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Yamaha THR10 - 10-watt 2x3" Modeling Combo Reviews

4.5 stars based on 41 customer reviews
Questions about the Yamaha THR10 - 10-watt 2x3" Modeling Combo?

Questions about the Yamaha THR10 - 10-watt 2x3" Modeling Combo?

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Sweetwater Advice

  • Joe Schafer

    What I love about the Yamaha THR10 is that it's not only an extremely versatile practice amp, it also sounds incredible. Every amp model sounds fantastic and the effects are rich and luscious. The physical controls are laid out well and easy to use. I also enjoy the immense flexibility in the editing software whenever it's connected to my computer. Another great feature on the THR10 is that it allows me to adjust the guitar volume and the auxiliary input volume independently.

  • from June 23, 2017

    Yamaha thr10

    Absolutely wonderfully sounding small amp....exceeds your expectations by far..sounds like any bigger amp...full tone..i have it next to my bed..ad my 3rd amp basically when u dont want to plug in the whole gear...pedalbpard etc..

  • from IL November 11, 2016

    Absolutely Amazed!

    I wanted to get a smaller but more versatile amp to use when teaching guitar lessons. I am a Yamaha DGStomp owner so am familiar with the modeling used in the THR. However, when I plugged the THR in last night and put it through its paces, I could not believe the sounds that came out of such a small package. From clean to hypergain, it really sounds great! I do wish it had a dedicated line out instead of having to use the headphone out (which kills the speakers), but that is a small complaint for such a nice piece of gear. A nice bonus is the red light from behind the grill that makes it look like tubes are glowing inside, Kudos to Yamaha for doing this one right.

  • from Santa Clara, CA May 13, 2016

    Amazing Solid State Modeling!

    Bought this on the strength of the other reviews here and elsewhere and got to admit I was blown away by the sound coming from such small speakers! I've owned several solid state modeling amps by Fender, Line 6 and have a tube amp and a pedal board full of effects and got to admit you can have alot of fun with just the THR10, a guitar cable and a guitar. The sound quality in my opinion; Yamaha did a great job with the different amp voicings on this box and it's small size and portability blows away the Fender practice amp stuff. The effects are easy to dial in and got to admit the spring reverb modeling is pretty darn good. Have heard this box works well with pedals so gonna try it out with my Hendrix wah pedal. Just got the unit yesterday and barely had time to do the full tour of the amp but this is gonna be a lot of fun! As usual, Sweetwater made the order process completely no hassle and great follow up as usual by Nate Edwards! I had a choice on where to buy this but opted again for Sweetwater as they really do a great job and can't name another company that checks in with their customers on a regular basis!

  • from New Hampshire April 21, 2016Music Background:
    Have been in several types of bands

    Fantastic Little Sound Amp

    Lightweight, compact yet with big tone and sophisticated sound settings. Priced right for its value.I have used it with different string instruments including lap-steel and it is great. Get the travel bag that is designed for it. Makes it more shock resistant when traveling.

  • from April 16, 2016

    THR 10

    First of all the sound is like that of a small tube amp. Second, I love the size of this portable little amp, you can just easily take it around with you. The knobs and controls are all of high quality, don't seem cheap in any way and look to hold up for years of use. The built in effects are an added bonus and all sound pretty awesome, especially the reverb! The glowing lights inside the amp add to the tube-like amp experience. I plan on keeping this little baby for years to come or as long as it lasts!

  • from March 23, 2016

    Amazing device

    It's a very good sounding amp, first of all, blows away line 6 or fender frontman or just about any little combo. Sounds full and warm on both clean and crunch. Lead channel is fat and articulate. The very overdriven stuff sounds very aggressive.
    Downloading the USB driver and the config software took a couple of minutes and then I slowly realized that this amp's speakers are more like studio monitors than anything else, and for good reason. It's also an interface to your computer and you can set the yamaha as the computer's playback soundcard. Instantly made my laptop a demo sketchpad using Reaper.
    The sound is so much better than the cheap little Fender practice combo that it isn't even in the same ballpark. There is some true stereo 3D imaging going on that makes this sound like a Sonos or Bose unit more than a guitar amp.

