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Orange TH100 - 100/70/50/35-watt 2-channel Tube Head Reviews

4.0 stars based on 11 customer reviews
  • Brian Broussard
    from WV January 18, 2017Music Background:
    Lifetime enthusiast/guitarist/singer

    A Can't Miss Amp

    There's so much I can say about this amp's capabilities. But let me put this as simple as it gets-- da Vinci said simplicity is the ultimate sophistication-- if all you did was set the clean channel's volume and left every other dial at zero, this amp is as 'pure-clean-beauty' as it gets. But it only takes a few twists of the treble and/or bass knobs to coax an endless variety of 'sonic honey-melted-butter' out of it. And don't let the dirty channel scare you away if you desire sparkle. With its tone shape control knob, the range of tones can get very clean and chimey --but also-- hold the perfect amount of break up. And no doubt, if liquefied melted molten metal is what you desire, this might be the amp's greatest attribute. Set it, strum a chord and let it bleed. It will resonate and sustain and slowly break into pieces of sonic magic. If you haven't been in the room listening to this amp, then to understand its greatness through a review is gonna be hard to do. It's nearly indescribable in its sonic beauty. It IS that good. Every player that I jam with agrees that it's the best sounding amp around. Clint Bransteter, my sales engineer, is 'The Bomb'. His knowledge of all things Sweetwater is exceptional. Never once have I ever been left anything but completely satisfied.

  • Tim
    from PA December 23, 2016Music Background:
    20 years playing guitar

    Cool Simple Amp

    I use pedals for my dirt to begin with so the OD channel is irrelevant to me. The clean channel is absolutely monstrous, I gave myself a headache the first time i fired it up after about an hour. So if you want a nasty loud head with tons of bottom end on the clean channel that takes pedals like a champ, i wouldnt look much further than this. If you are the type who likes to just plug and play with amp OD I would really look elsewhere. The other reviews are a bit harsh on it, but its definitely not great and is way quieter than the clean channel. Wattage switching options are absolutely incredible on this amp and is probably the best thing about it. I run it at 50 cranked n call it a day. For what Im doing this is absolutely the perfect amp, but as I said if you like a nice tweakable high gain amp go buy a 6505 and call it a day.

  • Customer
    from September 16, 2016

    Super disappointing

    I've had a lot of amps. Mesas, Marshalls, Peaveys, Fenders, Ceriatone. Gigged with a Soldano and toured twice with a Rockerverb 100. I wasn't totally in love with the Rockerverb, but the clean channel was fat enough to put a Fuzz Face in front of it and it was total stoner rock Armageddon.

    The clean channel on the TH100 is really clean and really loud, but even with the treble turned all the way down and the bass all the way up it's still spiky and piercing. Not smooth or fat or tubey at all.

    The crunch channel is a joke. I love the idea of the simplicity of the shape knob. It goes from lots of mids to no mids. None of the range in between has any body or thick low end that an Orange should have. The shape knob just goes from bad to worse. Thin and fizzy and just terrible.

    This amp is probably the second-worst head I've played through in 24 years of playing guitar. The only thing that I can think of that beats it is a 1980s Peavey Butcher. This amp ties with the Crate Blue Voodoo for second-worst. There. I said it. An Orange sounds like a Crate.

  • Johnny V
    from Sioux City, IA May 26, 2016Music Background:
    gigging musician

    Dynamic with brutal simplicity

    I've wanted an Orange since the day I saw one. Then I actually got this little guy and will use Orange for life.
    The clean channel has so much headroom that I can totally see a large number of people using this solely for clean tones w/ pedals. But alas, the dirty channel is sooooo dark and swollen that I can't help but mess with it forever. I use this every weekend to gig with and I get many compliments about my setup. I used this with the Orange 412 CRUSH PRO and I'm rolling with unlimited amount of BOOM.
    The tone knob, as simple as it is, is extremely dynamic. Never have I seen a single knob do so much with a simple twist to the left or the right. More gain than anybody could EVER want on standby is also included. As you've heard, these are made like tanks and solid/dense. Brutal simplicity in the controls means there's no wrong way to dial in a tone. I wouldn't change a thing about this amp and hats off to Orange to allow their products to be made outside of England, with the same attention to detail, to help make these guys more affordable.

