 2015Music Background:
    former pro musician, now 60something hobby band member

    sweet sounding amp

    This little amp sounds great with my Jazzmaster. It is plenty loud for practice and is easy to find the tones I like. For gigs I run the line out (headphone) into a powered speaker or PA. No, it is not a real tube sound, but the modeling is realistic enough for my purposes.

  • from Southlake, TX October 23, 2014Music Background:


    Before I comment on the THR10-C, I have say that nothing beats the warmth and texture of well made tube amp. Do not buy this amp if you are trying to capture "that tube sound". However, if you need an affordable practice amp that produces quality tones at reasonable volumes and price, then check the TH10C out. When I plugged the amp in, I had the same "a ha" experience I had when I plugged in my Tom Scholz headphone amp in the mid 80s. I was blown away. From an ease of use perspective, the controls are very intuitive and you can begin playing right away. The unit comes with several user presets and you can easily adjust and save your settings. The amp selections are pretty good(Marshall, Fender, Vox). The effects are good, but adjust them takes a little time to figure out. I have not played this unit outside the house, but I imagine you could use it in some small venues or church situations where you would go direct to the board. I don't believe the volume is strong enough to cut through a live band with drums. It might work well in some coffee house type situations. Long story short, I think Yamaha did a great job.

  • from Chicago, IL August 6, 2014Music Background:
    Long time hobbyist, recording guitarist, web series sound.


    I've had this amp for quite some time, and I cannot overstate how much I like it. I play my THR 10C and standard 10 more than any other amps I have. The portability, light weight, and battery option make the sound all the harder to believe. The tone controls are musical and effective. The included software makes editing, tweaking effects, saving presets, and recording completely trouble free. And the amp works great with pedals, too. Moreover, it plain old sounds great - no backhanded diminishment due to size or price. It's a great amp, especially for recording.

  • from Boca Raton, FL April 16, 2014Music Background:
    Amateur player

    Great Little AMp

    Great Tonal options, perfect for taking for little jams with my buddy pairs very well on the flat setting with pedals and my gibby studio. Use late night in my living room when i cant play my larger amp. Customer Service was great.

  • from Moncks Corner, SC January 9, 2014Music Background:

    The perfect

    I sold a Vox VT20+ and originally purchased a THR10 only to exchange it for the THR10C and I'm ecstatic! The THR10 had amp models that favored higher gain and it just wasn't for me.
    The THR10C models vintage low watt, low gain amps and does a wonderful job provide warm tube-like tones - just what I wanted!.The fact you can use an acoustic-electric guitar with this amp is also a big plus.
    And a big thank you to my Sales Engineer, Jake Wilson, for always providing amazing customer service. He's the best!

  • from Livingston, Al September 23, 2013Music Background:
    Played in bands in the past-now a hobbyist!

    Excellent AMP!! Does what it Says!!

    This amp is loud! It is light and very portable! I use it mostly with the adapter, but it works well with batteries. I bought it for the portability, and have yet to use it with my computer, I probably will not, but that feature is nice to have. I play blures and blues-rock mostly and tha U.S. Blues setting is perfect. This is like a Bose audio system. I never Knew that 31/2 inch speakers could have so much umph!!! If anything happens to this amp, I will immediately secure another!!!

  • from Lacey, WA September 21, 2013Music Background:
    Ex pro guitar player ... now play primarily blues for own enjoyment.

    AWESOME little amp!

    I have demo'd the THR10C twice in local music stores. Of all the modeling amps I have tried, big and small, this amp is by far the most authentic and real sounding. I also own three great tube amps. This little amp absolutely nails tube sound and dynamics. It has the same sensitivity to picking dynamics and guitar volume as a tube amp. Don't let it's small size fool you ... you cannot believe the sound that comes out of this little sucker! The on-board effects are also stellar.

    I also have a Roland Micro Cube, and this little amp just flat BLOWS IT AWAY!

    Today I ordered one from Sweetwater with free shipping. If I buy it locally I have to pay an 8% sales tax. You can't beat Sweetwater for prices, and their customer support is OUTSTANDING.