  • from Western PA February 9, 2016


    I play guitars, banjo and basses. My acoustic instruments are all amplified perfectly through this little treasure! One upright bass is instantly turned in to three, and electric passive and active basses all sound great through the THR 10. I don't expect to gig with it but the sound is incredible, especially when recording.

  • from January 21, 2016

    Blown Away

    I am completely pleased with everything about this pedal!
    Firstly, the sound is fantastic. It gets super loud which is great for street performing. The amp is surprisingly small, I was afraid it wouldn't pack a punch when I saw its size. But it sure does.
    The effects are what you could expect on an amp, maybe a bit better. None of the effects go to the extreme, they're all useable on all levels of setting. I think the delay is a little weak personally.
    The auxiliary input is fantastic. I use this amp for jamming over songs, since you can control the volume separately and the guitar effects only effect the guitar channel, you can really refine the sound of the mix. It also works well as a little juke box.
    Overall. This is an amazing practice and small room portable performance amp. Would purchase again. Extremely pleased with it.

  • from Baltimore January 7, 2016

    Awesome...Simply Awesome

    I love it, and so do my neighbors! Amazing tones without earsplitting volume. Lots of flexibility without the intimidation and steep learning curve. Works great for electric, acoustic-electric, and playback. Very compact and portable, love the "tube glow" and overall appearance. A welcome addition to the household!

  • from California November 3, 2015

    Excellent Product

    From extremely musical sounds to amazing versatility as a DAW interface or a portable practice solution, the THR10 exceeds expectations. I wasn't expecting so much utility from this product but once I wired it in to my computer and DAW, I realized the possibilities and was beyond pleased. As a stand-alone amp for practice or even small jams, the THR10 hits high marks - don't be fooled by the size as this little guy is plenty loud and full sounding with just the right amount of breakup at lower volumes too.

  • from Santa Barbara, CA August 29, 2015Music Background:
    Flamenco guitarist, retired international playboy..

    Exceeds Expectations by Far

    This practice amp has just about everything, even excellent acoustic sounds. Yamaha has thought of everything; an independent USB/Aux volume control, and excellent editor/Librarian, a recording interface, and really excellent sounds. The speakers are great for backing tracks as well.

    I'm very happy with the purchase, and as usual, Sweetwater came through with their excellent service.

  • from July 12, 2015

    Once in a decade

    I own a great sounding VOX AC15 that got me evicted from my duplex. After relocating to an apartment complex I decided to buy this little amp. At first I thought I was trading down because I was making a return to solid state. I could not have been more wrong. Digital technology has come a LONG way and this amp sounds fantastic. I went from playing guitar for an hour a week to playing every night. Seriously, when I'm at work I can't wait to get home to plug into this thing. Hands down the best piece of gear that I have purchased in a while. Do yourself a favor and download the amp editor to really unlock the power contained in this little box. Thanks again Yamaha, you guys are really looking out for your customers.

  • from Minneapolis/St Paul, MN May 14, 2015Music Background:
    Professional Vocalist/ Producer/Indie Label Owner


    TREMENDOUS I love it, best true tube emulation I've ever heard from a digital amp. Seriously this is the benchmark for individual practice amps.

  • from Florida, United States April 9, 2015Music Background:
    hobbyist, 40 years plus

    THR 10

    What impresses me most, is when you use the editor and engage the studio quality compressor/limiter,
    Dial in the delays, and effects and their respective levels. You can easily create the lushest sounds. I feel like I'm in a studio with ultra high end gear. I actually shed a little tear playing along with coldplay , using the aux in . Is it Johnny Buckland or me? The amp sims are incredible. Destroys my RP 500. The only con is that ,it is digital, and like most digital amps. It will not not do that bloom and decay into harmonic thing that only tubes do. But the feel and bounce of a great tube amp is there . Vey expressive and friendly, yet it won't hide your slop either. I have owned a Boogie markii b, siverfaced twin, Marshall JMP 4 holer , even a THD BiValve. So I have an adequate tonal reference . Buy with confidence . Life is too short for bad tone.

  • from NJ USA October 31, 2014

    Yamaha THR10

    I had a Roland Micro Cube GX but my Sweetwater sales rep Joe Schafer told me about this amp. At first I was skeptical because I liked the way the cube sounded but I trust his opinion immensely and gave it a shot. The clean on this amp destroys the Cube without any competition. The distortion has a characteristic similar to a micíd up tube amp. My acoustic sounds absolutely incredible through it. I just got into recording and am using this amp as an interface/monitors with Cubase. Do yourself a favor and give it a try.