  • Drew
    from Indianapolis August 5, 2015Music Background:
    Heavy Metal, Rock

    Reliable, Durable, Tone for days

    I've had this amp for over a year now. The gain on the dirty channel is incredible dynamic. You can go from a low set, basic overdrive sound all the way to a crunchy, gainy, heavy metal tone. The shape knob (countour) easily allows you to shift what type of sound you're getting out of the dirty channel. The clean channel allows full eq and is incredibly efficient when linking my pedal train. The clean tones alone are very warm and clear.

    Recently, I had an incident. While on the way to a gig, the hatch in my car didn't latch properly and this head fell out into the middle of traffic on East St. Luckily no one hit it. Mortified as I was, the amp had obvious scratches and the corner braces are scuffed and partially bent, but other than that there was no apparent structural damage. I plugged it in at the venue, played the entire set, and wouldn't have even known otherwise. All 4 tubes were in working order and I ran full power all night.

    I'm an Orange owner for life.

  • Evan G.
    from St. Joe, MI November 21, 2014Music Background:


    Wow. The Orange TH-100 is the most perfect amp for any genre. I researched over and over on this amp and finally broke down and got one. It is so versatile. I play and tour in a worship band and in a metal band, and this amp fits both perfectly. The shape knob can dial in any tone you need. I was very picky on my amps refering to the gain channel. This amp has way more than enough anyone would ever need. And the cleans are beautifu. I can dial in and play anywhere. I recomend this to anyone wanting a good amp. Thanks Anthony from Sweetwater!

  • Customer
    from April 18, 2013Music Background:
    Guitarist, Recording Engineer

    Not the best for Orange

    If you're looking to play exclusively high distortion metal this amp might be for you. If you want a better sounding amp that's more affordable go for the Dual Terror. If you have the money, then go for the rockerverb.

  • larry riedell
    from grafton wisconsin March 7, 2013Music Background:
    pro musician, luthier, music lover,

    omg!!!! i think im in heaven

    like the title says, omg!! I first purchased a marshall jvm 205 head, & returned it, I just couldn't get the sound I was after. too many knobs to fool with & sounded too thin. so I returned it . I then spoke to my sales engineer Christopher geissler & we discussed another possibility , which was the orange th-100. I explained what sound I was looking for & I took his advice & purchased the th-100. well I just received the amp today, plugged it in , & I was in heaven. Christopher must have read my mind . he surely hit a home run with this amp. iv'e been playing guitar for 30yrs+ & have owned everything , mesa boogie, marshall, fender, hi-watt, randell, etc: & honestly , never even thought about a orange, (other than eating) until chris mentioned it. he sure knows his business, & is a great guy. very helpful, & a total gentleman. he wasn't pushy in any way , just explained all the features & let me make my own decision. I want to tell you friends, this amp is a KEEPER . I love it . I build custom guitars for a living (riedell guitars) & I tried everything from single coil s to the most potent humbucking guitars through this amp. good god !! fantastic. loud isn't the word , even at half power, & the clean channel is awesome. ac/dc what ever you throw at it , it comes through. another thing is , dealing with sweetwater is a SWEET experience. I wouldn't go anywhere else after this experience. & I cant say enough about Christopher G. super nice guy. well that is pretty much it . now it's time for an orange.

    from STAUNTON IL February 11, 2013Music Background:



  • Emilio Margarit
    from Miami Beach, FL USA December 19, 2012Music Background:
    I have been playing electric guitar for ove 35 years

    The best sounding amp hands down.

    I have been playing for over 35 years and know when an amp has a good natural tone just by itself. I can only say that I was really blown away by the incredible sound of this amp. I had read all the stellar reviews, but it was not until i tried one that I could not believe how incredible it sounded. The Clean channel is crystaline clean !! Then, on the dirty channel you can get all of those awesome Orange british tones from the 60's, 70's, and up to full blown metal. I did add an MXR EQ in the effects loop, and it is a bit of overkill. The Made in China did not worry me since i've had a Tiny Terror for years and it has never had the slightest problem. BUT, make no mistake this amp is another totatally dfferent best. You can also go from 100w to 70w to 50w and 35w. For the price it has no match. Thank god I tried it and ordered it from Sweetwater.

  • Adam
    from Waterford, MI May 3, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist & Live Sound Engineer

    Great classic and modern tones.

    Smoking OD channel that's incredibly versatile. As a rock and blues player, the sweep knob functions perfectly for classic rock and blues tones all the way to modern hard rock and metal tones. The EFX loop was a must, and this has one. Multiple output setting makes this a great amp for just about any required stage volume. A pretty good price for these types of tones.

    The clean channel isn't that inspiring.

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