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Roland TD-11KV V-Compact V-Drums Set Reviews

4.0 stars based on 18 customer reviews
Questions about the Roland TD-11KV V-Compact V-Drums Set?

Questions about the Roland TD-11KV V-Compact V-Drums Set?

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  • Rick
    from USA February 10, 2017

    Great Sound.. AND Solid Build

    I have just passed the 6 month mark with my set of Roland TD-11KV. A little about who I am. I have been a guitarist, bassist, & pianist for 40+ years. Deep down I have always wanted to conquer the drums. The only thing that kept me from making that happen was the noise the acoustic kit made. One thing worse than the volume of an acoustic kit is the volume of a student learning on an acoustic kit! The cost for electric kits had always been well out of my price range to consider picking up a new instrument.

    Enter this kit by Roland. It is the perfect blend of everything I need. I have beat on this kit something terrible as I try to develop the more sophisticated chops while I enjoy venting my frustrations from my job upon it. This kit takes a beating! And it sounds phenomenal doing so!

    There are several varieties of sounds to make up several different kit styles for different genres. It is a compact kit however. That means the brain has only one additional port for an extra piece beyond what is offered with the kit. You can choose either an extra drum or cymbal. I don't recommend a drum as when I tried, the unit did not have enough space for the extra tom. I settled for another hi-hat sized cymbal which I use as a splash in between the crash and ride.

    The tones are dead on realistic. The sensors are very responsive to your playing dynamics and offer multiple sounds for each piece. If you don't like rim shots, you can choose to turn off that feature from the brain. I like to keep mine on just for variety.

    If you noticed, the hi-hat pedal and hi hat are not connected. Yes, it looks strange. But, I have played both the standard hi-hat as well as the one on this kit and cannot distinguish any difference in its responsiveness. One thing about the hi-hat in terms of sound options. There are not many. And you really cannot get a sustaining splashy sound from it. The sound decays rather quickly after the stroke. The hi hat is perhaps the only piece that still sounds a bit on the electronic side.

    As for the rest of the kit, all the skins sound like a well tuned and equally MIXED kit. Another thing I love about electric kits is you don't have to do any major sound adjustments to them. The only adjustment I had to do was trim back the bass pedal in my favorite factory tone when playing through my Focus Rite Scarlett as the kick drum was clipping on its factory setting. The rest was plug and play!

    Finally, I am very proud of my purchase of this product. And I recommend it for those who are entering into this realm of instrument and technology. If you have been accustom to more sophisticated brains you may be a little let down as this is scaled down. But, it is perfect for my expectations. Each piece in the kit is editable. All you need to do is strike the piece and the brain switches to that instrument in the edit mode allowing you to tweak on the fly.

    Prior to this unit I was shopping and considering the Alesis unit. It had some extra pieces than this one. What tipped Roland for me was a friend of mine has a kit for almost 15 years and it works like a charm. That longevity is something I sought after even if it means having a few less pieces that the Alesis.

    One more thing, for you drum students, there is an internet interactive game that works from your usb port in the brain into your PC. It has songs of various genres that you play along with. Then the game rates your performance on accuracy, creativity, Kick pedal and overall score. It is a lot of fun. My child likes to play the children's version of that game as well!

  • b b music
    from salt lake city February 27, 2016Music Background:
    pro drummer 10 plus

    roland is bomb

    This is so nice, so many adjustments and you can tune the heads with a key for tension level !! the bass drum is mesh too . This company is from japan which is good. and somewhat quiet.

  • Customer
    from February 22, 2016Music Background:
    Amateur musician for about 15 years.

    Pretty Awesome

    This set is awesome. I played acoustic drums for years but needed a way to play quietly in a neighborhood setting. This kit meets my needs perfectly. The built-in kits sound great although there are a few that I will probably never use but they are fun to mess around with anyway. They are worth the money and once you play them you will never look back. All of the drums handle anything you want to do with ease i.e. subtle hits, rim shots on the snare and ghost notes. The hi-hat doesn't quite pick up every little detail but it's not a deal breaker for me. I set mine up with a guitar amp that I already had but I will say once you listen to them with a real drum amp or some nice head phones you won't want to use anything but an amp that was made for these. The sound is soooo much better with the right equipment. I would not hesitate to buy these again!