    Sweetwater remains the only place I get all my gear from for a reason. Any questions give Joe Schafer (ext 1393) a call.

  • from Arizona, USA September 26, 2014Music Background:

    Best thing since sliced bread...

    And it's about the size of a loaf of bread! Every amp model is excellent. Effects are stellar, especially chorus and tremolo. My previous setup was a Mustang amp > Focusrite preamp > surround sound speakers, and I replaced them all with this. From other reviews I expected this amp to be awesome, but it was so much better than that!

  • from Reston, VA July 25, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist Guitarist, Amateur Home Recording

    Amazing amp at a very reasonable price!

    I've only had my THR10 Standard for 24 hours, but am completely in love with it already. I've owned a number of solid state and tube practice amps over the years, but the THR10 Standard is definitely at the top of my list of best practice amps of all time. I'm completely blown away at how close to a real tube amp this little baby sounds, not to mention the amazing amp modeling and effects options. I recently purchased a Taylor T5z Custom Koa through Sweetwater, and the THR10 Standard is a great practice amp paired with that guitar. At this stage of my life, I am mainly a hobbyist guitarist and do some occasional home recording on my iMac using Garageband. The THR10 Standard and my Taylor T5z Custom Koa are definitely going to be put to good use on all of my future recording projects. Also, I live in a very small condo, so the THR10 Standard is perfect for anyone looking to get amazing tube-like tones with great modeling amp and effects at bedroom volumes. I give Yamaha top marks for creating such an amazing product. I'd also like to thank Mark Magdich and the folks at Sweetwater for providing such top-notch customer service -- as usual. If you're looking for a practice amp that provides amazing tube-like tones, great effects, versatile home recording options and won't annoy your neighbors, this is the amp.

  • from Nc, MT February 19, 2013Music Background:
    Musician, Hobbyist, Teacher

    THR 10

    I have a great tube amp - it's big, heavy, and loud. I was looking for great tone at low volume, period - this is it, no need for pedals. I don't mess with the tone editor and don't need to - turn a few knobs and its good to go.

  • from November 11, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist and gear head.

    Great new amp from Yamaha

    Got one this week. Model 10c which just came out. It's for blues and jazz players but can be just as dirty as you like. Loved this little amp... I have been looking for a practice amp that I can hook up my IPad and IPod and this is he best I have tried so far. It's not a stage amp and does not pretend to be. It's your 3rd amp, the one you need to practice with in your office of bedroom.... Love it, love it, love it...

  • from Tucson, AZ November 1, 2012Music Background:
    Piano, guitar, pro audio

    Buy This Audio Bento Box

    Everything everyone else says is true. Now I need to sell my other practice amps!

  • from Chapmanville,WV October 16, 2012Music Background:

    Ridiculously good

    Just got this beauty in from Sweetwater today. I am completely blown away. I'm seriously considering getting rid of all my other amps and pedals. This thing literally no joke sounds just like a tube amp. I've had several tube amps and this sounds better than all of them. It has unbelievable bottom end for such a small amp. Sounds like a 1x12! I was playing a vox ac4 and a fender mustang but this this thing beats the crap out of both of them. If you play at home only this amp is perfect...absolutely perfect. From sparkly cleans to all out distortion this thing has got it all. Best musical purchase I've ever made. I ordered this late Sunday night and got it today (Tuesday)! Very fast shipping from Sweetwater.

  • from St. Petersburg, FL July 6, 2012Music Background:

    Unbelievable multi-use amp!!!

