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Roland TD-50KV Electronic Drum Set - 5 Piece Reviews

5.0 stars based on 2 customer reviews
Questions about the Roland TD-50KV Electronic Drum Set - 5 Piece?

Questions about the Roland TD-50KV Electronic Drum Set - 5 Piece?

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  • from Oklahoma May 5, 2017

    Best Kit, Period.

    This kit seems more realistic than acoustic drum kits at times, you can manipulate and change settings on the fly with ease. There are 50 great built in kits with room to add 50 of your own for a total of 100 kits. The digital snare and digital ride are a game changer and both pick up every subtle nuance you demonstrate on either. After purchasing and playing this kit for a little over a month I will most likely never switch back to an acoustic kit. The possibilities for playing styles are endless with the Roland TD-50KV.

  • from Kansas City, MO January 2, 2017

    Roland TD-50KV

    I was playing on a Yamaha Stage Custom that was muted 6-ways to Sunday because I live in a new apartment. Still got complaints with the Bass. I need an alternative kit to keep the peace with my neighbors but I did not want to sacrifice the feel of a real kit for when I play live. My #1 prerequisite led me to the TD-50KV

    Yes it's expensive. No doubt about it.

    How much would you pay to have a fleet of different kits of different components at your finger tips? There are 50 canned kits of which I really only use maybe 6-8 of them however there are placeholders for you to customize your own personal favorites. The selection of individual components and design is incredible and the tweaking and tuning of each truly helps to make your kit exactly what you want. Stewart Copelands toms, Bonzo's snare. You can also maximize your kit by configuring the individual triggers to different components in one. For example. 3 triggers in 1 crash=3 different components. If you can eliminate the resonation in the shells, you can separate the rim and head triggers in 3 toms to give you 6.

    On to the good stuff.
    Digital triggers.
    The snare is absolutely amazing and words can't describe the sound, feedback, feel and realism of this component. Cross sticking is much much better that the previous models. buzz roll? yup. 14" makes playing as real as it can get.
    The 18" ride is very cool. I still need to tot with the trigger sensitivity but still it's very realistic.

    You can mix out to your laptop via USB with Rolands driver so you can maximize your storage capacity. I also mix-in drumless tracks off Youtube, Pandora music or anything I want. I'm sure there's more I can do but I'm still having too much fun exploring what the sound module has to offer.

    I got in on the 48 month 0% financing so it was an easy purchase for me. No regrets other than I'm not getting anything done around the apartment.

Questions about the Roland TD-50KV Electronic Drum Set - 5 Piece?

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