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Orange TH30C 30-watt 1x12" Combo Amp Reviews

4.5 stars based on 10 customer reviews
Questions about the Orange TH30C 30-watt 1x12" Combo Amp?

Questions about the Orange TH30C 30-watt 1x12" Combo Amp?

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  • from Cleveland May 11, 2015Music Background:
    Professional alt rock, ,melodic metal. No jazz

    Orange ya glad you bought an Orange

    Wow...what the heck did Orange put in this amp? Steroids?
    It's great to take this sleeper amp on a gig. Everyone else is connecting stomp boxes and
    Cables and speaker cabinets to their behemoth rigs and I walk in with this little guy.
    "Dude where's your regular stack?" Then I plug in and slash their heads off! It's incredibly loud
    But with creamy articulate bad #%s tone. Hook it up to a closed back 212 with 30's and Game Over.
    The cleans are amazing with no reverb or delay.....you just don't want anything fooling with that tight of a clean. Highly recommend this little tone monster for those who seek "the tone"!

  • from Minnesota June 5, 2013

    All Orange, all the time.

    I'm a basement player, and I've cycled through several smaller amps over the last few years -- Marshall, Vox, Bogner, etc. -- trying to get a companion for my stalwart Fender Deluxe, which is burdened with my intricate and excessive signal chain. I wanted a box with character at under 30 watts that wouldn't need anything but maybe reverb and a wah. Folks, this is it. If you're looking at Orange, then you probably know the tone I'm getting these days...it sounds like the Seventies in my house (in a good way). Clean or dirty, the output is distinctive and rich, played through Gibsons, Schecters, and Fenders with all manner of pickup approaches. The humbuckers, in particular, are given wings by this amplifier. Switched to 15 watts and cranked at full power, you will not be disappointed. Simple amp, and simply amazing.

  • from Miami, FL USA July 18, 2011

    "Little" Champion!

    Actually I doubted at first if buying a small amp such at this one with it's own dirty channel would be a good idea (had the idea that only a 100w head would do the job)...It turned out not to be a good Idea but a GREAT one. The Th30C has you covered from heavy metal (yes...it has that much gain) to soft bluesy / jazzy (yes again, it has a beautiful sounding clean channel that is "pedal friendly") tones with its 2 footswitcheable channels. The Effects loop is just a deam to have if you are also an "effect's freak" such as me. The possibility to go from 30w to 15w or even 7w is amazing, you can play at your room or live and get incredible tones out of this baby. This amp really stands out for its gorgeous looks and sounds, get it you will not be dissapointed!

  • from Chicago, IL January 15, 2011Music Background:
    Hobbyist and part time gigger

    Rockin Rocker

    I can't go into all kinds of technical descriptions about lows, mids, and highs but, I can tell you, that after having tried out everything out there in the 30 to 50 watt range, this amp was the hands down winner. It is very simple to use however, when you turn a knob, you actually hear a difference in what comes out. As for power, I tried it out at the 7 watt setting with the volume turned up to about 11. My son comes running downstairs and asks if I can turn the volume down because the "house is shaking." With the class A design, this thing is a beast and is plenty loud enough for most gigging locations! Beyond that, it just sounds great! My other amps sound like toys in comparison . The crunch on this thing is awesome and the clean channel is pristine! I would have liked to get a reverb on it but, it wouldn't have stopped me from buying it much less, recommending it to someone. If you buy this amp, I am sure you will be happy. One last thing I have to mention, this was the first item I have ever purchased from Sweetwater. I was extremely happy with their knowledge, the fact that they had it in stock, and their friendly service. I ordered it around 11:30 AM and had it sent to my office. It arrived the next day around 1:00pm with no cost for shipping. They then followed up with an email asking if I was happy with my purchase, and if everything arrived ok and met my expectations. How is that for customer service?!

  • from December 28, 2016

    Amazing Versatility, Tone, and Portability from bedrooms to clubs.

    My JCM800 stack is my main amp, but after 25 years it's not practical for me to move around. As a bar band guitarist, I don't have a roadie. I wanted a lightweight combo that gave me a range of tones from Vox cleans to Marshal distortion, and I needed the versatility to use it for practicing alone, with the band, and at a gig. Enter the Orange TH30C.

    This amp is shockingly good. On the clean channel, I get crystal and jangly cleans with my Strat and Tele. Country, blues, rock - all there. On the dirty channel, I can go from 60s overdrive to 80s hard rock to modern metal distortion just by turning the gain and EQ knob. It's dead simple. My humbucking guitars sound so good on both clean and dirty channels, I find I'm less inclined to reach for my Strat or Tele unless I absolutely need them.