    I've only had this thing for about 24 hrs now but so far I am very impressed with amp and what it can do! I live in a small apartment with very thin walls so using my blue junior is out of the question unless it's during the day or if my neighbors happen to be out. All the reviews about this amp sounding incredible at low volumes is spot on. It has unbelievable clarity and response and shear amount of sounds and tones you can get out of this thing seems infinite. I've just touched the surface with my limited use so far.
    I hooked the amp up to my laptop via usb and used it to jam out along with my music library. The ability to blend the volume of the guitar with the track you're playing along with is really useful and allows you to get the perfect mix. In all applications so far just by using my tele I was seemingly able to get an even better tone than the track I was playing along with. Seriously, it's that good!
    When not playing guitar I've also used the amp as an external stereo speaker. It fills the room with incredible stereo sound. Way better than the PC speakers I was using.
    Cant say enough about this little amp. I also own a fender mustang amp but it's child's play compared to this one.
    I thought about getting the THR5 but I'm really glad I got the THR10. The adjustable Guitar & USB/AUX is a must have feature if you plan on jamming along with tracks. The memory should come in handy too when I find some sounds I really like. That said part of the fun with this amp is tweaking the controls and effects and seeing what kind of sounds you can come up with.
    The only small issue I had with the amp (or the software, or my laptop?) and one you possibly might need to be aware of was after downloading all the required software, the eLicencer would not show the license that I needed to get the access code for the cubase recording software. I scoured the Yamaha and Steinberg websites trying to find a solution but found no helpful information about it anywhere. After about 30-45 mins of searching with no luck, I accidentally closed the eLicencer program. Upon reopening the program the license magically appeared. I entered it at the cubase website and I was good to go.

  • from May 18, 2012

    Yamaha THR-10

    This thing is everything you hear about and more! I can get great Marshall, Boogie,Vox, Fender tones and play anywhere any time I want. Exactly what I was looking for and needed.

  • from Dallas, Tx April 12, 2012Music Background:

    Great product!!

    I had this amp for about a month, and its by far the best sounding practice amplifier I have ever heard. Simply an amazing product.!!you can get wonderful Marshall like amp lead tones at whisper volumes in your living room if you like. Just set it on you coffee table and rock on.!! You wont believe the sounds that come out of this little box. Highly recommended!!

  • from So Cal April 4, 2012Music Background:
    semi pro

    Great sound in a small package!!!

    Super small amp that replicates the big ones. All of the guitar tones sound great and so do the effects which are very easy to dial in. No need anymore to crank up the big tube amp anymore for playing at home or even recording. You cant go wrong with this little guy!! Ask for Mark Magdich, he's a great sales engineer and super to work with!

  • from Naples, FL March 30, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Songwriter/Producer

    Great studio AMP!!

    You throw a mic in front of this thing and it sounds great. I don't use the on board effects that much, but I love it for tracking in Pro Tools.

  • from Orlando, Florida March 20, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Great Product

    This is the best sounding small amp that I have ever heard. I've been playing for 35 years and this is the first amp that I've heard that effectively reproduces the big amp sound at low volumes. The amp is dead quiet so the buzzing issues with the pre-release demo amps has been solved by the updated power supply. The cleans and distortions sound great and the effects definitely do the job. The one thing to be clear about though is that this is designed to be a practice amp for at-home playing or recording so it won't put out enough volume for even a small band rehearsal but it's plenty loud enough for home and it also has a headphone jack. It is metal and built like a tank. This is an excellent product and well worth the money.

  • from Hawaii April 14, 2017Music Background:

    Yamaha THR10

    It does exactly what I wanted. I wanted a small, simple to use, great tone, modeling amp that I could use to practice at quiet bedroom level or silently with headphones. The Clean, Crunch, and Lead settings sound like a tube amp. The Brit Hi and Modern settings are too much gain for me but if I was into Metal Shred type music they would be great. It's sits on my desk and is so convenient I am finding that I'm using it more than my tube amps. It was recommended by That Pedal Show and my salesman David Hess.

  • from May 21, 2016

    Awesome Amp for the Apartment

    Amazing quality amp.

  • from schiller park November 7, 2015Music Background:

    best practice amp

    Am very pleased with this amp, love the tuner simplicity and functionality, the sounds coming out of those relatively small speakers are amazing, I love the way the knobs are organized and how you can dial up the amount of effects simply turning the knobs slowly. Using the interface with my Mac computer and the cubase software I still do not understand , more indepth instruction would have been nice. Still this amp is well worth the price. Buy it, you'll like it.

  • from sacramento ca March 24, 2014Music Background:


    Its a great little practice and I love its tone. I do not regret purchasing this amp.

  • from Chicago, IL October 25, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Deceptively Great!