  • from Canon City, Colorado April 5, 2013Music Background:
    Songwriter,cdbaby artist, Recording Engineer

    fantastic, great fun, great sound

    This Amp is just a blast. Playing Acoustic, the warmth; and then the orange light, it's like sitting around a campfire. I had great fun, letting the itouch shuffle, then matching the electric to just about anything that came up. I can see bands showing up to perform, and each person has one of these. It has a direct out. But it would be fun with dual retro mics, since it looks so retro, running to a P.A. My only wish is that it had two guitar inputs. Just a great amp for a living room jam. Any style ,any guitar.

  • from SF Bay Area March 30, 2013Music Background:
    Guitar Student

    Yamaha THR10C Desktop Amp (Classic)

    A great little amp. Lovely tone with my Les Paul.

  • from Miami Lakes Florida March 29, 2013Music Background:
    Guitar enthusiast for 50 years...

    Really great amp!!!

    This thing really delivers! Great sounds at reasonable volume levels for home or recording, all the effects are useful and can be tweaked with the THR Editor, the hall reverb sounds huge, I can't believe so much sound comes out from such a small enclosure.

  • from United States February 22, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist guitarists and singer/indie film sound guy.

    Phenomenal Sounds and Utility

    This amp doesn't sound "usable," or good "for the size/price," or "for a modeler." It sounds excellent, end of story. Lots of richness and nuance in the sounds. The USB out for recording is great, and the editing software is easy to use. This small size and light weight are all the more impressive when you hear it - the sound is big and full. It really does pull off the sounds it is going for at very friendly volumes. The effects sound great, too.

    The recorded sounds are great as well - just like what comes out of the speakers. And it can run on batteries. I liked my Roland Micro Cube RX, but this amp has so mich more to offer.

    This and the standard THR10 are two of the best pieces of gear I've ever nought.

  • from Berkeley October 20, 2016Music Background:
    Lifelong Pro

    Great Little Amp Runs on Batteries!

    The tone on this amp is excellent. Since my band does not include a drummer, I have used this with and without micing it to the PA. It can handle a small concert on its own, and holds the bottom and top ends nicely. My Strat really sounds like a Strat. The delay, reverb and tremolo effects are excellent, as are the chorus, reverb and flange effects. It will hold 5 presets, plus its got a flat and acoustic setting. Built in tuner and it runs on batteries. A usb port allows you to play music in (sound decent) and also tweak and save settings. This amp sounds 10x better than my old battery powered amp, a Roland MicroCube.

    Three areas for improvement: the on off switch is prominent, and seems like it could get broken off easily. Secondly, their should be a line out to go direct to the PA. Last but not least, printing gold letters on a black cabinet is hard to read in the dim lighting of clubs and other performance spaces.

  • from April 9, 2016


    I saw Ritchie Kotzen use this to demo his tele. I explored it and was intrigued by reviews. It is now a permanent fixture on the table next to living room chair. My wife has asked me to leave it there, cause she likes to listen. Quality, inspiring, sound at a pleasant volume for $300, I'm in

  • from New Orleans April 15, 2015Music Background:
    Street Musician

    Yamaha THR10C

    Not into modeling amps; but this delivers the goods. I am impressed.
    Perfect for the bedroom

  • from Bristol, RI July 10, 2014Music Background:
    Former semi-pro, guitar instructor, home recording enthusiast.

    Amazing little box!

    This is one amazing little box. A few minor installation problems with drivers, but sorted it out and up and running in 30 mins or so. I can't comment on the Cubase software as I was not interested in switching DAW's. Works fine with Tracktion. THR editor is simple to use and has only very usable processing as opposed to say Fender Mustang/ Fuse which I have used for several years and welcome the simple design of the Yamaha software. You can always add processing from a pedal rack or DAW plug-in if you want more toys to play with. The combination of the THR10C and Tracktion DAW is ALL I need to make a complete studio...and completely portable as well! I bought the gig bag for it, I give that a 3 star due to some design flaws.

  • from Medford, OR March 4, 2014Music Background:
    Serious Hobbyist

    I took my title from a review I read about my prized thr10c. Although axefx and kemper have also done it, I cannot buy those units for $300. It's my belief that anyone with a good ear, who understands how guitar amps really sound, will be very impressed. The one draw back for me, is when I crank the gain and volume on my unit the sound becomes less realistic. Although i'm not blown away by the effects, they are good. But the important thing is that this is a small, affordable, battery powered device that at low volumes sounds extremely convincingly like a tube amp. But its not just about the sound, it's also about the feel. And this amp feels like a tube amp. The most important part is that it does all of this at a very low volume, which is the point of the amp.