    I use pedals and rack effects. This amp has a great tune based effects loop and offers channel switching via foot pedal (not included). I am old school and need a tube amp not only for the tone, but for the feel. It's just more organic as opposed to digital modeling and solid state amps. This is a Class A amp with 4 tubes in the output stage. It is just what the doctor ordered, and you don't need an SUV to lug it around.

    Finally, I ordered mine as a B stock item and it came equipped with a Celestion 70th Anniversary G12H. I don't know how the standard Orange/Celestion VOW speaker sounds, but that is what is normally in this amp when bought as new today. I lucked out with the Celestion G12H so the B stock option was like winning the lottery. Thanks, Sweetwater!

  • from fremont oh August 11, 2015Music Background:
    23yrs playing guitar


    this is a great little ampfor my money worth every penny the clean channel sounds great...rich, chimey,i do not miss reverb at all with this amp. It looks...well...its very orange. ...sometimes i think it looks cool sometimes. ...i wish black would have been an option. And it shoud have come with a foot switch. ..come on almost.$1400. But it sounds really good and its easy to carry. I've never had an amp this small so its nice. Oh one more thing about the clean channel it does start to break up when you get loud..i think it sounds good..its just not pristine clean..clean enuf for me tho because the dirty channel. ...IS AWESOME! This little thing roars! With my les paul its just what im looking for..dirty , crunchy, chunky,thrashy(yep)...whatever..and with quality tone. Ive had 5150s mesa boogie Marshalls. .love them all but i just never thought id get this kind of sound out of a little amp. I plugged it into my marshall 4x12 cab...oh my oh my...like i said the clean channel sounds very good..but with my les paul cranked up loud and heavy is where i really love this thing. Hope this review helps

  • from Brownsburg, IN October 14, 2014Music Background:
    18 years of guitar, 10+ recording

    Versatility is this amp's middle name!

    Let me first say that I only gave this amp 4.5 stars because it didn't come with a footswitch. Kind of a pet-peeve of mine; if an amp has a footswitch jack then why doesn't it come with one?

    Regardless, this thing is a great buy if you need an amp that's equally at home on stage or in a small practice space - even records really nice, too. The wattage selection comes in really handy but don't let it fool you - it's still plenty loud at 7.5 watts! It can get you just about any tone you're looking for from clean to all kinds of dirty. I've had it for almost a year now and it still blows me away every time I turn it on. Dial back the gain with a strat and you can go Jimi all day long, crank it up and you've got metal; the clean isn't bad at all, either! Loving this little workhorse!

  • from Augusta, Ga USA November 6, 2012Music Background:
    30 years pro

    Big tone small package

    Would have been 5 stars if it had reverb and if the wattage selector was per channel. In the 30 years I've been doing this I've owned every amp you could imagine, but never found one with this kind of tone in such a lightweight combo. Versatile 3 wattage selection, shape knob ( scoops or adds mids for everything from marshal stack classic crunch to Mesa scooped chunky metal sounds) on dirty and nice perky clean channel that's very crisp. Clean channel is a bit trebly with single coils but still nice if you roll it off with the separate bass and treble knobs for clean. I thought I would miss having those on dirty but the shape knob more than makes up it. I traded in a Mesa Lonestar for this amp.

  • from Kaysville, UT February 11, 2017

    No Foot Switch

    I really like this Amp. Sounds great!! Better than my Fender Deville(to loud) and similar to my egnater(gave to my daughter). Sweetwater has been great to work with.

    The only down side is it does not come with a $35 switch that needs to be ordered separately. I am going to use this on stage in a few weeks(I like it that much) but now I need to rush and order the foot switch. Kinda a pain. All my other amps came with the footswitch especially for this price. If not for the footswitch it would get 5 stars.

  • from New york March 11, 2017

    Not good for cleans

    My problem with this amp is that the clean channel breaks up WAY TOO SOON. If I roll the clean from between 1-3, I can get a decent clean sound at a medium volume. However, anything beyond 3 clean will become a muddy mess. That being said, the dirty channel is great, and if thats the main attraction for you, you'll love this amp. Also doesn't come with a footswitch for some absurd reason. IF YOU WANT GOOD CLEANS AT DECENTLY LOUD VOLUMES --- DO NOT BUY

Questions about the Orange TH30C 30-watt 1x12" Combo Amp?

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