    Presets give you a wide range of sounds, usable FX, small but capable.
    Imagine a package that you can use in the dressing room, hotel, studio and home. Even low-key club dates or you can run it into a PA or get it miked.

  • from OR February 11, 2016

    Great Amp, Terrible software

    Amp is great! Tone is amazing. Supplied Cubase software unusable due to license activation eLicenser problems. Yamaha should dump it altogether.

  • from Fort Worth, TX October 23, 2015

    A Review Directed at Tube Snobs (Of which I am one)

    From the outset here, I need to confess something: I'm a complete tube snob. I'm sorry. Growing up, it was always about, "the tone", and after years of playing different amps, etc, I've reached the tone that I want with the tube amp I have. I could possibly do even better if I wanted to spend more money, but at this point, I have no reason to. I'm very happy with my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III and my pedal board. I always run the amp clean and rely on pedals for the rest.
    That being said, it's very easy for me to spot bad tone. I had a modeler a few years ago and got rid of it (Vox Tonelab). It could not do a good crunch for anything, IMHO. I do remember the cleans and verb's being nice, tho.
    Now that we got that out of the way:
    I unboxed. Very nice looking amp. Everything is easy to read and well laid out. I guess the only confusing port on the thing is the AUX, which is an INPUT, not an OUTPUT.
    I plug my Les Paul in and set it to clean. Sounds rich. I like it! Very usable. No effects at this point, just testing the amps to begin with. I run through the rest of the amps and they sound pretty good! There's still a touch of that digital harshness, and I do mean only a touch, but it's completely forgivable. So far, I'm happy.
    I start rolling through the effects. The way the knobs work here are much like the little Roland Cubes, where one know will control multiple effects. The effects sound very clean, but not very tweakable. Never fear! This amp has an app! I downloaded/installed before I bought the amp, so I fired it up. Tons of settings here, so you can tweak to your hearts content. This was pretty cool. I'm not much of an effects guy, so I moved on.
    So I'm doing pretty good until I plug in the headphones. I wanted this little guy for practicing and for recording. Well, it's funny. While using the speakers on the amp, this thing sounded good. With the direct out (headphones and recording with USB), my ears found that there's a bit more harshness. At this point I wondered, "Ok, maybe I just need to do a bit more tweaking". I will say that I got closer to the tone I was looking for by using the clean channel and using a trusty dirt pedal of mine. That harshness was still present, but it did sound better. I just missed that tube smoothness. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to really record with this thing. I mean scratch tracks, sure. However, for stuff I want to release? I don't know.
    At this point, I'm a little crestfallen. Then I think, "Maybe I'm expecting too much out of this amp. It was only $300, and does a ton of stuff, and in the end, doesn't really sound bad, especially through its speakers. It doesn't sound completely like a tube amp, but it's close."
    Well, there was one feature I hadn't tried yet, and that was to plug me iPhone into the AUX port and jam with some tunes. I loaded up Spotify, and started to jam with Mastodon's, "Blood and Thunder". This is where things got REALLY REALLY fun! As a straight up audio player, the THR10 is GREAT. You can mix the level of your guitar and the level of the tune you're jamming with, blending things just right. It sounded like I was right in the mix! Tried a few other songs with the same result. Here's the weird part. With a full band playing, I didn't really notice that harshness as much. Plus, I was able to dial in guitar tones that matched the song pretty quickly. While I was jamming with, and essentially learning the songs on the fly, was when it hit me that, "Oh yeah..this is a PRACTICE amp" - and that's what I was doing; practicing, learning, and having a freakin' blast.
    So if you're going to buy it thinking it's going to sound just like a tube amp, it ain't. It's going to be close, but if you're old like me, and have jammed with tube amps for a long time, you'll notice the difference. 
    However, if you can forgive a touch of "digitality" (yup, that's a word), then this thing makes practicing REALLY fun.