  • from Bronte, TX December 6, 2013Music Background:

    Perfect practice amp

    I wanted an electric guitar amp for my office / den. The THR10C fits that nitch perfectly. The design approach of emulating amplifier circuitry instead of modifying the output of some standard amp works brilliantly. It gets very close to the front end response of a tube amp and breaks up nicely with the gain up at any volume. It responds to playing dynamics the way a tube amp would. It also allows me to play my acoustics with the clean channel with full frequency range. The affects are very high quality too (they need to be at this price...)

    I backed off a half point on the rating because I think Yamaha is pushing the price point a bit much. You really have to want a put-it-anywhere and sound-great-at-any-volume practice amp solution to pay this kind of jack for it. But, you do get what you pay for with this gear.

  • from Hawaii October 1, 2013Music Background:
    Regular Rock and Rollah' only at home nowadays.

    THR 10C Great Lil' Amp

    Just received the THR 10C and played around with it for a few hours. Lots of sound from a little box. It is just as Yamaha and lots of online reviews state. The EQ, Volume and Gain effects on the sound, tone and volume are model specific. Just because the settings on one model are where you need them for volume/gain, switching to another amp Model will change the volume/gain. It's a very tweakable piece of gear and I got a lot of different tones, almost all usable. Especially nice is the clean Deluxe model. I have two Fenders (SuperSonic 60 and a Silver Face 70's Vibro Champ) and I can hear those amps in the THR 10C.

    Additionally I think the Reverb is unbelievable. Turn your back on the amp and you'll think your in a Cathedral. I think all the effects work well and sound great.

    All that being said, it's not a tube amp and that warm overdrive that we all strive for is still best found in a full-on tube amp but this comes very close and is a total blast.

    My wish list to Yamaha for further refinements would be:

    1) Foot switch to change between the User PreSets and maybe the Model presets.
    2) Foot Switch for the effects.
    3) Angle the top control surface so you can see the knobs and their labels from a seated position.
    4) More User presets.

    Last word...buy it - You'll use it all over.

  • from September 14, 2013

    Almost Perfect

    This amp would be perfect if it just had an output - preferably of the quarter-inch of the ring/tip/sleeve variety - but even a pair of RCA's would do.. It's really hard to imagine why they neglected to do this.

  • from Carmel, IN June 10, 2017

    Superb Living Room Amp

    I'm really very impressed with this little amp. Its portability, sturdy construction and wonderful tone belie the thrifty price point. I use this amp to practice in a small sitting room in my bedroom upstairs, and also in the living room while hanging with the family or watching sports. You can get wonderful, tube-like tones at very low volumes which makes this unit ideal for the aforementioned tasks.
    The presets are great, but it works well when you throw a pedal or two in front of it, too.
    I can highly recommend this if you're looking for a small, great-sounding practice amp, that won't break the bank or deafen fellow family members.

  • from NW Arkansas December 13, 2015Music Background:
    Been playing for years, probably be considered an advanced beginner

    So far, I'm very happy with this amp

    If you buy this for the right reasons you will be very happy with it. I was looking for a small set up that I could integrate with my computer and MP3 player for recording and practicing and this unit really fits the bill. I haven't put it though all of its features yet, but the modeling sounds great and the effects are pretty decent. I read many reviews and watched the youtube vids before purchasing it and it preforms exactly as it is marketed to preform. If you are looking for a mini practice amp to use to jam with friends ect this is not the amp to buy, it is not meant for that, It is marketed and designed to be used on a desktop with your computer at volume levels that most would use is such an application. Seems well built and should last for years

  • from Washington April 29, 2017Music Background:
    20 years

    Ok, not great

    I wanted to like this, I tried to like this, but it left me flat. It is what it is, a small metal box with little speakers. I was able to get some nice sounds, but I had to turn the gain and master on full to get any crunch. I returned it after two weeks. I played it with a friend who owns a guitar shop and has been playing for over 40 years and we both agreed it was a nice little amp, but it just sounds small. I am 58 and grew up listening to Led Zeppelin, Peter Green etc. am not into heavy distortion so shied away from the 10x, but maybe I should have gone there. This just sounded too small for me.

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