  • Dennis
    from Pearl River, LA, USA February 5, 2016Music Background:

    Good practice rig

    Returning to drumming as an adult, I wanted quality and versatility at an affordable price point. I did a lot of spec comparing, review reading and demo practicing, and I am happy I chose this kit. The full complement of mesh heads was important to me. The sound module is easy to operate and includes all the sounds I'll need for years. The cymbal pads are a little touchy (or I need more practice). Light taps sometimes don't register, and the bells require somewhat precise stick placement. I've had no problems with the electronic hi-hat pedal mechanism. The setup is very sturdy. Set it and forget it. My use has been confined to home practice, but I see no reason why this kit could not hold its own as a performance instrument. I love it, and the neighbors don't have the slightest idea it exists!

  • Ann
    from Idaho January 28, 2016Music Background:
    Drums, guitar, saxophone


    I did a lot of research before buying this kit. I never thought I would enjoy playing electronic drums but these are fantastic. They don’t feel exactly like my acoustic drums but they can do so much more. I can’t afford the upper end acoustic kit I would really like, but now I can have the same sound in a much more compact space with a much smaller price tag. You can tighten or loosen the mesh heads to mimic the feel of your acoustic heads…they are amazing. Great response and great feel. The sounds are incredible. So many virtual instruments at my fingertips. It takes a minute for your brain to wrap around the fact that you are banging on a piece of rubber because you hear a crystal clear cymbal ring out. I’m really impressed with the engineering Roland has put into this. The instructions were pretty easy to follow and I was able to put the entire thing together (building the frame, placing all components and routing the wiring) by myself with no tools other than the included drum key. It is very well thought out and very high quality. More importantly, I can play late into the night without disturbing my family or my neighbors. Even my dogs and cat didn’t leave the room like they do when I hit the acoustics. I could not be happier with this purchase. The Roland drums are phenomenal and the buying experience through Sweetwater was a breeze.

  • William Bowman
    from Wake Forest, NC June 2, 2015Music Background:
    Guitar and drums for over 20 years

    First Electronic Kit

    I have to say that I am beyond impressed with this kit. Great sound!!! The hardest transition is the smaller heads but that jsut takes a little getting used to. This is great for a weekend warrior or a hobbyist. The only addition I have made is an additional 13in crash.

  • Tyler Stroyer
    from Rochester, NY USA November 4, 2014Music Background:
    play with friends

    Best kit ever

    This kit is awesome! If you are looking at getting an electric drum set choose Roland; especially the TD-11KV. This kit definitely possesses the sound of an acoustic set. I think its safe to say that Roland has the nicest electric sets out there! The mesh heads also provide the real feel of the acoustic skins, which everybody wants.

  • Jimmy St Germaine
    from Austin, TX May 12, 2013Music Background:

    All mesh for 1600 bucks

    The rubber pads of the earlier kits just didn't work for me. This is an all mesh kit that feels great, for a smooth and natural transition to electronic drums. The module has a good variety of kits, and capability to program/tweak pre-programmed as well as new sounds. I don't have 3K or more to spend on the more advanced roland kits. I also can't have a real kit in my house due to sound and space issues, and I don't have enough mics to record a real kit to my DAW. So this kit covers all the bases: you get the mesh and a good sound module for 1600 bucks. Great fun to sit down and rock out and easy to record to my DAW. Just what I needed.

  • LasoniaD
    from Sherrill, AR USA June 23, 2012Music Background:
    Singer, Songwriter, and Pianist

    The Beat Starts Here

    The Td-11 is a great little edrum kit. I have my connected to my PC controlling drum instrument like BFD, Superior Drummer, Studio Drummer, and Steven Slate Drum software. The Td-11 come stock with sound good drum sounds. What is like most is it's easy of use and USB connection. By Roland adding USB to midi drum software automatically detects it. It also has USB to device which makes it a breeze to load MP3s and Wav files. The kick pad is wide enough to accommodate dual kick pedal. The Td-11 allows an additional pad or cymbal to be hooked up to it . My only complaint is that the PDX-6 pads are small and which makes it some what difficult to do a complete drum fill using the rack toms. It purchase to additional pdx-8 whiich provides me with the surface area I need.

  • Mark Grey
    from North Haven, CT November 15, 2016

    A great kit

    I got this kit primarily for sequencing metal drums in a much more realistic manner. I do not typically use the onboard kits and instead sequence into Superior Drummer 2 in the DAW.

    It has been amazing for this purpose and has allowed us to practice and record demos in our home setup. Highly recommended!

  • Chuck
    from MI September 2, 2016Music Background:

    Sweet Kit

    Been wanting to play drums since I was ten and after 33 years I finally bought a kit, Very impressive. Sounds great through headphones. Great starter kit to learn and or play on. Very Happy..