    After a spending a bit of time with the amp, I was able to dial in something more close to my tone. Ya know, it's also the first time that I've realized the "perception of tone" as well. I guess what I'm trying to say is, my other amp sounds one way live in the room and another recorded (DUH!).
    I'd never listened to my recorded guitar tracks with the thought of, "how closely does the recording of my amp actually sound like my amp live in the room?". Stupid, yes, but I always just accepted it for what it was. Now that I was really speculating its tone because of the THR10, I noticed that my recordings of my amp (Fender) were honestly kinda flat. That made me give the recordings from the THR10 a second listen. It's actually a bit brighter. I'm kinda thinking that if I double the guitar tracks, one with the Fender with a mic, then one with the THR10, it may sound pretty darn full. Still haven't tried that yet.
    The reason I'm bringing any of this up is because it's really the only flaw I can find with the little guy. When played through its speakers, it really sounds GREAT. They have a reverb on it that completely envelopes you. Not sure how they pulled it off, but it's amazing. One thing to note, you WILL need to download and use the app that goes with the amp to further dial in your tone. Once you do that, you'll have TONS of control.

    So, all that being said, I love it. It really does make practicing/recording easier (and quieter).
    Oh, and many thanks to Mr. Joe Schafer for steering towards this little guy! As always, amazing customer service from my rep.

  • from Ohio July 21, 2013Music Background:
    30+ year live musician, Classical to Hard Rock..

    Sweet lil Amp

    A Great little practice amp for acoustic as well as electric. The power and clear sound reproduction it has when playing music through the aux. jack, for play along or for just listening to music from your phone, Ipod, or computer is amazing. Keep it on your end table, coffee table or where ever the wife will let you put it for a quick stress relief jam or serious rehearsal or practice time..

  • from Kalamazoo, MI June 11, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    Surprisingly Good

    This amp does exactly what it's designed to do. It won't replace your big live amp or your smaller studio amp, but for playing at home at low volume it's perfect. Unlike most amp modeling units or software, this actually feels like your playing an amp. There is enough variety of amp models to cover about any genre of music, enough effects to keep it interesting and it feels right when you play. Solid build, good looks, easy to use controls. The only thing I would change is I'd get rid of the wall wart power supply. (Well not exactly a wall wart, but near enough.) While the price might seem a bit high, it really is like a third amp, and worth the cost.

  • from the Kansas Plains January 12, 2013Music Background:

    Yamaha THR-10 - many options in small package

    We bought this for our son who is off to college next year,(Dorm Room Amp) He plays a variety of styles. Blues-Old Time-Country-Rock.
    Size,Tone, Versatility were paramount.
    The Tube tones are fun and sound good. The basic effects are nice also.You can get a classic twangin' tele spring reverb sound. The variety of grit and distortion opens your imagination.
    It hasn't been used as an interface yet but he has played external music through it and the headphone jack is invaluable.
    The only thing to make my review a 5 would be a matching ext. cab sitting underneath.

  • from Traverse City, MI June 12, 2012Music Background:
    Home Recording, Guitar Player

    Yamaha THR-10

    I needed a small battery powered portable amp that would be "wife approved" for the living room so I could be around should one of my kids wake up and not downstairs in the music room. I have had all of the modelling amps starting with Johnson Amplification, Behringer V-Amp, Line6, Tech21, and now the Peavey Vypyr. All had some admirable qualities, but all still had cons that didn't suit me well. I was often confused why I could use a VST host to run a plug in chain with small multi-media speakers and have awesome tone at low volume, but could not get the same great tone out of a dedicated moding amplifier. Enter the THR-10. It is pretty cool. The magic behind this is the THR Editor and USB connection. I had pretty good high gain tone with Les Paul out of the box, but was still left a little disappointed. I used the THR editor to change speaker cabinets and created 5 different presets for high gain tone by mixing speaker cabs and amp models. Then I auditioned these models against an ADA MP-1 and Triple Rectifier. Close, but not quite what I was hoping for. Now comes the wierd part. Upon further review, I really felt that the issue with not being able to achieve good high gain tone was due to the ported enclosure on the THR. So, I took my little THR apart and stuffed acoustic foam in the ports. Voila! Instant REAL sounding Recto and JCM900 Overdrive tones at low volume. I am not suggesting you take apart your amp. I just found that this worked for my particular taste and preference. WIth the front ports pluged with acoustic foam, I also feel that the clean tones, and the much raved about hall reverb is still just as sweet, so I am quite happy. For a practice amp, this little thing is pretty expensive. It is for the purist. But, you do really get alot more with this purchase. You get a stereo battery powered MP3 speaker/amp system, You get an Audio Interface that can link direct to your DAW, so when I use this, I free up a channel on my Duet 2 for other sources. The effects are great, and I agree with most reviewers that I will run other tube preamps through this little box just to use the hall reverb, really nice. And Yep, you can do that, - you can connect a line level source directly to this box. The great thing is it is small and looks like a small boutique tube head, by no accident i am sure.

