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Summit Audio TD-100 1-channel Active Tube Instrument Direct Box Reviews

5.0 stars based on 5 customer reviews
Questions about the Summit Audio TD-100 1-channel Active Tube Instrument Direct Box?

Questions about the Summit Audio TD-100 1-channel Active Tube Instrument Direct Box?

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Sweetwater Advice

  • Austin Moss

    My favorite recommendation for fattening up keyboards, samplers, and synths, to say nothing of acoustic instruments like basses and guitars. Use the impedance control as a tone shaper. It's a direct box all right, direct to the sound you were looking for!

  • from Red Hook, NY USA May 20, 2015Music Background:
    bass player, multi instrumentalist.

    audiophile level bass preamp with exceptional versatility

    Let me start by saying tis is a high quality studio piece of gear that is also versatile. I bought this for a bass amp right. after trying customer cables, DIs, reapers and even a splitter / balancer and other devices to match the level and impedance between the amp's (Aguilar DB751) unbalanced SEND to a balanced IN on a particular compressor (a WA76, like a 1176). The TD-100 was the only device that worked and delivered extremely high end audio quality. This (I believe) is due to its particular high-end preamp section, and adjustable impedance.

    From the TD-100, the signal was optimized for the balanced, 600-ohm Input on the WA-76. After the compressor I'm able to use the amp's Return for parallel processing (mixing dry and compressed signal). I'm now using this rack in the studio and on stage. Note: the path has the amp Send to the TD-100, then it's balanced Out to a Summit TLA-50 balanced In, than then to the WA76- Finally back to the amp's return in parallel. It's an awesome stage setup that offers some of the finest studio-level audio quality anywhere.

    More: In the studio. I'll use the TD-100's front panel Instrument IN, or go through the console. BY THE WAY, The TLA-50 has a gorgeous amplifier section, even in bypass, so together the half-rack TD-100 and TLA-50 is one gorgeous combo for guitars and bass in a single rack.

    My long-time Sweetwater sales engineer (Jim) deserves credit for helping me to design this system.

  • from Phoenix, AZ August 31, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist Producer, Engineer, Bassist

    nice DI.

    I love this box. The sounds that I get with my jazz bass hit that sweet spot and sit just right in the mix. I have recorded bass, guitar and vintage analog synths with this DI and it warms everything up just right. My recordings sound rich and with warm clean tubey goodness for days. It's a bargain and you won't regret it.

  • from Berkeley, CA October 22, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist Mix Engineer and Synth Enthusiast

    Pretty Awesome

    This box is great! I use it to record my slim phatty, and it definitely thickens up the sound in a subtle but warm and pleasant way. If you drive up the gain you can actually get some grittiness into the signal, which I like sometimes. I would highly recommend this to somenoe looking to fatten up a monosynth.

  • from ROSEDALE,NEW YORK April 10, 2007Music Background:

    Amazing DI Box

    I had to chose to buy the Avalon U5 DI box or either the Summit TD 100 and when i called sweetwater my sales rep convinced me to buy this......this DI box gives such a great clean signal and I am very happy with it...I recomend anyone needing a DI box to get this one

  • from Northeast Ohio area September 4, 2008Music Background:
    Recording engineer, Live sound engineer, Musician


    Been trying for years to get a nice warm sound on the violin through an amp (as well as electric mandolin. I have a wonderful 1820's German violin with an incredible dynamic range. I use a Schertler Dyn M on it with a Acoustic Image amp and the sound is transparent. The only problem I had was finding a DI that would take the extended dynamic and frequency range of the pickup and not sound strident and be easily over driven. This DI seems to be the bees knees. Look forward to the first gig tomorrow, but the sounds I was getting tonight as I tried it out was just what I was looking for. Besides the Summit Audio owner was extremely helpful in discussing the fine points of frequency response, asymmetrical waves (the violin is full of them (saw tooth etc)) and other very thoughtful suggestions.

    From 1996 through 2001 I was the live recording engineer for the Rock Hall and recorded about 60 shows for the archive, as well as playing out for 30 years, so I am particular on the quality of my live sound. I like this piece because it is affordable and made like a tank. We start our new recording this fall and this will be used to track the bass guitar into our DAW.

    Keep up the good work Summit.

Questions about the Summit Audio TD-100 1-channel Active Tube Instrument Direct Box?

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