  • Spencer
    from Ohio January 18, 2016Music Background:
    Worship, Rock, Metal

    Specific Application

    This kit is nice. This is the cheapest e-kit that i find to be ACCEPTABLE in the place of an acoustic kit. We have had his kit on our youth worship stage for years, and recently replaced it with an acoustic kit. While not a fan of e-kits this kit has some pros and cons. My biggest complaint is how small the pads are, and how cramped it feels to play at times. It took some getting used to, but i never quite fully adjusted. Additionally there isn't an e-kit out there that can replicate the presence of real drums. On the flip side, this kit has stood up to many years of long worship sets, set ups, tear downs, and lots of hard hitting. This kit is very dependable, and if taken care of, the snake that many complain about will last too. So if looking for a cheap(er) yet very dependable kit to travel or keep up on a stage, this will perform well. Personally I feel that the BEST application for this kit is late night practice sessions at home. If you need to save both money and space, or have roommates who cant stand the sound of loud drums, this is a great alternative.

  • Robert
    from Grove City, Ohio May 15, 2015Music Background:
    Percussionist since 1992

    Impressed but I have three issues.

    A friend leant me this kit for a retreat our church had so we wouldn't have to move our massive TD-20 kit which is the last generation model before the TD-30.
    This kit is impressive. I love the sound and how easy it is to move from place to place. Most people, this is all you need.
    My three complaints with Roland is one, all the kits below the TD-30 come with a snake cable system. This means if one cable goes bad, all the cables need replaced just so you can replace the one bad cable. This is not cheap. Two, the kit has limited expansion. I use a traditional two up, two down set up but I add two pads to the left for an additional Tom and snare with 7-9 cymbals for various musical styles. Because of this it falls under number three complaint, the price. The price is already more than other kits but to do what I want will require me to buy another brain module which is over $500 where others are under $300. I think Roland did this on purpose so if you want to expand you will either buy more overpriced modules or spend the unreasonable amount of $8000 for the TD-30.
    I'm not against making money, $5000 would have been reasonable for the high end. I was hoping the new TD-25 would offer expansion but it is limited also with a snake cable system as well. But I notice other companies going this route which is a shame. If you prefer basic setups this kit is great and sounds great. But if your more active, musical and prefer/need more, this kit is confined. Just some food for thought.

  • greg miller
    from buford ga. November 26, 2014Music Background:
    lot's of stuff

    very good over all

    bought for my Son. This set is well made and I love the fact that he plays if via headphone most the time and it is very quiet. My only complaint is it feels a little small.

  • Sugar Daddy
    from North east OHIO November 11, 2015Music Background:
    weekend warrior for the last 25 years steady

    its ok

    love the sounds, but not enough ,
    do NOT like the snake cord system, if something does go bad, then the whole things needs replaced;

    played out LIVE with whole set once, wont do it again, if your beats are close together they cancel each other out, noticed this with other guys using this, but thought the TD11 would be better, but it did the same thing, example ; when your bass drum and cymbal crash should go together, you might get one or the other coming through the PA; not consistent
    I just use the brain and a few pads to hybrid my acoustic set, Clap sound, Electronic sound, should of bought the octapad

  • Customer
    from September 4, 2015

    Not equivalent to accoustic drums

    I play this set for a church and do not like it at all. They do not sound real or feel real. The drums are to cramped together the cymbals sound like crap. The only advantage to electric drums are the ease of recording them and to the other members of your household. I recommend buying pads for accoustic drums to muffle the sound before spending money on a kit you will not like.

  • James Markley
    from Dunnellon, FL February 23, 2017Music Background:
    Drumtech, Audio engineer

    It's Alright

    Well I was apprehensive about buying a Roland E-drum kit again. I have had problems with previous Roland kits cutting out during performances in the past. That is not the problem here. I didn't anticipate what would happen with this kit at all and yes I was disappointed. The rack was too low, I'm six feet tall the rack is built for someone about 5'4". Also the Drum kit sounds are great! if all you wan't are drum kit sounds. There are no additional percussion sounds or effects. My Roland TD-5 (that I bought in 2002) had more sounds and effects then the Roland TD-11KV. This kit has about 1/3 of those sounds. There are some percussion sounds but they are sad in my opinion. No wood blocks, No bell sounds, No "real" swish cymbal sounds (china cymbal). the swish cymbal sounds like a trash can top. I'm not sure I made the right choice with this kit considering older Roland models had more options.

  • rash
    from June 15, 2016Music Background:

    don't buy

    I bought it for recording with ezdrummer and cubase. So first thing drivers for windows 7 are impossible to install or unstable.. had to go for windows 10 to have it working... then mp3 playing is bad also... tells you after playing 3 sec that the usb key is busy... and then after two days playing with it saw that the foot pad plastic is already broken! 2 DAYS... so... for the price, don't go for it

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