    The clean tones are great, especially when coupled with the nice FX. The Clean and Lead Models both get Voxy Chimey with single coils and a nice strat, which is good, and you can adjust how much chime (scooped compression) with the Master volume knob. The Master volume knob is quite magical and is where the final tone tweaking takes place.

    So now for my wish list - If Yamaha is reading the reviews of its products, I really hope that the THR editor will continue to evolve. It is wonderful as is, but this thing could be the be-all end-all if more modeling options are added. I hope they expand the current software offering to possibly include a tube screamer type pedal model that you can employ before the amp model, and also additional cabinet models would be really great. Because this is software based, all this is possible and I hope Yamaha makes it a reality.

    Another test I performed was to use the headphone out jack to plug directly into a PA. The models sound very awesome through a PA or system with larger speakers, so this little box is also like a standalone digital pre-amp with cabinet simulation. It really does sound quite good and can achieve all of the tones I need on the go. I would use it to print tracks directly.

  • from Midwest, USA May 29, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Exce..ent amp 9/10 though

    Fantastic sounds in a compact package. For weight and size - 6.5 lbs, 14" wide ... this is the ultimate travel amp. It fits in your backpack or suitcase easily when you fly. Can you gig with it? Yes! Just mic the amp and run the signal through the board. I have one issue with the amp and I hope Yamaha fixes this. When running on battery power the amp will shut off completely if the volume, gain and master is set too high. The age of your batteries doesn't matter - it will occur with a fresh set of AA's. This does not happen when operating with the AC cable. Even with this issue I still love the amp. I just wish I didn't have to take the AC cable with me everytime I'm away from home. AA's are much easier to find when you are on the road as opposed to a power cable.

  • from Ventura, CA November 23, 2016Music Background:
    rock 'n' roll

    Marvelous amp, but it can't really run on batteries

    I bought my amp back in 2012 when they first came out. It performs very well when its 14V power transformer is plugged into 120V at home. I've done some recording with it and found that the various amp models sound quite good. Even the bass channel is surprisingly good coming out of those little speakers. It's loud enough for living room rock. I even used it for a gig with my band once, plugging the headphone jack into a PA, and it served me well.

    It does have one serious flaw though: my THR10 amp does not function on any kind of AA batteries. I load it up with eight brand new, fresh batteries and it plays for a few seconds at most, then abruptly shuts off. I experience this with every kind of battery I have tried: single use alkaline Duracells and Energizers, and three different kinds of NiMH rechargeable batteries. I invested about $ in a good charger and a set of the high end Panasonic Eneloop batteries recommended in the manual, but it won't function with those either. There is a long thread documenting this issue. Some folks have exchanged their amps repeatedly only to find the replacement ones have the same issue. There are also a couple accounts of folks who have been able to get several hours of use out of a set of batteries, so go figure. Yamaha tech support acknowledges the problem but has not solved it. Apparently Yamaha built an amp that needs just as much juice as 8 AA batteries can possibly deliver (12V), and some of their amps need a little more than that.

    I was looking for an amp to busk with and take camping, so this is a dealbreaker for me. I was disappointed because my life is full of Yamaha gear, from a beloved old FG180 acoustic guitar to an alto saxophone to a home stereo to an SGV300 electric guitar. Yamaha outboard motors power the entire Mexican fishing fleet. Yamaha motorcycles are famously reliable and well made. This is the first Yamaha product I've ever owned that let me down.

  • from United States February 14, 2014Music Background:
    Pro musician, recording engineer

    Save your money

    I bought this mainly on reviews. I was looking for a better than average desktop modeling amp to do some recording. I have a Roland Cube, Orange Micro Terror and a Pod X3. This thing doesn't come close in sound to any of these. The bass response is artificially high, the mids are barely present, the amp models are mono dimensional and uninteresting from the clean being too bassy to the distortions being to brittle and bland. The effects are also nothing to write home about. I got my RMA the day it came. $300 is an outrageous amount to charge for this. There are many better options for less money.

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